Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions (December 10, 2013)

Dec 10, 2013

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on Wednesday, October 9, at noon, EDT*

Susan says: October is due to be a month of surprise, challenging developments due to high key planetary conflicts in October's first week, a major eclipse on October 18, and the onset of Mercury retrograde October 21 (to last until November 10). You can read your October forecast from Susan here.

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Today I am happy to answer your most pressing question! Please pose your question in such a way that it would be interesting to all readers of your sign. State your first name, your month and day of birth, and if you know it, your rising sign. I will answer questions of all 12 signs.

Be sure to read my long forecast for December at first, for I may have already answered your question in the nearly 3,500 word essay I wrote for each individual sign.

For Spanish speaking readers, go to, my duplicate website in all Spanish for your Spanish-speaking friends, just launched this week.

Astrology Zone is now celebrating it's annniversary! 18 years on the Internet as of December 14! I am very excited!

If you read my December report, you know the time now is superb for launching new ventures. Today, for example, Mercury (communication, commerce, contracts) will be in ideal angle to Uranus (innovation, genius, ideas that come like lightening). What a great day for a worldwide chat!

After the full moon of December 17  plus four days, things will get harder. Venus will go retrograde on December 21, making it not a good time for parties or fun--it's a time to work hard and get things finished on your to-do list. Venus rules beauty so it's not a time for plastic surgery that you are electing to do (not done in an emergency--always have surgery in an emergency). Venus retrograde is also not a time to ask our stylist give you a radical new hairstyle or color. Men, this would not be the right time to grow a beard, or if you have one, to shave it off.

Things get harder as we get to December 24-25 when Mars (strife, the planetary "hot head") opposes Uranus (completely unpredicatble events0, a very sudden, inflamatory aspect that can have an emotional or physical manifestation. When someone near you says something that hurts your feelings or you find insulting or unsetting,  say nothing, let it pass. Do not drive when weather conditions are clearly bad. Do not stay out past 1:30 AM or so. Things get tougher by time we get to December 29 to 31, when first, Mercury and Uranus will be at odds on December 29 -watch what you say as you could trigger a complete meltdown with someone you are with at the time.

The next day, December 30 - the hardest day of all. the Sun and Uranus will be at odds, AND Mars will challenge Pluto. Yikes. These are very tempermental aspects. Alcohol will only make things worse, so be very careful not to imbibe too much and never drink and drive. You may be fine with only one drink and three cups of coffee, but you can't tell what the person coming from the other lane has taken in--he may think he is fine with 8 glasses of wine.  New Years Eve brings Mercury in hard angle to Mars and Mercury will be conjunct Pluto. Everyone will be in an edgy place emotionally that last week- I have never seen anythiing quite like this string of days.

You can stay safe by being sensible, and by showing great patience, kindness toward others. As I said, this holiday we must remember the love and peace we all want for the season. Even if it is hard not to say or do something, let things pass. 

Now, post your questions and let's see how you can use this month to your greatest advantage, which is always my aim.

Remember, all I can see are influences,  asthere is no "fate" or predestination in astrology. The final result will always lie in your hands. We study astrology so that we can avoid troubles and enjoy the wonderful aspects we are given to their fullest extent. 


I am a libra, leo rising, who has had a lot of career movement lately, but still haven't found the right fit. When can the career piece fall into place and not be so fluid?

Hi Susan! Love your work so much! Thanks for doing what you do! My question is about some future family planning, I am a Cancer, Gemini rising, and my partner is a Scorpio, Taurus rising. We are looking to start a family sometime soon - and I am wondering if you recommend planning (as best as possible, of course!) for a baby of a certain sign. ie. more compatible signs. Or is it more important to conceive on dates that are particularly significant? I know that you spoke of the royal baby being a cancer, the same sign as Kate and many of the Middletons. Or, am I am being overly obsessive? Would love your thoughts!

You are so cute. I did plan my first child, a Pisces, but the second sweet child was a surprise that I dearly wanted. She was to be born at the "wrong" time of year, but when she was born, she had the perfect rising sign and she fits in perfectly with the family. I love both daughters with a love I never knew possible--it goes so very deep, I would do anything for them. So worry not, for God knows you will be a fantastic parent and will give you the right baby for you and your husband. As they say, God knows what you will do before you do it, and can see all the love you have to give.  

Conception is best at the new moon of March 1 in Pisces plus two weeks so see if that would work for you. I am not sure how soon you hope to conceive. 

A little Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio would be ideal, or a Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus, but again, a baby is such a gift from heaven, so I would say to you not to stress too much. Being a mother was the single biggesta nd best achivement of my life and I am sure you will feel the same way. They say Cancer makes the very best parent (and no, I am not Cancer) so you have all the best ahead of you! 

Hi Susan! I am a longtime reader, and I really appreciate these monthly chats on top of your monthly reports! I am a Virgo/Aquarius rising. The man I love is a Pisces, and I don't know his rising sign. We broke up a few days ago because things just got really overwhelming for the both of us, and we have set a date for Feb. 8, 2014 to have another "first date" to try again after some space. We are on very good terms. My question is, I know that Feb. 8 falls in the Mercury Retrograde period. Is Mercury Retrograde a good time to try to rekindle a romance?

Dear sweet Virgo with Aquarius rising.

Don't you worry one bit about Mercury retrograde. You are "going back" to a former situation to try to fix it. Obvously there is much love between you and you need to take a little break and think of ways you can solve a sticky problem between you. You are very analytical with your highly intelligent Virgo and Aquarius predominance, but your man is a Pisces, who is highly intuitive. Remember to get on his need not take the butterfly's wings to see how it flies, so to speak. Too much analyzing can harm a romance. I love your idea of havinga first date again. I feel you will get to a new place. Be happy and joyful--you are doing everything right. follow your man's lead, and dance with him. Your future children may be at stake. See the big picture and you will come together again.

Hello Susan. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and thankyou for answering my question. I am a woman born 7-17-80 11:13 and my husband 7-20-77 6:30. We have been married for 17 months and have lived apart for 16 due to visa. He is here now but looks like he will have to go away for his new job. Things are very turbulent with my work which I am very good at. I long for children and family. Will I ever be able to have a normal happy life with the love of my life?

Dear Cancer,

You have such a loving way. I can see it in the way you write and you touch me so much. You both are born very near one another, you on July 17 and your husband July 20! This year, Jupiter will conjoin the Sun on July 24, a five-star day, the luckiest day of the year! With both your birthdays falling so very close to this, my favorite day of 2014, I bet things will turn for the better at that time. Jupiter is in Cancer, the sign of pregnancy, but it's still too far from both your suns in the end of May, Jupiter will be standing ready to help you both. I can't do charts on my chat--no time--and you don't give a city, but that's OK, this Jupiter conjunct the Sun is bigger than both of us! Ha, ha, VERY big. I feel good about your future!

Hi Susan! Thanks so much for all your hard work! I am a devoted follower of astrology zone. I am nervous about the April eclipses you keep talking about on Twitter. How will they affect me? I am Aquarius 5 February /7 degrees Leo rising. Thanks!

It is true the April 15 eclipse (lunar full moon) and April 29 (solar, new moon) are both very tough eclipses that all astrologers all over the world are following closely. I say to all readers, get to high ground. If out of work, take something before you get to April--this is no time to be picky. For Aquarius, the April 15 eclipses will hit travel houses, and international relationships, legal matters and publishing and broadcasting. That would be no time to sign a contract, no matter what sign you happen to be. 

The April 29 eclipse will affect your living situation or possibly the needs of one of your parents. 

The Leo in you will have changes with the April 29 eclipse with your career, so looking at your whole chart, you may possibly relocate to take a new job, and it would be a high level job.  I will ask all readers to keep me informed by telling me your experiences on Twitter @Astrologyzone so I can see how the aspects affected you, and get to be a better astrologer. I will say that only those readers who have planets that hit the same mathematical degrees of the eclipse (or within 8 degrees of the eclipse) will be directly affected. I cannot see your unique chart, so if you have had your chart done (you only need do it once) you can look at your wheel to see the degrees I mention each month in my forecast. The April 15 eclipse will fall at 25 degrees Libra, and the April 28-29 eclipse will fall at 9 degrees Taurus. 

Hi Susan,need to know if scorpio sign has any scope of pregnancy and family planning in this year.

Pregnancy is always possible in any year. You have Neptune, the planet of inspiration, creativity and dreams in your house of children and pregnancy. Wonderful. I love March 1 for you--a good new moon--plus two weeks. The new moon in Cancer on June 27 plus two weeks may also be special for you. Good luck and let us all know when your baby comes!

By the way, when the little baby arrives, I do a special chart for babies and the talents they were given at birth and what they inherited from their parents. Have a look at this book--it has a pink cover (but we have a blue cover for boys too). Takes 2  1/2 weeks for me to write and ship to you.

I am a Capricorn male, born 14 January. Why does your monthly horoscope not resonate with me? Work & Career has been challenging from 2009. I think positive after reading the monthly horoscope & track all the dates but nothing seems to be moving/shifting my way. What should I expect with regards to work & career in 2014. Thanks Hilary

Capricorn has been battling many planetary pressures for a while. I can't see your chart, and you do need an astrologer to sit with you. First, have your chart done to see all the aspects, and your rising sign. I can write a book just for you called My Personal Horoscope (60+ pages) and you never need to do it again--your chart never changes. Takes 2 1/2 weeks and we ship worldwide. Here is the link, and you do need your precise time of birth.

To find an astrologer in the US, go to the website of the NCGR (National Counsel of Geo-Cosmic Research) the AFA (American Federation of Astrologers) or ISAR (International Socieity of Astrologic Research).  I can't be the one, unfortunately, because my job in this life is to write, but there are many qualified astrologers at these clubs. Please mention my name so that they give you the very best ones on their roster. All have websites. 

Hi lovely Susan. I discovered you not long time ago and stopping myself from asking question after question on twitter. You are just fabulous and so spot on that it's scary!! I'm a female sag 25/11/77 approx 8am in Poland living in the Uk. I'm reading all over about Saturn going into Sagittarius next year and that it's going to be very intense for a few years for us. What area of my life gonna be affected and is this struggle gonna last for few years? Does it affect love life or work? Does it mean that Sagittarius won't have a chance to find love ? A bit if hope would be great. Just the thought that my life is going to be a nightmare for so long after very hard 2013 makes me shiver!! Any good news regarding love life for period summer 2014- summer 2015 ? Give us some hope and motivation please. Thank you. Mags

Dear little Sagittarius (and the little Taurus, Gemini and Scorpios should listen to this too)

(I use the word "little" as a very affectionate word--I have called men seven feet tall "little Aries" and so forth!)

I just love your question, and first, I need to say, don't worry one bit! Saturn on the Sun is a GOOD thing. Actually, as you know, Astrology Zone is 18 years old this week, December 14, and I think of my website as one of my children. (My kids say, "Mommy had us, and then she had a website." So true!) When I created my site, Saturn was right over my head. In other words, I had what you are about to receive in 2015 for three years. You feel Saturn the most when he is within eight degrees of your Sun, but not so much when further away. That means you will notice him tutoring you for about 10 months straight. Saturn comes by only once every 29 years for those three years, so what you learn you must remember well enough to carry you forward for another 29 years--that's why Saturn is so clear in his teaching. Saturn gives weight and meaning to your life. He gives "gravitas" to your presence--people will respect you and take note of what you say. What you do will be new to you and you will need others around to teach you (like when you fill out paperwork to buy a house, for example, or take care of a newborn baby.) Your status will change, forever--you will check different boxes on forms in the future, like "married" or "homeowner" or "manager"=--you get the idea. You will choose your challenge as Saturn never will force you into any situation. You may marry, have a baby, open the doors of your business, write a book, sbuy a house--whatever you do, it won't be something you can "undo" afterwards too easily (like, take back the house). The entire reason you are doing what you are doing is to give stability to your life! I love Saturn!

When Saturn opposes your Sun as will happen 14 years from now, and like the Taurus have right this minute, you don't get to choose your challenge--the universe chooses for you, then steps back to see how well you do on your own. Saturn often isolates us in the situation we are in, so we never feel we have much help, but that's part of the training. Don't worry--it's all as it should be. After any Saturn period, you arise stronger, wiser, leaner than ever before--in perfect shape to deal with anything life throws your way. And what you start under Saturn in Sagittarius will stay with you a very long time, possibly forever! It's all good.

Just be sure to keep healthy and strong, get exams etc. as you will be VERY busy, and you could esily run yourself down. Eveyrone needs to be in good shape before a Saturn cycle!

I hope this helps, dear Sagittarius!

Would love to know around when you think your 2014 & beyond book will be ready! I still have my 2012 and love it.

I am writing it now! I had to think a LOT about this complicated year ahead and figure out ways to help each sign. I am racing to finish this month. Writing Astrology Zone each month takes 8 days (7 hours each sign), 2 days for Dates to Note and a week for the summary, so you see how tight my time becomes. No time to do anything but write, but I love to write. Thank you for your question!

I'm a female Pisces born in the beginning of March and am considering a move to a new city in 2014. My timeframe is flexible, so I was hoping you could provide some guidance as to which month (before the summer) would be best to make the move. Thank you!

Hello little Pisces! 

That's an exciting goal! I love the new moon of May 28 for a Pisces move. It light your house of home--it's special in many ways. You can sign a lease then, or actually move then. It's a great time for Pisces to move. 

Should a Taurus get back together with an old flame or move on?

Taurus has Saturn opposed to their Sun, so all of life lessons are coming thorough parntership, commitment and for some marriage (for others, through forming serious business alliances). I can never tell you to go back or not, but with so many planets retrograding in the first half of 2014, I feel the universe is speaking clearly: get closure. If you still love this person, love is always worth fighting for! Your ruler, Venus, will be retrograde from Dec 21 to January 31. Any retrograde planet asks you to "look back" "re-do" "reassess" "rethink" and to try again. I vote for you to try again--I will always champion true love, as it is so very precious and so very hard to find. The wings of love are fragile, so hold it in your hands with great care. We all must give more than we get back--it is the way it works. Be kind and let your feelings flow gently. I think you have all the right instincts. In the end, everyone must decide, "Am I happier with this person or without him/ her?" I think you want to try, so absolutely, you must do that. Best of luck to you. Remember, your cause--to improve love--is the work of the angels and is worth all the effort you put in.

I am a female sag born December 10. I need to pass a certification exam for work. What is a good date/time?

Dear Sagittarius

Is the test hard, like the Bar exam for lawyers?  I like the full moon of February 14 for that, but not sure you can wait that long? Also when the mighty Sun and Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, combine energies Feb 28, it's another specacular day. Sooner than Februay?  I love this week, Dec 12!! Jupiter will be in perfect angle to Saturn. Are you ready? Go get your test and show them all how a pro nails it!

Hi Susan, I learned from you that this early part of the month is a good time. Is it good as well for reconnecting with a past love? We separated because of doubt about long distance, but I do still miss him. We met at a time when you said it was golden time for me meet the one, back in June 2010. Me Gemini/Cap rising; him Virgo. Would love to hear your perspective. Thanks and happy holidays in advance. FC

Dear Gemini with Capricorn risign:

Yes! with Venus retrograde in Capriorn (!) Venus is giving us all a second chance at love but especially you, dear Capricorn rising. Yes, yes! Read some of the other posts I made--you will see, I am very happy about going back and reconciling! See if you can live in the same city--search for an answer you had not previously considered.

I have really big 6th and 12th houses. What does that mean? Where my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th houses are smaller degree-wise. And my 6th and 12th houses are loaded with signs. Do they have special emphasis for me?

When you have a "big" house, with many degrees, bigger than 30 degrees, that means it takes longer for planets to move through them, especially the big outer planets, like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. it means these two houses are more important to you--there is a greater focus. It seems work and work assignments are very important to you. Also, health and fitness is equally important to you. You may work in a hospital or other facility of care (like a rehab center) or find all your life you've had greater than usual contact iwth medical personnel. Or, you may be a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. A big twelfth house would make you very philsophical too, or very giving, say, in charitable or humanitarian matters. It is all good and this emphasis on those houses add a color and pastel shading to you who you are!

Hello Susan, I love your website, and I can't wait for your new 2014 book to come out! I have a question about my career. My boss just sent me a note to meet with him on Dec. 19th, I hope this is clear of the crazy December days! I am a Gemini (May 22) with Sag rising. I've been also thinking of making a career change, but am struggling on what to do. I am currently in international sales.

Dear sweet Gemini,

The date your boss chose, Dec 19 is within the area of influence (plus or minus four days) of the big full moon in Gemini. This is a great full moon in a year that has not had a plethora of good full moons! On Dec 19 the moon will conjoin Jupiter--your pay may go up.

I would say you have a wonderful day. Also that week Uranus goes direct--all good things that week! This meeting is apparently very important to you as we only get one full moon in Gemini a year. Some sort of collaboration or partnership will be disucssed, and it may involve publishing, broadcasting, academia or a legal matter. It's very likely foreign markets are involved too. Tell me how it goes on Twitter! @Astrologyzone

I am very positive aobut the day of your meeting! Be optimistic and energetic!

Dear Susan, Thank you for all you do for us! I have a business question. Would it be a good day for me to have a first ever business meeting (with a prominent icon in my industry) on February 5, 2014? This could be an amazing opportunity....or not? I am CancerSun/Aquarian Rising, born 7/6. Thank you!

I love your question!  February 5 is the day prior to the day Mercury goes retrograde, so you are in the clear!  I wish it were just a few days earlier but often we have to go with the flow. You initated your contact of this big-wig earlier, so that's great --you planted the seed far ahead of Mercury retro and that makes me happy. When we get sensational opportunities, we have to run with them! I agree! Be flexible when the job or deal shifts a little in a different direction. Little things like that often happen when planets retrograde. The moon will be in Taurus, which gets along well with your Cancer Sun. Go there and hit that ball right out of the park for a home run! Don't forget to tweet to me after February 5 is over as I will be thinking about your meeting until I hear back! (@Astrologyzone)

What does it mean to get married during the Mercury Retrograde (October 11, 2014)? We've already put down the deposit, so we can't change the date. Any suggestions?

Dear Bride who will marry during Mercury retrograde<

Marrying with Mercury retrograde is not ideal, but it is not dooming your wedding either! If you can "marry" when you pick up your license at the end of Sept, it would be better - just never tell anyone that is your official wedding date. I like September 25 best, but Sept 28 and 29 are good too. You need never tell a soul, never celebrate the date, but in the eyes of the law, you would be married a little sooner. Have your wedding and no one will be the wiser. (Of course you need two witnesses, but those can be strangers at City Hall if you prefer, or have your two best friends there.)

I've noticed that there are very important dates that repeat within my life: for instance, numerous of my lovers were born on the same day. I've begun relationships on the same day. I've noticed best friends tend to have similar birthdays. This has been going on throughout my life. Is this phenomenon common? How come this occurs?

Good question--it is apparent that those dates are lucky for you so they must be hitting the mathematical degrees of a point in your chart that is sensitive and very nicely placed! You can consult an astrologer and she will show you!

Dear Susan, thank you so much for hosting a free chat. It feels wonderful to be here with you and everyone. How does 2014 look for Aries? I am a 1 April baby, Taurus rising. Any pitholes I should be aware of? Also I am nervous about this Xmas and New year, should I avoid going to parties that will take 2 hrs public transportation? Thank you very much! Have a wonderful day :)

Dear ARies with Taurus rising,

About Christmas through New Year's, I am staying in. If you can book a bed and breakfast near the 2-hour-away party, one that you can walk to after the party is over, that would be my suggestion. Or ask your friend if she has room for you to sleep over (bring your own air mattress). You are Aries, ruled by Mars, so the direct opposition of Mars to Uranus on December 24-25 will affect you double time as it will also affect your Aquarius friends, ruled by Uranus. Always, always pay attention to what your ruler is doing, for this planet's job is take care of you! Taurus rising means Venus will be retrograde--this sounds not a good idea to travel so far (two hours, 100 miles?) for a party. (Venus rules parties). Be aware that something is apt to make you frustrated or upset, so allow a LOT of time for travel as there is likely to be considerable delays possibly due to terrible weather conditions. 

Aries year ahead? You should try for a better job in January. Those who are attached/ married or in a business parntership will be challenged not to be at the helm but to collaborate in a one-on-one way.  Aries likes to lead, so taking a more Libra-like role of differing to a significant other may prove to require an adjustment. Once you get to July 16, love will be in the air! It will be wonderful, so keep your eye on late July and August--and for a whole year from that point to come, as Jupiter will be in Leo, perfect for you. 

Seriously. I have no idea. And I was born on August 20th (a Friday), but I was induced because the doctor was going to be on vacation. He told Mom she could choose between inducing or having me on Monday or Tuesday with an unfamiliar doctor. No inducing would have made me a Virgo. Does that have any astrological significance?

The day you are born is the only important fact to think about. It does not matter if you were induced or born by C-section. it does not matter if you came early (I came a whole month early for my mother!) or late. Astrologers go by the exact minute the umbilical cord was cut and you began breathing on your own. 

The time of your birth--that moment--determines your rising sign. it is the sign that was rising in the eastern horizon the moment you were born. Find out the time of your birth on your handwritten birth certificate, not a computer copy which would delete much information. (If the cost of a birth certificate is $5 it is the wrong copy-- it has to be between $10 to $25 depending on the municipality.( Do not contact the hosptial you were born but rather, the Bureau of Vital Statistics or Hall of Records--it is a government function to keep those records. Once you know it, you can have your chart done. The rising sign is where the "9" would appear on the face of a round clock. Once you know you have, say, Gemini or Aries or any other sign rising, you must read for that sign for the rest of your life. You must read for that sign AND your sun sign, as they are equal in importance and will never change.

You will get so much more out of my monthly horoscope if you know both signs, for that way you will get a 360 degree viwe--right now you only are getting half that, 180 degree view. If you were born at dawn, you have the same sign rising, such as Leo with Leo rising, but you should have a chart done to know for sure. 

I can write a book for you and you alone, with 60+ pages just about you explaining your chart in easy to understand language so you understand it. it takes about 2 1/2 weeks See more info:

I hope this helps!

Will 2014 be a good money year for us all? Any sign in particular have good luck?

April will tell the tale. The first eclipse, April 15 is a tough one and will likely affect finances for all of us, in one way or another. Early April brings financial storms, and end of April is nightmarish too for money. Get to high ground and choose your dates for initiations very carefully. If you have my new calendar with Gloria Vanderbilt's fine art, the new one--you will have reams of information to plot your course ahead of time. It took me five months to write as I had to check all the dates for accuracy. See more here:

I am a Capricorn woman, born January 14, and have been out of work for several months. Until now, I've not had luck. When will Capricorn have their best shot at a new position?

Dear Capricorn--

Mars entry into Libra will help you--it just happened Dec 7. Mars will stay until July 25! Wow, that's a long time for Mars to stay in one sign, almost 8 months. This will give you hope. Work hard on finding the job before Mars goes retrograde March 1 to May 19, when progress will be slower than it woudl be now. You will have competition, so make sure you practice interviewing with friends and family and read up on the interview process with books devoted to the subject. I know is has been hard, but at least now the militia has shown up on horseback to help you!!! Be optimistic. Also, filing resumes on career sites doesn't usually work--get contacts from friends and family. The more things change the more they remain the same--personal recommendation hits the spot.

I am a Virgo woman/ ascendant Pisces, born Sept. 22. Is it OK to travel overseas on December 15 returning January 11?

Dear Virgo-Pisces,

Yes, I like when you are leaving and coming back--avoiding al those cosmic storms. You WILL have a large unexpected expense however. All Virgos and Pisces have to brace for that near Dec 24-25 (I know the timing is terrible). 

Hi Susan! In your forecasts you mention different aspects, but sometimes you also mention the aspects of our birth charts, and in other writings I've heard you mention things like progressions. Is there some hierarchy of aspects or influences that we should keep in mind when reading our horoscopes? Are some considered more powerful than others?

I only mention technical things like progressions on Twitter and Facebook. I try never to get technical.  I still feel the natal horoscope is king. 

I am sorry I must go now, actually, my battery is dying! I loved answering your questions today, and later I will post on Twitter and FB the link to archieved chat. You all were so kind and I loved hearing your questions.  

My next chat will be on January 9 at Noon to 2 PM EST, consult to find out what that time is in your time zone.

Please remember to tell Spanish speaking friends they can now read Astrology Zone on (please no www as this is a subdomain and the wwww. won't work!)

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