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Feb 10, 2011

Join Celebritology bloggers Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

It's time for today's Celebritology chat, where we'll explore the mysteries of Lindsay Lohan, the X-Men: First Class trailer and whatever else is on your mind.

Let's get it started, and not in a Black-Eyed Peas sort of way.

I don't think Lindsay Lohan is all that mysterious, but I'm willing to entertain enigmatic theories.

Yesterday's Reliable Source caption of a Lindsay Lohan photo: LiLo pleaded not-guilty to a grand theft felony charge, 2011. I LOVE that they had to add "2011" to that so the archives could keep straight exactly which Lohan guilty plea this is an image of.

That is, indeed, funny stuff. Not a surprise coming from Amy and Roxanne. Lilo probably has enough criminal case legal docs to wallpaper a modest mansion.

Any idea why the jewelry store went to the police instead of contacting the Lohan people and asking for payment? With the necklace back is the store still pursuing her or is it the District Attorney's office?

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume they contacted -- or attempted to contact Lindsay before going to the police.

According to TMZ: "The owner noticed a short time after Lindsay left that the yellow necklace was missing, but figured she took it by mistake and would bring it back the next day.  Lindsay never returned to the store."

But, even if they didn't attempt to get the necklace back from Lindsay first, they were well within their rights. A customer walked out of their store wearing a $2,500 bauble. That's theft. The onus was on Lilo to realize her so-called "mistake" and take it back.

Then we could call them Jennifleck.

Well, but you can already do that with Ben and his current wife, JENNIFER Garner.

Hi! I am one of the millions who just purchased an iPhone 4 from Verizon, after a decade-plus long affair with the flip phone. Are there any fun celebritology related apps out there I should get? And why wasn't Lilo just remanded immediately? I know the judge said that she's not special, but it seems that after so many infractions with the law that she'd finally be due for some decent jail time to knock some sense in to her. And can we please please please have a pic of Andy?? :)

Who knows -- maybe the judge was worried that Lilo's white minidress would get soiled in jail. And she's totally special. Don't let that judge fool you. Any average shmo would've been behind bars, no bail.

There's a great Washington Post iPhone app. It even features a handy explainer video featuring Jen and me. (When I say featuring, I mean we're visible for 2.5 seconds and Jen has one line.)

I'll see if I can find Andy and snap a pic. He's been a bit standoffish today.

Jen Chaney - I have an important (and real) question for you as a movie expert. Why is the Social Network winning awards for Best Picture and a real contender for the Best Picture Oscar. I did see it and thought it was a good movie. But I also saw Inception and Black Swan and they actually elicited a reaction out of me and made me think and were different. The Social Network, on the other hand, told the story of someone's life, and I pretty much dismissed it once it was over. I haven't seen the King's Speech, though very much want to, and though that's also the telling of someone's life, it's historical and not something we're living at this moment. It doesn't seem like the Social Network transported me anywhere like the other ones did or I assume they would. What am I missing?

Let me first answer this from a filmmaking standpoint, then from a cultural one.

"The Social Network" is a pretty amazing piece of filmmaking, from both a writing and directing standpoint.  And it's done so effortlessly that it's easy to gloss over how well done it is.

For example, one factoid that blew me away: not a single scene was cut from the screenplay. David Fincher made Aaron Sorkin read the entire script as he imagined it being spoken. Fincher timed it, then made sure that every scene clocked in at exactly the amount of time it should so the movie would match the pace -- dialogue and otherwise -- of the screenplay. (I learned this from a Creative Screenwriting podcast with Sorkin -- those podcasts are great, you should check them out.)

Anyway, that's just one example of the amount of precision and care that went into that film. The audacity of cranking up the volume during the "This is our time" nightclub scene, thereby forcing the audience to lean in and listen harder, is another.

I thought it was a potentially dry story that was vividly, smartly and engagingly told. But not everyone feels this way. My husband, I think, was more in your camp.

Now to the cultural aspect of this -- to your point, "The Social Network" doesn't transport us. To some people -- especially the Oscar campaigners for the movie, who are hyping this aspect -- it is very much a for-the-moment film. And that is its selling point. It captures a moment in our culture where we're more connected than ever, and yet more disconnected and alienated, in some cases, than ever.

Granted, some people don't thnk Social Network is as of the moment as all that, and that it doesn't capture the true spirit of online innovation. But that's the argument for why it is worthy of best picture status, and I can see the merits of that.

All the films you mention are quite good, so calling one of them "best" is a matter of semantics, really.

worrying about how much probation Lohan will get this time, I was cheered up knowing that Sarah Palin will go to the mat to protect my right to get fat and diabetic. On her TV show when she was making Smokres, she apparently said "This is for Michele Obama, who doesn't want us to eat dessert." No matter that Michele didn't actually say--at least as far as I saw-- dessert should be eliminated, but with so many people (including my wife, an endocrinologist) saying we should cut down on sweets, I am glad at least one politician has the guts to speak out for gluttony.

Yes. Well, I suggest Sarah watch "Heavy," Monday nights at 10 p.m. on A&E.

Never fear Black Eyed Peas haters - I'm pretty sure Indianapolis is required by state law to invite John Mellencamp to perform at halftime of next year's Super Bowl.

Oh goody. Maybe we'll get some shots of his new girlfriend, Meg Ryan, watching from her luxury box.

I don't know. Maybe Mellencamp can do the pre-show and then can get someone else to handle halftime.

As for Black Eyed Peas, I just want to clarify something: I declared them Super Bowl winners in a previous blog post because my expectations for their performance were so low.

But they kept me compelled enough to keep watching and not change the channel.

I thought I might need to flush my eyes and ears with lye before it was over. And when lye is anticipated, and then  not needed, this counts as a victory in my book.

Still keepin' warm at Chez Liz?

We all are, yep. Thanks for asking.

What could possibly be appealing about Sean Penn?

What, you're not a fan of grizzled smokers?

Despite being twenty-something, Lilo is still a preteen. She has authority issues, sense of entitlement, and immaturity which present as bad fashion, impulse control and mumbling. That she has been indulged goes without saying. That child's parents, managers and handlers should also find themselves on trial.

It's called "arrested development." This is a typical problem for addicts.

I gotta say that I miss the traditional Morning Mix, which is now either the Midday Mix or the Daily Mix - which is it? Some days it appears, others it's missing. I liked the original format, presentation, and timing and, unfortunately, just cannot get excited about the new edition. Celebritology is one of my favorite pages on and I imagine it is one of the most popular on the site so I don't understand the continual tweaking that the blog seems to be undergoing over the last couple of months. Have others said it's not working? Why try to fix something that isn't broken? What's the story here?

Hey there, we appreciate the feedback -- we really do. Here's where we're at, mix-wise.

First, we split off the celebritology and pop culture mixes. That way, Jen and I don't have to publish on the same schedule. I like it -- it's like spacing one's snacks out through the day, rather than OD'ing first thing in the morning.

And, yes, both have taken on a more prosey format. So, less straight headline dump and more ability for Jen and I to put (what we see as need-to-know) news in context for you.

Jen, anything to add?

A couple of things to add:

I also have been admittedly lax lately about posting pop culture mix. Sometimes I do one. Sometimes I opt to do individual bites simply because of what's going on in my day. (The mixes can be a little time consuming.) I will try to be more consistent.

And as far as the tweaking, we definitely have been trying some new things to see what works for current readers, as well as for attracting new ones. If there are other specific things you dislike apart from the mix issues, we'd be happy to hear about them. Feedback, as Liz said, is really helpful.

I am a big Michael Caine fan and I refuse to believe he ever hit on Vanessa Hudgens, even jokingly. I don't hate Vanessa H, I just really respect Michael Caine as an actor/person and don't like the idea of him hitting on someone more than 50 years younger than himself. Especially since he's married. So please agree that I'm right and that she's just deluded.

Hey, who knows. She's a pretty young woman and he's a, well, a man. And, being Michael Caine, I'm sure he found a totally appropriate (and innocuous) way to flirt with Vanessa.

I didn't like The Social Network, but the idea of nominating Inception is baffling. It was a fun popcorn flick. It was the same "Is this reality?" pseudo-scifi plot that's been in dozens of scifi/fantasy films, combined with a fun heist plot that's been in a number of, well, heist films. And the characterizations were non-existent. Black Swan was good, but Inception? Come on, there's a difference between fun and good.

Oh, you're going to start a firestorm there, my friend. The Internet already practically went up in flames because director Christopher Nolan neglected to get nominated for that movie.

Personally, I thought Inception went far beyond popcorn fun. This was not a mindless film. You had to pay close attention and think -- really, seriously, think -- about what was going on. And it raised some interesting questions about where ideas really come from and how much control we have over our own realities. I may not be expressing this particularly well right now, but the bottom line is: I think there is some meat there that takes that film to a higher level. And that's not even talking about the awe factor in some of the visual effects and set pieces, which were pretty awesome, especially on a big screen.

I also applaud Inception for being a blockbuster movie with some brains. I didn't see a single other movie this year that made the entire audience go "ooh" at the end, sit silently for a moment, then applaud. And it really, really engaged people -- maybe not emotionally, which is one of its shortcoming, but definitely on a cerebral level.

When are you gonna snap my photo, so the Lizards can all see how gorgeous I still am?

When you walk in the room. That way I won't have to leave all these nice people in the chat hanging. Sheesh, Andy.

Thanks for the info that he's coming back. They have been mentioning him a lot lately and I was curious if he'd pop back up again. And in case anyone cares, the storyline involves prison rape - which I was pretty surprised that a soap would touch, but it's been done pretty well. (They alluded that it happened and it was finally confirmed after several months last week - and Franco "ordered" it to happen).

I'm not clear on which Franco ordered it to happen. The real James Franco or the Port Charles version. This concerns me just a little bit.

And what of this man named Daniel Craig whom so many female Celebritology followers of all ages -- both married and single -- lust after? Are they all, well, just horny women?


Grizzled smokers, maybe. He seems to be landing squarely in the dirtbag camp of the hot dirtbag dynamic lately, though. Man needs a shower and a shave. (And maybe to stop hanging out with Hugo Chavez, but hey, I'm not greedy.)

Yeah, he's more dirtbag than hot. Personality goes a long way for dirtbags and his -- well, lets just say it doesn't.

Really good looking people like Matt Bomer (the man is a god), or really talented people like Ryan Zimmerman? Speaking of the Z-man, the MLB channel picked him as the runner up to the most talented 3rd baseman, behind Evan Longoria (no relation to Eva, as far as I know) but ahead of A-Rod.

Are you suggesting that Ryan Zimmerman is not good looking? Or that Bomer is not talented? Is that what you're trying to say here?

(For the record, I know at least one person who has a Zimmerman crush. I am sure there are many others.)

Michael Caine is way too professional and classy to hit on Hudgens. I read that piece assuming that everyone else saw it for the shameless, self-flattering empty promotion I thought it was. I mean, this is Vaness Hudgens who, while easy on the eyes, is not the prettiest, smartest, nor most talented young thing to cross his path. Ick.

Okay, another vote for Yuck.

Have you caught the new movie show on PBS from the Roger and Chaz Ebert, starring Christy Lemire of AP and (unspellable unspellable) cute guy? Do you like it? I'm really enjoying both the content and pace.

I have been meaning to watch it, but it's on at strange times and I keep forgetting to set the DVR.

I definitely will check it out, have heard good things.

Speaking of PBS, several local critics -- including little 'ol me -- are in the Oscar special that begins airing on WETA Feb. 18. (Think that's the right date.) Tons of movie-related content on the PBS stations right now.

I think of Michael Caine as flirting like a twinkly-eyed grandpa might. If you were twenty years older and he twenty years younger, okay, maybe, but you're not; as it is, he doesn't really mean it and you don't really mean it and it's just a chance for him to be charming with you.

...and one for "twinkly-eyed grandpa."

The two local radio guys (in small town Iowa) were arguing today about what should happen to LiLo. One said that she could be rehabilitated, using R. Downey, Jr. as an example. The other said LiLo wasn't that smart or that talented and he thought the legal system should take her into custody for a significant period. They agreed that her parents were useless (on a good day).

I'm not convinced jail time does much to help any addict, even Lindsay Lohan. Yes, it will make it crystal clear that one has hit bottom -- but once that realization is made, jail isn't always the best place to re-train oneself to live a substance abuse-free existence.

I think the best thing that could happen to her is going to be a combination of luck and timing. Luck -- in that she takes a chance on taking sobriety seriously and timing in that she finds the right rehab facility or counselor or someone else tht she can connect with to steer her in a better direction and help her exorcise whatever demons led to her addictions.


It's obvious to me now that I've been watching way too much "Intervention."

Bristol Palin is writing hers, allegedly. Her mother has thoroughly mined the patriotic, evangelical, self-righteous narrative, so what is left for Bristol to cover? Teen pregnancy, blighted romance, civilian dancing contests?

I think you've pretty much answered your own question. I was kind of hoping she'd devote a chapter to vegetable gardening, but she probably doesn't have much time for that in Alaska.

...feeding one anothe popcorn. Hope it had antibiotics sprinkled on it.

I meant to mention this as a loser moment in my Super Bowl post and it slipped my mind.

Just seemed so silly. It played like they knew the camera was shooting the famous people, so Diaz started feeding him kernels.

"Oh, the camera's on? Eat this popcorn, A-Rod. EAT IT."

Hi Jen and Liz, I follow you on twitter and for some reason I always get your tweets twice. No other account comes up twice. It's usually back to back, but occasionally there will be another tweet between the identical ones.

I know. It's annoying. We're working on getting that fixed. It's the tool we have set up to auto-send our posts to Twitter. Seems to hiccup a lot.

Oh, I'm not saying it's mindless. I'm saying it's unoriginal. If there is to be a firestorm, let it be over the right thing.

Ha, okay.

I understand your point on that score. I thought it was more original than you're giving it credit for, but it definitely borrows some elements from other sci-fi-ish pics.

And I do believe that both are good looking and talented. Zimm can't act, though. He wasn't too convincing in the commercial with the caveman in the gym.

Again, I suspect you're not the only one.

And I was just joshing with you before. All hail both Zimmerman and Bomer!

Jen/Liz, I agree with you, and I also think the best thing for Lindsay to do is to get away from Hollywood and really focus on her recovery (she probably can't leave the state, but maybe somewhere in northern California). Someplace away from the her parents/enablers, her friends/enablers, and the Hollywood machine would benefit her, I think. I am truly hoping she gets help for all the stuff going on in her life and not be another fame too fast cautionary tale.

Agreed. She thanked Dr. Drew for his support in a tweet today and, although it wouldn't get her too far from Hollywood (just to Pasadena), he might not be the worst thing to happen to her.

Double agreed.

i'm so upset with the los angelez court system. they are believing all theze lies about linsey! and she had just gotten an offer to star in the new superman movie! what do you guyz think is gonna happen? i hope she doesnt go to jail. isnt dina gonna do somethyng???

It's okay, luvlinsey. She's managed to escape justice so far. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

My hope is that Inception will win the Oscars best film. I have a hint in figuring out when Cobb is awake or in a dream state - look for his wedding ring....

I've heard that hint.

And I need to watch Inception again. May do that this weekend.

Dear Diary...


Social Network: Clever telling of a current story The King's Speech: Colin Firth being Colin Firth, "popcorn movie" The Black Swan: Overacted and overwrought, ugh, it just tried too hard.

Geez. And people accuse professional movie critics of being excessively negative.

Surely you have nothing bad to say about Toy Story 3?

I read in the article that she's been contracted to produce a 304 page book. Reminds me of when the teacher would assign us to write essays of a certain length for class in junior high or high school, and we'd stretch out the material, widen the margins, enlarge the type font, insert larger illustrations, etc., in order to fill the allocated space.

She could probably use Justin Bieber's memoir as a template.

Maybe I missed something important about Inception. As I understand it, Cobb takes on 'one last job' to help a ruthless business mogul take over the entire world energy supply so he (Cobb) can get back to a homelife he destroyed with an arrogant experiment on his own wife. At least James Bond works for the good side. I had no sympathy for Cobb and his crew so the movie seemed confusing and overdone. Plus I couldn't tell anyone apart in the snow.

Okay, your snow comment just made me laugh out loud. Point taken.

As I suggested earlier, it's a movie that's all head and little heart. So you're right, it's hard to feel too much about DiCaprio's character, and that's one of the things I didn't like about the movie either.

Apparently Lindsay Lohan is having a pathological and psychological condition. Most young celebrities do not have a chance to live normal life nor grown up normally. Many expectations and pressure has putting on them by their parents, viewers and followers. It is easy to put them down when they are at the low point. We have to help them when they are low as we cheering on them when they are up. We should not be participating unconsciously in watching the down fall of anybody. We should be understanding and helping them out from their misery. How many do we need to witness the young and talented individuals lost control of their life.

Well said. Thanks for taking the time to write.

But if he's being anti-social, I'm all for a pic of Paige, Opie, or Des.

I love how Des is at the extreme end of the list!

Seriously, though, I don't think it's going to be a picture day. I'll be sure to capture some primo shots for next week.

I gave 2 positive reviews and one negative for the BS. How is that so negative? Don't tell me you guys love every movie you see. Even those with grizzled smokers?????

Believe me, I don't love every movie I see.

I say that as someone who, years ago, had to review "National Lampoon's Gold Diggers."

And I was just giving you a hard time.  It's what I do. At least today.

Okay folks, thanks for joining us again today. We'll see you here next Thursday.

And we know we'll see you here then, because we already implanted the idea in your brain. You know, like in Inception.

See you then.

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