Capitals-Rangers Breakdown with Tarik El-Bashir and Dan Steinberg

Apr 21, 2011

Sports reporter Tarik El-Bashir and Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog take your questions on the Capitals' come-from-behind win over the Rangers in Game 4 on Wednesday and look ahead to Game 5 in D.C.

Hello and welcome to the second Capitals-Rangers "Breakdown" chat with us, tarik El-Bashir and Dan Steinberg. You probably know by now that the Caps won Game 4 last night in double overtime, so let's get started. 

Topic 1: What was the best moment of Game 4 from your perspective?

Topic 2: What do you really think the game last night means for the Capitals, beyond the obvious? Does the comeback prove something about this team and its chances for winning the Stanley Cup this year? Or was the second period just as telling?

Reader Question 1: How much does this team miss Dennis Wideman? They just don't play with the same confidence and balance without him. Also, any update on Wideman's injury situation?

Reader Question 2: All the Caps' goals last night were scored from close in. Why did it take until the third period for the Caps to play that way,  when they keep talking about having to do that? 

Reader Question 3: If the team were polled and they were to respond honestly, how many of them would say they prefer the old style of "Offense on Overdrive" as opposed to the defense-first style they've been touting this year? And, was it my imagination or did they switch gears to Offensive Overdrive mode for the third period until the game got tied, then switched back to defensive posture?

Reader Question 4: Nicklas Backstrom  has been all but invisible in this series. Any comments or another perspective to bring to this view?

Reader Question 5: Any chance we see Mike Knuble in uniform on Saturday? The Caps definitely missed his presence on the power play.

Last Reader Question: What your view on Neuvirth's play? He seemed moving "slowly" between the pipes many times. Is that on purpose, but it seem part of the reason the fluke first goal was able to be scored was becuase he didnt get over fast enough and seal off the side?

Prediction 1: Make one prediction of any kind for Saturday's Game 5.

Prediction 2: Assuming the Caps beat the Rangers, how far do you think they will last in the playoffs now?

That's all for the "Breakdown." We'll be back next week -- check your local listings.

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Dan Steinberg
Washington Post staff writer and D.C. Sports Bogger.

Tarik El-Bashir
Tarik El-Bashir was The Post's Washington Capitals beat reporter from 2005 through the 2009-10 season. He still reports on the Capitals for The Post while also covering the Georgetown men's basketball team.
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