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Jul 14, 2011

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Kate Hudson just named her baby (Bingham ... does this remind anyone else of Chandler Bing as well as gingham dresses?), Friday Night Lights finally got an Emmy nomination for best drama, Comic-Con is a few days away and apparently the entire military wants to date Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

Let's discuss.

So I'm pregnant and due soon, and now bummed b/c Harper was on my very short list of baby names. What's the likelihood that the Beckhams will make this name way popular, so that there are a bunch of little Harpers running around? Having always had a multiple of people around with the same name as me, I was hoping to give my child something classic but not too common. Plus, I'm trying to get over the skin-crawling reaction that my baby might have something in common with Posh and Becks.

I know how you feel -- a Jennifer growing up in the '70s and '80s? This is why I kept my maiden name; everyone called me Chaney just to differentiate me from various other Jens and I didn't want to give up my first name,

I think it's hard to predict name trends. Harper might become a little more popular, but I've also heard other celebs as well as non-celebs use the name. If you end up liking it best, you should use it.

The good news is that while some names are more prevalent than others (Emma, Aidan, etc.) Gen X parents generally try to avoid picking names that everyone else has chosen. So there's enough diversity that a Harper won't be subjected to Jen syndrome, as in having six Harpers in every class throughout her educational career.

How could you forget "Homicide: Life on the Streets"? Andre Braugher deserved Best Actor every year and except for the final ghastly season, H:LOTS was the best show on TV, bar none: even better than "The Wire." And on a broadcast network, too!

Another good one -- I couldn't put every snubbed show on the list and between those two, I chose The Wire. But Homicide certainly merited more attention, too.

Ryan Murphy is getting rid of the 3 main stars of the show to make sure that he keeps it "realistic"? Did everyone who heard this burst out laughing?

What, it's not realistic for people to burst out singing in the halls and do elaborate, splashy musical numbers every day after school in the choral room?

Darn. Your comment reminded me that I forgot to include Gwyneth Paltrow on my list of pleasant Emmy surprises. She got a nod for Glee. I realize this makes some of you grind your teeth but I thought that was well-deserved.

Is it totally creepy and wrong of me, as a woman in my thirties, to think that Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) grew up to be a total hottie? Between him and Rupert Grint, there's a lot to look forward to in this next movie. I cannot wait.

No, a few of us had the same conversation in the office recently. He's the Jerry O'Connell/Nicolas Hoult of the Harry Potter series.

And the movie is quite enjoyable, so you have much to look forward to. I actually recommend seeing it in 3D. One of the better experiences I've had in that format, and actually makes the final chapter a bit more grand.

Spent Monday at Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth. He was recognized by fans as Uncle Jesse. She was not recognized. In the first place, why would people like those two 40-somethings with no kids go to Splash Mountain? Second, when celebs go to places like Disneyland, do park authorities give them perks like free passes or security or the ability to jump line?

I don't think there's anything wrong with adults going to Disneyland. It's fun, whether you have kids or not.

And I don't know for sure if they get perks, but I have to think they might get EZ passes for certain rides, even after they run out.

"apparently the entire military wants to date Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis" And now they can.

Well, at a certain point this has to stop, right?

Otherwise everyone's going to enlist and start asking stars out on dates. Actually, this could be the recruitment effort every for our armed forces.

"We ask out more famous people before 9 a.m. than most people do all day."

I am so happy he got a nomination!! I have been saying since the first episode he should get the Emmy and the Golden Globe, but I honestly thought he would get overlooked because the cast is so large and also because of the fantasy genre, which isn't always given a lot of recognition by awards shows. While he isn't one of Game of Thrones' more well-known names, every time he is on the screen you know it's going to be a great scene. I don't usually watch the Emmy's, but I just might this year in the hopes he wins.

Shoot, another one I forgot to mention. I clearly wrote that post too quickly.

Dinklage is a great actor. If you haven't seen "The Station Agent," get on that. It's wonderful and he's wonderful in it.

I am reminded of Ryan Bingham in Up In The Air. Which is maybe what Kate was going for. ;-) But seriously, people. What's with the last names for first names? Harper and Bingham are just the latest in an endless series.

Ah, good call. I love "Up in the Air," but I'm not sure I'd want my boy to follow in Ryan Bingham's exact footsteps.

In a related note, it's a good thing that the Beckhams didn't go with Bingham for any of their boys. Bingham Beckham? No, that would not do.

or possibly even sexist that I think that the female Marine (Lady Marine, Marine non-dude?) is simply a copycat and therefore deserves nothing but scorn for her attempted JT date? I mean, if, in a non-sexist world we are to treat men and women the same, doesn't eveyone agree that we'd all be actively boo-ing any military guy who tried to copycat the Marin dude with the "Mila Kunis Strategy" <tm>? (I'm trademarking that, because I think it might make a great band name....)

Ooh, that is a great band name. "Hey, I'm going to see MKS at the 9:30 tonight. Want to come?" Totally works.

I don't know if it's sexist. I mean, it is kind of copycat-ish.

Boy, you're really going to think I'm a donkey when I join the Navy and ask out Bradley Cooper.

Are you chatting with us from China? All the timestamps look like this: 七月 14, 2011 2:16 下午

Really? Well, that's freaky.

"I honestly thought he would get overlooked because the cast is so large ..." (snort)

The unintentional short person joke. 

One more reason why, in the words of Randy Newman, we short people got no reason to live.

Wonder how long it will be until someone non-famous asks out George Clooney. (Hint, hint, epjd ... )

Yes! This is your opportunity.

Don't even enlist, just get some camouflage pants and a shirt and make that video. He won't know the difference.

Sounds like Glee is the high school version of Cop Rock.

It slipped in its second season, but it's never been that bad.

I wholeheartedly second this recommendation. It's a great little movie. I just watched it again with my wife (her first time seeing it) and I had forgotten what a solid flick it was.

Indeed. Glad you liked it, too.

Not to compete with Lisa's chat, but what are your thoughts on the Emmy nominations? Snubs? Surprises?

I noted some of my pleasant surprises earlier. As far as snubs, I was bummed Walking Dead did not get more nominations. I also would have liked to see one for Aziz Ansari on Parks and Rec. He's a riot on that show.

Newsflash: It's already a very trendy name. I've met 3 kids under the age of 2 with that name recently.

Yep. The Beckhams could make its trendiness spike even higher for the short-term, but I think it's already a popular choice.

Say you named your child after Harper Lee, author of the beloved To Kill a Mockingbird. (which was not likely to have inspired the Beckham's choice)

It definitely has inspired some people to choose that name. One celeb in particular cited Harper Lee as his or her baby name inspiration and for the life of me I can't remember who...

So you are covering Comic-Con but who will be covering Adult-Con in late July? I saw the billboards for it and had to ask.

I will be at Comic-Con next week, spending unnecessary amounts of time in line and blogging about what's happening there.

For obvious reasons, we tend not to cover that other event you mentioned.

"in a great little movie"! You people!

Hey, you're the one catching all the unintended double entendre. You people are shortists!

I'm just saying, Hugh Laurie has been doing the same thing every season, which is fine and all, but Sean Bean was so good as Ned Stark. His scenes with Arya were perfect. I really wish he had been recognized instead of Hugh Laurie ( I can't think of anyone else on that list who I would easily cut). Oh well. At least I'll get to look at Timothy Olyphant. Do you think we can start a grass roots campaign to get him to wear a Stetson with his tux to the show?

Oh, I like that campaign idea. Man, that guy can wear a hat. And I don't tend to go for the cowboy types; it's limited largely to Olyphant, Garrett Hedlund in "Country Strong" and Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights. Who wasn't really a cowboy, but kinda sorta had the accent and lived in Texas. So close enough.

I didn't mean it as a joke! I just meant because his is one performance among so many, the cast is numerous, plentiful, extensive...I promise I did NOT realize it could be read as a joke about his height.

Oh, I know you didn't. And I didn't read it that way, unlike the other shortists in this chat.


Well, Bruce and Demi got Scout from it. (I know a nonceleb who named a son Atticus.)

No, I know that. I was thinking of a more recent one who specifically named a child Harper after Harper Lee.

Help me make the video and I might for it. Heck, he needs a break from all those women who just date him to help their career.

That would be so fun. A video on how to make a celeb-seeking date video, in which you also get to ask out George Clooney.

It will be super-meta and also allow you to try to get a date with Capt. Debonair. Works on so many levels.

I am a 40-year-old adult with no children, and I had an absolute blast at Disneyland earlier this year. Just for the record. :-)

Duly noted.

When I went to Disney World with my family last year, I went on some rides -- including Buzz Lightyear, Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean -- by myself. And I'd do it again, too.

Isn't this exactly like the Natalie Portman movie from a couple months ago? Don't these people coordinate?

I haven't seen "Friends" yet but the premise is similar. I have the impression this one is a little raunchier but I've heard it also ultimately goes down the typical rom-com path.

Actually, though, I kind of enjoyed "No Strings Attached." It had some decent dialogue and Portman was good in it. Don't tell anyone I said that, though.

Oh, wait. Crud. I already reviewed it in a major newspaper, so the cat's out of the bag.

Tiffani Theissan's daughter is also Harper. I think it's a beautiful name so don't let those celebs steal it from you. Or go with Bingham for your daughter - that one won't be common for sure. (blech)

Maybe it was Thiessen I was thinking of.

When I see his character, all I see is disgustingly dirty, stringy hair on a loser. Show of hands, how many chatters would want their daughter or niece to hook up with, let alone marry, a Riggins? Crickets...

I don't know, he's got a good heart. He's loyal. If he gets a decent job and drinks a little less beer, he'd be fine.

Additional show of hands: who would actually want to hook up with a Tim Riggins, assuming age and the fact that he's fictional are of no consequence?

They were in English when you posted the other comment, but now they've switched over for me, too. I'm sure it's a sign that my computer has some sort of awful virus . . . .

That is officially bizarre.

Maybe it's an attempt to send us all some kind of cryptic message, possibly from China. Or maybe from outer space.

Friday Night Lights is definitively the best television show ever. (It even caused me to question how I possibly could be attracted to two people so different -- Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen). Thought you'd like to read the oral history of it on Grantland today, good for any diehard fans: http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/6766070/clear-eyes-full-hearts-lose

Oh, I haven't seen that yet. Will check it out. I'm really liking the stuff on Grantland.

If I may do a brief bit of FNL-related plugging of my own ... I'll be live-Tweeting the finale tomorrow night (@celebritology) and also blogging about it in Celebritology, as I have throughout this final season. So if you're a fan, make a note of that.

Also, I contributed several essays to "A Friday Night Lights Companion," a book that comes out next month and is available now in electronic format.

Yes, that was self-promotional, but I'm honored that I got to be involved in that project and just wanted to share.

I am seriously game to do it. Provided 1) it is tastefully done and 2) I get to mention my job. P.S. Still willing to do a celeb centric legal chat. Halle berry's stalker, Sheen's divorce from reality, etc.

Hmm, intriguing. Okay, let's talk.

And re: the legal chat -- I love the idea, although I think it's more likely to happen as a feature in the blog than another chat.

Again, we'll talk.

Was on my list until two years ago, when it suddently made huge leaps on social security's Popular Names list. Once an upward trend like that starts, you can't slow it down. We're likely going with Drew for a girl. If this one is a girl. And not after Drew Barrymore, though the association doesn't bother me.

I love Drew for a girl. My nephew has that name, though, so I won't be able to use it if the time to name a daughter ever comes.

Fortunately, no one in the family has taken the name Monroe, for a girl or a boy, so I am all set.

Spoken like a true "Bad Boy" lover. "Oh, I can change him, and we'll be sooooo happy together." Puh-lease.

He's not a total bad boy, though. He's grown so much since season one. Come on, I'm telling the truth!

Like our previous reader, I also love Matt Saracen, who is not remotely a bad boy. As I noted in last week's recap, I can't even speak or think about his grandma without my eyes welling up.

Wait - nobody's yet blamed them on maligned new WashPo website???

I thought that was a given.

I figured I'd mention extra-terrestrials for a change of pace. But the reality is that, as is true of most things in life, it's the Washington Post's fault.

Have you seen him lately? He looks really fit (at least he did at the ESPYs last night)

Sure does. He's lost a lot of weight. Good for him.

It's the old bad boy with a heart of gold thing...

Thank you.

He's the FNL equivalent of Sawyer on Lost, except not nearly as bad.

Is it true that the FNL FiNaLe runs over its usual 60 minute allotment? If so, by how much?

The episode, without commercials, runs a tad over an hour. With all the commercial breaks, it's 90 minutes long.

If you haven't watched it yet, prepare to weep. I watched it again last night and was a mess. Again.

Lisa Marie Presley named one of her twins Harper. She's got the Southern connection, clearly, so maybe that was her?

Maybe. I'll look it up post-chat and figure it out.

Given all the problems that have plagued the "upgrade" to the website we all just kinda assumed the software came from China.

Ba dum bum!

I don't care how not tall he is. He's a hottie! He's good looking and he's got a voice that could charm my socks off. (Insert joke about other articles of clothing HERE.)

He is very handsome. And he can do comedy, too.

"Thought you'd like to read the oral history of it on Grantland" Is it wrong that I'm more offended by the logical inconsistency in that statement than I am at the unintended short people jokes at Peter Dinklage's expense. C'mon people, once you write it down, it isn't an oral history anymore!

True, good point. 

I think the article calls it an oral history because it consists of extracts from recorded interviews with various people involved in the show. The extracts are written down. But you get the idea.

Doctrine? I don't think you should name your child after a government class test question.

Tell that to Mariah Carey.

"Additional show of hands: who would actually want to hook up with a Tim Riggins, assuming age and the fact that he's fictional are of no consequence?" I find myself wondering the same thing about Gary Busey, and he's actually a real person.

Okay, that made me laugh. It's also the first time I've read references to Tim Riggins and Gary Busey in the same sentence.

Do you think there is a support group for them, what, 4 British actors who actually were not in Harry Potter? They must feel left out. I like to imagine that somewhere Malcolm McDowell is tossing back shots with Tim Roth, Colin Firth and Dame Judi Dench.

Yeah, why wasn't Judi Dench in those movies? She not good enough for Hogwarts? Maggie Smith filled the Dame quotient?

I demand answers!

I can't believe it. No one is more deserving this year (especially as Michael Emerson isn't in contention). Do you know that two of the most frequently named oversights--John Noble & Sean Bean--were father & son in the Lord of the Rings, although they were not in the same movies.

Oh yes, John Noble is also a major snub. I don't watch Fringe -- it's still on my agenda -- but I've heard great things about his performance and his character.

Will such a thing get made? Airing on Lifetime? Lilo to star?

It seems likely, at least a TV movie.

Lindsay Lohan, though? Would not be a good move for her, since she's trying to remove herself from anything suggesting criminal life. Not that she's doing a bang-up job of that...

I think that might have been the mistake Sandra Bullock made.

If Jesse James had looked like Tim Riggins/Taylor Kitsch, that whole relationship would have made 8,000 times more sense to me.

I was watching an old rerun of Seinfeld last night, and wondered, whatever happened to the actor who played Kramer?

Michael Richards? Well, he controversially used the n-word during that stand-up routine and he's sort of faded into the background since then.

Speaking of FWB, did you see JT at the All Star game calling beer his favorite ballpark food and sacrastic comments to Joe Buck? Family friendly stuff right there.

No, I missed that.

Maybe I can ask Timberlake about that if I run into him at Comic-Con.

A child's name that is classic but not to common (these days): Jane. Mary. Ann/Anne. If it's a boy, John.

I love the name John. My husband vetoed it when we were expecting our son, but I think it's so rock solid. Never goes out of style.

Wondering if the Motion Picture Academy will bow to the Potter juggernaut and give the last installment a Best Picture Award as they did for the last chunk of LOTR?

I was talking to a fellow journalist about this earlier this week for a story she's doing for MTV's Web site.

My feeling is no, for a couple of key reasons. First, the previous Lord of the Rings films had been nominated for best picture without winning, so when the third one came around, it seemed logical to recognize the trilogy.

The Academy voters have not deemed the Potter movies award-worthy (beyond effects) so I would be surprised if they do this year because (and here comes reason two) there won't be a guaranteed 10 best picture nominees. With a more competitive field, it seems less likely that "Deathly Hallows Part 2" will sneak in.

I could imagine it getting a best adapted screenplay nomination, as a nod to what Steve Kloves did to adapt all of the books, including the last one. It's quite an achievement.

Actually, he was offered the role of Severus Snape and turned it down to do Planet of the Apes with Marky Mark. Talk about bad career decisions. He may need a support group just to get over that.


Is it me or do I see the next Clive Owen in him?

Interesting. I think we need to see what else the kid can do as an actor first.

YES! My first thought was "wasn't that that character on 'Friends' last name? What was that character's name.... Chandler Bing...ahhhh." Seriously. Also, good call on the gingham dress. All seriousness, though, I think probably Bingham not too bad, considering, but together - Bingham Bellamy? No. No. No.

Bingham Bellamy sounds like a wonderful name for the protagonist in a series of twee-ish young adult novels about a young British boy who dresses like a dandy and has various adventures.

"Bingham Bellamy and the Trip to the Unicycle Factory."

"Bingham Bellamy and the Candy Cane Slide to Nowhere."

Actually, I gotta go. I have a book proposal to write. 

It was always my number one baby name - then Arrested Development happened.

Are you saying you don't want to raise a Never Nude? Because that's Never Nudist.

Was considered the perfect Snape. He is, you know.

He is. I love that it takes him 10 minutes to complete a sentence.

And on that note, I think it's time to close down this puppy.

Again, don't forget to join me tomorrow for Friday Night Lights and next week during the Comic-Con madness. I won't be chatting next week due to Comic-Con, but will be back the following Thursday at 2 p.m.

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