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Apr 22, 2010

Join Celebritology bloggers Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

Happy Earth Day. I hope everyone has had a chance to read Jen's excellent piece on why James Cameron's supposed environmentally friendly movie -- "Avatar" -- may not be as green as advertised.


And if you haven't checked the blog in the last half hour, you may not have seen my latest post about one-time supermodel Paulina Porizkova's take on plastic surgery. She's got some pretty harsh words for Maddona, Kate Hudson and Heidi Montag.

Anyhow, looking forward to our hour together. Let's get started...

let's get this Celebitology party rolling.

Liz/Jen, I feel compelled to make sure you are both aware of the most important magazine article ever.

Well thanks. We had noted that, but can't hurt to put the link out there again. That poor girl just doesn't get enough attention.

I saw that earlier this week. I love that in the issue devoted to women, they've chosen to focus on Christina Hendricks. Interesting to read that survey, in which they asked ladies about all kinds of things: salary, sex habits, relationshippy stuff. For the record, they thought the hottest man around was Clooney.

Last week, after the news that Soundgarden was back together broke, I sent out "ohmigod" messages to all my fellow late-thirtysomething friends about the thrilling news that there was a new chance to in-person crush on the very hot Chris Cornell.

I like him with long hair. I like him with short hair. I like his tattoos. I love the primal screaming. Everyone's response: meh.

One friend said Chris Cornell seems too "angry and kind of dangerous." Um, yeah? Like that's a negative thing? I am questioning now if there is something wrong with me that a fantasy one-night-stand with a rock star might involving danger and, um, screaming...or if I need to put serious work into finding a new group of friends.

Liz, I am SO counting on you on seeing the attraction. And I wouldn't say no to a recent Chris Cornell photo.

What do you think Liz?

Chris Cornell

Credit: Max Vadukul

He's hot, for sure. But in real life -- not so dangerous.


But listen, you've come to the right place. I am all about the bad boys. Hence my top 10 list of hot dirtbags. As a former co-worker and I used to say, sometimes there's just something irresistable about a guy who is a little unpredictable and dangerous.

So, no, there is nothing wrong with you. Or, if there is, I suffer from the same affliction. And, honey, I don't want to be cured.

As Liz and I have discussed, I'm generally not into the dirtbags quite as much, though there are exceptions to that rule. (Please see Josh Holloway.) I tend to go more for the pretty-boy actor types.

That said, I understand the attraction. He's a good-looking dude, although I prefer him with short hair vs. the long locks he had during the heart of the grunge era.  Consider your crush affirmed.

Perhaps the lack of earth-friendliness of Avatar is balanced by James Cameron's wife, Suzy Amis, who hasn't eaten since the Carter administration.


I believe Cameron may be sincere about the environmental issues. But if so, then put your DVDs where your mouth is. That's all I'm sayin'.

Typing this is JUST so hard..the tears are flowing, and I must continually wipe my eyes with my impeccably french manicured fingers as I wallow in self pity...inside my million plus gated estate...my dancing days are over, but my hairdo is channeling 1976 Farrah while my face screams Miss Piggy...anyone have a job for me that will take me away from home OFTEN (but my children come first!), especially one with high tear-flow potential?

Kate Gosselin, everyone. (golf clap)

I saw a rumor mill report this morning I just couldn't bear to use. I think it might have been from Radar Online, but the gist was a "close friend" said Kate had decided that her next sure path to remaining in the public eye is to date another celebrity, like, David Hasselhoff or Jeff Goldblum.

Glad to hear that even in the realm of make believe, Kate -- like water -- continues to seek her own level.

YAY Paulina Poriskova. She is RIGHT ON in my opinion. Whatever happened to those quirks and imperfections that make people beautiful? Would Lauren Hutton get modeling jobs today with gap between her teeth that makes her unique? Probably not. Model Magali Amadei has commented that her crooked teeth have been Photoshopped out in all her print ads today, whereas when she started out, they were not. It's crazy.

Paulina made a similar point, praising the diversity of beauty in stars of yesteryear -- women like Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy and Charlotte Rampling -- who, rather than homogenize themselves into some kind of cookie-cutter standard, celebrated thier unique features. And we loved them that much more.

Has her publicist confirmed she had a boob job? Maybe she is pregnant...she hasn't exactly been known for wasting anytime before finding a new lover.

No. We've had no confirmation yet. Also no denial.

Earlier today our editor said she was just waiting for Hudson to come out and say she'd gained a little weight, that's all. But me, I'm thinking her silence on the matter may be speaking volumes.

Hi Liz and Jen, Have you been following the Jezebel vs. Scott Baio online feud

I love me a good feuding, and this one is great. I admit I'm on team Jezebel, not because Baio is a conservative, but because he really seems like a douche. And it's not cool that his wife uses lesbian as an insult (and then claims that some of her best friends are lesbians. Seriously).

I also hear that Spencer Pratt and Perez Hilton are feuding, but I can't get excited about that because they are both gigantic (glass bowls).

I almost wrote about this yesterday, but Jezebel did such a good job of covering it themselves with that chronology that I just knew I shouldn't mess with perfection.

Also, for the record, I'm also on team Jezebel. Chachi and his wife have revealed themselves to be rather petty and, among other things, homophobic. I also love how Scott made a big deal about how he is legit because he directed something like 41 episodes of "Charles in Charge." I mean, I'm not sure that's something I would want to admit.

Yeah, I've only been vaguely following. Sad. I used to love Chachi. I was one of five Americans who probably declared "Joanie Loves Chachi" my favorite show when it was briefly on the air. (My TV standards were much lower when I was 10.)

Know what we should do, Liz? Get Chachi's cousin, Spike, to weigh in on the matter.

Good idea. Maybe we should turn it into a panel discussion -- invite Erin Moran and Willie Aames, too.

I can't help wondering why some female celebs (today's example: Victoria Beckham) feel the need to pose with their legs spread wide open. Do they not understand the difference between sexy and trashy?

I think they do. I think they also understand that sexy vs. trashy is very subjective. And that for some people trashy is the very definition of sexiness.

Happy Earth Day. Paulina's blog makes me wonder: how is it women who either are actresses or want to be actresses choose to freeze their faces? Isn't a large part of acting, the ability to, you know, show expressions and register emotion?

Good question. I'm guessing there's a trade off: Either you lose expressiveness or you just don't get work.

We talked about this last week here and Jen brought up some very valid points about the real pressure on women in Hollywood to either remain forever 28 or be consigned to the dustbin of aging actresses. And, although there are roles out there for older actresses, there aren't many and they tend to be of the wife/mother/grandmother variety. And a few actresses -- Meryl Streep, I'm looking at you -- tend to get them all.

Well said, Liz. You're right, San Diego. Registing emotions, expressing the character's emotion, being authentic ... that's what acting is supposed to be about. But you can't do that until you get cast. And sadly, a lot of times you can't get cast unless you look 25.

This is so random, but here goes ... I had a dream last night that I was in a bakery and ScarJo came in and wanted to learn how to knead bread to make it for her husband.

The person behind the counter asked her if being a housewife was her latest role, and would she divorce her husband when she got tired of it? OUCH! Funny dream, though.

What's random about this dream again?

What is this, International Celebration of Cleavage Day? And here I thought it was Earth Day.

That is a random dream. I wish you could remember what Scarlett Johansson said in response to the bakery clerk. Hey, maybe you can ask her yourself. I think she's coming to town for the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

I'm thinking you probably saw quotes from ScarJo's recent InStyle interview, in which she said she's a homebody and loves cooking and cleaning.

What I don't get is why they choose her to be the sexiest woman and then photoshop her to heck on the cover. I mean with that figure she shouldnt be hard to recognize ever.

Another irony of this supposedly being the women's issue.

Although I'd add that many of the women who do all this plastic surgery actually start to look worse than they would have if they'd left well enough alone. Too many surgeries and they start looking like a creepy cartoon character, no longer a real human. I'm not sure Joan Rivers eyes look in the same direction any more.

I completely agree. And I think Paulina also is right about Madonna. For the past several years, I thought she was looking better than ever. And then recently, her face has just started to look a little too ... manufacuted.

When she was on "The Marriage Ref" recently, I was really struck by how different her face looks now.

Liz - I know how you feel about her, but just watched "Something's Gotta Give" with a group of women and we all discussed how rare it is to see a real face these days. You may hate the wacky oufits (what is up with the gloves?) but you have to give the quirky Miss Keaton kudos for wrinkling.

I will totally agree with you there. No matter how big a disaster her wardrobe may be she has definitely allowed herself to age naturally. And, hey, if she didn't cover herself up with all the tweed and bowler hats, she'd be a fabulous example of how to look one's age, but still be beautiful.

I agree, although I have to say, as predictable and sometimes unflattering as her fashion choices may be, I appreciate that she sticks with her own sense of style. 

On another note, I was actually thinking about Diane Keaton this morning -- wow, that sounds weirder now that I'm saying it out loud -- because she's supposed to star in this HBO show based (loosely, allegedly) on Deadline blogger Nikki Finke. And it's hard for me to picture her in that role because, at least lately, she generally plays dithering, nicey-nice characters. Watching her be a hardcore blogging b-word should be interesting.

I don't know whether Victoria Beckham is sexy or trashy. Could Producer Paul post a link to the picture so that we may judge for ourselves?

Frankly, I don't think you need my help to make that call.

The pic was linked in this morning's mix if you're still interested.

Actually had a dream last night that my husband Dennis Quaid (??) gave me tix to a Soundgarden concert because he was fully supportive of my more than 20 year mother of all crushes on Chris Cornell.

Their reunion is right behind the news of my second pregnancy in best things that's happened to me so far this year.

Okay, your subsconsciouses are starting to frighten me a little. Were you in a bakery when Quaid gave you the tickets, by chance? And if so, was Scarlett Johansson there?

Alright, I'll admit it. Jeff Goldblum is on my list of hot dirtbags. I am appalled that I share something with Kate Gosselin ... ick nast.

But does Jeff Goldblum really qualify as a dirtbag? He always struck me as more of a wannabe. But, it's okay -- you're among friends here. We don't judge.

I get the Goldblum thing, too. But yeah, not a dirtbag. He's more in that category discussed in "Kissing Jessica Stein": sexy-ugly.

She is still great looking and one of my top beauties of all time...even if she did marry one of the ugliest rockers on God's Green Earth.

Here's a question: who looks/ed more like a human version of a bug: Ric Ocasek or Joey Ramone?

I have to say Ocasek, simply because he actually transposed his face onto a fly's in the "You Might Think" video and it didn't seem that out of place. But I met Joey Ramone once and he was a strikingly odd dude, but super-cool, may he rest in peace.

And yet neither one has run to the plastic surgeon to correct this insectile resemblance.

Having dated someone who was geniunely unpredicatable and dangerous I can say it's not much fun. I can resist without problem.

I do find Chris Cornell very hot. But dangerous is not something I think of when I see him.

I should have qualified this by saying that, at least for me, the "dangerous and unpredictable" attraction is something I no longer indulge in real life. But we can fantacize, right? I mean, everyone from Patrick Swayze in "Dirty Dancing" to Ferris Bueller could probably be qualified as "dangerous and unpredictable" -- at least to wholesome girls like Baby and Jen.

Yes, dangerous-fantasy vs. dangerous-real life are two different things. And Cornell sorta lost the danger aspect once he covered "Ave Maria," although our crushee is welcome to see him as dangerous if that's what turns her on.

But Swayze in "Dirty Dancing" was dangerous. Bueller, not so much, despite assertions to the contrary from Principal Ed Rooney.

And for the record, nobody puts Chaney in a corner, Liz!

But see, dangerous all depends on where you're standing. For Alan Ruck's Cameron he was dangerous because he pushed Cam out of his comfort zone. But Cameron liked that. And he needd to be pushed out of that zone. Even if it did mean trashing his dad's car.

Ask Sandra B. how that whole dirtbag thing worked out.

Here's what I'll say:

- not all dirtbags are created equal

- there's a distinction to be made between being a little wild and having absolutely no moral compass

- tattoos do not a dirtbag make

It's in anticipation of "Boobquake" Day!

I can support (ha!) this social movement.


"JEN CHANEY WRITES: What is this, International Celebration of Cleavage Day? And here I thought it was Earth Day."

Jen, I just thought I would let you know that International Cleavage Day is coming up on Monday.

As opposed to the other 364 days of the year, when it goes unnoticed.

It's just weird. Weird hair, weird outfit and a duck between her legs. I don't get it, and as a guy, I was disappointed.

Maybe the shoot was targeted at duck fetishists?

Sissy Spacek. Would such an unconventional-looking woman get work in today's Hollywood?

Well, Spacek herself does. She was a big part of the latest "Big Love" season.

I'm not celeb, and I love having an expressive face...But now I find myself not being the youngest person in the office, in a field that seems to prize youth (Manhattan and in PR).

I think I'm going to have to take the plunge to keep up with these little whippersnappers nipping at my heels. So... I guess I understand the Hollywood view more than I did 5 years ago.

That's interesting. It definitely applies to other professions, not just those in show business. And unfortunately, it's the women who feel the most pressure on this. I doubt men in your field are worried about getting work done for job security reasons.

But hold on a sec. I'm certain there is pressure to appear youthful, but I'm also equally certain that it is possible to not give into that pressure and still prevail.

Look at Kelly Cutrone for an example from the PR world. The Manhattan PR world, no less. Hardly a hag, but she's no longer young, not so svelte and doesn't seem to give much thought to her image at all. She just gets the job done.

Very good point, Liz. You don't *have* to succumb. And maybe our reader is just saying she gets the desire to succumb now that she's a little older. Either way, the bottom line is this: being a woman is hard.

Liz, are you still vegan? My thumbnails chip/break easily. Any ideas on what I am missing nutritionally?

To make this celeb related--did you see the Heiresses Gone Wild on E? I had no idea Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie (daughters of Andrew and Fergie) were such wild girls! Are they not US tabloid fodder because they are unlikely to get the throne? Prince Harry is still hotter than ever. YUM

Actually, I'm back to just eating vegetarian, as is Mr. Liz. Not sure about the finger nail thing. For some reason vitamin K is coming to mind as something that helps to build strong nails. I would check with a nutritionist or do a little googling.

And, nope, haven't seen Heiresses Gone WIld. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Earth Day, Globe Day. Whatevs.


In that same interview she also said she doesn't like being called ScarJo. So maybe we need a new name for her?

Mrs. Williams?

Bah. She needs to get over herself.

I wish I could remember what Scarlett Johanssen said back to the bakery employee, too. However, I do remember thinking, in my dream, "Wow, she's so pretty" and that she's the kind of woman both men and women love.

Wait, is this Paul? Or Scarlett's publicist, maybe?

What are the odds a man would be linked to both Rielle Hunter and Kate Gosselin in one year?

Not to mention Tania Raymonde from "Lost." That's quite the random trio.

Brittle nails is selenium.

There you go, vegan. One suggestion...

You should know that the Botox will not make you look 25, but will rather make you look like a 34-year-old with Botox. (It may even make you look older, as most people who get it are at least 40+)

I'll just put this out there.

She's right. Especially about Madonna - watching Jane Lynch do Vogue was interesting. Jane Lynch almost looks more like Vogue-era Madonna than new Madonna.

I'm not sure she looks like Madonna, but she does look great.

I love me some "Glee" but the Madonna episode was so over-the-top in its Madonna praise, it got a little ridiculous.

"Charles In Charge" lasted 41 episodes?

Hey, he was in charge of both our days and our nights. You can't get that done in fewer than 40 episodes, my friend.

Team BAIO!

Really?! Why?

God forbid we help the truly needy instead of a guy who got into the biz via family connections and drugged all his cash away!

Stephen Baldwin Needs Your Donations, Right Now, Because of God

That is just ridiculous. At first glance I'm thinking it's a clever, almost believable fake. I'll explore after today's chat though.

I recently had an Angelina Joile dream. For some reason I was at her house and asked if could use the restroom. The entire house was full of bathrooms but they all had pee on the seats. I found Angie and told her. She shrugged and said they're potty training.

That is fantastic.

Are you sure it was a dream?

In Korea, supposedly, the title was changed because Chachi is slang for a certain part of the male anatomy....

I don't even want to know what Bob Loblaw means in Korean...

The ever-wary Producer Paul has sussed this Korean Chachi story out as bogus.

I'd say that celebrating naturally beautiful women (especially those with curves), and dirtbaggy guys, goes pretty well with Earth Day. No plastic or CFC-ridden haircare products for us today!

Yeah! After the chat let's go roll around in some mud, then recycle some stuff!

I'll take a pass on the rolling around in mud bit.

Katie Holmes doesn't seem to be pictured anymore as a fashion icon, wearing sometimes-avant-garde but always stylish get-ups. In fact, recent photos of her show her looking like your average mom -- no makeup, casual clothes, hair not styled. What gives?

I think we stopped taking her fashion sense seriously when she started wearing her own designs. Which were pretty much gag-worthy.

But, in her defense, she seems like the kind of girl who is most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. And the look works for her. There just isn't anything remarkable about that.

I do wish that someone would make a movie about this that really explores the issues properly. It always tends to be military/industrial complex = bad and native tribes = good. It is just not that simple. (Of course, I realize that one does not go to James Cameron for compelling plot lines and complex character development.)

Okay, but I do go to a movie that everyone is touting as a cinematic revolution for compelling plot lines and complex character development. Too much to ask?

And I'm with you that it oversimplifies matters.

Okay, it's not Celebritology but more akin to Bracketology -- but hey Jen, what do you think of the NCAA's move to expand the tournament to just 68?

I actually cursed out loud when I initially saw the link, then realized they had only expanded to 68 and not 96 or whatever. I'm fine with a small expansion, but I also think this is a slippery slope and that this could be a baby step toward blowing up the tournament entirely. And I am adamantly against that. The tournament works because it's competitive and you have to really earn the RPI to get in there.

I know this isn't a sports chat, so I'll shut-up. But if they stop at 68, fine. If they don't, I start protesting in the streets.

Alrighty, that's all for this week. We'll see you back here next Thursday. And, of course in the blog tomorrow and the print edition Saturday.

I had the strangest dream last night that Cameron from Modern Family was my brother-in-law and then we made out. The character is gay. Then we had a fight because I thought it was a one-time deal and he thought we were going to have an affair and his feelings got hurt.

Okay, what is the deal with all of the weird dream reports flooding in to today's chat. Was some kind of hallucinogen released into the local water supply yesterday evening?

I'm with ya on Glee this week. I love the show but it was just not enjoyable. They picked the wrong Madonna songs to highlight as well. Why did they do it? Was it a Ryan Murphy obsession?

Maybe, but also so they can sell a CD of Madonna-focused "Glee" music. Which seems to be working: the CD is doing good business, from what I've read.

I also read that they may do another Madonna episode.

Sorry, I straggled behind Liz, so I could answer tourney and Glee questions. But I'm all done.

And I echo what Liz said -- see you next week here, in the blog, in the paper Saturday, yadda, yadda.


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