Capitals-Lightning Breakdown with Tarik El-Bashir and Dan Steinberg

Apr 28, 2011

Sports reporter Tarik El-Bashir and Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog took your questions on the Washington Capitals as they prepare for their second-round series against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Hello and welcome to today's Caps-Lightning breakdown with Tarik El-Bashir and Dan Steinberg. We have a couple special features today: 1) Special guests here, courtesy of The Post's "Take Your Child to Work" day, and 2) a rapid-fire segment at the end that some might  call a "lightning  round."

Topic 1: If the Caps could answer honestly, do you think they'd say they are happy they are playing the fifth-seeded Lightning in the second round? Who would have been their preferred opponent, and who was the worst potential matchup?

Topic 2: Tracee Hamilton wrote about the eternal playoff debate today: rest vs. rust. How do you guys think the layoff between series will affect the Caps?

Topic 3: Can you address the lesser-known strenghths and weaknesses of the Lightning, Tarik from the perspective of a hard-core hockey analyst and Dan from the perspective of a blogger who wants to find good Sports Bog material every day on this series?

Michael will ask a question here.

Next, we'll start the Lightning round. First Dan will ask the questions and Tarik will see how long it takes to answer eight questions. Then we'll turn the tables and see how long it takes Dan to do eight.  

Which players are hurt the most by back-to-back games? Goalies, forwards, defensemen?

Which team benefits most on home ice -- and how does it affect young or older players?

Why are the Caps the only team with back to back games (Tuesday 5/3 and Wednesday 5/4/)? 

How does Tom Poti fit in the team's plans for next year? 

How many rookies on the Lightning? How many are over 30?

The Bolts have finally grooved Coach Boucher's 1-3-1 system.  Plus, they have a playoff-proven goalie. Do the Caps have the discipline to take them on?

I know the amount of fighting significantly drops once the playoffs start, but what do you think the odds are that we see some gloves dropped in this matchup?

Regarding back-to-back games 3 and 4 -- Boudreau goes with Varly for Game 4, right?

It starts here...

Are there any good cheeses native to Tampa/St. Pete?

Why was Jason Arnott weaing the "A" on his jersey at Saturday game?

Can you start tracking the number of exclamation marks that Alex Ovechkin uses on his Twitter account? Can you explain it?

What player from the Caps should the Redskins consider most drafting? Who would help them the most?

With Dennis Wideman set to come back and assuming Mike Green is healthy, who is going to sit?

Are the Lightning a more formidable opponent than the Rangers because of their offense?  Oh, and is Capstronaut ever coming back?

Did Boudreau intentionally bring the MSG crowd noise issue into the forefront or was it not by design at all, as Bruce claims?

By your count, how many Caps are completely unable to grow beards?

Who won?

Late-breaking question for Tarik: If Ovechkin was a BMW, which model would he be?

Another late-breaking question: What is your sense of the Knuble injury? Broken hand?

Final question: What's you best guess as to the amount of red we see in the crowd in Tampa?

That's all for now. See you next time.

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Dan Steinberg
Washington Post staff writer and D.C. Sports Bogger.

Tarik El-Bashir
Tarik El-Bashir was The Post's Washington Capitals beat reporter from 2005 through the 2009-10 season. He still reports on the Capitals for The Post while also covering the Georgetown men's basketball team.
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