Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions (October 9, 2013)

Oct 09, 2013

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on Wednesday, October 9, at noon, EDT*

Susan says: October is due to be a month of surprise, challenging developments due to high key planetary conflicts in October's first week, a major eclipse on October 18, and the onset of Mercury retrograde October 21 (to last until November 10). You can read your October forecast from Susan here.

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Hi, I am Susan Miller of We have a tough few months coming up, so let's talk about how you fared so far in October.

When you ask your question be sure to do it in a way that will be interesting to many readers, as that will increase your chances of being chosen.

When you look at the upcoming months, you see that things will slow down. The end of December is due to be very turbulent, from Dec 21-January 1 or so. Venus will go retro during that period December 21 to end of January, Janaury 31, but the phase of December 21-January 1 or so will be especially hard. I would not suggest you spend a lot of money on New Year's Eve--not worth traveling far to celebrate as people will be feeling out of sorts and you may also encounter a lot of weather delays. Very hard "cosmic storms" (emotional mainly) are coming through just when we all want to be celebrating. Do stick to your celebrations, but keep them contained, low key and private. If you planned to get engaged, do it EARLY in December--you can always share news with friends and family later at the holidays. I would want you to get engaged while things are still calm and sweet, December 2-17 or so. The earlier in December, the better. 

February, all month brings Mercury retrograde, just as Venus becomes no longer retrograde. March 1 brings Mars retrograde through May 21. Then June brings Mercury retrograde all month. If you have something big to do, do it in November, AFTER November 10, 2013 or in early December up until December 17 or so. After that, we are looking at an agonizingly slow year with aspects "off" for starting new businesses or getting engaged.

My daughter is engaged, and I am telling her to look at end of July or August, 2014 for her wedding. 2014 will have it's challenges, for sure, but we can get around them. Stick with me! I know you will have questions!  

Susan Miller

I'm buying a house and was hoping to close in September, but the bank is dragging its feet and requesting all this paperwork. I'm trying to avoid signing during Mercury Retrograde and the aspects for October are scary! When is best day in October to sign for my house? Sag, Cancer rising

You may have posted this question a long time ago, but since my chat is today October 9, (a good day for you!) I can only say I love the October 15, and would say October 17, trying not to get too close to the eclipse October 18. You don't say where you are based now (time zone), and I would have to know. Generally this week is safee and most of October 14-17 but the 17th is so close to the eclipse October 18.

Hi Susan, I've been following you for a while now, so I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for the insights and guidance. Q : I am a Cancer, July 13 with Scorpio rising. A fairly sociable person, but I have been single for a long time. I have even moved countries for a change of scene. Will this change anytime soon?

I love that you moved to a new country to mix things up and see if you can find love in a new city. It's hard for Cancer to do that, but with your Scorpio rising, you mean business--you are tired of same old, same old. You are looking to put the pillars of your life in place, over a firm foundation. I love your approach. Cancers are so fortunate--you have Jupiter in your sign, the #1 aspect that glows for finding new love. Keep going dear Cancer. Widen your "qualifications" for a partner--be acception to many more types of individuals.

Your tender heart is so lovable. Jow could anyone not see that shining heart of yours and want you for their own? Best of luck to you--I have a feeling things may click in November 2013.  

My life has taken a slow turn in a good way over this last year. I am a Taurus born May 20th at 12:15 am. Will this turn keep going in this direction for me?

Dear Taurus, many Taurus are taking time to think deeply what they want to happen next in life, with special attention to the person you may be dating or married to now. You have Saturn opposed to your Sun, making you very serious, and in a strategic mode. You must, by the way, take very good care of your health as soemtimes this can be a draining aspect. It's a time when big decisions get sorted out, so I love your upbeat, happy attitude. You are going to do well under this transit. 

What do you say to people who don't believe in astrology?

I say that no astrologer ever believes that astrology works until they study it. It is so counter-intuitive. Lots of things are counter intuitive. (Like, a 50,000 ton piece of metal an take you from New York to London--it's an airplane,--or if you inject mold into your body you will get well (Penicillin) I never believed in astrology until I began studying it. If you study, you need to study it for 12 years before you can read a single chart, and many times it is so complex, you feel like giving up--then, all of a sudden, it all clicks.  I say read my column which is very detailed for 6 months. Read for your Sun sign and rising sign. My website is (you can read my summaries if you feel you don't want to read the whole column). Astrology should help you immediately, by generating instant ideas.


I am a real astrologer, and a classicist but some websites are not written by real astrologers I am sorry to say. Get names of other sites from friends who do like astrology. Do a test for six months. I don't do psychological astrology for I feel you know how you feel-you are in touch with those feelings--but need to know when to act and when to hold back. To me, astrology's value is for planning. I feel I can multiply your success rate by four-fold, but you must watch the dates I give you to initiate! See how you feel. I am not an evangelist. I am a philosopher who uses astrology as a tool to get at life's problems and opportunities, and to help generate lots of ideas. To me one idea is dangerous--have many! Creatvie people love astrology (people are creative in all walks of life) for hit helps you see ways to make your life bigger, more interesting and more textured and balanced. 

Dear Susan, I have been following you for more than 6 years now. Your accuracy and insight are amazing! I am a Gemini woman Taurus rising and looking for the one true love. There is a difficult new moon on October 4 in the Gemini love sector. Is that going to have a negative impact on my luck to find new love in the near future? When will be the best timing for finding new love?

Gemini is in a hard place with love because of that difficult new moon, but also due to eclipses in Libra and Aries starting now, October 18. The next one, a very mean one, comes April 15. I say, go out, meet people but don't get involved fast. Get to know your partner's friends--do it all the old fashioned way, slowly. You must get to know your partner well before getting involved. If you do that, you should be OK. Mars will enliven your love sector from December 7 to July 25, a very, very long time-almost 8 months. Not all the people will be as they seem, however, so i am saying, be discerning, slow and careful. There may be a gem among those you meet, so stay optimistic.

Hi Susan, I have a job interview on the 10.10.2013. I am a virgo woman born 1.9.1987. I have been without work for months. Any tips Susan? Please help.

Hello dear Virgo, born September 1. You don't say where you are now, which makes a difference. For example, if you are in NYC the moon is void of course from 6:11 AM until 11:17 AM EDT on October 10. Where you are located now matters too. A void course moon will not help you, so translate that time to Otherwise it is a good day. I like October 11 and 12-17 too. 

I am gemini female, and I've never experienced so much difficult stress, one thing after another, what's going on? I've had family illness, my illness, break ups, starting projects, ceiling falling down... When is peace coming?

Dear reader, Everyone of every sign is being challenged by the dispute Pluto is having with Uranus. Soon Mars will enter the dispute to stir the pot, and the eclipses in Libra-Aries, will stir the pot further. You are a Gemini, so it is causing turbulence in your social sectors (love, friendship) but also is bringing concerns about the welfare of children (or a child/ pregnancy). What you see in the US Congress is almost a carbon copy of the disputes in the heavens...This is not an easy time for anyone. We all have to change in small and big ways and try new approaches. You will see the seas churn up very much December 21 to January 1. We all have to help each other, and families have to pull together closer to help other family members. Once you choose new things to try, you will see, things ease. It's weird that way, but it's true. We must all try something different. The old is no longer working.

Hi Susan! I'm a female Cap w/Rising Leo. I interviewed for a job on Sep 24th & was told I would know if I got the job in a couple of weeks from now. Is it good to take the job? I do, really need the cashflow. Also, I've noticed a lot of deaths around me since end of May (including my Dad)... is this going to continue? It's been hard to stay focused on work... thanks Susan! Love you!

Dear Capricorn with Leo rising. See if you can start before the retrograde of Mecury (Octobe 21 to November 10). Also, try to avoid the eclipse October 18. I never like to do anything vitally important on an eclipse (so much static), but being that these lunar and solar events herald life events, it's almost impossible not to do so!  Eclispes do get results--this one seems to be pushing you foreward as the October 18 eclispse is appearing in your solar tenth house of fame and honors. Go with it!  About the deaths, I am so sorry to hear that. You are under maximum stress, so just take one step at a time. I know it is hard to stay focused on work--you have gone through a huge life event, and we must acknowledge that. I truly understand--your family will need you to help them through this period, as your father is an imporant figure in all their lives. All I can say is take one day at a time. I am happy you have this new job. Step up to the plate and knock that ball right out of the part in a home run. You can do it!

Dear Susan, I'm a Cancer, Aries rising, born 5 July 1961 and am wondering when I can launch my new research consultancy given awful Oct... Many thanks for your wise advice... Jindra

You are quite cardinal (cardinal signs are Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn)--that means you are a mover and a shaker. I like November 12 very much--can you move that fast on opening your new business? That would be a great day!

I was born in Sao Paulo/Brazil, Nov 19th 09h30 (Scorpio sun/Cap rising). I'm planning to change my career - leaving foreign trade and going to Arts! When is the right time to do that? Don't wanna rush anything.

Greetings to Sao Paulo, Brazil from New York City! I went to your city last December--unforgettable trip. Love my readers in Brazil. You are at the very end of Scorpio. Neptune is in Pisces in friendly angle to your Scorpio planets (I don't know the year of your birth so that's a problem in doing a chart). Still you have Neptune in your fifth house of creativity--Neptune is calling out to you.  I like the new moon July 26 for you VERY much--plan to get publicity for new business! Good luck!

Hi, Susan. I'm a Cancer from July 13th, with Aries rising currently negotiating the offering price for a house. Considering the challenges in October, is it OK to continue the process or would it be better to wait until Mercury is no longer retrograde.

Dear Aries rising (same as Aries sun),  you have some of the very best aspects for real estate of ANY of the signs. Keep going as you are selling, not buying. I wonder if your buyer was pre-approved or not. You need to brace for paperwork problems or delays. Since you are selling, stay alert and flexible. I liek your aspects from Jupiter, who will save you. If you were buying I would say no! But you are selling, keep going. Go on Twitter after this is over and let me know how it worked out. (@AstrologyZone)

Hello Susan, I have been following you for over 17 years and your insights have been amazing! Thank you for your gift! My question is about decans or decanates. How much emphasis do you put on them and the influence they have over our personalities? For example, I was born feb 2nd, 1979, Aqauarius (decan 2), but I am much more like the Aquarius decan 3. How do you explain this and what do i need to consider when reading my friend's signs/decans?

You have a good question, dear Aquarius, but that's advanced astrology...I will try to answer that on Twitter @AstrologyZone, as this forum is for people who don't necessarily know astrology. A quick answer--it depends on the whole chart. Can't take that question out of the context. I would put more emphsis on the natal planets and the progressions. Hope this helps!

Hello Susan, I'm an ardent follower of your monthly forecasts, although things have not been working out for me the way you have forecasted in your posts but the richness, depth and veracity of your work is clearly evident from the response I see here. I have been wondering lately if perhaps I have been looking in the wrong place? im male, born dec 21 with gemini rising. Last few months I have been reading Sagittarius forecasts. Maybe I should be reading capricorn instead? I did come across some opportunities in June July as you had predicted but the risks involved were too great... have I missed the bus so to speak? Also since January my financial situation has gone down perpetually, should I be reading your Capricorn forecasts instead? this Cusp issue has me confused.

Hi dear Sag with Gemini rising/ Capricorn cusp. Sagittarius has been in good shape under the tubulent aspects at play, but you do have to watch money, as does Gemini. You must have been born just minute before the sun moved into Capricorn.  tart reading teh forecasts for Capricorn but realize the personality descriptions for Sag would be more on target. If you are born on December 21, you are quite  mover and shaker--you have that famous 0 or 1 degree of a cardinal sign, which is as powerful as the life force. Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra are points on the compass,  (East West, North South), so cardinal signs define direction. 

Are you in communications? Broadcasting, publishing, Internet? That's Gemini and Sag. Are you in finance or antiques, or do museum curation? That's Capricorn. If you work for a behemoth global company, that's Capricorn. If you work for a big book pubisling company then that's more emblematic of a Sag rising. I hope this helps! 

Hi Susan! I hope you are doing well! My husband (Oct. 5th, Libra rising) and I (Oct. 19th, Scorpio rising) have been trying to have a baby since January 1st of this year, but have not had any luck on our journey yet. It has become very frustrating and depressing. Are there any astrological aspects that could be helpful when trying to start a family? Thanks so much in advance!

Dear Libra, I am so sorry to hear that conception has been a challenge. Have you seen a fertility expert yet? new moons in water signs are always better for conception. Try March 1, April 29, and June 27, plus two weeks, trying to get closer to the new moon listed as possible. I will admit April 29 will be monstrous eclipse, so I like March 1 and the two weeks that follows (not before) is better. This year, the new moon solar eclipse is due November 3 is in Scorpio, but this is more "iffy" but still viable.  Jupiter in Cancer is exalted--try to get pregnant prior to July 16. Actually early to mid-July 2014 is a superb time to conceive, my favorite of all. I will be thinking of you--I hope you do have your baby.

Earned my last income almost 8 years back. Life has been full of bad times with income, family life, wife's health etc. etc.. All indications are that life will change for the better but will it is the question. Am Nov 1st 1960 born with aeries rising, residing in Bangalore, India

I was touched by your letter. I feel your birthday says it all-- you are two days prior to the major November 3 eclipse and that eclipse should turn things upside down, but that's good! I I think you may find work as a result. Also, ask any Aries, and you will find they are all in the throws of huge change--you will too. Go with it. Scorpio and Aries are both smart business signs, so you have considerable "street smarts." Aries loves to be self-employed, so consider that option too. 

Dear Susan, I am a Cancer woman with rising sign in Libra and unemployed for many months, unfortunately. What are the job market looking like until the end of the year for us, Cancerians. Thank you very much for your feedback. I wish you a blessed time, filled with lots of successes and accomplished dreams. Agnes

Dear Cancer with Libra rising (Libras, be sure to read this): With your combination of signs, just when you felt you couldn't take any more stress, more came. Still, you are getting stronger every day. Cancer will have an eclipse on October 18 in Aries (in your solar house of career and fame), which will change the situation--have you been interviewing?  If so, you may hear good news. Libra has Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, in your house of fame and honors, so if you want a new postition is it is likely to be a top level job! Something involving food, restaurants, home arts (cooking etc) or hotels or real estate may be very fortunate for you. You also have Jupiter on your Sun, another huge plus. Mars will be in your sign from December 7 to July 25. I feel yo uhave plenty of cosmic power behind you. Yes, you have had a mountain of challenges (not that you told me that, but I see it here in your chart), but you will have help from inflential people so when they ask what they can do to help you, have the answer ready. 

I am a Gemini Male, Born May 21. I am looking for job change. Which month brings better possibilities for me to get the best job opening

Hello my Gemini male reader, I love your aspects March 1. Start interviewing before that, as all jobs appear to need lots of interviews. I think an old friend or former employer may be able to help you find that new job if you find are looking in February. 

Hello! I just tried to email you looking for the link for a personal natal chart, and it's no longer on your page, nor is the email address listed there working. Help!

Oh yes, I know. I just discovered that. My publisher, Arthur forgot to tell me he is redesigning his site! Mama mia. His company is America Direct Book. He has a website with that name, and the email I use is

His phone number is 914.271.3640 ext 14. I see his site is down right this second, but you can call for sure. You will get Arthur himeself, not a sales person. He is the former of director of Time Life Books, so he is quite experienced, and produces beautiful products for me. 

Order the yellow-purple cover natal book that I write just for you (it will have your name throughout the book). If you have a baby, order the pink book (we have pale blue for boys). We have a relationship book too for couples, straight or gay. All my custom books are $49.99 plus tax and shipping. They are beautiful, and people love them. Once you get your book, you will know your rising sign forever as it will never change. Once you know it, read for your Sun sign, and your rising sign forever, on my site, and others sites. 

Thanks for doing this chat. I'm completely confused by how to determine my sign. Can you direct me to somewhere on the web I can find this out?

I will give you the dates of the signs right now!

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

LEO (July 23-Aug 22)

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22)

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22)

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21)

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19)

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)

PISCES (Feb 19-March 20)


Remember however, that the Sun does not roll into each sign at the stroke of midnight. If you are a cusp baby you need to have your horoscope done with the precise time of your birth. It does not matter if you came premature or late for your mom, it is when the umbilical cord was cut.  Order my horoscope from America Direct Book (please google) or call 914.271.3640 ext 14. 

How does Jupiter retrograde affect people/the world?

Any retrograde planet will be weaker than one that is moving direct, and Juptier rules big money, profits and financial matters in general. It's not ideal to start a business when Jupiter is retrograde, November 7 to March 6, but having said that, we don't don't feel Jupiter retrograde in the way you would feel one of the personal planets retrograde--Mercury, Venus or Mars, which orbit much closer to the earth.

With a retrograde Mercury you have a contract in jeopardy of not working out if signed during the retrograde. It would have to be renegotiated. (Marriage is a contract, so keep that in mind.) Mercury is retro October 21 to November 10, all through February 6-28, and June 7 to July 1, 2014. Also Mercury will be retrograde October 4 to 25, 2014.

 With Venus retrograde, love and beauty, affection and even profits (Venus has some dominion over money) are reduced, so you would not want to get engaged or married with Venus retrograde (December 21 to January 31).

Mars retrograde is hard too, as Mars is the booster rocket to all major launches and acticities--it provides energy. With Mars retrograde (March 1 to May 21, 2014) you may have trouble providing the gas to the car to make it run, so to speak.

Marriages with Mars retrograde may not have enough sex in years to come, or with Venus retrograde, not enough love and fun. Yikes! You see the problem of what's coming in 2014.

Hi, Susan, How do things look for political compromise? When will things move forward in DC? So many people here affected by economic disruption. Is it ever possible for the country to come together as a whole?

The polarization you see in Washington is due to cardinal planets disputing one another. Imagine four people sitting at a square table for lunch: Pluto in Capricorn is complaining to Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries is mad at Mars, soon to be in Libra. Uranus won't talk to Pluto either, so they are deadlocked, and Pluto and Mars are heading for a showdown in December too. I could go on....The point is, the last dispute between Uranus and Pluto (the major players, as they are the slowest moving) will be in March 2015. yes, that is not a typo, March 2015. However, planets will be "within orb" longer (close enough to cause each other troubles) so you have to foctor in most of 2015. That's how long this will last, unfortunately, unless the balance is changed, possibly at the eclipse on November 3 in Scorpio, the time of the elections. The speaker of the house Mr Boehner is Scorpio and Mr. President Obama is Leo. The scorpion and the lion will never get along. It's a sign we have to find new ways to find solutions.

I am a libra sun with scorpio rising, B-day is October 5th and I thought it would get easier once Saturn left, but it is still oh-so challenging and my life has been in constant change since 2009. When will it let up?

You are a dear Libra with Uranus opposed to your Sun almost exact, and Saturn on your ascendant. That is very, very rough, so you are learning a lot, day by day. You are being asked to make huge decisions, and at times it must be exhausting.  You have the kind of chart that shows you are in transformation from one way of life to another.  You have another 18 months of this...Still, changes will allieviate this!

Am a Leo male with Pisces Rising. What are my chances of getting a raise in 2013?

Hello Leo with Pisces rising, my male reader. Pisces is being challenged by that new moon October 4 that I talked about in my column in my October forecast. You seem to have very high expenses--perhaps a family member needs money from you, or you are getting married, or have another lifestyle change coming up. Leo has another opportunity to ask for a raise March 16 at the full moon. Pisces can ask now, October 18--you may hit a bit of luck. You may have to pay out a lot in taxes April 15, the next eclipse in your financial house. You appear to be very creative with that combination of signs. If self-employed, put money away for taxes so you can survive the April 15, 2014 eclipse. 

Susan -- I read your app forecast every single day. I was born on October 11, 1964 at 11:05AM (female) What is in store for me for this month. Any thing interesting in my love life, work life? Thank you kindly for your time.

thank you for looking at my app! It's new, "Susan Miller's AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope Free" on iPhone (search Susan MIller, under lifestyle) and Astrology Zone Premier for Android/ Samsung. My website is

Libra's career is on fire, and it is the best part of your chart, something you may have seen me say in October's forecast.  (We always keep up the previous month too, so you can see what I wrote for September.)  Love is tricky in that if you are attached, you may be upset with your parnter or want to help your partner--one or the other. The new moon October 4 was hard for most Libras, but you got through it!  The eclipses of october 18, 2013, April 15, 2014 and October 8, 2014 will change the whole game for you. Life has many moving parts. Go with the changes--trying to resist them will be useless! Think of it as an adventure. 

Is there anywhere we can go to learn more about the degrees that exist in a chart? How do the degrees work? Can you give a general response and then point us in a direction for more self-study?

Little lamb, I love your question. There are 360 degreees in your chart. when a planet makes an "aspect" to another planet it communicates if it is within 90 degrees, 120 degrees, 180 degrees and all these degrees mean something. You need a text book, like the Julia and Derek Parker  books (all very graphic, beautiful and well written) -- go to any online bookstore. For most, just remember your rising sign and the degree of the rising sign. We give a legend to see easily what that is...Your rising sign is found where the "9" would be found on a round clock...the horizon line of earth....

I am making my way through the waves of Oct! Work has been very hard and disappointing but my marriage feels stronger and my spouse and I are working on getting through the storm. Will our marriage continue this way in 2014? Cancer. Spouse: Scorpio

You are an inspiration! When a tough planet comes by like Saturn (now, in your house of marriage), it asks, you, how much does your marriage mean to you? Apparently your answer is "It means the world to me!" You are doing so well. The eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus (next one November 3) also will test strength of will and determination. Everyone gets these tests periodically...They are just tests. You get to say how you feel, and whether you want to fix anything that might come up. (If an eclipse finds nothing, it will all feel very mild--think of an eclipse as a contractor who comes in to find cracks in the foundations.) You are doing GREAT! Remember, too, all aspects are hinged on the actions you have made in the past. Again, it appears you have built a very strong, loving marriage. Excellent!

Susan, I am a Capricorn sun with many Libra and Cancer friends (Airies rising relatives too). When will the log-jam of pressure and change break for us? Rough past few years. Thanks for your time. Love these chats!

You are a cardinal and your friends are cardinals too I see. The fact is, the planets causing these pressures are slow moving. Uranus will be in cardinal sign Aries until 2019. Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal) until 2024. Yet once we get beyond 2015 things ease up. I know that is long, and everyone has planets or houses ruled by cardinal signs--everyone. We all feel it. If I told you that all would be resolved in say, four months, you would make no changes. But knowing this is a long trend, we all say to ourselves, "I can't take the pain of my arm being twisted any longer. OK, OK, I will make changes." THAT is when the pain stops--people will help you transition, but we all must think of our work, our love life and care for children, and a miriad of other life's joys and  responsiblities in a new way. For each person the right answer will be different. We are in this together, and we must help each other. It's not easy for the unemployed, and it is not easy for the family helping the unemployed person, but we must not accuse but help. 

Hi Susan, My roommate is moving out this year and I have the opportunity to renew my lease and get a another roommate or move out on my own and live alone (my lease ends Jan. 1st). I can't decide (could it be my moon in libra that is making me so indecisive?). I'd love to live by myself but it would mean a big increase in my rent and it would be doable but a stretch. How do you see my finances shaping up for next year? Do you think it would be a wise move? (no pun intended)

Pisces is in a very volatile area with money. Be very careful. No you can decide, it's not your moon in's the events lately that are making you think twice. Your expenses will climb in December and keep going through July. Be conservative, dear Pisces. 

I want to thank the Washington Post for this extraordinary opportunity to do free worldwide chats with you. The Washington Post has up to the minute, cutting edge software to allow us to do this, and I hope you all will take a minute to read the newspaper and experience all the rich information that their reporters work deliver each day for us to read. This is one of the great newspapers of the United States. 

My next talk will be next month will be on the luckiest day of November, November 12 at Noon, EST. (Daylight changes November 3.) Please tell your friends to come to that chat, and soon I will have a link for you to post questions ahead of time.  If you follow me on Twitter, @Astrologyzone, you will always have the information fast. On Facebook I am simply "Susan Miller" --Facebook asked me to make it a fan page but you will also get all the info now. 

Thank you again, I am so grateul you took time out of a busy day to stop by. I will keep all your questions, including the unanswered ones, in my mind when I write my forecasts on I hope you will also download my  free app of iPhone "Susan Miller's AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope Free!" (with the option of subscribing at a low cost) or for Android or Premier,  "Astrology Zone Premier". I if you are overseas and don't have one of these phones,  you can get the same daily horoscopes (all 12 signs) each day delivered to your email inside your computer and phone at my other site, for a low cost subscription. Thank you again! See you November 12 at Noon! 

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