Caps-Canadiens, Game 4 results

Apr 21, 2010

Post staff writer Gene Wang discusses the outcome of Game 4 of the Caps-Canadiens first-round playoff series.

Welcome to the Capitals postgame chat following their 6-3 victory over Montreal in Game 4. The Capitals lead the series 3-1 and and can close it out on Friday at Verizon Center. Let's get started with your questions.

Submitting early, so please take the appropriate question. After tonight's win, do you think Boudreau will make it into the Hockey Hall of Fame from this year's Stanley Cup victory? After tonight's loss, do you think we should fire Boudreau?

There were more than a few questions regarding BB's future after Game 1. After the past three games, I think those can be put to rest.

Geno.....Thanks for the post game chat.... Varly was HUGE tonight....but the goal to tie the game by Knuble was RIGHTEOUS!!! He was the pickup of GMGM's career thus far. Agree?

Knuble to me has been perhaps the best pickup in the entire league this season. He makes this team completely different from last season and a major reason whey the Caps are up three games to one.

What is with the Canadians? Price's slash from the bench on Backstrom; the cheap shots; the goading to fight -- they really seem to come apart when they are losing.

That happens so often when teams are losing and realize they can't compete against the opponent. Ottawa was resorting to similar tactics against the Penguins in their last game.

Do we now see Varly for the rest of the playoffs after his spectacular game tonight?

I can't see how you could go back to Theodore after the way Varly has been dialed in over the past three games.

The Price is WRONG, b---h

Now let's play nice. The series isn't over yet, and we all know how difficult it is to close a team out for good. But the Capitals are in a great position obviously.

So I'm sure we'll get 48 hours of speculation, but might as well start now. Who do you think gets the nod for the Habs in net for game 5?

My guess is they'll go back to Halak, but with the way the Capitals are playing, I'm not sure it matters either way.

last year it was obvious varley was dead tired by the end of the playoffs . do you think coach b. will use theo to give varley a rest . and if so how do you think theo will respond?

If the Caps win the series on Friday, Varly will have plenty of time to rest before the next round. And of course Theo has been getting plenty of rest over the past few games.

What a goalie can't get the Palm's Player of the Game? Give the guy a dinner! Good 3rd period. Can't wait for Friday.

Friday should be a complete red-out at Verizon Center. I'm sure all Caps fans will be out in full force.

Can Price get fined or punished for hitting Backie with his stick?

The league certainly can review it and determine if it's an offense than warrants a fine.

Carlson has made a couple of the most plays in this series. The goal, obviously, in game two and that great pass to Knuble when Montreal had all the momentum in this game. Dude is impressive! But, the defense overall is still very shaky. Nobody clears the crease consistently. Erskine would not be a bad choice to throw in there IMHO. He was probably our best stay at home defender in last seasons playoffs.

It's hard for me to nitpick with the way the Capitals have played over the past two games.  Yes, you would  like the defense the defense perhaps to be a bit more assertive, but you can't argue with the results so far.

He didnt play much in the regular season but he has arguably been the Caps best defensemen in this round. Although that may not be saying too much...

Carlson has a very bright future, no doubt about that.

Geno, this is DC. If necessary, we will take this "in-game chat" issue to CONGRESS! What's the story?

I'm lobbying for an in-game chat for Game 5, so sit tight and come back to Capitals Insider for updates  on that. I know there are many Caps fans who have been pushing for another in-game chat. I'll make sure my editors are aware of that.

How long Bruce will give Fleischmann a free ride in the line-up? He's been the worst forward so far and keeps getting more ice time than he deserves. Could someone of you journalists ask Bruce why he keeps on favouring Flash over other players?

You are 100 percent right. Flash has been anything but over the past month. It's definitely an issue worth examining.

Any news on Morrisson and his upper body injury? Does the coaching staff think he'll be available to help the Caps clinch on Friday?

No word yet, but be sure to check back on Capitals Insider for the latest news on that front.

....the best defense is a good offense.....Yes the defense for the Caps could be better....Still, this team is very similar to the Oilers of the 80's...and we all know what they did....TimDz PS> Geno...what's the word on an actual post game chat?

Hello TimDz, thanks for submitting postgame. There's already been one poster asking for an in-game chat, and I said I would make that know to my editors for Game 5. Stay tuned.

If you are looking for numbers, do the in game chats for away games. I know a lot of us, including me, will be at the Verizon Ctr. I don't think I'll be chatting during the game. I'll be rocking the red!

A very good point. Thanks.

The longer Theo sits the more it kills his confidence. Up 3-1 going home seems like a perfect time to start him - the guy has had a solid season and deserve a shot to redeem himself. What do youm think?

If BB was considering starting Theo again in this series, Friday would be the best time. Theo certainly would get plenty of support from Capitals fans at Verizon Center.

What do you think is going through Theodore's mind right now? He had a great regular season, played superbly in Game 1, and then had a rough start to Game 2 and now he's liable to not play as the primary option for the rest of the postseason. Varlamov's obviously played great, but did Theodore do anything wrong?

Theodore gave up two goals  in two shots. Now we could debate for hours whether that warranted Bruce Boudreau pulling him and going to Varly, but the facts are the Caps have won three in a row since that move and have looked clearly the superior team.

Do you think Philly can still close out their series without Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne?

Philly should win the series regardless. Boucher  has been  playing better than expected, and the Devils have virtually no offensive firepower in front of Brodeur.

No way the caps sit varly now. I think the difference this year is BB will not be afraid to go back to Theo if varly starts to breakdown as he did last year toward end of the series. Theo and BB knows he only one bad game away from getting back in there.

That seems like the conventional wisdom at this juncture.

Gener, If Everson Walls could skate, do you think he would've made a good left winger for the caps? Baby Flathead

He certainly would have been good at intercepting passes

what is up with Canadians booing our anthem? Maybe the ill mannered people of Quebec have taken over the whole country.

Yes, that was completely bush league.

Not sure if Caps fans are aware of the "La Capitale" ritual done in front of the Bell Centre each time the Canadiens are facing playoff elimination. Normally people scoff at it joking that is would only work if we were to play the Capitals in the playoffs...needless to say, we expect the turnout tomorrow to be record breaking!

I expect the turnout to be ridiculous, especially on a Friday night. Leave early -- and I mean very early -- if you are coming into town for the game.

Shouldnt Fehr be getting more ice time?

He's been doing plenty with the ice team has has been getting, and the Caps are deep enough that they can keep all their players rested.

Can you remember ever seeing any NHL player while on the bench slash someone on the ice? I can't. I will be absolutely shocked if Carey Price is not suspended for at least one game. I believe the NHL will want to make it very clear that there is a definite line between dirty play while on the ice and whacking someone with a goalie stick from the bench.

That's frustration setting in, and it wasn't pretty.

That would be a life saver for Caps fans who live in the Versus shadow of other playoff teams, such as the Sabres in Upstate New York.

Noted again, and I will be sure to pass it on to those in charge.

Caps win a huge road game, and the Nats win late again. Who is a better closer? Varly or Matt Capps?

Considering what's at stake at this point in the season, I'd have to say Varly right now.

Thanks everyone for joing the postgame chat. Be sure to come back after Game 5 for another installment. Have a great night.

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