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Apr 07, 2011

Join Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Apologies for being late, everyone. Had the audacity to go out to lunch today and it ran long. The good news is I'm no longer hungry and therefore, less grumpy.

Let's chat.

Okay, this woman is 10 years older than I am, and looks like she could be my younger sister. Ack! That's hard to take. I had no idea she could sing and dance.

It is astonishing to me that the woman is 57. She looks fantastic and doesn't look like she's been Botoxed to death either.

Good on her.

Always so many goodies in the UK Daily Mail ... I'm always happy when you post a link to an article there. ;-) In yesterday's, there was a rather scary photo of Tori Spelling and her dented watermelon-implant-boobs ... it always strikes me as strange that celebs who pay for plastic surgery, don't pay for it to be corrected when it's obviously done wrong. Tori Spelling is just one of many, but dang, that weird dent in her chest is very obvious! Why not fix it?

The Daily Mail does run some interesting stuff. Unfortunately some of it is so interesting that I can't share it on the Post website. (Photos with boobs is one example of something that is forbidden.)

As for why Tori Spelling hasn't fixed the alleged dent you speak of, I don't know. Maybe it doesn't bother her.

I've heard rumors that Robert Redford's "The Conspirator" will have a red carpet premiere at Ford's Theater on Sunday. Any chance of celebrity sightings or is this a celebrity-less event?

The rumors are indeed true. The premiere is this Sunday at Ford's, and the celebrity quotient is high, certainly by D.C. standards.

Redford will be there, along with Robin Wright, James McAvoy, Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson, Evan Rachel Wood, Alexis Bledel and Danny Huston, along with plenty of Washington VIPs, I presume. We should have video from the red carpet in Celebritology on Monday so you can see all the famous types for yourself, if not in person.

Experiencing a few technical difficulties, which is causing a slight delay in answers being published. Thanks for your patience!

Do you ever have a day where it seems like things just aren't meant to be?

Feeling that way about this chat right now. After technical issues, though, we are back in business. For now.

Don't get your hopes up. If the Federal government shuts down Friday at midnight, Ford's Theater won't be open on Sunday.

Interesting point. I think they could still host a private function there, no? Seems like they would figure out an alternative of some sort for Robert Redford.

And she doesn't look starved, either. Do women like Sarah Jessica Parker honestly not realize that the skinnier they are, the older they look? 10 lbs. or so would do wonders.

In SJP's case, I think some of that is genetics. She's always been a very thin person.

And I wish that "the skinnier you are, the older you are" rule applied throughout life. If it did, I'd be overweight. But, on the positive side, I'd be 22.

Is Clint still filming in the area or have they moved on? Any new sightings?

I believe they have moved on.

Jen--wondering if you checked out the Kennedy miniseries, and if so, what you think about it. Also heard any gossip from D.C. types about what they think?

I haven't had a chance to check it out, nor have I discussed it with any D.C. types.

It didn't look terribly compelling based on the preview, but that's me.

Did you go to Five Guys, Jen? ;-) haha. Just went to our local one here in Southern CA for the first time, and OMG ... I can see why the President loves it.

I did not, but I love Five Guys. I think it's as good as In-n-Out, at least the burger itself. In-n-Out wins on quality of hamburger roll.

Welcome to the Celebritology Burger chat, everyone!

Maybe Robert Redford can come in and save the budget impasse and keep the government running. Now, that would be a movie.

Yes! That would be fantastic. I believe he could, too.

When Redford talks, people listen.

Free Celebritology!

Rather than use a term like "censor," I prefer to say "trying to set some standards."

I will admit that sometimes the standards can be limiting, but I am not being censored. No need to get the ACLU involved.

Do feel free, however, to start singing a protest song: "All we are saying/is give viral videos with curse words in them a chance..."

At the Consipirators premiere, we can figure that Redford and McAvoy are shorter than we expect and Kline and Wilkinson are taller?

That sounds like a good bet. I've been in Tom Wilkinson's presence before (I think?). Not so the others.

Really? Why? 800,000 out of work, don't know how many contractors, plus DC workers. And you want an exception because he is Redford? No! Redford should refuse even if they offer to open it.

Okay, first of all, in the words of John Cusack in "Say Anything...": "You must chill."

Second, if Ford's is indeed closed, I would imagine they could find an alternate privately owned venue that would not be closed.

I will actually investigate this and see if I can get a real answer, though. Now I am curious.

I wondered when I read the New Yorker piece earlier this year if she was trying to get pregnant, but now read she's five months along. Can't imagine Liz Lemon will be written in as being PG so that means lots of pillows, hats, laptops, large pets, being held in front of her? (And congrats to her and Jeff!)

After posting last night about Fey's pregnancy, I started to ponder that same question: how will they handle that on the show?

Given the timing, they may be able to work around it. When she starts to show in a more significant way, they will probably be on summer break. If they resume production in July or August and she's in her last trimester, that will be challenging.

But they could always make Liz L. pregnant. Why not? They do all kinds of wacky things on that show -- as a comedy, there's a bit of creative license there.

Trying to get set up for the royal wedding at the end of the month. I don't know whether to watch on BBC American or another channel. What do you suggest?

I suggest doing picture in picture and toggling back and forth between BBC and the American network of your choice. Would be fun to do a moment-to-moment comparison of how the British press covers the weddding vs. us  crass American media types.

Or doesn't the Post pay for things like that?

Good question. I had inquired as to whether they would provide a media pass, and was told they would not. They clearly want to sell as many tickets as they can.

So I would have to buy one and get reimbursed. At the moment, I'm holding out to see how things go with the rest of the tour.

What do you all think, since we're on the subject? Would you want to read my coverage of Sheen live, or are you tired of reading about him?

So, what did you eat at this extended lunch? Are you eating healthy? Are you getting enough exercise?

I actually had a somewhat healthy lunch: falafel sandwich with a side salad.

But in general, Not-Mom, I am horribly unhealthy at the moment. No exercising, eating foods that are bad for me, not getting enough sleep -- you name it.

Hey, you asked.

So old Donald T is sending people to Hawaii to dig up a 'real' birth certificate for Obama? Dear lawd- what an a$$.

Know who agrees with you? Bill Cosby. He didn't have anything nice to say about the Donald when he on the "Today" show.

So probably they will write it into the show. I hope they make it Wesley Snipes' (Michael Sheen) baby. That relationship was hysterical.

I kind of want the baby to be Tracy Morgan's, just because.

Or Jon Hamm's.

I think I specifically read about Ford's in an article, but I couldn't find the reference. Ed O'Keefe might know, though. Ford's is partially run by the National Park Service, though. If the Cherry Blossom Parade gets canceled, I'm guessing a movie premiere would too.

Wait, you want me to actually converse with my co-workers?

Okay, now you people are just talking crazy.

I think going to Sheen live would be a waste of time. I'd rather read coverage of something like the Redford premier as an example. Sheen is just too over-exposed now and it's starting to backfire on him.

Interesting. Thanks for the feedback.

No Sheen. Please, don't do that for us. I'm so tired of him, and his show seems like it would be awful and not in the fun way.

Wow, so two or three of you have voted against Sheen coverage. I thought for sure you'd want me to go and write snarky commentary.

Because that would be the end of the show. On a comedy they can't really write a baby out of the script if it's not working out well.

Maybe they could randomly make her a surrogate so the baby wouldn't have to stay in the plotline.

That would be incredibly random and not make a lot of sense, but whatever. Just thinking out loud here...

But it's the perfect opportunity to blend Celebritology with Politics!

Is that you want? That sounds like some chocolate that should not be dipped into some peanut butter. Or something.

Sharing baby care tips? A day care center on the set of the Tracy Jordan show for the baby boom? Didn't Tracy's spouse (Sherri Shephard) just have a baby, too? A whole passel o' story lines there.

Yeah, there you go. Watching Liz and Jack cope with parenthood at the same time? That's comedy gold.

It was in a Post article which I believe is on the front of the Post website, the one about 800,000 people blah blah blah

Okay, first you want me to talk to my colleagues. Now you want me to actually read our content? Where does it end, I ask you?

I haven't had a chance to read that story, but I will check it out. And I will find out what, if any, contingency plan is in place for the premiere. We could always have it at my house if we have to.

Any news from your erstwhile colleague Liz Kelly? Is her new venture at Zap2it online yet?

Yes, I saw our Miss Liz just a couple of weeks ago. She's been writing for Pop 2 It for a few weeks now. And she's preparing for her official move out west very soon.

I'll tell her you all say hi.

I second, third & fourth the motion. :) Winning?

This might be me winning if I wind up not having to go.

Mariska Hargitay and her hubby just adopted a baby girl -- yay for them! Does Angelina's new tattoo with Tunisian coordinates indicate that she and Brad are adopting again?

That's the running theory re: the new Jolie tattoo, although it has not been confirmed.

But it seems odd, given the meaning of the other tattoos, to add another one that doesn't represent an additional child. Invites the speculation.

With both Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski pregnant simultaneously, the plot lines for "30 Rock" are endless...

They should just blot out the entire bottom third of the screen for the remainder of the season.

The only thing I'd like to hear about less than Sheen is how people don't like the Post redesign.

What if I can somehow convince Sheen to devote part of his D.C. performance to how much he hates the Post redesign? Would that make your head explode?

Then check with the Gurus. They posted yesterday that Ford's Theater would be closed. Maybe they aren't as scary as O'Keefe?

For heaven's sake, I was joking. I'm not afraid of Ed.

First standard, now working together. Hmm, you know WAPO may turn into nice little paper someday. Now if they could just break some national scandal, they will have it made.

Yeah, it would be awesome if we could cover some big presidential mess. Preferably in the '70s and that would eventually inspire a movie starring -- chat circle complete! -- Robert Redford.

Writing snarky commentary about that man would be like writing snarky comments about the raving lunatic screaming at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge while folks below taunt him to jump. It's just unseemly at this point. Plus, I may be old but I dig Mr. Redford a bunch more.

Well, there are a lot of things to respect and like about Mr. Redford, so I fully understand.

Re: the Sheen thing, I am honestly less interested in what he does or says during the show than I am in who is buying tickets for this thing. So that may be the angle I pursue -- a (wo)man on the street type report on who's going to see him and why.

Is Hines Ward really as nice and sunny as he seems? Is Kendra really as witchy as she seems?

He does have a smile on him, doesn't he?

I have to say, I always thought "Dancing With the Stars" was an unrelenting Velveeta fest. But I've gotten sucked into it and now feel invested in finding out who advances.

Even when I'm supposed to be putting my son to bed, I'm running back to the TV to make sure I don't miss Macchio. As a result, now my son is vaguely interested in watching the "dancing game," but only because it's an excuse for him not to go to bed.

Well, that wraps up the chat for the week, I think.

Thanks for all of your questions and insights -- and your patience with the delays and technical problems.

See you back here next Thursday at 2.

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