Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions (November 12, 2013)

Nov 12, 2013

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on Wednesday, October 9, at noon, EDT*

Susan says: October is due to be a month of surprise, challenging developments due to high key planetary conflicts in October's first week, a major eclipse on October 18, and the onset of Mercury retrograde October 21 (to last until November 10). You can read your October forecast from Susan here.

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Thank you so much for taking time out to join me today on this wonderful forum.Special thanks to the Washington Post for making this chat possible to all of us for free. While you are on the site, later, check out the stories on the Washington Post front page. This is one of the most esteemed newspapers in America.  

When you post, try to make your question interesting to many readers, for that will increase your chances of my choosing your question. State your birthday and your rising sign too if you know it.  

Today is a wonderful day, with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in perfect angle to the Sun! That's why I chose today!

Let's get started!

Susan Miller, founder,

How do you find out what your rising sign is?

The rising sign (or "ascendant" -means the same thing) is SO important to know. In order to find it out, you need to get hold of your origianl birth certificate, the one the nurse hand wrote for you at your birth. (Computer copies are not good enough as most municipalities drop off the time of birth along with other details like mother and father's name, and so forth.)  Once you have that, write to me and order the custom book I write for you (60+ pages, illustrated in color).

Wondering if your birthday portends your whole new year? Or your birthday month is special and then the month 6 months later (your half birthday) --- would that be "special" too? I am a March 1st baby.

Dear Pisces, You are so intuitive and so very right!

Your birthday triggers an entire new trend in your chart, and astrologers call it a "solar return." (Literally "the sun returns to the place it was at your birth.") In my column if you see that a day I point out as special, like I did for today, November 12, also happens to be your birthday, then your year will be special too. Pay close attention to what I say about that day for those good aspects will follow you the whole year! Yes, the half birthday is considered important too, and some astrologers believe it can break a bad patch of months if you ever experienced hardships for six months after your birthday. I am not so sure about thatt. For example, you are Pisces, so think back to March 2009--a really hard time for most Pisces. Did life get better once you got to September 2009? In my research the answer is no, 2009 was awful for PISCES and also VIRGO too, due to transiting Uranus and Saturn. Those two planets made 2009 very hard.

But yes, the solar return gives you details that you cannot see anywhere else in a chart. I have a book I offer that I write just for  your annual solar return you might like, custom for you by day-month-year-precise time of birth and city of birth:

with the sun eclipse I have made my mind to change my job. How do you see the job opportunities would be for scor/sag rising. Thank you...

Dear Scorpio,

Your career question is so timely! That eclipse of November 3 is setting the stage for you! The new moon December 2 will have the power to increase your income! A job offer may come VERY suddently as Uranus is sweetly angled to that new moon!  Start polishing your resume! You may have that new job much sooner than you think, dear Scorpio! Come back next month and let me know!

I am a Taurus female, Libra rising, born April 28. I am currently so unhappy in love...when will be the next best time to find a soulmate?

Finding love has become difficult in our rush-rush world. First, make sure you really want to find love and that you are willing to devote time to a relationship. (This is not a trick question--many of us don't have time for Prince Charming and would have to reschedule the date if he rode to your doorstep on his white horse!) Your birthday, April 28 is one that has suffered a hard time last year, for Saturn was opposed to your Sun. Saturn has moved deeper into Scorpio (Scorpio is the sign found 6 months from your birthday, opposing Taurus' Sun). Libra has Uranus opposing the Sun, so you truly have had a hard time. Uranus, too, has moved into later degrees, but you don't give me  your rising sign degree, so I can't say for sure what is happening with Uranus in your chart. I can say this: Go slowly into any relationship you find...the person you see may not be the person for will take time to decide whether that person is real or not. The eclipse of November 3 might set off possibities this month...February might be special too, as the new moon, January 30 plus two weeks will light your house of true love. 

Hi Susan! What are the key features of each astrological house? Thanks!

Here is a list of the houses and what they rule:

1st house- you and your personality, your vitality and all your determination. This house also includes what you look like, and how you feel. It is the engine that runs the chart, for it is all about you and what is important to you.

2nd house - your salary, income and all your savings. Also, if you hope to buy something expensive, like a car, that action would show up here. 

3rd house is your short trips, education (lower, below college) and matters having to do with your sisters and brothers--also cousins. How you write, think and generally communicate with others is in this house. I have found your memories of childhood is stored here too. 

4th house is your home, what it looks like and how you feel about it, other real estate, and your parents. It is also your family, ancestors. 

5th house is your romantic house--love! It's also your children, and creative energies. Pregnancy and adoption also falls  in this house.

6th house is your work-a-day world. Your assignments, coworkers, tools you use to do your job. It's NOT the house that reflects the status in your industry (that's 10th house). It is the work you do on a day to day level that helps you make a name for yourself eventually. it is also new business if you are self-employed, or new clients or projects if you work for others. The sixth house also reflects your health, but in terms of what you do to keep yourself healthy.

7th house is your partnerships and marriage partner. 

8th house is other people's money--taxes, inheritances, commissions, bonus, licensing fees, child support, prize winnings, pensions, mortgages, bank loans and so forth

9th house is long distance travel, education for college and beyond, publishing and broadcasting, legal matters, and spiritual meditations.

10th house is career accolades--honors, awards, achievement, fame, promotions--the ancient astrologers called it the house of dignity

11th house- clubs and charities you belong to, and all your friendships

12th house- all things done in secret, behind closed doors, such as the book you are writing or the artistic work you are creating. it is also the house of confinement, like hospitals, rehab centers, jails--any where you are confined, hopefully to get better or rehabilitated.;

You have mentioned the difficulty that the Eclipse is in April 2014 will bring I am a Aries with a Libra rising how will this affect these two signs?

April is due to be a very, very difficult month. We all need to get to high ground before April hits, which will be like a mythological Katrina hurricane. Difficulties start the minute the month takes off and it will just keep going. We have angry planets fighting with each other everywhere. April 15 brings a full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, and solar April 29 in Taurus. These are some of the meanest eclipses I have seen in years. You will have to watch a close relationship, dear Aries with Libra rising. Your need for freedom will be very strong, so it may be you that one day stands up and says aloud, "Enough!"

Hi Susan. I'm a female Pisces (both sun and rising) born February 23 and I feel that I've lost my crafting creativity. When will Pisces get the artsy spark back? Thanks!

Dear Pisces,

You currently have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in your house of creastivity in a once in 12-year trend. You will keep Juptier at your side until July 16, 2014. I feel you may be board with the same type crafts you have been doing. Try something new, and also, go to a crafts museum to get inspired. I feel you need to add some new elements into the mix. 

I have been out of work for over a year now. No interviews or calls but plenty of rejections! Is there a light at the end of this frustrating tunnel? I need money soon and fast. Please help Susan-July 18, Scorpio rising

Dear Cancer, with Scorpio rising,

See the last question I just answered, where I list all the professions right for Scorpio rising. Cancer is great with hotel and all sorts of hospitality, restaurant management, home arts (like Martha-Stewart type products for the home from kitchen and beyond). You have superb aspects, so I am surprised that you are finding it so hard. Perhaps Mercury in retrograde held things up, but Mercury is now direct as of Sunday. I cannot see all your planets, but so far, so good--you have all you need to hit that baseball right out of the park in a big home run!

Hi Susan! Thanks so much for talking with us for free today! I know several people born during Mercury retrograde and I would love to provide them with more information about what it means to be born during a Mercury retrograde. You've mentioned that if you are born during Mercury retrograde that you are philosophical. What else can you tell me about those born during Mercury retrograde? The good and the bad! Thanks so much!

You are so darling to ask that. I was born with Mercury retrograde.  You learn things your own way, you are an independant thinker, you find your own conclusions. You have non-linear thinking, which is good! I have a hunch that Mercury retro babies grow up with a very strong right brain (the visual side). They grow to be philosophical because they look back and refect so much. Some say that those with Mercury retrograde at birth don't feel the annoying slowdowns when transiting Mercury retrogrades, but that is not true at all for me or anyone I have ever know. Publishing and broadcasting industries are ruled by Mercury so those working in those fields feel Mercury quite a bit.  Hope this helps!

Hi Susan! I've seen you mention that cardinal signs are experiencing tough trials at the moment. In your opinion, when will these trials end? What group of signs will be in the same circumstances when the cardinals are done dealing with their hardships? Thank you for all you do!

The cardinal signs are having it tough, but it is too hard to answer your question in a short way. It all depends on the degrees of your sun. Pluto will stay in Capricorn (a cardinal sign) until 2024, and Uranus will stay in Aries (a cardinal sign) until 2019. The problems the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn) are having is due to these two planets, and the eclipses that are happening in 2014. You don't feel these planets unless the degrees of your Sun are within range. The people feeling the heat now are those born during first week of July, January, April and October. (That includes the US, as our birthday is July 4.) You only feel this about 18 months, not the whole time. 

Hi Susan.I'm a Gemini born June 17th with Sag rising. I've been seeing a guy the past 6 months who's a Libra (Oct 22nd) Leo rising. We had a convo today (Nov 11th) about making it official and it did not go well. This is a guy I dated three years ago, broke up and got back together. Things have been going so well this time around. He says due to personal career issues, he doesn't want to give a boyfriemd / girlfriend tag but will give his word he'll be committed. I am so confused and upset. I felt it was all going so strongly and we were heading in the same path. Please can you advise where I missed the signs and what love potential is looking for our signs? Thank you.

Dear Gemini,

This is not a good sign. This man needs time alone to think. Break it off now. Libra is going through a lot, granted, but he is asking for your "prime time" and it's not fair. You will have plenty of choices with new love once Mars enters Libra on December 7 until July 26, 2014. Mars rarely stays in a sign more than 6 or 7 weeks. You will have eight months of Mars in your 5th house of true love!!!!! Don't waste it!  Venus will go retrograde December 21 to Janaury 31, a time all love goes dim. Venus will be resting, and we will be plunged into a no-frills period at Christmas time, and through January I am so sorry to say. The time from December 21 to January 10 is due to be VERY rough. I worry that couples will be disagreeing a lot, especially when Mars opposes Uranus on December 24-25. The week after, December 29 through January 2 is very rough too. This is so distressing to have to say. Keep things low key. Sweet Gemini, he just does not deserve you. Let him be, and see if he changes, if not, there is no hope. Have very low expectations. Again I am so sorry to say this!

I'm a Virgo with a rising on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio. Work and Career seems to be just one nowhere boring job after another. Is there any hope to find a job I'll be happy with? Sign me; Sad Virgo.

Dear Virgo, with Libra-Scorpio rising: You are not alone for being frustrated with the job market. I am so sad to see how many people are out of work. Here's a thought: Look to your rising sign for your true vocation. You have Libra-Scorpio rising, just like my niece. Libra is great at parties and all things current. Libra is the arbiter of taste. They are wonderful working with all Venus-ruled areas (flowers, perfume, jewelry, lingerie, cosmetics, spas and so forth). Scorpio is associated with law and order, investigative and detective work, security systems, banking and money management, medicine (doctor, nurse, medical technician). Virgo is also wonderful with research, and additionally, is a superb editor/ writer/ fact checker? proof reader--any job in publishing is great for Virgo. I think today's aspect with Jupiter trine the Sun may get you a phone call!

Hey u and have been an avid follower for over 6-7 yrs. I'm CAP 1/16/65 @ 13;59p and have been experiencing many setbacks, hardships, etc. Will Dec get any better? A brief look into Jan 2014. Any hopes? 

Hi dear Capricorn!

I wish you had given me your city of birth. Cardinal signs have been going through a hard time (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn). I will address December in a moment but January may be your month, as many planets will be in Capricorn at the time, favoring you. Yet there will be challenges too about January. I was exhasperated to see that the new moon January 1, 2014 in Capricorn is an angry one, but nevertheless all new moons bring opportunity. Although it's not perfect, you can see progress in January in career. You had a lot of trouble with transiting Pluto hitting your moon...that part is over. The message is: change is necessary. Once you change some key elements in your life, relief will be instant. These planets are not there to make us upset, but to make us see the cracks in the foundation. Once we fix those cracks by making changes, we feel better fast. 

Hi Susan! We are planning to get married, can you tell the best days in 2014? In general or if you can be more specific for us (me:Taurus with Leo ascendant  and him:Virgo/Sag). Thank you!

My daughter is engaged, so believe me, i have gone over the year with a fine tooth comb. I want her to marry at the end of July, the day after her fiance's birthday, July 26. The first part of 2014 is out: Venus retrograde December 21-January 31. Mercury retrograde Feb 7 to 28. Mars retrograde March 1 to May 19. Mercury retrograde again June 7 to July 2. Venus retrograde, no love.  Mercury retrograde, no contract (and marriage is a contract). Mars retrograde, no energy, no push, no sex. You see the problems. I love July, esp. end of July and August. September good too. October has Mercury retrograde October 4-25. November and December OK. Most brides marry within 6 weeks of their birthday but I can't have you do that, dear Taurus.

Hi Susan, i am your huge fan. I am Virgo with Cancer rising. I read your forecast every month and also follow you on twitter. You are really accurate and starightforward. It helps me get the best out of the good aspects. I wanted to ask you if astrology affects children as much as it affects us? My son is 19 months old. He is born on 3/23/12. He is Aries with Libra rising. Since the Aries and Libra are both under hard aspects. Is it really going to affect him as a child or the effects is milder on children? Thank a lot again. I also ordered a baby book for him from your website:)

Dear wonderful mother, who is Virgo with Cancer rising,

I was so touched by your note!  No, the angels protect little babies like yours. I have heard it said that aspects are much milder to children below age 12. He is too little to have friends yet, and your Cancer rising will provide such a happy home for your Lillupution from the land of Lulliput. (I love babies!!!) I would watch his health as those aspects you refer to for Libra and Aries ARE very tough. Have the baby looked at by the doctor at regular intervals. Get all his vaccinations and do all doctor says. He should be fine. I loved your question!

Good afternoon Susan! I love reading my monthly horoscope on Always right on target! I am engaged and looking to get married as soon as we get a couple of things squared away. I am selling my condo and we are moving in together. My birthday is 3/22 (female) and his is 7/6. Can you give us some good dates for our wedding? And will my condo ever sell? Thank you!

See the answer I gave the other bride, just now for your wedding question. It's got to be in July or August!

Condo selling?  Aries has good real estate aspects with Jupiter in Cancer--this is good for your fiance too. I would say the full moon Janaury 16 may be the time to sell. However, in the states (are you in the US?) few people sell their condos in the winter. Statistics say May through September is the easiest time to sell.  Next opportunity to move and sell for you will be at the new moon June 27 plus two weeks. There will be obstacles to overcome, but you may do it.  End of May, at the new moon May 29 is good for selling your condo too--this one is for you, not your husband, so you have the luck then.

Virgo sept 8 - sag rising. I took a great "position" June 17 this year. I feel like a failure and like it is not getting better. Constant things wrong. When is career a success? And where is love?

You took your new job (June 17) as Jupiter was approaching the Sun (June 19) the luckiest day of the year! Oh my goodness. The new moon was in Gemini that week earlier, June 8, in your house of honors, awards, achievement fame. A great time! Mercury, ruler of Gemini, was in hard angle to Uranus, so some unexpected things may have come up that you never saw coming in this job. Still, can you talk with your boss to see if another dept. would show off your skills to better advantage? You are excellent at communication--I would love to see you in broadcasting or publishing industries. Your Sag rising has difficulties with love, but your Virgo has a great outlook with Mars in Virgo, giving you charisma. Be out and about until December 7! I want you to find love!

I have been through what feels like the worst with the loss of my parents all of them in a few years a marriage a business and a change of address across the country. I am now finding my footing in a new career in media. How do the next few weeks and months to come faire for Capricorns born the first week of Jan look? I do hope we will not be bomb barded with more hardships in 2014. Can you shed some light on this for Us. Feeling strong and confident! Thanks dear!

I want to come and have tea with you, dear Capricorn. Wow, you've had so many changes, and you were born in the first week of January. You are under maximum stress, but you are doing something about it! Once change is done, the rest of life gets easier. These planets are twisting your arm to get you to make brave changes, and you have! I so admire your get-up-and-go! So now you are on the West Coast I would guess. I think the shifts you have made will pay off. While your challenges are not done, you have slid into the driver's seat, and I like that you are being proactive. Yes, I think things will improve for you, despite the hard new moon January 1. I am so sorry you lost your parents within a few years. Losing my father in 1988 was hard, but when Little Mom went too laset year, I have been devistated. I am so sympathic. Keep your chin up--you have a whole new life in front of you now.

I am Born on 15th June had a very mixed month in Oct. I am afraid to look at Nov. things are not in good shape on the personal relationship front with mother and sister. Please suggest how to deal with it.

Dear Gemini,

October was a hard month for many people, but November is glorious--by all means check what I wrote for November's - Don't be concerned. It's good. About your family relationship, that's not showing up in Gemini's chart. It has to do with your rising sign, but you don't mention it here. Knowing the rising sign gives all the timing to a horoscope chart. You need to find out your time of birth to the minute, which should appear on your birth certificate if it's the one written by the nurse. Then go to my other site to order a book that I write for you:  Your natal chart will never change, so it only needs to be done a second time. I am so sorry I can't answer your queston. I will say that Gemini in general often have an important and sometimes complicated relationship with siblings, often not their fault. 

Hi, I was born on October 23 and always thought of myself as a Scorpio. Though recently I had my personalised annual forecast and I was told that I am libra. Could you please explain. Even astrologyzone website put 23 October under the sign of Scorpio. I feel like I lost my personality! Thank you. Alex

I need more info--day, month, year, time and precise time of birth, along with city.

The Sun does not roll into the next sign at the stroke of midnight on the day the sign starts. For example, those born October 23, 1970 were Libra until 3:04 PM in New York City that day. Cusp babies need to know their precise time of birth and the day, month, year and city--you do, and you are apparently a late Libra. We pay a royalty to an atlas company to make sure the natal chart takes into account national boarder changes, daylight time, and so forth. We know our software is the best. I work with the Placidus-Tropical algorithm, the one most astrologers like best, including me. 

Hi Susan, thank you so much for all the service you do. I am cancer/ cancer rising. I am a PhD student in computer science. When is a good time for me to propose my thesis (give my comprehensive exam) early next year? Also, being a graduate student should I focus on advancement of career part or education part when I read your forecasts.

Dear PhD Cancer,

I loved your question. Your thesis and all your efforts to gain a degree falls in the 9th house, rulign the higher mind. I like March 1 (depending on time zone), when the new moon in Pisces will come by, perfect angle to your Sun, and also to transiting Jupiter. I love this date for you, and in the week after! Mercury will be turning direct Feb. 28, so you are in the clear there, dear Cancer. (March 5 is good, Jupiter turns direct the following day.) Good luck on this--you are achieving a LOT!

I am a pisces with virgo rising suffering from relationship issues for ever. Do you see anything positive happening on relationship front any time soon.

I am so sorry--falling in love, staying in love, and progressing in love has become an epic problem in our society. I feel that with Pisces and Virgo rising, Neptune has been very prominent in your chart, and that has caused you to idealize your partner. That is such a lovely quality in Pisces, seeing the best in everyone, but alas, that trips up Pisces sometimes because it is your nature not to see the flaws. When you finally do, it's too late--you've been in the relationship a long time, and it's very painful to leave. Also, people who need help tend to come to you, because you have such a soft heart. I would say the only remedy to this is to listen to your friends and family's advice when you are in a relationship that worries them. Try to see their point of view, as they will have clearer eyes than you. You have such a sympathetic heart, it is easy for some partners to take advantage of you. you have the finest of all aspects to find love, with Jupiter in the solar fifth house! Jupier will leave this placement on July 16, 2014. In the meantime, Juptier will turn direct and get stronger on March 6 as Juptier just started to retrograde November 7. While retrograde, you may be tempted to reconcile with a former love--see if there is someone in your past you'd like to see again to find out if you can make a go of it. Don't get involved with any relationship too fast. (Mars in Libra from December 7 to July 25) will push you to get physically involved too soon, making everything too complicated. Get to know your new love interest's friends and family first.) Love is out there for you dear Pisces--and with Virgo rising, your friends or their social events may help you find new love. Come back next month and let me know how you are doing!

Susan, I am an femal aquarius sun, capricorn rising and cancer descendant. I live in the US. I don't hear much about the descendant. What role does it play in our personalities and our lives? What should we be looking for when we want to capitalize on the effects of the descendant? What other info can you share with us about our descendant sign? Thanks!

The decendant is precisely opposite the ascendant, and rules your partnerships. It is the cusp of the house of marriage. Keep your eye on the part that rules YOU, and your desires, the ascendant or rising sign. Don't be concerned at all with the decendant. In some cases the 7th house (marriage and all established partners) rules open enemies, but only if that house is under siege. Keep your eye on your sun sign, dear Aquarius, and Capricorn. That's all and you will be good! Love your question!

Hi Susan, I am a Scorpio with Aquarius rising. What are the areas of focus for Scorpios in the next 12 months broadly- travel/work/marriage or health? Are there any relevant dates to look out regarding milestones on any of the above in the upcoming months?

I am writing an entire book to answer those questions, and each chapter takes several days!!!! Ha, ha, no way to answer your question! You are moving into a critical, and very positive career phase, borth for Scorpio and Aquarius. Let's leav it at that. It's all good. 

Hi! I'm a Scorpio woman, born October 30th. I finished grad school in May and have been interviewing for jobs since then. I've gotten super close a few times, but haven't gotten any offers yet. What do my career prospects look like? I'm trying to stay positive, patient and persistent, but could really use a WIN. Thanks Susan!

I am finding in my own research that Scorpio and Scorpio rising has had a very difficult time finding the right position. Many who fit that sign description are pulling out their hair. The good news is Juptier's elegant angle the Sun today may bring a sudden breakthrough. I love, love, love when Jupiter goes into Leo for you July 16 for a full year, but that's a long time away. For now, I feel the eclipse, November 3, which you are born so close to, will help you now. Eclispes are real game-changers, for sure!

Does a romantic breakup/time apart during Mercury retrograde mean the relationship over? Both have natal Mercury retrograde.

You may come back together! Mercury retro often makes us rush and not think about what we are saying--may regret breaking up. See how it goes.

Hi Susan! My husband (Nov.19th, Sagittarius rising) and I (Oct.12th, Scorpio rising) are hoping to put our house up for sale after the new year to take advantage of the low interest rates in attaining a better suited home for our growing family. Saturn is going retrograde March - July and I have read that is a difficult period in which to sell real estate. Would it be safe if we have it on the market by March, or is it better to wait until Saturn goes direct? Are there any astrological aspects that are to our advantage as to when to put it on the market? Thank you in advance?

Dear Sagittarius, 

I have never heard about Saturn retrograde being hard to sell a house. When my mother died, we sold her's with Saturn retrograde, with no problem. I have heard statistically it's very hard to sell a house or condo outside of the warm weather months as people move around after their children are out of school. Even if you have no children, it's best to wait until then.  Sag will do best as of the new moon on your 4th house March 1, or the full moon in your house of home, September 8. Also for Scorpio, February may bring buyers but Mecury will be retrograde, and that is more important than any other planet. Libra might have luck in January, as many planets will fill your 4th house, but the new moon January 1 is so angry there will be an obstacle to get over. Hope you sell it!

Hi Susan! Thank you for responding to my question and LOVE all that you do!!! Would you please shed some light on how the shift of the outer planets will effect us over the course of the next few years...... and, how we should embrace and prepare for these changes. I am a Virgo with Taurus rising and had a very difficult time since 2006 (major illness, loss of income, few romantic prospects) any relief given the current planet placements. Thanks again and wishing you all the Best!

this will all be in my book...I am printing out everyone's question to be sure to have all topics covered!

When you say "Best Days" in Forecast ---- is it that exact day or can we experience that aspect 24 hours before and after that day? I only ask because as Pisces you said Nov 7th great day and Nov 6th I had an outstanding day. See?

Depends on where you live. In Asia, for example, today is really tomorrow, so people there have an extra day. In Europe, people have one 1/2 day more. Yes, there is usually a + or - 1 day to the Dates to Note, but generally the ones I list are the very best. I am happy to hear you have had a great day the day before! See if this is a pattern for you! Come back next month and please tell me! 

I wanted you all to know that my older app, Astrology Zone Premier for iPhone, started in 2003 is ending today. (My app of the same name, Astorlogy Zone Premier, will still work on Android and Samsung but eventually we will offer a new one for those phones too) My new app is more robust, includes a Twitter and Facebook feed, and also has the same long daily forecasts you love. 

To get the long detailed you will have to subscribe (say, $13 for three months for example), as I have to cover rising costs. We make sure your app will work on all iPhones, now and in the future, and many of the ones in the past. 

Please search the Apple App Store for "Susan Miller" to get your "Susan Miller Astrology Zone Daily Horoscope Free" app to download. You will get free daily mentions, which are short and snappy.


If you would like all 12 daily horoscopes sent to your email box in your cell phone and computer, daily (yes, all 12), 7 days a week, you can go to and start getting them in a flash. Those are by subscription too--there's a sample to see, and many love them.

One last announcement: If you live in MIAMI or close to the city, I am appearing in the Fontainbleau Hotel on Friday night with a big event, you will want to event--party, my Year Ahead 2014 talk, and an optional dinner with me (limited to 40) in La Cote (all taxes, tips included in the $99 package). If you get closed out of that, I have a luncheon with talk on Sat November 16. For details: (come see me!) or to my Facebook events page

I am so sorry--it is time to go! I have been here two hours, but tell your friends who could not come, that the kind producers at the Washington Post will post an archive of this chart here, for anyone to access.  

Come back next month when I will be here on December 10 at Noon to 2 PM. If I did not answer your question, I will print out this list of questions and be sure I cover those topics in my book for Year Ahead 2014. Thank you so much for coming today!

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