Redskins-Cardinals postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Sep 18, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will host a live discussion about the Redskins vs. Cardinals game shortly after the game ends on Sunday.

Whew. Welcome to the postgame chat -- thanks, as always, for joining me.

There has to be an easier way to get to 2-0, right? I mean, the Redskins probably should have had three first-half touchdowns and cruised in the second half. Instead, well, as usual, it's an adventure. No surprise to see Roy Helu play well. Or Tim Hightower. Or Fred Davis. Or Santana Moss. Rex Grossman may have set some sort of record for batted passes, but no harm, no foul. And then there was the defense ... 

So what are your impressions? Anything surprise you, positively or negatively? What do you want them to focus on this week?

Let's go.

What a game....glad to see the victory but too close!

Why IS that??? Why does every single game have to be close with this team? In past chats, we all agreed, that the Redskins just weren't that good, that they couldn't close people out. But all of those people are gone...or most of 'em anyway.


I was sure we weren't going to pull this one out. Should Redskins fan be more optimistic moving forward?

Oh, I think so. The team may still finish around .500, but I felt all along that starting strong wouldn't be an issue. Finishing strong will be. Why would you not be optimistic. Sure, they have to play the Cowboys next week on the road and then the Rams, but you have to feel that there's a chance to win both of those, especially the way the defense is playing and popping people. Just keep the ball away from the toe of Graham Gano.

I'm so used to us losing in the last 5 minutes that this game was a shock to the system. It was ugly, but I'll take it.

Over the last few years I think all DC citizens can say they've seen uglier wins.  The old Skins would have lost with the difference being that earlier Gano miss.

Rex needs work. seems that all other facets worked today, even the O-line for the most part!

The O line does need work...I want to watch the game again, but it did seem to play better than last week. Certainly the line was less of a liability. Those tipped passes by Grossman -- I counted five -- were far more concerning and I'm not entirely sure yet what role the line might have played.

Why can't we put points on the board? Offense looks good but has that 1 or 2 plays every drive that ends the drive or keeps us out of the end zone. What gives?

The Redskins seem to tighten up within the 20 -- and I don't know why that is. It seems like they get away from whatever playcalling is working for them. Except for that fourth-down TD pass from Grossman to Moss, they often abandon what's working and stall as defenses adjust. Perhaps with increasing confidence will come a less-conservative approach.

Why is everyone complaining about it being too close? It's the drama that makes sports great. Drama and great crowds. That's what the old Redskins always gave-- great drama. Otherwise, is it just about winning? Without drama, sports becomes another commute to the office.

I hate to speak for the gang up here, but I think what concerns them is that the games are always close. I think they would like, every now and again, a laugher. Also, they've seen a bunch of those close games tip the other way.

The NFL is all about drama and close games and exciting's one of the things that makes it so popular.

Watching Shanny on WPL. Yep. Same old Shanny, but hey 2-0 can get a Skins fan fired up!

Victory Kool-Aid really made Shanahan wild and crazy, didn't it? 

Hi, I live in Gainesville and am of course a huge Gator fan. I am happy to see Grossman get another shot. Do you think he has any chance of holding on to the starting job long term? He seems to have matured quite a bit from his Bears days, and is pretty much throwing for 300 a game.

Hey's his job and the Redskins will win or lose with him. While I don't think he's on any kind of short leash, I also don't think he's their long-term QB. But enjoy it for now.

After years of watching the Skins' find ways to lose close ones, it is nice to see them hold on and win one. Maybe, soon, I can stop turning away late in the game with the team holding a slim lead.

I understand that you've been hurt and I can't promise that they won't lose some close games at the end, but I think the anxiety factor is far lower for fans, at least through two games. There was some concern about Gano, but that worked out. 

Fans have to be happy that despite starting without Landry and losing Wilson and Gomes during the game, the secondary stepped up and made a big play when it counted - forced fumble by Westbrook. They got burned once, but Fitzgerald gets one of those almost every game. HTTR The Cheat

The job done by the linebackers really made the difference. London Fletcher continues to deliver big plays, but so do Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan and Rocky McIntosh. Hall got seared by Fitzgerald, but, you're right, that happens. Fitzgerald didn't beat 'em.

The D was fantastic today!...........R Kerrigan is a beast pick-up. Do you think offenses will have to account and will it free up Rak

Kid's only going to get better and smarter. He and Orakpo present a formidable challenge as long as they can stay healthy. And don't forget Fletcher's role. Leading offseason workouts has to be a big reason the defense is doing so well.

I just bought my girlfriend a Cooley jersey, bad long-term investment?

Uh, you should have consulted with me first. Nothing against Cooley, but how can you not go with Orakpo or Kerrigan?

Cindy- Was unable to watch the game live here in NJ. Did any one play throughout the game stand out as the key moment that iced the wins for the skins?

The gutsy, perfectly-placed TD pass to Moss on fourth down and three. You're going to want to watch that one on replay. (Piece of advice: Skip the two-point attempt that could have tied the score. That'll knock you out of your happy place pretty quickly.)

Didn't see it -- what happened -- bad snap? bad kick? or D-penetration?

I'm going to put the blame on Gano, but need to see it again.

This was a game the old regime would have lost. A win is a win, but DAL won't be as generous and won't give away the game the way AZ did.

True. And yet you can go ahead and contemplate the possibilities of one Mr. Tony Romo facing this defense. I think that's allowable and something to anticipate.

With Fred Davis making great strides, where does this leave Cooley?

As a valuable part of the multiple tight-end formations...but Fred is stealing his thunder. Happens fast in this game.

We're 2/3 of the way to what the experts determined was our 3 win season. Not bad. Do you know how bad the injuries esp to the DBs were?

No injury updates yet ... 

I couldn't watch the game, how was rex?

There were moments in the first half when it looked as if his alter ego were going to appear, but that guy never materialized. Maybe a better opponent comes down with some of those five batted passes, but not today. The issue with Grossman has always been consistency. You can't judge that after two games.

Fantastic win; Do you we need to get more vertical in the passing game?

With Grossman, they need to mix it up and mix it up smartly. Am 99.9 percent sure Grossman is never going to be Brady or Brees when it comes to the vertical game. 

I don't understand why the Skins used that last timeout when they needed the clock to run. Yes, there was only 10 seconds left when we punted back to them, but wouldn't we have not had to punt if we had kept the TO? Any idea why we took it?

I'm not 100 percent sure...I think they thought they were going to be flagged for delay of game. 

The question on everyone's mind- Superbowl, or domination of the world?

Is there an Interplanetary Super Bowl? If not, why not?

ugly win, I give the special teams a D-, only the banks return kept it from being an F. Defense gets a C, got gashed in the second half too many times, offense gets a C- and coaching gets a D -- should have stayed with the run in 2nd half and no way you throw the ball on 3rd and 4 with 1:50 to go, make ARI use their timeout

While you raise some fine points, you are a really tough grader.

Cindy - What do you say to the hoards of fans clamoring for Jerry Glanville to take over the offense and get rid of Kyle Shanny?

I would ask them if they really think Mike would replace his kid. Unless Kyle leaves for a top job somewhere, the only way he's out is if Mike is out, right? I do think Elvis would appreciate the tickets if Glanville came to town.

I was 27 the last time the 'Skins won a Super Bowl, so I've had two decades to wait for a win like this. I had almost given up, based on the last few years and how the final few minutes usually go. Not at all a pretty game or win, but I'll take it. Whew.

Remember, this is the Arizona Cardinals, not the Green Bay Packers, that they just beat. Oh, wait, they beat the Packers last year. Go ahead and partay.

With that, I'm signing off and declaring this, officially, Dallas Week now. Thanks for joining me up here. I'll continue the conversation on Twitter and over on The Early Lead

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