Oct 25, 2010

Live on video, Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau takes your questions about the team's play so far, his expectations for the season and more.

What is the role of the Captain on the ice and in the locker room? I know how it is defined in NHL terms but how have you and the guys defined the role for the team?

How do you and the team handle criticism? How do you keep yourself and such young men focused during a long season with the pressures and expectations you face?

Many people feel that the team struggled against Montreal because you didn't adjust to the trap. The Bruins also played the trap and we lost both games to them last week. How are you adjusting your style so we can score against these types of teams, and do you think the team will be prepared to face and defeat a team like that once the playoffs arrive?

Hey B,

When did you have time with your busy hockey schedule to learn all of these wonderful bird calls from the commercial and can you please do a few for me?

Thanks... Jess P

What can you do to control your players to take shorter shifts. I'd love to see Green and Ovechkin not lead the league in TOI.

There's been talk about about how Crosby has really worked on his game each summer. We hear a lot about OV partying all summer. What have you, the coaching staff, and management done to guide OV in a effort to focus on his game, improve upon his weaknesses, in order to become a more complete player? Thanks.

LAST QUESTION: After a goal is scored, by either team, how do you decide which line to put out on the ice for the ensuing faceoff? Is it purely situational, gut feeling, or combination of the two?

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Bruce Boudreau
Bruce Boudreau coached more than 1,000 games in the minors before he became head coach of the Capitals in November 2007, leading Washington back from its worst start in 26 seasons to the Southeast Division title. The team has made the playoffs each year since, winning its first-ever Presidents' Trophy last season.

Boudreau is also known for being an extra in the cult-favorite hockey film "Slapshot" and, more recently, performing birdcalls and dancing in a tracksuit in a pair of Mercedes commercials.
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