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Jul 07, 2011

Join Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Sorry for the delay, everyone.

Let's jump right in to your questions since I am already running behind...

Or make suggestions? As Ms. Hughes said her first kid is River so the next one will be...Summit, Mesa, or Aquifer.

Maybe Moutain? Although the "River, deep. Mountain, high" lyric might not set a good precedent for the family...

Reading the responses on the blog to the Twitterfest from Kim Kardashian (yeah, the irony of her "outrage" was not lost on me either), raises a question ... did the Kardashian money come from the late father? Or from Kris Kardashian/Jenner's shameless pimping of her daughters ... or both?

Good question. I don't know the answer. But my educated guess would be both.

Hi Jen! Did you manage to see Midnight in Paris yet? I really would love to see Corey Stoll and Marion Cotillard, as well as Owen Wilson to be recognized for their amazing performances. (I never would have thought I'd say that about Owen Wilson) What are the odds anyone from this film could be nominated, since it's out in the summer well in advance of Oscar season? Will the fall releases completely overshadow this summer?

Hi there. I actually did see it, finally, over the weekend. And I liked it very much.

I'm not sure about its Oscar prospects since, as you suggest, there are a lot of worthy movies still yet to come. The fact that it came out in the summer doesn't necessarily rule it out -- plenty of summer movies get recognized at Oscar time, as long as they are good enough.

Because of the new best picture voting, it would need to receive several No. 1 votes to make it in that category. And while I thought the performances were great, I do think it's too early to say whether any of them will make the final cut.

I would not be surprised to see a screenplay nomination, at the very least.

I was thinking more along the lines of Joaquin.

A possibility, sure.

Really? Oh, brother.

Well, to be fair to Natalie Portman, she is part-Israeli, so giving the child a Hebrew name isn't that strange. Unconventional? Perhaps.


So, how come those Olsen twins never smile? Same "I don't like my teeth" thing as Posh Spice? No teeth? Fangs?

Fangs -- that's definitely it. They're both secretly vampires.

That would be pretty awesome if it were true, wouldn't it?

Okay, we have been breathlessly following Duchess Kate's every wardrobe change in Canada, but how come nothing on the Monaco Royal Wedding? That thing had everything. Celebs galore, some well-dressed, some, not so much. A bride who wore PANTS to her wedding after trying to escape and having her passport confiscated. Those oh so awkward post marriage kisses.

Honestly -- and this is not the best excuse but here it is -- the wedding happened over the holiday weekend so we didn't cover it much in Celebritology, at least in part for timing purposes.

Under other circumstances, I am sure we would have done more.

...But it's not a Hebrew NAME, it's a Hebrew LETTER! Equivalent of naming your kid "A".

That is true. Sounds less ridiculous than A, but true.

Hey, at least she didn't name the kid after a number.

I know this isnt really a TV discussion, but I'm just not buying into Spader as the right choice. Maybe if it was the UK version of The Office, but I'm not sure how his incredibly dry, subtle take on comedic acting is going to translate to an American sitcom.

You can discuss TV if you like -- all entertainment-related subjects are welcome here.

Re: James Spader -- I wasn't sure how I felt about his character. He definitely brought an unpredictable, uncomfortable energy to the show, of a sort that differed from Carell's unpredictable, uncomfortable energy. I suspect that Spader coupled with whoever the new, permanent Michael ends up being will define the show going forward. So it won't be all on Spader alone, if that makes sense.

Is hawking make-up/cosmetics? Seriously?

Did you watch the promo clip? So charming, albeit random.

It was interesting to see that one of the highest-paid actresses, Angelina Jolie, gets most of that $$ from "Salt" and "The Tourist" ... both movies which I think we can diplomatically say, stunk. At least I understand SJP and the SATC franchise ... very popular. But how does Angelina get such a big payroll from such subpar movies?

I didn't think "Salt" stunk. And as popular as the SATC franchise is, I think we also could agree that the second Sex and the City movie was pretty terrible, too.

My best explanation is that both women have proven that their names alone have selling power. SJP has her own clothing line, perfume, etc. Even if SATC as a franchise doesn't have the power it once, the Carrie Bradshaw mystique gives Sarah Jessica Parker an iconicness that suggests her name brings something to the table.

And Jolie intrigues people regardless of the quality of the film she is in. Or at least, the people in Hollywood who hire her see it that way.

Personally, I am not sure any actor or actress alone can guarantee box office, which is why these big salaries can be baffling.

Aye, Bea, Cee, Dee, Gee, Eye, Jay, Kay, Ell, Em, Oh, Pee, Cue, Arr, Ess, Tea, You, Vee, Dubya, Exx, Why, Zee

Har har.

(OK, "Monocan" might not actually be a word, but it sounds cool...) I think you're partially right on the holiday weekend part, but I also think the fact that it was all in French might be a hindering point. Sure, it sounds romantic and melodic and all, but you couldn't understand what anybody was saying, and it made it seem all snooty and foreign, unlke Kate and Wills, who were, you know, just a younger, prettier, richer version of us.

I also think there's a generally greater fascination with Kate and William. But epjd was right that the Albert wedding was a juicy story.

So is Olivia Wilde really be-bopping around all these guys, or is this all just tabloid speculation? If it's true, it's a wonder she has time to comb her hair.

I am sure a lot of it is speculation. Or perhaps even intentional publicity.

I am not saying this is necessarily the case re: Olivia Wilde, but in general, some of these "anonymously sourced" items about who's dating who are planted by publicists. They tend to bubble up a lot in the weeks leading up to the release of a movie that stars the actor or actress in question.

And then once that movie comes out, poof! The mentions dry up.

For example, how much have we read or heard about Blake Lively since "Green Lantern" came out? Not nearly as much as we did during the month or so before the film was released.

The Harry Potter series as been a staple for years, I've enjoyed every one. Do you think the final installment will break through and win an Oscar (other than for stuff like cinematography or makeup)?

Interesting question. Rightly or wrongly, I don't think it has the pedigree of, say, "The Lord of the Rings." So I am not sure we'll see it in the best picture category.

But then again, I have been surprised before. I was supposed to see Deathly Hallows this morning and had to skip it, which was a bummer. Am catching it next week instead.

So many folks on the Celebritology blog snark on Sarah Jessica Parker's looks, which appear relatively "unworked-upon" by cosmetic surgeons, Botox purveyors, et al. Yet these same chatters also snark at women for having too much work done, at least so that it shows. Seems like a celeb can't win for losing.

That's very true. We want celebrities to not get surgery and not be fat, but also to eat like a normal person and look great all the time. It's kind of a lot to live up to.

Personally, I think SJP is stunning. When I saw her in person on the Oscar red carpet last year, I think my jaw actually fell open.

I believe it will be hard for anyone to fill the shoes of someone with whom we have become familiar, yet I believe James Spader could work. He has shown, in my opinion, the ability to be an excellent quirky character who can still be taken seriously while acting unusual. I believe "The Office" made a good choice here.

One vote in favor of Spader...

If a man is going to hawk cosmetics he should at least look as though he showers. (Personally, I adore scruffy but it doesn't sell.)

I don't know, I think that is Laurie's selling point. He's a "man's man," which, at least in theory, might make a guy more likely to purchase skincare products he's endorsing.

In theory.

Is this in reference to the couple on the Home Design chat today who have seven kids and named their fifth kid "Five" because he was number five? (I'm serious, go read the chat transcript...) Honestly, what people do to their kids...

No, I totally missed that chat.

If I ever have another child, I plan to name him or her zero, purely so I can sing "My Hero, Zero" to him/her every night before bed.

How about if it's because one of them is a vampire, and the other one isn't? And they don't smile because they don't want anyone knowing which is which? And then hilarity ensues....

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you write the next Olsen twins movie.

Who plays QE II to Meryl Streep's Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady"? Please tell me it'll be Helen Mirren.

You know, I am not sure who, if anyone, is playing the queen. I looked over the cast list and didn't see anyone in that role.

Seems like she would have to pop up at some point, but maybe not.

The new Torchwood movie coming out makes me wonder why John Barrowman hasn't been more of a star in the US. He's Tom Cruise gorgeous, but with a sense of humor. Apart from the UK Torchwood series and a brief stint on Desperate Housewives, I can't find anything else he's done. Any thoughts?

He was in "The Producers," I think. And I believe he may be on "Glee," or was rumored to be on "Glee," or something like that.

Anyway, for whatever reason, some actors who are very well known in the UK don't always break big in the States. Or it at least takes a while for that to happen sometimes.

...signs a lucrative contract to pose for "Playboy" or "Penthouse" in 3, 2, 1... ?


I think she'll do interviews and a book deal first. Aftr that, who knows? It's sad that the trajectory of fame has become so predictable.

... I must confess that photos of me look like the other end of the horse. - byoolin


Mine aren't even attractive enough to merit comparisons to either end of a horse.

The Reliable Source ladies raised the idea of Idris Elba as the next James Bond. Can you use your powers of Celebritology to make it so?

I'd watch.

Idris Elba

Well, Daniel Craig is still James Bond. But Elba would indeed make a fine choice, should the position become available.

No real question, I just wanted to share the joy of Ewan McGregor and Chris O'Dowd playing with light sabers on the Graham Norton Show - watching it is helping me get through this slow Thursday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIAgELk-P6w

I love the Graham Norton Show. Celebs say things on that show that they would never say on a U.S. talk show. Maybe that's because Norton serves alcohol.

I also love that all the guests have to sit together during their interviews. It makes things much more entertaining.

"some actors who are very well known in the UK don't always break big in the States" -- is that why they have the "Brits to Watch" event coming up?

Precisely. William and Kate -- Duke and Duchess, whatever -- will solve this problem in a jiff.

Or you could name your kid "Kid A." Hmm. Reminds me of something...

Hmmm... I wonder what you could be referring to...

Duchess Catherine has been criticized recently for wearing sheer pantyhose, yet I learned she is simply following royal protocol: closed-toe shoes and hose are required. Who knew?!? I wonder if, come winter, she will be allowed to wear boots. She had a great collection of 'em pre-marriage.


Yeah, sheer pantyhose have become one of those major fashion don'ts. But I suppose, as a proper duchess, she has to keep her legs sheathed.

Do you know if he is invited to the Brits to Watch event?

I haven't seen his name circulated as someone on the guest list. At least not yet.

that so works! excellent tickling prospects - especially when you get to the part "until you came along, we counted on our fingers and toes." we used to sing "3 is a magic number" until we had a second kid, and then it just seemed mean.

Schoolhouse Rock is the best.

Salt was actually really, really good! She was a total bad-a__ in that movie! And The Tourist wasn't nearly as bad as everyone says. It just wasn't amazing, which is what one would expect from Depp and Jolie. I really enjoyed both of them for various reasons. Let's face it - Angie has some commercial power. She tends to be better in movies where she's kicking [rear end], though.

Agreed on all counts.

I love playing the "who should be the next James Bond" game. I love the idea of Idris Elba. I would also like to submit the following for consideration: Karl Urban, Michael Fassbender, Dominic West and Guy Pierce.

Good suggestions.

Tom Hardy wouldn't be bad either. Neither would Christian Bale, although I think it would be tough at this point to go from Batman to Bond.

Entertainment Weekly had an interesting take on why so many mid level movie folk (Ashton Kutcher, for example) are taking TV jobs. There was a quote from an industry exec saying that all that's really left are the huge tentpole movies, like Transformers, which can have anyone in them. or indie projects that don't pay much by comparison. The mid priced film has all but vanished, so folks like Ashton can either sign up for the next Transformers or do TV. They may not like the 6 day weeks, 14 and 15 hour days cranking out 22 episodes, however.

Well, I don't think that's entirely true. Mid-priced films have not vanished entirely, especially not in the comedy realm. Plenty of those get made and, when they're good, are quite lucrative. (See "Bridesmaids.")

The problem for Kutcher, who has certainly done plenty of mid-priced comedies, is that if they do only mediocre business, his asking price isn't going to go up. So he can make a lot more from a "Two and a Half Men" deal than he can by signing on to do "Valentine's Day 85," or whatever.

I thought he was American? And openly gay? (It's that second part some Americans seem to have issue with, but really, I 'm a straight woman and I'd rather look at him than Tom Cruise any day and that's only partly because TC creeps me the heck out. Breathe)

Actually, he's Scottish-American. So we're both right!

But I was speaking more to the fact that, via "Torchwood" and "Doctor Who," he may be better known in the UK.

Is why I will know the Preamble to the Constitution until the day I die.

It's catchy and educational!

But, is the 007 Franchise dead? It's been tough getting the 3rd installment of Daniel Craig as Bond done, due to the owners of the franchise going through bankruptcy, or some such. Will there even be future Bond movies?

Yes, after all that ugliness, Sam Mendes is moving forward to direct the next Bond, with Craig as 007. Production is supposed to start, I believe, later this year.

Exactly. I just watched "Killers" this weekend (free streaming on Netflix, leave me alone) and it wasn't very good. Even factoring in my instinctual dislike for Katherine Heigel, it still wasn't very good. I can't really remember much that Kelso has done lately that has been good, actually.

I actually enjoyed "No Strings Attached." But that was largely because of Natalie Portman, mother of Alef.

In general, you're right. He hasn't done any movies that were big successes. Of course, there is no shame whatsoever in doing TV. Especially not when you're making Kutcher money.

Why doesn't CBS just steal the thunder from that Charlie Sheen roast by airing the season premiere of "2.5 Men" a week earlier, on Sep. 12?

Because then it will look like they surrendered in a game of Charlie Sheen chicken.

Now i've got "Three is a Magic Number" stuck in my head, probably for the rest of the day. And not the original, the Blind Melon cover version with the nasal, whiny vocals. Again, thanks!

Oh dear. Apologies.

Oh please! This sort of thing was going on before our time, in the columns of Walter Winchell, Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons.

Sure it was. But I think most people don't even realize it.

For example: Emma Stone said in a recent Vanity Fair piece that a paparazzo tried to give her his card and told her to call him if she ever goes outside in her pajamas and wants her picture snapped. She said she was surprised by that because she didn't think stars actually did that.

Sometimes photogs and the media infringe on celebs' privacy, no question. But sometimes there's a bit more symbiosis in that relationship than immediately meets the eye.

Jen, I wonder if Zero Mostel's parents had that same thought as you ...

Clearly! Although their name choice predates Schoolhouse Rock...

Can we just have them do a full US tour? I'd like to see them out here in the Midwest. What do they really NEED to be doing in Britain, anyway?

Yes, why can't the Duke and Duchess be turned into a traveling circus for our entertainment? It's only fair.

I went to a Halloween party on Capitol Hill as the Bill. I was greeted by a resounding chorus of the song (yes, it was mostly gen xers). It was awesome - especially where they sang "I'm just sitting here on Capitol Hill" - because we were!


How nice that celebrities can court and get married without a lot of hoopla (though just knowing about it kind of makes the point moot). What a lovely couple, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. And a plain wedding band on the missus, to boot!

Well, given that they both had just gotten out of long-term relationships, there was *some* hoopla. But not nearly as much as there might have been. They kept things pretty hush-hush.

Angelina Jolie is basically the female James Bond.

Yes, in a way.

And with that, I am going to log off -- I'll talk to you next week at 2 p.m. Among the topics, undoubtedly: Harry Potter and Comic-Con, which is just two weeks away from today. Also more celeb babies, potentially: surely Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson will deliver soon, right?

Talk to you then.

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