Nov 09, 2010

Live from Madison Square Garden, Post Caps beat writer Katie Carrera takes your questions about tonight's game against the Rangers, the team's season so far and more.

Is DJ King in lineup tonight for Caps? Odds of a King-Boogard match?

Are any of the Caps three young goalies, Neuwirth, Valarmov or Holtby, viewed as "untouchable" by the team?

In front of the net, it seems that there is one too many passes instead of shooting. Why is this happening?

Why isn't Mike Knuble camped in front of the net like last year? He seems to be everywhere else but there?

Katie, I read on some miscellaneous page that you're a Pens fan. Please tell us this isn't true!

Since you've had a little bit of time to meet and get to know the players, who do you think will stand out during the HBO 24/7 Winter Classic series? Thanks for the great job!

If David Steckel doesn't play tonight, who will center the fourth line?

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Katie Carrera
Katie Carrera covers the Capitals for The Washington Post.
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