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May 05, 2011

Join Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

NOTE: This week's chat will occur at noon ET. We will return to the normal time next week.

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Sorry to push the chat to an earlier start time, kids. It's a one-time thing, I swear.

In the interest of getting things rolling on time, let's get started. Bring your questions about anything: Correspondents' Dinner, summer movies, why Kristen Bell is awesome for not wanting a splashy wedding...

Prince William and Princess Catherine are coming to my state, and all they get is that lousy Governator? What gives? Why wouldn't they meet with the REAL head of state, you know, the actual governor Jerry Brown?

It's possible they may. As noted in the mix, the full itinerary has not been released. I would imagine they will meet with many people.

How are we supposed to choose between Celebrity Gossip, Michelle Singletary and Carolyn Hax? Perhaps I should ask Carolyn Hax?

I needed to change chat times this week. And it turned out Carolyn did, too. So we have a jam-up of discussions, it seems.

My apologies. All I can say is ... multi-task?

Jen, what is up with the new comments section. I can't post under my username, only under my facebook account. I mean, I like all you guys and everything, but I don't want you knowing who I am. (Well, td, ep, byoolin, and yellojkt know who I am).

A number of you are writing in with questions about this.

Here's the deal: we were trying an experiment by having comments come primarily from Facebook to see if that made a difference in user engagement. We implemented the change quickly -- again, this was an experiment -- late last week, in the midst of royal wedding and correspondents' dinner madness. I should have posted something announcing the change and in the flurry, I ddi not. So I apologize for that.

I'm not sure yet whether the change is for better or worse -- again, why this is an experiment -- so I have been inconsistent in adding the FB comments to certain posts. On some you will find them. On others you may not.

I do welcome your feedback on this, though. Please e-mail me at if you want to weigh in in a less public forum.  And again, my apologies for not explaining this more clearly.

The comments on the blog have been broken all week. Even when signed in to WaPo, it only lets you comment via Facebook, Hotmail, or Yahoo? And when I sign into my Yahoo account ... I still can't add a comment. What the heck is going on? Are comments now restricted only to people on Facebook or whatever? I sent a service request to the WaPo tech support, but no response.

Now your question about a Yahoo issue is slightly different. I wasn't aware about any issues preventing people from weighing in. Let me try to flag this so we can't figure out what's happening there.

She is NOT "Princess Catherine." She is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Also, where was Monica yesterday?

I did not refer to her as such. I called her Kate Middleton, and Duchess of Cambridge, unless what I wrote got changed during an edit. If so, I apologize and will make sure to fix.

It is confusing, though. After months and years of calling her Kate Middleton, I now have to call her Duchess, and make her name start with a "C"?

I have no idea where Monica was. Probably taking some well-deserved rest after the blast of royal wedding coverage.

The royal wedding last week was fabulous, and Catherine was so beautiful and elegant. Now, what was with her sister/maid-of-honor holding her train so much? I mean, it was Westminster Abbey, AND a red carpet, AND the place had been cleaned so that you could probably eat off the floor. I don't remember Diana's or Fergie's trains being held so much ... they just draped along behind them.

Diana's train was honestly blocks long. And I could be wrong -- I have no doubt someone will correct me if I am -- but I don't think she sat down, got back up, etc. as much during the ceremony. 

Even if she did, her train was so massive that there was almost no physical way to adjust it. In Duchess Catherine/Kate Middleton's case, I think they just wanted things to be manageable for her, and for the dress to look perfectly draped while she was sitting. Which it did.

Also, it was another opportunity for us to bask in the delightfulness of Pippa Middleton and her beautiful maid of honor gown.

I just saw that William & Catherine will be here in California on my birthday. I think I will have fruitcake this year in their honor. :-)

A lovely thought. But honestly, why do that to yourself?

Yes, it will make a difference in user engagement. I will no longer be engaged, as I am not on Facebook and will never sign up.

Duly noted. Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry, I was referring to your first commetator today, not anything you wrote yourself!

Oh, OK. In the commentor's defense, it is a little hard to keep track of.

What is this about commenting through Facebook? I don't want my FB account information posting here, either. Also, I don't want to "friend" the Washington Post.

You don't have to friend us. If you write a comment on the posts enabled with Facebook commenting, your comment will show up with your Facebook name. Some people don't mind that at all. Others don't care for it.

I understand now you are doing an experiment, but please allow people who do not wish to be on Facebook to continue to comment ... and not just on selected posts. How about providing multiple options: WaPo login, Facebook, etc. I will never sign up for Facebook, sorry.

I am not sure if that's technically possible but I will pass along the suggestion. I think there's an assumption, probably based on some actual data, that most of our users probably are on Facebook. But I don't know how many regular Celebritology readers are on Facebook.

All that, plus a discussion about flip-flops! The answer: TABS, people. Tabs. Control-T is your friend today.

There you go. Actually, control-T is always your friend. He's very loyal that way.

Oh, oh, oh, the new Mariah Carey twins' names. poor things. To name your children after a room and a neurotic, albeit very popular, starlet who committed suicide? I suppose Moroccan can form a group therapy circle with Apple, Moses, Prince Michaels I and II, Bronx Mowgli, Moxie Crimefighter, Dweezil, and Pilot Inspektor ...

I mean, Roc -- which is supposed to be Moroccan's nickname -- isn't so bad. Monroe just reminds me of Jim J. Bullock's character on "Too Close for Comfort." All I can hear is Ted Knight getting angry and spitting out, "Monroe."

But it could grow on me. I do kind of like girls' names that sound like boy names.

This will date me but I couldn't help thinking that Kate, especially when smiling, totally reminded me of Karen Carpenter. Does she have a voice as sweet as her smile too?

Oh, that's interesting. I can kind of see that resemblance.

I have no idea whether Kate Middleton -- or Duchess Catherine -- can sing. Her speaking voice seems pleasant enough.

You guys may not care about privacy but some of us object to the privacy invasion fest that continues unabated. I'll just go over to your biggest competitors who do not force me to comment via facebook. so there.

Hold up. We do care about privacy. I just want to make clear that this is an experiment. That doesn't mean it's permanent. We're testing it out, that's all.

I need some help here. I realized it has been almost a year since the last episode of LOST aired and I still haven't found anything to replace it. What shows are you watching to help fill the gap? And is Josh Holloway up for any new shows? I am missing that face on my DVR :)

Holloway will appear on the season finale of "Community." So you have that to look forward to. He also will be in the next "Mission: Impossible" movie, which comes out later this year.

I have not found a "Lost" equivalent yet and I've accepted that I never will. Certainly there are plenty of shows that are quite good and that I like a lot, but that series will always have a special place in my heart, for a lot of reasons. I suspect you feel the same.

As far as what else to watch: I am trying to catch up with AMC's The Killing. Catching some of those OnDemand. Everyone says "Fringe" is a good one, too, but I feel like I need to start from the beginning, or at least the beginning of this most recent season.

I haven't gotten into Game of Thrones but others have certainly embraced it.

I know that I'm not alone in working at an office where any social media sites such as Facebook are blocked. Since I mostly read the Post during the day (on breaks and lunch alone, I swear!), I would not be commenting at all, because I can't log into my Facebook account from work computer. Please pass that on.

This really has turned into the "let's chat about comments" chat.

This is useful information, though, thank you. Question for you: were you commenting on posts frequently before?

I often forget that a lot of businesses do block Facebook and other social media sites, which is a bummer. How dare they expect people to focus on work while they're at work?

I thought she looked lovely, but I also thought it looked like the kinds of dress one wears to upstage the bride: off-white, slinky, more than a bit of cleavage. Though I guess in this case "upstaging the bride" was not really a possibility so she might as well have.

Yeah, I don't know if it was possible to upstage the bride in this case. I did think Pippa's dress was very nice, though.

Tell the truth how disappointed are you that the news has "leaked" that Oprah's special "superstar guest" on her last show is gonna be herself ? I mean seriously.

I wasn't sure that was serious. Also, I don't really care that much so I think my reaction was similar to yours'.

I have no complaints about FB posting, Kate/Catherine or the number of chats going on at one time, but I will let you know that the actor's name is Jm J. Bullock. A little bit strange, which is probably why I remember it.

I remembered it, too. But when I double checked it, imdb has him as Jim J. Bullock. I think he has gone by both monikers during his career, but now goes by Jim?

Maybe we should just call him Monroe to make things easier.

No, wait -- Duke Monroe of Cambridge.

Maybe you should run a poll; people seem to have very strong opinions about this and poll numbers can be easier to work with when discussing with higher-ups (or IT, or whoever is behind the experiment). Will you or Liz be recognizing the one-year anniversary of the LOST finale in any way? Related: Josh Holloway doing his best cowboy impression on Community tonight. More related: I heard Ian S. was at the WHCD--did anyone get a chance to chat with him?

Good point about the poll.

Re:  "Lost": I was thinking about doing something around that anniversary. What? I don't know. But something. Liz has, sadly, moved on to another job so I will just have to recognize it alone. (Sniff, sniff.)

Re: Ian Somerhalder. I did not get a chance to chat, nor did I even see him. I did not have a ticket to the actual dinner, so I hit pre-receptions and, sadly, did not run into him during that process.

As for Mr. Holloway, here's a sneak peek from the finale. (It's a two-parter, so this portion may come next week.)

I'm the poster who commented that my workplace blocks Facebook and other social media sites. You asked if I am a frequent commenter. Yes, I am. I'm also a badged commenter, which means that my comments are better than the run of the mill comments (or else the $10 I slippped to Dr. Gridlock worked). So, I'd like to think that you're prefer not to lose my participation. And, even if my workplace did allow me access to FB, my account uses my real name, and no way am I going to let other commenters here know my real name.

Okay. Thanks for the feedback. We do value your badged commenting skills, all bribery aside.

I saw on the cover of some tabloid magazine (sorry, don't remember which one) that Jennifer Aniston is "IN LOVE" with Bradley Cooper. Huh? Did I miss something? Are they dating?

There were rumors that they were spending time together after his Zellweger break-up. Then another story came out -- maybe in People, I am not sure? -- that said they had been in contact but were not dating.

In any case, I am inclined to dismiss most stories that deal with the two of them as an item.

Soo, what'd you think of their hats?

I thought they were ridiculous looking. But also entertaining.

Just don't require a Facebook login to vote in the poll, please.<br> Sorry. Couldn't resist. ;-)

I would laugh at that joke. But I can only note my appreciation of comedy via my Facebook account.

Boom! Roasted.

Every pic I see of Robert Pattinson, he is white as a sheet. Does he rub talcum powder on his face for roles/publicity stills, or is he really that pale?

Actually, he has a strict daily regimen that involves rolling around in shimmery baby powder for four, 15-minute intervals. Kind of a pain, but necessary, I think.

Honestly, I think he's a pale-ish guy. I've met him once -- right when "Twilight" mania was starting to happen -- and he looked then pretty much the way he does now. Although, honestly, I don't remember thinking then that he appeared sickly or anything.

Thor: Yea verily or I say thee nay?

I have to say, I did not love it. Didn't loathe it, but did not love it. And a week from now, I suspect I won't remember a single thing that happened in that movie.

I'm not steeped in the Thor mythology -- from the comics or otherwise -- so maybe I'm not the best person to ask. I just wasn't that invested in the story, although I do think Chris Hemsworth has some charisma. I am eager to see him in other films.

the bride picked that dress

Well, there you go. Then it wasn't an attempt to upstage, if that were even possible at a royal wedding.

The Killing on Fx

Yes, I mentioned The Killing. It airs on AMC, though, for those attempting to find it.

And with that, ladies and gents, I must bring this comment complaint-fest/chat to a close. Next week, we'll return to our regularly scheduled 2 p.m. start time.

See you all then. Adios.

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