Dec 01, 2010

Live from St. Louis, beat writer Katie Carrera takes your questions about the Capitals' acquisition of defenseman Scott Hannan from Colorado in exchange for forward Tomas Fleischmann.

Who's starting tonight please?

Will Scott Hannan play tonight vs the Blues?

A lot of us from the east coast haven't heard much about Hannan. How good is he, really? I'm sure he's no Chris Pronger, but who would you liken him to? A Brendan Witt (in his day)?

At 32, how much does Scott Hannan have left? I know they stated he is durable, but I am wondering about his speed. Most hockey players start on the down slide in their early thirties. I know GM GM is saying the right thing by saying "this is the guy we wanted." but would Bieska be a better long term fit? Hes only 29.

Erskine's played very well for the team this year. Where does he factor into the defense w/the acquisition of Hannan? Will he get sporadic game time (injuries or only playing against bigger/physical teams), or can we expect him to be an equal part in a rotation?

Im just wondering how the locker room is handling the trade so far? The last time we had a major trade it seems like the team kind of sulked.

So you see Sloan being put on waivers and sent down now? If he is sent down, do you see us calling up a forward...who?

As much as I loved all the trade coverage yesterday, I was also hoping for some updates on the health of Michal Neuvirth and Mike Green. Is Green ok from the shot he blocked on Sunday, and how much of Varly playing 3 straight was going with the hot hand vs. something lingering from Neuvirth's "lower body" injury?

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