Nov 19, 2010

Live from Atlanta, Caps beat writer Katie Carrera takes your questions about tonight's game against the Thrashers and more.

who will be starting in net ?

Do you think that Fleishamnn's benching is due to him not living up to expectations of him being a 2nd line center?

Katie...Do you think Marcus Johanson will center the first line again tonight in Atlanta?

He has not played well this year, despite having some decent point totals. He is not dominating play like he used to, and is on a pace for a career-low in shots on goal. Has anyone on the coaching staff/management expressed concern? Is there any scuttlebutt about the cause of his struggles? Enquiring minds want to know...

You kind of touched on this on weds but if the caps were to retain Semin what would the contract look like (years/compensation). Do you think he would take less money to stay in Washington?

Hi Katie, Any update on Varlamov's progress? I read on a message board that he was quoted as still not feeling 100% despite getting some game action with Hershey. Thank you!

katie.....since Ted has taken over the building, I was hoping the Phone booth ice conditions would improve, since the Caps have a great offensive team you would think it would help them. I noticed last night the ice was bad along the bench side of the ice., Has Ted done anything since he took over,? If not what what is going to be done? Thanks

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