Jul 08, 2010

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Sorry for the delay, all. We changed the time to 2:15 because I've been running behind today, but I made it a few minutes ahead of schedule.

Running behind seems to be my middle name these days. Or maybe it's running to stand still?

Anyway, lots to talk about, between the Lindsay Lohan prison/fingernail saga, the Emmys, the Comic-Con schedule and anything else that's on your mind.

The fact that LiLo's peccadilloes are getting so much press coverage may just be feeding the monster. LiLo craves attention, and doesn't seem to have any sense whatsoever of personal responsibility or actions having consequences. Maybe a 90-day stint in inpatient rehab will help, but only if she's treated like everybody else -- e.g., no paparazzi, no publicity, no interviews, no acting like she did at her last rehab stint (acting like a prima donna, being the center of attention, using rehab as her own personal dating pool). Best of luck to her.

I hear you. And on the press coverage monster, I have to say I have struggled with that all week. I've written more than my share on Lohan, and much of it seems to have been read (or at least clicked on).  And much as we might like to deny it, page views are incredibly important to Web media organizations given the economic climate we are in.

Both Liz and myself are always trying to balance the need to feed the reader beast but do so in a way that keeps things balanced and (at least a little) classy.  Not always easy.

Have you seen this? A guy is claiming to be LeBron's dad, and wants damages! Good grief.

D.C. Lawyer Says LeBron James Is His Son

I did see that, but didn't link to it this a.m. because I wasn't sure how credible the item was.  Interesting timing, isn't it? Maybe that guy can host his own special on ESPN2.

today that is confusing!

Sorry for the confusion -- I was just running a little behind. I have a note from Epstein's mother, I swear!

There is an article on the Fox New website (didn't go there dilberately, referred by googlenews) that paints a sobering picture (let's hope) for what awaits Lilo when she hits the slammer. Wonder if there isn't some good in this for her after all. If not for the rest of us.

I don't know Lindsay Lohan, obviously. But based on what's happened to her, and continues to happen to her, it seems like a wake-up call of some kind was in order. Hopefully, this will be it. She has talent and it's sad to see her squander her career because of addictions and irresponsible behavior.

Hi Jen, I have always wondered about something. Recently Hayden Christensen said that he and a friend had come up with the idea for Royal Pains and was suing USA. Also a few weeks ago someone claimed they had come up with the idea for Sons of Anarchy and were suing FX.

My question is, why do these people wait so long to sue? If they really had the idea, wouldn't they have sued as soon as the show came out (or at least during the shows 1st season?) I usually assume these people are crackpots, but is there stuff going on behind the scenes (negotiating) that delay this? Or are the claims probably without merit?

Hey there, great question. My guess -- and bear in mind, it is a guess -- is that, with TV shows at least, there may be a waiting game involved. Law suits take a fair amount of time and if you file suit against a show that only lasts one season, the suit becomes moot. (Hey, I made a legal rhyme.)

So perhaps that's one reason for the waiting. I agree, though, it does make it seem like the accuser lacks credibility, whether the person or persons do or not.

HA! Such an awesome and hauntingly beautiful U2 song. Oh, and I feel this way all the time.

One of my fave U2 songs, as it happens. And I'm glad to know I am not alone.

Was wondering why I hadn't seen her for awhile, since those last two kid in jep films. Checked IMDB and her most current project is a film with Mel Gibson about a hand puppet called The Beaver. I cannot imagine this film is going to see the light of day for many, many moons.

If the alleged Gibson rant continues to make waves  -- and I say alleged because so far, I haven't seen an organization other than Radar or TMZ purport to have heard the tapes, so I'm trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt -- it's always possible they'll postpone.

But Foster was talking about the movie on the red carpet at the Spirit Awards earlier this year and certainly seemed eager to release the movie. And she had nothing but great things to say about her pal Gibson. She's extraordinarily loyal to him.

Personally, the whole movie sounds so bizarre that I am curious to see it. Let's not punish Jodie Foster for this mess, America.

Is the franchise really dead? I can't imagine it's not worth something even if MGM itself isn't. I'll admit I only really care because Daniel Craig may age out of the role if it takes too long to get Bond back on track.

Daniel Craig

Say it ain't so, Double-O.

Did someone submit this question just to prompt Paul to post that picture? If so, mission accomplished.

I don't think the Bond franchise is dead. It could be dead at MGM, but you're right, it's too valuable to just drift off into nothingness. Not sure how that will play itself out or how long it will take, though. Hopefully they can get the next movie back on track in time for Craig to still play the role. The dude hardly has one foot in a nursing home (please see photo) so there's still plenty  of time.

Are you going? I CAN.NOT wait. "Expendables" panel for the win! Yes, my geek is showing.

Your geek is showing, but so's mine. It's okay. We're all friends here.

I am indeed going. Liz and I both went in 2008, but missed last year. Won't be the same this year without my Wonder Twin, but I'll do my best to cover all the nerd goodies. I really do feel like some physical training might be in order. I don't want to cramp up while waiting in line or sitting in Hall H for nine straight hours.

Okay. But can we punish her for "Nim's Island?"

It's a free country. Do what you must do.

Loved Conan O'Brien's comment: "Congrats to my staff on 4 Emmy nominations. This bodes well for the future of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien."

Oh man, how tangy and delicious is that??

If living well is the best revenge, vengeance is most definitely Conan's. I actually started clapping this morning during the nominations when his name was read. No one but my dog was there at the time, but he's also Team Coco so he was totally with me on this.

... but won't LiLo have a private room (ahem, I mean cell)? And receive special treatment? I mean, it's not like she's going in with the general population or anything. My guess is, it'll be like Paris Hilton's so-called "jail" stint. In other words, a joke.

Yes, she will reportedly have a private cell. And she probably won't wind up serving all of her 90 days either.

The fact that she actually got sent to prison, even if it's a cushy version of it, hopefully will scare her straight. We'll see, I guess.

for me was Sharon Gless' nomination for "Burn Notice". It's a great show, and she is wonderful in it! Maybe this will help others catch on!

I've always meant to watch that show and never seem to get around to it. Clearly I'm one of the people who needs to catch on.

Who should win the Emmy? I love The United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie equally. And they are both amazing actresses. Can there be a tie?

I like both actresses, too. But they've also both won Emmys before. Would be nice to see someone new take the trophy -- maybe Lea Michele?

Oh crud. My Gleek is showing.

The Brocolli family owns the Bond rights. MGM just distributed the films

Thanks for the clarification -- further proof that the franchise probably won't die.

Paul the Psychic Octopus should get some kind of award in this year's Lizzies (do you guys still do that?). He is a role model for us all. Lohan should be taking notes.

We are planning to do the Lizzies -- and maybe an additional roster of pop culture awards called the Jennys? --in the fall, after Liz returns and re-settles in.

I don't know who fascinates me more. Paul the Psychic Octopus or Double Rainbow Guy. I think maybe ... Double Rainbow Guy.

My understanding is that this is why studios don't even touch unsolicited scripts or treatments--it leaves them wide open to a lawsuit if some junior executive says, hey, this is a great idea, I'll just grab it.

The thing is, studios got away with quite often until some numbskull (I think at Paramount) took Art Buchwald's novel Sheep on the Runway and turned it into Eddie Murphy's film Coming to America. Buchwald had the time and the money and the gumption to pursue a lawsuit and he won big.

He sure did.

I'm sure people's ideas or pitches get stolen all the time. It's almost inevitable. But it still stinks.

How are they doing? You must give us updates as inquiring (OK, nosy) minds wanna know!

Liz and I exchanged e-mails earlier this week, and it sounds like she's doing very well. She said she was trying to keep up with the Lindsay Lohan events the other day, while also calming down baby Des.

Infants really don't understand the importance of following the verdicts in celebrity probation violation hearings.

Anyway, I'll let her know you all are asking about her. She's been on leave for less than two weeks, and it already feels like six months.

What is behind Foster's incredible loyalty to Mel Gibson? He certainly didn't give her her start in the business and his worldview, if you can call it that, is 180 degrees from hers. I mean, I know there are odd friendships, but this one seems especially inexplicable.

They worked together in "Maverick" and developed a strong friendship from there. She clearly has major respect for the guy. Both of them are actors who also have made the transition to directing, so perhaps they share common ground there.

And who knows what Gibson is actually like off-camera around a friend like Foster? Plenty of people in Hollywood liked the guy until his behavior started to hit the gossip columns in recent years.

THey got some Emmy nominations! It's the most real show on TV, in my opinion. And the way they are handling the death of Capt. Phil Harris is wonderful. BTW, they have their own annual event, CatchCon! Think you'll go?

I doubt I will do, but that is cool. Nice to see niche-ier shows like that getting recognized.

So I know there will be things you have to hit at Comic-Con (big industry stuff, so on and so forth). What do/would YOU want to see there, given the opportunity?

Good question, Bawlmer. There are tinier, slightly odd panels that always intrigue me but will be hard to squeeze in since I have to hit the big industry stuff, as you said.

There's a meeting of "Simpsons" collectors, for instance, that I would love to go to. Also -- and I assume this will happen again this year -- a bunch of Little Lulu fans get together there every year, which I think is so funny and sort of touching.  People bonding over Little Lulu. Fandom knows no bounds!

Hi Jen - Ugh, faux pas on my part, I sent something along the lines of the below to the "Reliable Source" gals yesterday, and meant to direct this your way! Congratulations to Liz - my baby boy (14 months) is also named Desmond, and I obviously think that name rocks! See you in another life, brotha! My favorite "Lost" character, but also a family name...So, on to the question: any Darius Rucker sightings around DC? He performed (really well, I thought) at the Capitol Fourth concert, and Hootie was always good for a Wolftrap show during the summers. Anyway, Darius also looked rather emotional during his performances, which could be attributed to the sun in his eyes, or the feelings of the day. Either way, I liked it! Thoughts?! Thanks Jen!

Nice to hear there's another Desmond out there. Maybe it's slowly becoming a trend.

I know Rucker was here for the Capitol Fourth, but I didn't anything about sightings. I was never a huge Hootie fan, I'm afraid, but am glad you enjoyed it. I will say that hearing any of their songs takes me straight back to the mid-90s, which has its up and down sides.

Would you take requests on things to check out? Obviously your time is limited, and you can't see everything and there are probably things you wouldn't WANT to see...but it would be awesome to get a firsthand account of say, oh i don't know, Dr. Who, Torchwood and David Tennant (for example.) -Someone Who Can't Swing The Time Off Or The Plane Fare.

Taking requests -- what a good idea! Maybe I can do a post and solicit requests, then ask readers to vote on which ones I should accommodate. That might be kind of  fun.

Is it too much to hope that the Bachelor franchise will die a quick death after seeing how volatile Jake was with Vienna? (I only saw clips, not the whole interview). I mean, aren't participants supposed to be screened for physiological issues? Doesn't the fact that Jake seems to have anger issues coming out the wazoo call into credibility the casting process?

This is one of those shows I never gave a rat's behind about.

These reality stars are paid to play-act. So it's hard for me to know when, if ever, they are being real. Acting like a donkey certainly got Jake plenty of publicity this week, didn't it?

Hi Jen, Do you think the Post's movie reviews could include a quick "totally worth seeing in 3D, or not"? Went to see Toy Story in 3D - I laughed, I cried (several times) but I am not sure it was worth the extra $ to see this one in 3D. And according to the 12 previews we sat through, there are A LOT of movies coming out that will be available in 3D.... Thanks!

I think we sometimes say in our reviews whether the 3D was well-done or not,but it sounds like you want something specifically called out -- like we do with the star ratings -- to say See it in 3D? Yay or nay. Interesting idea. I'll pass it on.

And with that brilliant suggestion, I must bid you all adieu. Thanks for all the questions and comments. I look forward to talking again next week at this same time, hopefully about fewer Lohan-related matters.

See ya!

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