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Jun 23, 2011

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As we await word on whether Lindsay Lohan will or won't return to jail (I'm leaning toward will), let's discuss other matters, like the sad Ryan Dunn case that has dominated entertainment news this week, whether Pixar may have finally run out of genuis gas with "Cars 2" and, most importantly, Evan Rachel Wood's new haircut.

Let us begin.

Dear Fans, Who knew making your own bread could lead to a positive urine test? Since I have been homebound I have taken up cooking and one of my favorite things to make is homemade bread. Well, since I try everything I make I always eat a large helping of the brewer's yeast before putting it in the dough. I just want you all to know that yeast has alcohol in it and that is why my test came back positive. Like I said before, there is no alcohol in my house. I am a new leaf! Thanks for your support. Love, Lindsay P.S. Have you checked out my latest commercial? Go to *^&*(*.com and start shopping.

Lindsay, it amazes me that you have time to write in to this chat while in the middle of a probation hearing.

You always go the extra mile.

I think I blinked and missed something in Celebritology world. Didn't Jennifer Aniston get a really cute, blonder, and much shorter bob? Now her hair is long again. Was the bob a long time ago and it's grown out, or are those extensions?

Good celebrity hair memory!

She did get a bob, though not a super-short one, back in February. It could have grown out by now, or she could be getting some extension help. (My hair grows ridiculously fast, so given that background, I wouldn't rule that out.)

A better question: are we going to keep hearing more about her relationship with Justin Theroux every day until "Horrible Bosses" comes out, then again a little later, right before their movie "Wanderlust" comes out? I suspect yes.

I'd like to request that Sarah Anne Hughes be brought on as your regular, full-time Celebritology partner. She did a great job while you were away and I think her style suits this Blog quite well. So here is a public vote for bringing SAH (if she is so inclined) on full-time. Thanks!

I totally second that vote. Sarah has done a great job, just as she did last summer when Liz was on maternity leave.

Given the expectations for the blog, which were growing when Liz and I were still doing this together, I think it really is a two-person job, especially on weeks like this one when my son has been ill and I've been scrambling to keep up.

So I want her onboard permanently for selfish reasons as well as for the greater good of the blog. Sadly, though, I don't make hiring decisions around here. If I did, I would have hired Paul Rudd as a regular guest blogger a long time ago.

Anyway, fingers crossed. We'll see what transpires. For now, Sarah is still on contract.

Love it! So flattering on her.

Again. Mr. Clooney seems to be a man of his word--no more marriage for him. How soon can we look for another young, delectable female on his arm? Probably the Aug. 31 premiere of Ides of March is too soon?

Probably. At least one would hope. I mean, we should all get to fantasize irrationally about Clooney being "available" for at least a couple of months, right?

Here's a question: who would you like to see George Clooney date? I'd love to see him with a woman closer to his own age.

Any suggestions for stupid summer movies to watch? My brain is the consistency of baked brie right now and I could do with some mindless entertainment.

Are we talking stupid summer movies currently in theaters, or just stupid summer movies in general?

If it's the former, I am admittedly a little behind on my stupid summer movies of 2011 due to vacation. "Bridesmaids" is fun, although not entirely stupid. But certainly not mentally taxing.

In terms of stupid ones more generally, I think you could do a lot for your braked brie-brain by watching "Meatballs," which doesn't totally hold up but is still amusing in spots, especially the "It just doesn't matter speech," which is a masterpiece.

Follow that up with "Vacation," or perhaps "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Its recent anniversary made me want to watch it again from start to finish.

Sadly, I can't help wondering whether LiLo will end up like Ryan Dunn. She just doesn't seem to want to/know how to get her life together.<br> As for Ryan Dunn, RIP. Very sad, and I hope it shines a klieg light on drunk driving. As the old saying goes: DRINKING AND DRIVING DON'T MIX.

Agreed about LiLo. (Still no word on the result of that hearing, BTW. How long can it take to decide to send her back to jail? Sheesh.)

I had hope that she was committed to it this time, but at the moment, it doesn't seem that way.

Re: Dunn, he definitely had way too much to drink to get behind the wheel of a car, based on the BAC results. It's very sad and unfortunate. A phone call to a cab company would have saved his life.

If you could get Bradley Cooper as a guest blogger, he could blog in French, which would greatly expand the reach of your media empire.

Oh, shazaam! What a fantastic idea.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Post can afford Paul Rudd or Bradley Cooper as a guest blogger. But how awesome would that be? Bradley could do he-said/she-said video takes on pop culture, and he could say his portion in French. I wouldn't know what he was talking about but I would not care.

Well, first off, this would make for a great feature - imagine Date Lab, but actually good. George Clooney could date a different woman every episode or issue. We could try him with famous women, women his own age, hell, maybe even throw in a date with Anderson Cooper, just to put the rumors to the test. And to answer your question, for some reason I can see Clooney with Teri Hatcher. How close are they in age? Her looks and body type seem about right for his usual type.

I think we have the makings for a Friday list here, people. A rundown of girlfriend suggestions, followed by a poll. Thanks for doing my work for me.

P.S. I  can't see him with Hatcher, really. But I may be alone in that.

P.P.S. I actually like Date Lab.

Do you have side-by-side photos of Bristol Palin showing her chin pre- and post-implant?

Bristol Palin

Yes. Yes, we do.

(Thanks, producer Jodi.)

Why aren't you listed in today's discussions? I had to go thru a bunch of hoops to find you!

I didn't know I wasn't.

It's probably some sort of conspiracy at work. As are most things.

Did Evan Rachel Wood pay for that hair cut, or did she just wet her finger and stick it into an electric outlet?


I think you're confused. This is what celebrity hair looks like after a finger in a socket.


Something just occurred to me. Is Jennifer Aniston the female version of George Clooney? If not, perhaps she should be! And own that! And work it. After all, George Clooney doesn't get the kind of negative press about his not being married or having kids, that Jen does.

I am not sure she is.

And I don't think Aniston gets negative press because she isn't married, although some snarkers still like to view her as this scorned lonely woman post-Brad Pitt. Which is clearly ridiculous.

I do think that she, and many other celebs, work their love lives to get publicity for their projects. Aniston has done this on more than one occasion, as Liz used to point out.

Well, if it can't be me then my vote goes to Sandra Bullock. I think they would look great together. (Though the kid might be an issue.) They just filmed a movie together in London, but I hardley heard anything about it. Unlike when he was in Cincinnati earlier this year filming the Ides of March.

I was going to float this possibility, too. They both seem to have good senses of humor and grounded personalities.

But yeah, the kid thing could be an issue.

A phone call to a cab company would have saved Ryan Dunn's life, and his passenger's as well. Why isn't the bar being charged for failure to stop serving, or to confiscate the car keys? Can they be charged later if there's reasonable cause to believe the bar bears some responsibility for Dunn being behind the wheel so drunk?

The Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Enforcement has already determined that Barnaby's, the bar where Dunn was drinking, cannot be charged. The reason? Dunn did not obviously appear to be intoxicated and their surveillance footage supports that.

I doubt they'll be charged later. I don't know all the legal ins and outs (maybe one of our lawyer Celebritologists does?) but I think it would have to be a clear-cut case of overserving in order for the bar to be charged with overserving.

Lindsay Lohan is not going to jail. Why? Because she was only required to stay away from drugs as terms of her probation agreement.

Now she is essentially grounded. No more parties while she is on house arrest.

OMG, she's trying to look like a Kardashian!

Well, I wouldn't go that far.

BTW, I'll have a Celebritology book club discussion guide up later today that will help you dissect the Palin memoir. You can thank me later.

is the female Clooney.

And they used to date! It's all come full circle.

Nick Nolte's infamous mug shot

Nick Nolte

That poor man will never live that down.

Would George give her a second shot? She dated him after they appeared in Leatherheads, but she often ends up spending time with her movie co-stars whereas he rarely seems to hook up with his leading ladies.

Actually, I believe they dated years ago, before "Leatherheads" came out. But here's another vote for Zellweger, which could put her on the list.

Which, of course, I am sure George Clooney will consult prior to making any dating decisions.

No more parties, but she can still bake, right?

Bake? Or baked?

Yes to the former, no to the latter.

Oh, but no baking of bread.

Are you kidding me? First, George is a pal of Brad's. Second, Aniston didn't share Brad's interest in social issues, so why would she be interested in George's?

Look, we're just brainstorming right now. I can't see that one either, but let people share their ideas so we can cull them down to the gems.

Should we open this list to allow dead people that it would have been fun to see Clooney date? (Audrey Hepburn in her hey day. Grace Kelly...) Or is that too macabre and weird for an endeavor that obviously is quite scientific.

I personally like seeing him a "younger" than him aged woman; he's like the LBD, he looks good on anybody. And he has owned up to not wanting to be married, so we can't complain that another gf is dumped... Monogamy isn't for everyone and who doesn't fantasize sometimes about having a hot new partner every few years? Let him be!

Very true. Actually, it's better that he realizes he wants to stay monogamous, as opposed to cycling through 87 wives.

And I like that LBD comment.

You are being sent down the memory hole.

Inadvertant! We are trying to remedy the problem now...

People, this is not Jodi's fault. It's technology's. As always.

I'm very excited about this casting. Although I was "meh" about some of the book- did it really need ninjas? (I think not) I look forward to Ms. Stone's portrayal as a kick-butt Elizabeth Bennet.

I like the concept, too. She's got that feisty spirit going for her. I just hope the movie is good.

The book was enjoyable but, as you said, didn't always work consistently. Although I happen to think that all things need ninjas.

Like right now, if a ninja slunk his way into the Post newsroom? That would be awesome!

Who would you like to see George Clooney date? Seriously? I'd like to see him date someone who shares his human rights concerns. In the interim, I'm willing to console him on his loss.

Well, sharing that interest in human rights and political issues would be nice. But that might lead to a deeper relationship and, ergo, monogamy.

I heart him and can't stand her and I blocked that they dated. ICk. Nast.

I am sorry for reminding you of this incident, which clearly upsets your digestive system.

Please, take an antacid and think of Clooney sans Zellweger and all will be well.

No, it has to be someone who doesn't want to get married and who doesn't get negative press for failed relationships. It has to be Cameron Diaz. She's said from the beginning (late 20s) that she wasn't going to get married. She's a serial monogamist and she's owning it. She gets no flack for it. Aniston and Zellwegger both have been or want to get married and both get pilloried for failed relationships.

Good point. But Cameron Diaz? Hard to picture.

Plus she has A-rod. And no one eats popcorn out of her hand like he does. Well, maybe Letterman...

Are you folks doing San Diego Comic-Con again this year?

Geeks onward!

I am indeed heading to San Diego. Am already a little nervous because it's always such a frenzy and I'm having a flashback to standing in line for the Green Lantern panel and not getting in. Which in retrospect, now seems like even more of a waste of time than it did then.

In any event, keep an eye out for Comic-Con info as we get closer to convention time.

Now that Sarah has trademarked herself,  I wonder about the trademarks of other celebrities. Do you know of any? I was able to google up Oprah's trademarks: Oprah, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah Radio, The Oprah Magazine, Make the Connection, Oprah's Book Club, Use Your Life, Live Your Best Life, Oprah's Favorite Things, Wildest Dreams with Oprah, Oprah Boutique, Harpo, The Oprah Store, Oprah.com, Oprah's Big Give, The Big Give, Give Big or Go Home, Expert Minutes, the "Oprah" signature, the "O" design, Oprah's Angel Network, Angel Network, O Ambassadors, and the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

Another great question. We should figure out who has trademarked what, that 's pretty fascinating.

Oprah didn't trademark Lady O? Or the letter O? She's clearly falling down on the job.

I have such a fondness for Cars (first movie 8-year-old son saw in the theater) that I really want this one to be good. He's been counting down the days for a while now and we've already promised to take him to it tomorrow. My suspicion, having only read snippets of reviews, is that it will appeal to his sensibilities, but will not be the same sort of experience Wall-E or Up were for me.

I unfortunately missed the press screening, but I have heard middling reviews from fellow movie media folks and critics.

Like, it's a perfectly fine movie to see with your kids, but it's not up to the sublime standards set by previous Pixar films. Which is a bummer. I count on Pixar greatness like I count on fizz in my Coke Zeros -- it's just always supposed to be there.

When does his life start getting sad? I know he is supposed to be seen as "the man" for ability to date younger hot woman and avoid marriage and children, but at some point doesn't it all seem a little... I dunno. I still predict he will end up another Warren Beatty making babies at age 60. Didn't it make Paul Newman seem even hotter when you knew he had that long term successful marriage. (Obviously I am a woman)

It's possible. As previously said, marriage is not for everyone.

And as a society we do start to get judgmental of people when they reach a certain age and remain single, men or women. But in Clooney's case, it would be interesting to see just because he swore it off for so long.

Also, to your point, sig others and babies do make male movie stars seem more attractive, weirdly. At when they achieve a certain level of gravitas, which Clooney has.

Why? We are required to wait until the age of reason (or whatever magic bullet 21 affords us) to drink. It is our responsibility as adults to do the right thing which is to not drink and drive. RIP and all that but it was a bad choice that killed those two, not the bartenders.

I tend to agree with that. Obviously bartenders should not serve people who are clearly inebriated. But they can't act as key masters, unfortunately.

How about Ninja-reporter Bob Woodward? (Or even the actor who played him)

If  Robert Redford came in here right now dressed as a ninja, I would spit up, then spontaneously combust due to the randomness of it all.

Wow, I so hope this happens.

No, I meant that she's the Female George Clooney. Not that she should date him! She has to get together with Leo once they are both available!

Ah, sorry. Totally missed your point on that one.

I think the Celebritology crowd is still pulling a Titanic and rooting for Leo and Winslet to get together.

Winslet, by the way, also has been floated as a Clooney candidate in a question I did not get a chance to answer.

Speaking of which, gotta roll soon...

Talia Balsam, George's ex-wife, is the daughter of actors Martin Balsam and Joyce Van Patten, and now married (to actor John Slattery, I think) and has a couple kids. Presumably she's fairly happy without George.

Yes, she did just fine for herself.

And shouldn't Slattery and Clooney play brothers in a movie or something? That way they can wear tuxedos and be super sophisticated and wry together.

Since you missed having a chat last week, gotta know: did you love, Love, LOVE Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Tony's (including the opener, and the number with "rival" Hugh Jackman)?

I did love, love, LOVE it. The opener was fantastic and the Jackman number was great, too.

Harris is a great host, no two ways.

Nope, Winslet has 2 kids, and I believe is going with someone now.

I just want to stress something: this is all hypothetical.

We'll rule out married people but anyone else is fair game. Even if they have kids.

A moment of silence to honor the great Clarence Clemons, please.

Oh, absolutely. He somehow got overshadowed in the blogosphere by Ryan Dunn.

But I was so sad to hear he had died.

George HAS been married. He doesn't want to do it again, and kudos to him. He knows himself, and isn't caving to societal "norms" or pressures or whatever. To me, that is the opposite of sad -- it rocks.

Some people think it's sad that he's an older man dating much younger women, which I get.

But that he doesn't want to marry again and knows that about himself? I don't have a problem with that.

Man, people have very strong opinions about Clooney's love life. Not that I am surprised.

... is called guts in a Noah's Ark society that likes to pair people off two-by-two. Go George! And I've always admired Warren Beatty for waiting until he is good and ready before he got married. If more people did that, our divorce rate would surely be much lower.

Again, very true. There is definitely societal pressure and as I said before, better to stay single than to marry and divorce a billion times.

That's a lot of heartache and a lot of lawyer fees. (Sorry, lawyers.)


I second the motion. Which I proposed in the first place.

The motion passes.

Sploot! All over the computer screen!

Good lord. I did not mean to double entendre my compliment.

Son of a monkey they make it difficult finding the weekly chat and the daily blog posts...I guess the "clicks for cash" monetizing theory makes us go all over the WaPo site to find you. Keep up the good work - you're worth being found out by the office internet police.

Clicks for cash -- so far, I am not seeing any cash.

In any case, thank you for tracking down me (and Sarah). Re: the blog -- best way to find it from the homepage is to scroll over the entertainment tab at the top of the page. You'll see a link to it there. washingtonpost.com/celebritology works, too.

Thank you for the kind words.

Actually, that panel was probably the best thing about the movie. Remember when Ryan Reynolds recited the oath for the little boy? SWOON! And no, I did not shell out 11 bucks to watch the movie.

No, I don't because I DIDN'T GET IN.

Actually, I watched it online later so I know what you are talking about. I am just bitter.

Halle Berry. Since it's fantasy, the kid is not a factor.

Nice. They would look quite attractive together, to a degree that might cause pupil explosion.

And with my final implosion/explosion reference of the day, I must depart. Please join me next week at 2, when you'll all be complaining about who wound up being on the Hypothetical, Not at All Real, Complete Fantasy List of Possible Girlfriends for George Clooney.


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