Nov 22, 2010

Live from Prudential Center, Caps beat writer Katie Carrera takes your questions about tonight's rematch with the New Jersey Devils and more.

Are the Capitals concerned about using Michal Neuvirth so much this early in the season? Any update on Varlamov?

Is DJ King assured to get a sweater after the home opener sucker punch fight from Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond?

The 24/7 preview on HBO didn't come on as scheduled Sunday afternoon. Is there anywhere to view it online?

It's widely believed the Capitals won't get over the hump without a lock-down presence on the blue-line. A Pronger-Niedermeyer, Stevens, Langway, type player. However, we haven't traded for one and continue to run into this problem in the playoffs. Will they acquire one via trade?

Is Fleischmann back at center or will he play on the wing again tonight? Any idea where he will be in the future?

Hi Katie...Backstrom always seems quiet and reserved during interviews and hardly ever gets aggravated or angered on the ice. Since you've covered the team have you ever seen him cut loose behind the scenes, or is he always that subdued? Big thanks!

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Katie Carrera covers the Capitals for The Washington Post.
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