Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions (December 4, 2014)

Dec 04, 2014

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on December 4, 2014 at noon, EDT*

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Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for coming by to my Washington Post chat today  It will go until 1:45 PM and I will do my best to cover every sign of the zodiac. December is a magical month, and a very productive one too, so it will be fun to talk about it. If you read my December report on Astrology Zone and have any questions, I can answer them for you here. We archive all chats, so if you have to duck into a meeting you can read my answers any time that is convenient for you! Thank you again dear readers!


Hi Susan! I've heard astrologers say the nodes are very important in someone's chart. What do the nodes mean in a chart? Wishing you the best of health.

The nodes are a mathematical point in the chart that point to the ecliptic--and tell you where the eclipses were the year you were born. The north node tells you your true purpose and the south node, what comes too easily to you. Honestly because they are the same axis, like Aries-Libra or Taurus-Scorpio (signs six months apart) the signs are linked in meaning--I don't find looking at the nodes at helpful. I know this is a surprising statement. For example, Gemini and Sagittarius are linked. Both deal with publishing, broadcasting and so forth. Sagittarius is also linked to teaching, as in the college level. They both deal in truth, both deal in the written/ spoken word. Someone who has the north node in Gemini should write  and deal with communication (a lot) but the south node says not to teach or lecture (or at least not nearly as much). Both signs also deal in travel, Sag for foreign travel, Gemini for domestic. You see why I don't find the nodes illuminating. The actual degree of a north node, if critical, can show outstanding latent or innate talent. I find I get more from the natal planets.

I am a Taurus woman, 38, with Libra rising. I have never been married and am currently dating, but can't seem to find "the one". When is my best time for meeting him (that is, if I haven't already!), or for getting into a serious relationship? Thanks so much, and glad you're on your way to wellness!

Dear Taurus,

I don't think you are unlucky in love--I feel you have had hard aspects. You have hosted Saturn opposed to your Sun since October 2012, considered one of the hardest aspects possible and on top of that you have had a series of eclipess in Taurus-Scorpio which added even more stress. Wow, that's difficult. By not being involved with anyone lately, you may have dodged a bullet, because relationships could have been quite a concern. Your health may have suffered too. Saturn is moving to Sagittarius on December 23! Hooray! Be sure to read my December forecast on Astrology Zone and you will be dancing on the tables! Next year, after August 11 and continuing to September 2016, Taurus will be the most favored sign for love! Have faith! Love is coming!

Hello Dear Susan, I wish you ultimate healing and health and know little mom is with you to help you stay strong!! I am a Libra (Virgo Rising) born October 12. My life has completely flipped upside down as I actually got married and divorced within the last 2 years (abusive relationship), have experienced financial turmoil throughout and am about to lose my guardian angel doggie of 12 years to bone cancer. I am feeling very unchallenged in my job and REALLY am feeling I should move and consider a career change. I am hoping these things, along with REAL love are in my future. What do you think?

Dear Libra,

I talked a lot in my December report in Astrology Zone about the concern over money that Libra felt lately. That was caused by Saturn. The eclipses and Uranus opposed to yur Sun caused the difficulties with your marriage partner, and I am so sorry to see that. An eclipse won't want to hurt or torture you, but an eclipse will test the strength of a relationship as the universe cannot tolerate unproductive, difficult relationships. The eclipses say, fix it or leave, and due to the very difficult April 15 and October 8 eclipses, apparently it became clear you had to leave. You are cleaning out the cobwebs of your life. Friends will be blessings in 2015 and they may lead you to your new love. I like your idea of moving and a career change. It sounds like you need a fresh start, and the planets seem to be twisting your arm until you do something radical...I like your idea very much.

I am a Virgo woman born Sept 16 with rising Cancer, age 35. What will be the best time for meeting a partner for a serious romantic relationship?

Dear Virgo,

Your love stars will be twinkling perfectly--the best ever--from December 21, 2014 to the end of the year. You are so lucky--just in time for the holiday festivities! Later in the year, when Juptier moves to Virgo you will have the best aspects you have ever had for finding true love. Jupiter in your birthday sign is considered the best aspect you can have to find true, lasting love. That period will be August 11 to September 17, 2016, a time span of 13 months! Write down the luckiest day of the year--August 26--when the mighty Sun will meet Jupiter in VIRGO! WOW! Be out and about--even a blind date set up by a friend at that time may work out well!

I've developed a tremendous respect for Saturn over the course of the past 2 1/2 years but with all I have read about this transit coming my respect is becoming terrified as I have my Ascendant at 7 degrees Sag entering my first house. Please tell me how this can actually benefit me. I am a self-employed Cancer Sun with natal Saturn in Capricorn in my 2nd house. I am sure other Saggies will be interested in any help you can offer us. Thanks, Susan. So glad you are feeling up to these chats. We've missed you.

Dear Cancer, with Sagittarius rising, afraid of Saturn:

Never be afraid of Saturn. He is your friend. You are self-employed and that tells me you are certainly not one to dodge hard work. Saturn teaches us to face up to your responsibilities, but as a business owner, you have done this every day, running your business. Self-employed people work so hard! Saturn in your sixth house for Cancer may make it hard for you to find qualified workers at a price you can afford. Keep a large file of those who send you resumes. You may need to look inside that folder when new work comes in and you need to add recruits. New jobs coming in will take longer to complete, and possibly cost more than you assume--give yourself some room in all the estimates you give your clients. You also have to watch your health, as if you have not paid attention to a latent problem you will see the need to do so in the next three years--don't let it get to that. Keep health very strong, with extra emphasis on your teeth and bones, and if you have a painful hip, see a specialist to find out your options to alleviate your condition. Ask about vitamins, especially vitamin D and calcium. What your doctor says, goes. With your Sag rising, you will take on a new venture and if you work with Saturn, at the end of three years, you could become quite famous in your industry. You are ready to stretch and grow--it's actually an exciting trend!

Hi Susan, I'm so glad to hear you're doing better. I was born with Mercury in retrograde. Because of this natal retrograde I often wonder, when Mercury goes retrograde, does it affect me differently from everyone else? What about other retrograde planets in one's chart? I'm a Leo and Mercury is in Leo in my chart. Thanks. B

So many planets retrograde that most of us have several planets retrograde, but you should not be troubled by any of them. No I have found that being born with Mercury retrograde makes it any easier for you to cope during this phase as you go through life. I have Mercury retrograde and I find those periods very frustrating. I know there is a rumor that theya re supposed to be easier but they are not! I work in a Gemini-ruled business however--the Internet and publishing which Mercury rules too. That could account for my nightmares!

I am a 11th house Pisces Sun and was wondering how does that differ from a 12th house Pisces Sun? And what does the house placement mean to your sun? (My moon is virgo 6th house) Thank you, Susan! I hope you are feeling much, much better!

Dear Pisces, discussion of 11 and 12 house.

The placement of the mighty fiery Sun in a chart shows you where you shine in life. If you have an 11th house Sun, it means you can make a big difference to society by participating in humanitarian, community or charitable efforts. You would be able to mobilize people toward a worthy goal you want to support--your passion could light nations to your cause.

Each house of the horoscope makes up for what the sign before it lacks, so each house standing next to one another is quite opposite in it's look and feel as you go around the wheel. Each of the 12 houses rule a different part of  life.

The eleventh house is all about your friendships, humanitarian efforts and charities too. Ancient astrologers also wrote about the eleventh house being the one of hopes and wishes. If you have an eleventh house Sun, you would be very "out there" in the world--people would know your name and face. 

In contrast, the twelfth house is a very private house, a house of confinement and seclusion. It is Pisces' natural house and accounts for this sign's awesome creativity.  The twelfth house rules the subconscious, and Pisces subconscious works overtime, so when you ask a Pisces, "Where did you get that idea?" they don't really know--their subconscious sorted through all that they see in life, and put those bits and pieces of information in a new and very creative way. Being a Pisces, you don't have to have the Sun in the twelfth house to be creative--it is part of your DNA. The twelfth house is also spiritual or religious--it rules belief--what you just KNOW without ever knowing why.  The eleventh house is very intellectual and stresses science and objectivity. The twelfth house is highly intuitive, with a high emotional intelligence. You see how different they are!

I hope this helps! It sounds like you aren't sure which house your Sun is found, but you can do a natal horoscope and find out if you know your time of birth.

Be sure to get the handwritten vault copy of your birth certificate, not the $5 version that is a computer copy that pops out of a machine at the Drivers Motor Vehicle Dept. Your birth certificate, kept in the Hall of Records or Bureau of Vital Statistics by the state you were born (not the hospital) should and should cost more than $5 (the wrong copy)--expect to pay $10-$25. Your question was very interesting!

Hi Susan, thanks so much for doing these chats this past year, and I hope you are feeling much better! There are a lot of us pulling for you. I'm an Aries (4/9/77) with Libra rising. I see from your December forecast that Aries will have lots of good career energy because of the upcoming new moon and planet party in the 10th house--yay! My question is, how can I best use that energy? I was planning to apply for a career-related grant in the next several weeks--should I wait until after the new moon to submit? Or does the 10th house energy indicate that I would hear some sort of good news around that time and so I should apply/be under consideration earlier? Thanks so much for sharing your expertise!

Dear Aries,

December is such a gorgeous month that i feel you can enter your paperwork for a grant sooner than December 21. Avoid December 15 and 24 to mail it. I feel you are going to get this grant, so don't wait--I think the good news will come after the new moon appears. Aries' chart for creer is so strong I can't imainge how you could fail. 

Dear Susan, When you make predictions about someone's chart - what has more influence? transits or progressions? Thank you for all your help.

They both are important, but the main part to look at in a progressed horoscope is the progressed moon, and second in importance, the Sun. Also look to see if any planet changes sign or if the rising sign shifts. Those are the important changes to note. Also see if two planets are in conversation (n aspect), but use only 0 to 1 degree orb. Degrees have to be very tight. Hope this helps. I love transits.

I am a Sagittarius female (Dec 14) with a Taurus moon and Sagittarius rising. Hoping to find a soulmate for life but no luck so far. What are my marriage prospects in the coming year - hope you can help before I give up in despair! Thank you for all your help! Best wishes for a successful and lasting recovery.

Dear Sagittarius,

Your birthday is Astrology Zone's birthday, December 14 That means you would resonate with my site very much. Saturn is moving to your sign December 23, so you are looking for stability now, and you want to put down roots.  Mars will go into Aries the ruler of your fifth house, on February 19 to March 31. Venus will be in Aries form February 20 to March 31. Venus loves to be with her lover Mars but they are rarely together. On Saturday February 21, they will conjoin! Wow! This should be a great time to meet someone amazing.

Dear Susan, Capricorn with Cancer rising here. I have been chasing my dream job the last 2 years and although I've come close in January this year, nothing is really coming to fruition. Is there hope in the next couple of months?

I will tell you what I wish I didn't have to tell you--we have a monster eclipse on April 4, which will be difficult for your career, dear Capricorn. I would take any job and wait for better times. A full moon lunar eclipse on September 27 could be useful as Saturn will be very comforting and stable.

From November 12 to January 3, you will see a lot of career activity, and that period might be your best.

Hi Susan! Thanks for all you do. Love the latest horoscope forecast and glad you are feeling better. Born May 27/gemini female. House hunting... which month in 2015 will bring me my best opportunities to locate my dream house? How about love/relationship?

Hi dear Gemini,

For houses/ condos/ rentals/ renovations/ repairs Gemini is the most favored sign once Jupiter goes to Virgo, August 11 to September 6, 2016, a period of 13 months! I love the solar eclipse of September 13, which will get the ball rolling!

My new business launches in December, and I am confused about dates. From an astrology perspective - what date matters? For eg: The date I launch the website? The date I started the business? When is my little baby business birthdate?

Your darling new baby business' birthday is the day the government gave you your Federal ID number, or when you first opened your doors. This is a great month--see my December report. Use all good days, avoid Dec 15 and 24.

Dear Susan--I hope your recovery is going well and thank you for all the hard work! I'm a scorpio with 15 degrees leo rising, and I have felt some of Jupiter's effect (e.g. my expanding waistline!) I saw on your forecast that Jupiter is going to go retrograde soon, and you have mentioned for some signs that it's best to settle down before that happens, but for leo you said this might mean some birthdays will get three visit by jupiter, which is a good thing-- so I'm a little confused, and wonder if you could say a bit more about the effect of this retrograde as it's not often discussed compared to mercury retrograde? Thank you so much!

Jupiter never brings affliction. It is the happy plane that brings us gives and luck. Any planet retrograde will be a little weaker, so it's not ideal for starting a business or a new venture for profit. When a planet passes over your Sun or any planet, it means a transformation is about to take place. Write down what happens each time this occurs, by the last time Jupiter makes his third pass your transformation will be complete!

Hi Susan, good to know that your new med is working and hope you will be back to normal by 100% very soon. I am a Taurean female born on 24th April, out of work since 2009, struck with Cancer last year, finished with treatment & back to normal and need to get back to work. No luck so far, although attending interviews. When would a Taurus gets a good vibe from cosmos in relation with job front. Thank you in advance.

Today, Mars goes into Aquarius, perfect for you to find a job.  You will have two new moons, the first, January 20, to help you! the second new moon (new moons bring opportunity) on February 18 isn't as well aspected, but nevertheless may help you.  Plan to get a job  soon because no special aspects will come after that.  Take anything, but start working. The digital world, social media, the natural and social sciences, not for profit, or political work for a candidate would all be good areas to try.

Hi Susan, I am planning to having an elective abdominal surgery, but I was told by my astrologer that I should wait until March of 2016. I would prefer to do it sooner, and I was hoping you might be able to find me a window before then. I'm a Sagittarius female born Nov. 23 (00 degrees) with Libra rising (20 degrees). Thank you in advance for your help. Sending warm thoughts for a speedy and full recovery from your illness from Virginia.

Dear Virgina,

I don't like that Saturn will be moving over your Sun now, for healing may take a long time. By March 2016, Jupiter, your ruler, Jupiter will be in Virgo, a good place for abdominal surgery. I actually like your other astrologer's advice to do it March 26.

The luckiest day of the year, August 26, but Venus will be retrograde a long time this summer. I would wait to March 2016.

When is the best time for cosmetic surgery in 2015 for an aries/libra rising?

First, be sure to avoid the time when Venus sleeps in retrograde--July 25 to September 6. That would be a terrible time to do anything related to improving your looks--Venus rules beauty and love. Better: Venus will be in Aries Feb 20 to March 17 (nice and strong) and in Libra November 8 to December 4. I also like the luckiest day of the year, August 26 when the Sun meets with Jupiter in health-conscious Virgo. I should really see the entire chart, however, to choose the right day!

Hi Susan, I love your Astrologyzone app! It helps me consider the opportunities of each day. I'm Aries / Leo rising, and I've gone through a separation in my marriage a few months ago. I'm wondering, is it worth the effort to reconciliate? He's a Virgo and we're living apart, but I'm having trouble figuring out if I should keep trying to find a way through this for us or if I should just move on? Thanks so much.

Dear Aries with Leo rising,

An astrologer can never tell you whether to stay or go. That choice has to be yours. I am wondering if money was the stickler point? Aries has had such a hard time with a relationship recently due to Uranus, but any relationship you were in now would be that way, from March 2011 to 2019. Of course you don't feel this at all times, only when the transiting planet, Uranus, hits a natal planet in the chart positively or negatively. (We all get this, and usually it is a mix of both). No matter who you were with, or will be, you will feel this aspect. The universe wants us to learn from it. You husband has to want to work on the relationship too--it cannot be one sided. If you still love him, work on the relationship and see if he wants to come back too.

Hi Susan I love reading your posts each month and really hope that you're feeling well. I'm an early (March 22nd) Aries with Leo Rising and work in the arts. I haven't had any breakthroughs this year career-wise as I had hoped, in fact, it's all been rather quiet! I was wondering when the stand-out periods for career success will be in 2015? Many thanks for your time. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a great 2015.

Re-read my December report! You must get on the phone and make appointments! What a dazzling chart you have for career success in December! You have not seen anything like this in so very long! It will not be quiet for long! Merry Christmas to you too! You may find your new prestigious position will be the best gift Santa could ever bring you!

how does being born during mercury retrograde affect me? I am a Capricorn from Jan 19 1976. Thanks Susan and glad to hear you are feeling better!

I was born with Mercury retrograde too. It means you are highly philosophical--you like to think back and reflect on questions and mysteries of life.

The last mercury retrograde kicked my butt (mechanical parts broke down) and communication snafus. In the next mercury retrograde, I am having a book come out. Can that be a good thing?

Mine did too and the book was never launched properly that year. Hire your own publicist and sell the book without your publisher's help. It's not an ideal situation, but you can overcome it by changing plans (and hiring that PR agent).

HI, Susan. Glad to see you doing well. My question is what does it really mean when you have empty houses in your chart? I'm a Cancer and I have 4 empty (2, 5, 8 and 9). Thanks!

Dear friend,

We all have empty houses in our horoscopes. The cusps of each house have a sign, and the ruler of that sign "runs" that house of the horoscope. You have to see the conversations that ruling planet is having with other natal and transiting planets to know what is up with that part of of your life. Also, keep in mind that transiting planets keep marching through a house, so no house would be empty for long! One more point:  there are 8 planets plus the sun and moon. There is no way all 12 houses could ever be filled!

I am an October 7 born libra with an Aquarius rising sign. I has received several job offers that seems too good to be true through connections from friends. i have been at my job for almost 20 years and am nervous about making such a drastic job change. is this what i have been working towards? i am not happy with my current job as i feel under paid and unappreciated.

You need to "re-pot" yourself in a new garden, dear Libra. You are born next to the major eclipse October 8. You need to interview for the new job or that eclipse, still operative, will bring things to the point when you can't stand your job another minute. It's time to change your routine. Eclipses near our birthdays uproot us, but for a reason--it's time to grow and learn new skills.

Susan, Really appreciate all the amount of effort you put in each month! I’m a Taurean female (Scorpio rising). Since last year my friendship (long distant) with my Scorpio friend whom I really admire has deteriorated. No fights or any issues as such. He is very career oriented and I always make sure I never disturb him while he is working. I don’t know if it is because of the influence of Saturn but now I feel the gap between us has just widened. He’s been extremely busy and naturally the number of calls reduced but now it is almost no more. Is it possible to bridge this gap? Sometimes I feel he is so immersed in his work that he doesn't care anymore...

Dear Taurus/ Scorpio rising,

I think your boyfriend has moved on. I have to say that I feel that long distance relationships are so very hard. I had one once for a long time, and when two people life in different cities it is not the same as living in the same city. when you live apart, it's so exciting when you visit each other. You clear time to be together, and you both give each other lots of attention. Alas, that's not real life. You, as a Taurus, have hosted Saturn (life lessons leared) in your relationship house, considered one of the harshest apsects possible. Saturn is moving out of that position on December 23, 2014. You need to move on too. Your relationship didn't blow up, it died a slow death--I am not sure which is harder to deal with. Be practical and be with someone who wants to be with you, passionately!

I am a Gemini male (1978) and am not sure about my rising (might be cancer). I am going through a suffering separation negotiation with my wife (Aries 1982). I wonder if the divorce settlement could happen in 2015. Will the settlement be a clean cut in terms of property division (a house, cars, and other valuable). can it be completed soon? We have not started the legal process yet. Thank you very much!

Dear Gemini,

If you do have Cancer rising, your income and finances would be protected with a great security. Gemini has Saturn on the say to the seventh house of marriage, so the process could slow down to a crawl until this coming summer, with much paperwork needed from you starting December 23 until June. I would say, undo the marriage sooner rather than later. It may be already too late to speed things up, and without a clear rising sign, I am sorry I can't say more!

Hi Susan, I hope you're feeling well. Thank you for your horoscopes! I am a Cancer, Leo rising, and my boyfriend is a Virgo, Leo rising. I want to ask you what you think about the match, and how Saturn might impact our long-distance relationship in the next few years. Based on the December horoscope, it sounds like Saturn is getting ready to move out of my fifth house of love... but will then impact my Leo aspect... and then Virgo too! Is this correct? Please tell me we're not doomed!

Dear Cancer / Leo rising

You are right, Saturn is leaving your house of true love (in regard to your Cancer Sun) but the same planet is heading to your house of true love, now, due to your rising Leo. You have had a lot of experience with Saturn, so by now you are an expert, and that tells me with less to learn from Saturn.Don't worry too much about this! Your boyfriend will have a new experience with Saturn, however, as Saturn in in the first house craves stability. See what happens. Many get married with Saturn on the ascendant as your boyfriend will have soon.

My sun is in Pisces, with acquarius Ascendant and moon in Cancer. I am a young woman trying to decide between a career in sales or pursuing a writing career. Given my planets, what would you think would be a better fit?

Dear Pisces/ Aquarius/ Cancer,

I think you can do both, sell during the day and write at night? When I started astrologyzone I had two jobs like that, one in the day and did my website at night, for six years. If you are passionate, you can do it. Any new venture (writing, sales) needs money coming in, so by doing both, you will secure the hatches).

Hi Susan! Thanks for doing this live chat, much appreciated. I am a Scorpio Sun/Pisces Rising with natal Saturn in Sag. I have felt the lessons and teaching from Scorpio in Saturn but since it is transiting to my natal Sag, what can I expect to look out for with this transition? Thanks!

Dear Scorpio/ Pisces Rising,

Saturn in Sagittarius will be fantastic for the Pisces in your chart, for you will have a chance to rise through the ranks and be a fore to be reckoned with by the end of the coming three years. Saturn in Sagittarius will tighten your income for Scorpio. I wrote extensively about this in my long December report on Astrology Zone so have a look  for Scorpio AND Pisces if you didn't see it yet.

Hi Susan! I hope your treatment tomorrow goes well. I'm turning 33 tomorrow (Aries rising) and have spent the last several years focusing on my career and my friends/family, more so than my own personal life. I made a concerted effort to date more this past year, but to no avail (in fact, it was a brutal waste of time/energy). What does the next year have in store for me? I have personal goals I want to accomplish, and finding a partner would be nice (but only if it's the right fit).

Dear Sagittarius with Aries Rising,

Finding true love is hard for anyone, but with your Aries rising, you have the very best aspects for love of any sign! Jupiter in Leo will transit your romance house until August 11. It took 12 years for you to see Jupiter help you in matters of love, so be sure to circulate as much as possible. Your stars are twinkling, dear Aries rising. The Sag in you wants to build a firm foundation for the future, so you will not waste time with love interests not interested in a long term, serious relationship won't interest you. You are getting down to business, and when that happens, good things result.

Hi Susan~ Loved your story about replacing your 'DOORS' this month in your astrology zone column ! And speaking of doors, I'm trying to hold on to a house I have owned for 8 years. I know Saturn can be constricting but it won't be in my house of home till at least 2016. What influences keeping or letting go of one's home? Thank you!

Dear Gemini,

Go to the bank and see your banker about helping you with the house. Gemini can talk circles around other signs and with Jupiter in your communication house, you can win any debate. You will be so articulate! do your homework, come with paperwork.  If anyone can persuade a banker, it is you! 

 I bought my apartment when Saturn was in my fourth house. The bank made a large math error (so very Saturn) and wanted a huge lump of money later, and would not redo the mortgage. I told them I didn't have lumps of money just sitting around, so they worked with me, being it was their mistake, and spread the payments over three years, in small increments, and they did not charge me interest. You can talk to them--they do not want to foreclose. They want to work with you!

We have come to the end of the chat, and I am so grateful you have come to see me. I hope I answered your question, or one very similar to it.  I was very careful to choose questions of every sign. Be sure to read through the archived chat(s) that my producer of the Washington Post  posts for me. This has been a lovely experience. If you didn't read my December forecast on Astrology Zone, you will find many questions answered--they run very long and give you all that you need.If you have more questions I am on Twitter @astrologyzone or FB as "Susan Miller."

Thank you to the kind people at the Washington Post for this year of opportunity. It has been exciting to have such direct access to my readers and to hear all that is on their minds.

Best wishes

Susan Miller

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