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Jun 30, 2011

Join Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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A busy celebrity/entertainment universe today.

There's the sad Jonathan Rhys-Meyers news, Gwyneth Paltrow going topless in Vanity Fair, the mega-excitement about Megatron in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." And then of course, there's this.

Let's discuss it all, and much, much more!

Raise your hand if you're really, really, really tired of Pippa Middleton.

I'm only mildly tired. Based on the interest in her on the Internet, the rest of the world is not tired at all.

Sad to see that Tea Leoni is facing a divorce. I was heartened by her efforts to hold a family together. Is there a third party (aside from the addiction third parties?)

It is indeed sad. I have not heard or read anything about a third party, but I also can't say I have delved that deeply into it.

Sooo, are we thinking Jonathan Rhys-Meyers tried to commit suicide? I hope for his sake he gets the help he needs. As for people needing help, LiLo seems to be beyond it. Releasing her from house arrest was probably a big mistake -- first thing she does, of course, is go to a club.

Sarah Hughes, who wrote the Rhys-Meyers post, updated it to say that this may have been a drug-related relapse, not necessarily an outright suicide attempt.

Whatever it was, I also hope he gets help and that it works this time.

Re: Lohan -- even if she wasn't drinking at said club, it's not a smart move to go straight there after house arrest ends. Especially if she wants to make it clear she's putting career first and showing good judgment.

I can't stop thinking about him. Is there help for people like me?

I believe the only way to handle this situation is to watch that interview where he speaks in French over and over again until you're able to move on.

It's like immersion therapy.

You could also watch me making a donkey of myself while playing movie trivia with him. This may not make you stop thinking about him, but it will at least make you think less of me.

What about Megatron? I still don't quite understand how they resurrected him and I half expected the doctor-bot that did it to have either a Middle Eastern or Indian accent because Bay does so well abolishing sterotypes. But yea! Stuff blows up. Make your own Rosie Whitley-Huntington whatever joke here. By the way: doesn't that name sound like she should be the illegitimate child of a member of Spinal Tap?

You are attempting to apply logic and reason to a "Transformers" movie, which should never be done under any circumstances.

And I love that Rosie Whiteley-Huntington joke. Perhaps she is somehow related.

Speaking of which, can you imagine what Michael Bay could do with a remake of Spinal Tap? The Stonehenge number would no longer be funny, but it would be totally EPIC, man!

They really named one of their kids Kyd? Is it pronounced the same way?

I believe that's the proper pronunciation.

Has Natalie Portman released the name of her son yet? Any other news on them? Also, can we have a pup pic? Have we seen your puppy? I do miss the weekly shots of Andy, Opie, and Paige...

No name released yet. Seems she's trying to maintain privacy for the child as long as she can, which is completely understandable but frustrating to all those who simply must know the name!

I haven't shared a puppy pic because I don't have any at work. BUT -- I did track down this photo of my dog, which accompanied a story I wrote about traveling with him. Note: He is far cuter than this picture conveys.

I'll try to dig up bnetter pics for next week's chat. I realize I have been slacking in this area.

Not to sound like the OP blog, but ... Denise Richards just doesn't seem like a suitable candidate to adopt a child. I wish I understood why it's so easy for celebrities, no matter how messed up they are or how much of a train wreck their lives are, to adopt children, when I have friends who are normal, healthy, stable, and loving, and the waiting list for adoption is years and years and years and they are deemed "unsuitable" if they, for example, have stairs in their house (?!?) or are over 40.

This is an interesting question. I don't know if Richards is unsuitable or not. Sheen might be at this point.

In any event, it is interesting that regular, upstanding people often have trouble adopting, while celebs sometimes -- seemingly -- do so with ease. Obviously context is key here. Some people have very specific expectations for adopted children (they want a child of a certain sex, etc.) and that tends to drag things on longer.

Doesn't sounds like that's true in your friends' case, though.

After seeing his performances in "Thor" and "Midnight in Paris" I now have a celebrity crush on Tom Hiddleston, whom I have never seen in anything else before. I see he has some big movies coming out (Speilberg's "War Horse" and "The Deep Blue Sea" with Rachel Weisz) but to tide me over until those I am wondering if you or any other readers could recommend some of his earlier work. More importantly, can I have your official blessing as a celebritologist that it's ok to have multiple celeb crushes at once? While Tom's a new favorite, I am not ready to let go of my James McAvoy crush just yet. Thanks, and Happy 4th!

I honestly had not seen much of Hiddleston either, until "Thor." (I still desperately need to see "Midnight in Paris.") I know he was in the mini-series "Cranford," so maybe you can dig that up on Netflix?

Also, have you seen the trailer for "War Horse"? It looks absolutely gorgeous. That movie is already pre-emptively jerking tears from my eyes based on the preview alone.

And re: your crush question -- of course, you can have multiple celeb crushes. If you're going to harbor feelings for people you don't know, why limit yourself?

...looks quite distinguished in that photo-- a fine specimen of caninity, indeed!

He's so not distinguished, though. He's a tiny half-beagle who licks the faces of me, my husband and my son with no sense of shame.

My son informed me last night that "Casey drives me crazy!" because of this very reason. He's too young to understand the sublime beauty of canine faithfulness.

I'm pretty sure you're overlooking the obvious here: Money. Unlimited funds means the ability to hire the best folks who know how to work the system.

Well, of course. The well-connected always seem to get what they want in this world, don't they?

...As opposed to Bristol Palin, who spread her son's image all over the cover of her autobiography, thus potentially endangering his safety (because it only takes one nut case to cause a tragedy).

I am not sure she endangered his safety. Even if she hadn't done that, there are images of him out there anyway.

That being said, Bristol Palin doesn't seem terribly concerned about maintaining privacy, given the book, the reality show, etc.

...MIGHT be unsuitable???!!

Look, I am trying to cover my bases, okay? I can't just go around accusing people of being deadbeat parents.

I thought the Newsweek cover of her walking with Kate Middleton was creepy. But I admit to being interested in the new novel that supposes Diana escaped the crash in Paris and resurfaced in the midwestern US, living a quiet life and helping animals.

I also found the Newsweek cover kind of creepy. And while it was effectively provocative and got people talking (which helps get attention for Newsweek), I am the doctored image of her at 50 or the article add anything to the conversation about Diana.

I will admit that I am interested in that documentary about her death -- not to see the images of the crash, but to hear people explain their theories about what happened.

The Next-GF-for-George Clooney-Sweepstakes?

Well, here's the list of 10 I came up with. You tell me who the winner is. (I might be the only person who loves the Amy Sedaris idea.)


There's the money, and then there's the fact that it's increasingly common for the birth mother to choose the adoptive family. Unfortunately, even the most trainwreck "celebrity" is likely admired by some young girl with poor judgment.

Another excellent point.


This question refer to "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2," for those who aren't into abbreviations.

And yes, I am looking forward to seeing it.

Who would win in a wrestling match between Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Megan Fox. Also, can it be in jello?

This is a terribly intriguing question.

I think I might put my money on Fox.

Speaking of Jello wrestling, is my high school the only one that ever hosted a Jello wrestling competition? I kind of regret not participating now, for the same reason I regret not traveling abroad in college: it would have made me a better person.

Any word yet on whether "Larry Crowne" is any good? A rip-off of the TV series "Community"? Just a thin excuse to a pair of Oscar-winners to milk the Hollywood cow?

I was going to go see it the other night, and then I decided I wasn't feeling up to it.

Based on early reviews and buzz, the best adjective for the movie seems to be "pleasant."

I guess if you're going to front a show like that you're going to have to be very careful in your personal life. There's got to be people out there just chomping to take you down. Maybe he can join Spitzer on the talk show circuit.

Exactly right. If you make your living catching people doing bad things on video, make sure you're never doing anything bad that could potentially be caught on video.

And that's one to grow on.

What did you think of Gene Weingarten's column this past Sunday about the trend of "branding" of journalists, i.e., making them into celebrities of sorts? HE should talk! Did it all start when Redford and Hoffman played Woodward and Bernstein in the film of "All The President's Men"?

I got a kick out of Gene's column.

I agree with his contention that you can't try to create a brand before and above doing good work. But I also think it's naive to not be aware of how you're perceived and conscious of what your "brand" is.

The bottom line is if you want to be known for being a smart journalist or columnist or writer, you should probably try to be one. That's the best way to build that "brand."

Jen, I can't believe the Washington Post editors let you get away with "For me and my husband..." As my mother would have said, your husband isn't mean!

See, this is what I get for sharing dog photos...

I used to get him and Joseph Gordon-Levitt mixed up, but now I know that Shia is the one with the really big mouth.

I wonder what made you confuse the two. They don't look much alike, and their acting styles are pretty different, too.

I find Shia kind of interesting, I have to admit it. He does a quality onscreen tirade. He's also really good at throwing coffee at paparazzi.

While I get the irony, is anyone really trying to equate cheating on a spouse with going online to hook up with an underage child (yes, redundant, I know, but necessary for rhetorical purposes)? I get that everybody looooves a good old-fashioned celebrity cheating scandal (how else can we explain the continued media coverage of Jesse James...?), but really, folks, the attempts to analogize Chris Hansen getting caught dating a younger women to whom he's not married to the "stings" he creates for potentially felonious pedophiles is head-scratching, and sort of stomache-churning.

No, as I said in my post, what he allegedly did is not even in the same ballpark.

It's the captured on video thing that people find amusing, the irony, as you say.

Was that NBC? I thought NBC was "The more you know". I'm getting my Saturday Morning Cartoon Platitudes mixed. I do miss the spinning globe-cool music that preceeded the CBS kids news. That was good.

Why don't I let Michael J. Fox field this one?

If Ryan Gosling is the new "it" guy in Hollywood (Is he? I might just be making that up), who is the new "it" girl?

I think Gosling has been pretty "it" for a while now.

The new "it" girl, however, is probably Emma Stone. Who is starring opposite him in "Crazy, Stupid, Love." So that's convenient -- two its for the price of one. Or something.

It looks so good! I would not have thought a teaser trailer for a children's movie about a boy and his horse could be so epic and moving. Now I am torn between reading the book before I see it, or going into the movie spolier-free. Thoughts?

I haven't read the book or seen the play. I will probably go in spoiler-free purely because of time constraints. I can only read so many books before seeing the movie.

The issue, for me anyway, is not that what Mr. Hansen apparently is doing is in any way comparible to pedophilia, it is that he was just waaaaaaaaaay too smug when he busted others.

I suspect that's why some people are schadenfreude-ing all over that story as well.

Have you watched that movie yet? I hear Christopher Plummer is great in it. Maybe Clooney will go all meta and form a couple with him.

No, that's another I'd like to see. So behind on movies!

How about Charlize Theron? They can both be happy un-married ever after!

Did they date very briefly years ago? Maybe they could rekindle that.

Or maybe they can both remain happily single. Seems like a waste of attractiveness, but hey -- they gotta do what they gotta do.

Wait, this actually happened? This country has soooo jumped the shark.

That does seem a bit extreme, if true. I agree.

Woooeeeee! Congratulations, Jen, we had a few bona fide BKDs on the blog this week. :-) Thank you for the belly laughs and reminding us all not to take ourselves seriously.

Ha. Thanks.

I do my best.

There's going to be a new "Winnie the Pooh" movie apparently! Despite being a 20-something, I am very happy about the prospect of seeing Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Christopher Robin and all the rest again!

I am planning to take my son, actually. This will be his first movie in a theater, assuming he makes it all the way through.

As a heads up, when you click on the Conversations link at the top of the page, its showing chats from June 27th, with a lot of long html code next to the name. I'm on IE8 if that matters. Sigh. Jen: you and Hax are the only reasons I visit WaPo anymore. The site is just more difficult than it needs to be.

I'm glad you come for me and Carolyn, but I am sorry you are having trouble navigating.

I try to post links to the chat, not to mention many blog posts, on the Celebritology Facebook page. If all else fails, you always have that. Hopefully we can fix that, though.

I had the honor to meet NBC newsman Edwin Newman decades ago (charming gentleman, BTW, handsomer in person than on TV), and he said that ever since "A Civil Tongue," his first book on the abuse of the English language, people were always trying to catch him in any sort of mistake in grammar or vocabulary!

Hey, I know the feeling re: being caught with my grammatical pants down.

Everyonce in a while, me make a mistake. I mean, I. No, me. No, wait, I ... oh, crud!

Hope they get to meet Liz while they're in Hollywood!

It's my understanding that Ms. Kelly will be hosting them for an afternoon. She'll be treating them to veggie burgers and a matinee at the Arclight.

Yes -- I was just explaining to a friend and his wife last weekend, in response to a question confusing Emma Watson with Emma Stone (becasue of the similarity in name), that Emma Stone was the new Hollywood "It" Girl. And now I've been validated by the WaPo Celebritologist herself. Yay me!

I love validating others. Glad to be of service!

First movie you remember seeing.

I like it. Maybe we can break it down a bit so I can make a list and throw it to you all: first movie seen, first movie in a theater, first R-rated movie, etc.

I love the idea! She was on that Bravo talk show with Andy Cohen and Tom Colicchio. Colicchio couldn't even talk he was laughing so hard. She is a national treasure. As is her brother.

She is a national treasure.

Kate Middleton Windsor and Jane Austen are distant cousins! In the celebrity bolgosphere, does that somehow make Pippa even cuter? (It makes me like Kate that much more!)

Yes. Very distant cousins, but cousins nonetheless.

Hey, if you research your geneology on Ancestry.com, maybe you'll discover you're related to someone famous. Perhaps Bradley Cooper, which might be one way to cool any romantic feelings toward him, previous commenter.

And with that, I must depart. Talk to you all next week at this time.


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