Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions (September 10, 2013)

Sep 10, 2013

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on Tuesday, September 10, at noon, EDT. (Check to find out your time zone). You can read your August forecast from Susan here.

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Welcome!  We are so fortunate to have the Washington Post provide us with a forum each month! The Washington Post has very sophisticated software, so anyone worldwide can come on board. You can post questions, and I will make sure I address the most popular questions of each sign. Please pose your question in such a way that your question will be interesting to many readers. I will try to type quickly! All my chats are archived so if you have to go back to work (or back to sleep if you are on the other side of the world) you can see the rest of questions whenver you like!  Be sure to read my website AstrologyZone for your full September report. Also follow me on Twitter @AstrologyZone or on Facebook as "Susan Miller".

I am so happy you are here! You make me a better astrologer by sharing your concerns, and I will keep them in my mind as I write each sign for October. (I only post once a month, on the first of each m onth). Let's begin!

I'm a 19 May born Taurus. So does that make me a cusp? How cusp signs should read your monthly forecasts?

You are a real Taurus, and although you are near the cusp, you really are a Taurus. Now, you must find your time of birth. Incidentally, I pay an atlas company to get the right local time, for each country, even different US states have different daylight savings time. Borders of nations change--an atlas company keeps it all accurate and we buy their information. My algorithm for charts that I always use is one most astrologers like, Placidus, Tropical. (I add this for those into astrology--you don't have to know this!)

Hi Susan, How to calculate our rising sign? While reading your forecasts should I give more importance to my sun sign or my rising sign. thanks

You have a great question. You should give equal weight to both your rising and sun sign. You must read both as you are a combination of both--the reason all Aries are not alike, etc. You need to find out your time of birth to the minute from your birth certificate--the original one, not the computer copy that in the US is given at the DMV. It should cost more than $5--maybe $10, sometimes much as $25, for that is the original copy. (The DMV version lacks interesting data, like your father's name, and  your time of birth to the minute, among other things). Then go to my other website and order my natal chart book (yellow-purple/blue cover) 63 page+ book I write just for you--costs $49.95 plus tax, shipping, takes 2 weeks to get:

Is it ok to accept OR start a new job in October amidst the craziness? I'm Scorpio/Taurus rising, but this question is for all of us in limbo. If the answer is no, should I wait until November ( after mercury retrograde) to accept an offer? I have been networking, but no offers yet.

It is so important to work hard to finish things as much as possible in September. It is a GREAT month. October is a mess and could be emotional. The first week, esp. October 3 is very harsh, with the Sun opposed to Uranus (surprises, none of them good). Then the witch of a new moon appears October 4 to set up a trend. we will all feel this, and I will go into detail with it in my October report. Then we have an eclipse in Aries October 18, and then Mercury goes retrograde October 21 to November 10. Mama Mia! Nightmare. You MUST finish everything in golden September!!!! You will have a helpful eclipse in Scorpio November 3, but it poses a serious decision (perhaps to take a new job?) that will affect you for months, maybe several years. I think it could be good. But remember take nothing until after November 10. Managers reading this: don't hire anyone during Mecury retrograde either, October 21 to November 10. Conditions will change, and later you will say, "had I only known....."

I see in your forecast October is going to be a difficult month - my granddaughter is due to be born in October - what do I make of this forecast?

Dear Grandma to be, 

It is always good to be born. having a few harsh aspects only makes you stronger. A lot of "trines" (the best aspect) can make a person a little bit lazy as everything comes so easily to them. The universe never gives an aspect without the toold to deal with it. I was born with Mercury retrograde, and it makes any baby, when they grow up, much more philosphical--that's an earmark of a person with Mercury retrograde. Also, I had some of the worst possible aspects. I have had a lot to overcome with my health, but I have, and I feel like the Hulk now. These aspects show you the depth of your determination. Never worry about that dear little baby. She will grow up strong and you will be so proud of her--and inspired by her too!

Hi Susan- Thank you for doing the great work you do for us. In making important plans, I have turned to you and it has provided me guidance. I been on a big and long rollercoaster in love and am hoping you can provide some help and direction: We are 1/28 (Aquarius rising) and 10/27 (Virgo rising)- can you advice on how what we can anticipate the future and prepare for so as to protect our love? He has a lot of baggage and little, if any improvement for such a long time and I am suffering. Thank you.

Dear Aquarius/Virgo,

Your aspects for love are good. Virgo especially will have quite a January. Still, due to a row going on between Uranus and Pluto that has been long lasting and will continue until March 2015) we are all feeling background tension--this means the course of true love may not be as smooth as you want it to be. Would your friend consider going to a carefully chosen couples therapist? (Ask friends for names.) I have a friend who did that, and it unlocked so much it was like a miracle for her. Your boyfriend is in pain, and you can't be the one to make him feel ready to trust again. You need a third person to intervene, and I feel the best one is a therapist. if your insurance won't pay, then tell the therapist you can only afford X amount of sessions. I feel this is a good option. My friend said her boyfriend wound never speak of marriage--he was terrified. Now, 18 months later, she is wearing an engagement ring. Sometimes a girl has to leave before the next step is taken, when the other party sees what life would be like without her. I don't want you to take such a drastic step--see if you can both see a therapist and talk about anything that holds you both back. I will be thinking of you!

I am a Libra woman, born October 4th and recently got divorced. I would like to know if love is on the horizon for me and when can I expect a change.

Dear Libra, 

It's hard to say this, but you have to be SO careful about who you get deeply involved with these days. With Uranus opposite your sun, you could assume one thing about a partner only later to see a side you never imagined. I must know everyone's month and day to know the exact degree. Those feelign this the most are born in the first week of October. So enjoy going out, but keep it slow and steady--don't jump into a relationship quickly, meet the person's friends, and let that person work a little harder than usual to get your heart. 

Hi, Susan. My mom is a Leo, born 8/7/23 (time unknown), and she wants to move into an assisted living facility this fall. You've hinted that Oct. will be a bad month - what would be the best timing for her to make a move?

Aren't you sweet to ask about your Mom!  Leos have a lot going on in their home sector in November, due to the eclipse of November 3. That is when the right facility will appear to you. Mom can move when Mercury is retrograde (Oct 21 to November 10) but don't sign papers during that phase. I am sure your mother wouldn't be moving until November anyway--not unless she has Cancer rising. November is your month for sure. My fav day fo the month is November 12, dur to the Sun and Juptier in elegant conversation.

I am aries (march 31) with Virgo rising. I am still planning my business launch. What months I 2013 or 2014 will be best for my start up business? Thank you, Susan. I read your work every month and love your reports.

Everyone must read my response! here is what i see for 2014.First, Venus (which rules good looks, and also profits) will be retrograde December 21 to January 31. Then Mercury is retrograde all through February. Then Mars goes retrograde (energy, as he is the booster rocket) from March 1 to May 21. Then Mercury goes retrograde all through June. We have no choice--we need to look to July 2014 as the soonest! I would have loved September (now) but are you ready? You can also look at the second half of November or first half of December if you are ready. Otherwise, July!

I'm a virgo/virgo with gemini rising. I'm still trying to get things in order after 2007 mess with family and real estate. I was told I've turned a corner and reached my goal. But it sure doesn't seem like it! will I see real results before 2014?

Dear Virgo with Gemini rising--You will have a great opportunity to do so at the new moon December 2. I like the beginning of December, but the end of December has some terrible cosmic storms--we feel them emotionally and in events. So if you do find opporutnity to settle the housing / family concerns, do so early in December, with a sense of urgency. I love that fue full moon is December 17 inGemini--December seems to be speaking directly to you! 

I am a Cancer with Sagittarius Rising, Born June 25. I am unfulfilled in my current work position. I would like to write but am nervous to leave my current job for unknown and possible unlucrative waters. Do you have any guidance? --Lost

Dear Cancer/ with Sagittarius rising,

Did you know Sagittarius is the publishing sign? They make superb storytellers. They write the kind of stories you can't put down, and many are best selling authors. Also, do your chart, you need some Gemini or Virgo to be a good writer too if possible. I don't htink you need to decide. Write every night. Every weekend, write. When I started AstrologyZone (it was first hosted on Tme Warner's Pathfinder website, pre-AOL days, in December 1995) I worked as an agent for commercial photographers. I worked all day, I worked all night on my webwsite, and my children were tiny so I was a good mother to them too. Yes, it's hectic, but if something means something to you, you can figure out how to stay up very, very late and do it. Don't ive up on the writing! Your Cancer will give you an emotional intelligence few have, and that will show up in your writing too. Do both jobs--eventually one will win out. (I did Astrology Zone at night for six years before my agent work got so big, and my website grew so much I had to make a decision--I chose my website. As an agent I was working on Coca-Cola worldwide, BMW, Chrysler, huge accounts--but the choice was clear for me. My website was more "me", even though I adore photography too.Eventually you will know which way to go. 

So, I'm a little nervous about October 2013 as I follow you on Twitter and am an Aries/Sagittarius Rising (03/29/83). My year has been filled with many unexpected events, some good and some bad: the loss of my father and job, but also an engagement. I can't imagine any more "bad" happening this year. I have my sun and Mercury in Aries 8 and 12 degrees. Any chance October will bring good change like finally finding my career job? I try to make all initiations on the positive days. Thanks Susan and I am so grateful for your in depth monthly horoscopes. Lindsay

Dear Libra,

First of all, you must go read my whole report for you for September, where I mention October on my website, for the full story. I have a summary too. I tend to write a lot, but hopefully you will find it warm, and interesting to read. My website is  Now it is true all Libras are going through a great deal. The situaton is this. First you had tough-love Saturn testing you "six ways to Sunday" from October 2009 to October 2012. Then Uranus came in to oppose your Sun from March 11, 2011, and that is still ongoing. You also will have eclipses in Libra and your opposite sign of Aries, starting October 18. We all go through this, but not all at once as the Libras are having. These cosmic tests are there to show you that you are stronger than you thought you were. Think back to where you were before all this started. Chances are, your life is very different from where it was at the start. You are being made more seasoned, adaptable, resourceful, street smart and flexible than you ever were, and you are stronger and leaner too, more fit for a sometimes hard world. I lost my mother last year (she was buried October 1) so I fully know the pain you are feeling at the loss of your father--it seems to never end. I feel so badly having to tell you about your tough aspects. Still, you will emerge from all this a better version of yourself. Things that you used to do with your time now looks a bit juvenile, right?  Saturn has made you more interested in using your time well. The one glowing area of your chart is where Jupiter, giver of gifts is located--your tenth house of fame, honors and awards. Concentrate on your career!!!! Juptier will make this period (until July 2014) the BEST in 12 years! 

Hi Susan, As you suggest, I always read my rising sign forecasts. (I'm Aquarius sun, Libra rising.) When I do, there are always things about 'Libras born Sept. XX to Oct. XX will feel this the most,' etc. How does that work out for me (or anyone else reading for their rising sign), since I was not born at that time of year? Thanks for taking my question.

You hit on something that your intuition is telling you but you don't even know it. Just like the Sun sign relates to certain days, so does the rising sign. For example, if you were born on February 3, you are 15 degrees Aquarius. If you have Libra rising, say, 7 degrees (l0ok on your wheel, the place where a "9" would appear on the face of a round clock), those degrees in that place next to Libra relates to September 30. If you know an astrologer, she or he can help translate that for you. 

Hi Susan. My name is Shero Mohale from South Africa. My birthday is June 5 1984. I have 6 retrograde planets(Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) in my birth chart. What does this mean? Some people say it's negative and will make life really hard for me and others say that it's positive and makes me a special person with special talents. All I know is that I've always felt like I was different.What do you think?

Hi Shero, there are too many astrological students practicing astrology who should not be doing so. I am horrified at what people have been telling you! First of all, did these people also tell you that Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, all retrograde for approximately five months of every year? Saturn retrogrades for four months (approximately) every year. Mars retrogrades for two-and-a-half months every two years. The chances of having a handful of retrograde planets is very high! Most people have them. In a natal chart, remember there are different levels of how you might feel something--this is MILD. Oh my goodness. In your "progressed" chart, some of those planets may go direct for the rest of your life. For example, in your case, your natal Mars went direct when you were 14 years old. Your natal Saturn went direct even sooner, when you were 8 years old. Pluto went direct when you were 30. (I bet those negative people left this part, that these planet s have gone direct, right?) Those may have marked big years in your life. The point is, there is value in everying in a natal chart. No one will ever have your chart in time, space or geography. You have a unique voice, and you must sing the song in your heart. You have incredble talent for writing, speaking, editing, finance, research--more! This is why I had to study 12 years before I did a single chart. Astrology is complex and there are many who are reading charts who are simply not ready. So sorry you had to listen to that!

Hi I'm a Pisces women, Leo rising. My husband and I want to remodel an old bathroom and kitchen in our 1940's house. We need money and good timing to do it. Our previous experience with house renovation was a disaster. We both feel wary of contractors.  What should we do and when?

Watching TV news, and seeing those explose reports on contractors, I see it is very important to get names of companies that your friends trust. There are excellent, honest, ethical contractors, but you must do your homework to find them. Pisces is going into a very high spending phase, due first to the mean new moon October 4, and then later, from December 7 through July 25 when Mars tours your solar eight house. I am not sure if you are simply spending money you saved, or beging hit by new expenses you never expected (seem the case in October). Be conservative in spending. Do a three-way bid of contractors, dear Pisces. If one bid is too low or too high, toss it out. Your intuition will tell you who to work with. Get all estimates in writing (you already know that) and tell them you must sign off on all perspective overages. Wait till Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, enters Leo July 16. Int he meantime, get all the estimates, and cut out ideas from magazines, Pintrest and other places. 

Astrologers seem to disagree about my rising sign. I am a female Virgo who for years considered I was a Taurus rising. Recently, I have found astrologers who insist my rising in Gemini. What rising sign to you say I am? Should I read both Taurus and Gemini forecasts to get a full picture? I am a lightworker (healer/counselor) and depend on your forecasts and am looking to get beyond the crossroads. I am discerning but the initiations have not revealed yet! Not sure what direction I am going re: my work and would love to meet my soulmate. In gratitude, Lindy 9-8-47, 9;23 pm.

You don't say which city you are born, so I cannot possibly check the chart. The city counts very much. If you were born, say in New York City, you have Taurus rising. There should never be a disagreement about the rising sign. Ask for Placidus -Tropical algorithm.  I can do your chart if you send go to - give all the info there, and I will write a natal chart bound book for you (yellow-bluish cover). You only need to do your chart once, it is good for life!

Susan, For all of us Geminis who have struggled with unemployment for almost 2 years, when do WE see the light at the end of the tunnel? Every time you write about 4 star days or new moons, we intensify the job search. So far, nothing (not even an interview). Seems like the universe forgot all about us... Your thoughts?

Dear Gemini,

When you find your new position, it will pay far better than you assumed it would, so speak up for a good salary! I feel the only way people get positions these days is to ask friends and family for recommendations. The "sponge" cannot hold all the people looking for work, so it is those who are personnally recommended who are getting the big interviews. Also make sure someone near you that you trust calls your references--someone may be saying things you don't know about that is not kind, and may be sabotage your ability to get a new job. Gemini is under great aspects so don't lose heart. Also see if you can open a home - based business if you don't have luck working for others...I don't know your field, but it's an idea.You have writing ability too, so see if you can work your way into a magazine or newspaper. I love the full moon of September 19--you may get exciting news about your career, dear Gemini at that time. 

I will answer lots more questions but I just wanted to say that I am ending my iPhone app, Astrology Zone Premier, on the full moon, September 19. I have a letter explaining all the details that I wrote to readers, that I am afraid some may not have seen. We will not support the app after September 19 (and we took Astrology Zone Premier off the Apple App store months ago in anticipation of this switch).  It's being replaced with my new one, Susan Miller's AstrologyZone Daily HOroscope FREE on the Apple App store. You can get free content every day! To get premium content (l-o-n-g forecasts) , you can subscribe for a week, a day, a month, or a whole year for roughly less than $1 a week. If you live in Chicago I will appear at the apple store on N Michigan Ave September 17 from 7 to 9 PM, and in NYC on September 19 from 7 to 9 to explain this, and to do charts on the big screen!

Dear Suzan, I am Capricorn <19th January, Rising Cancer . My bf is a Scorpio. Is there any news on marriage in the near future :)

The one thing that is going right for Capricorns is that they  have GREAT marriage aspects until July 2014. Your rising Cancer  (and any Cancer readers reading this) --know that this makes you the celestial favorite when it comes to happiness, love and marriage--and many other things too. The Capricorns are feeling great changes in their home base--family or the physical space--which is very hard to take. You will see what I mean near October 18, the lunar (full moon) eclipse. I feel your boyfriend is closer to making a commitment than you think he is! Everyone--including you--should not get engaged during wild storms due at the end of December, December 21 to January 1. Actually the whole month of January through the July would not be the time to get engaged or wed. It has to be sooner! Early December is good! End of November is good!

Hi, I was wondering what the next few months for a Capricorn male born December 26, 1962 will look like? I live in the Middle East, a hot spot right now but luckily in a safe country(for now!). The time I was born was an hour after midnight in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It's been a tough 3 years in my career. Is there light at the end of this dark tunnel? Thanks Susan for your insight. I am fascinated by all you bring to your readers around the world!

Capricorns born in December have been through the cornflThis ake machine. It's been so rough, with changes in career and home, the very pillars of your existance. You have a LOT of news coming in your career as of that tough October 4 new moon, and then mars will add more to stir the pot December 7 through July 25. Yet these aspects will create change. This is what you need! You have so much emphasis on career (finally) that it will be astronishing! Still, I see you will have fierce competition for all the jobs, so practice at home with how you will go through your interview and have many eyes look at -- and comment on -- your resume, CV and biography.  Get top notch references, and have someone check them. The most important is personal tips and contacts, not job listings. Too many resumes are floating in and the poor HR people are feeling overwhelmed. I remember once, my daughter said to me, who do you know at XYZ company? I thought for a minute and said nobody, sweetheart, I am sorry. She, being an Aries, didn't give up. "Come on, Mommy, you know SOMEONE there, or you know someone who knows someone there." She was right--my editor at one of the magazines i used to work for was very connected at that firm. I got her names to address her letter, and as things worked out, by some odd coincidence, she kned the editor I used to work for. So, my point in telling you this is, don't let friends and family off the hook--MAKE them think. Your life depends on those contacts. Also go to trade shows, conferences, professional club events, and so forth, and read business trade, and the business section of The Washington Post every day--you will get ideas! You will look savvy to perspective employers because you ARE savvy.  

I am a Leo female born August 3rd, recently moved to NYC and seeking career advice. I am starting a blog/event business, I just received an offer to work for a start up, and I am considering a position with a corporation. I am looking for freedom and stability. Is now a good time to "reach for the stars", or should I go with the safe career option? 

Normally I would tell you to go the risky route, but 2014 will bring challenges with so many planets "doing their own thing" and "acting up" as I call it in 2014, I would say get to high ground and go safe. Remember 80% of all new businesses fail. Find out about how well financed the start up is. I feel you would learn more from the established firm, and it would look better on your resume for now. 2014 won't be entirely easy, but I bet you knew that already. Then again, when all your competitors are having the same problems in the same hard year, many get shaken out, and you will still be still standing if you work hard and smart. There are pros and cons to everything.  It is hard to advise you now knowing more, but that's my best educated guess. Keep reading the Washington Post every day for news about your industry...see if the startup has been covered in the news, a good sign if the answer is yes. See what business reporters have to say!

Just a quick announcement about Robert Hand, a giant scholar in the astrological field. Most of us who are professional astrologers have all of Robert's books. He is terribly shy about talking aobut himsself, but he has some important new research on the planets he would like to discuss on his webinar. This is for professionals only, as you'd have to have a bsasic understanding of astrology to get a lot from the two day session, but I signed up. When Robert Hand speaks, we all listen. It's like as if George Washington could be alive and get a webinar--Rober Hand is an icon like that to astrologers. Here's the link to know more

Have you ever been excited to read anyones personal chart due to the planet positions and transitions? Why was it special?

That is such an interesting question! I once was at a TV new station in Phoenix, and James Von Prague the great medium, was there in another room, the green room ready to go on to do his segment (i had just done mine). The producers introduced us, and I suggested James and I have a glass of champagne that evening. I told him, "I bet everyone says to you, "Do me!" but I won't do that to you--I will read your chart for you if you like." He was so gracious and I did his chart. My jaw dropped open. He had all his natal planets in the 8th and 12th houses-- I gasped and said, "You are the real deal! You are VERY psychic!. I have never seen a chart like this!" We became friends in the professional sense.  I love seeing talent in a chart. He had it.

"I'm a Sagittarius female, born 12/3/54 @ 10:35 pm. I am awaiting a judicial decision on a post-divorce matter. The matter involves a substantial sum of money. Do you see this matter being ruled in my favor? My ex-husband's info- Cancer male born 7/5/50 @ 10:35 am.

Sagittarius has such stellar aspects in regard to settlements (eighth house money, like from divorce) I can't imagine you being anything but thrilled with the result. Get it done before Saturn enters Sagitarrius for a brief spell, December 23, 2014 to June 14, 2014. Then, Saturn settles into Sagittarius for good for three years, from September 17, 2015 until December 20, 2017.  

Actually having said that, I want you to tie things up no later than July 16, 2014 while you have Juptier helping you to get a decent, generous settlement in your divorce.

Does having a rising water sign, Scorpio, and a sun fire sign, Sagittarius 11/28, make your more compatible with water signs in relationships? From what I've learned typically a fire sign doesn't do well with a water sign because they "they smother our flames".

when it comes to compatibility, I have found the rule of thumb is that it is easiest with the same element as you were born. You are a Sag, so Sag, Aries and Leo are really easy for you to get along with. yes, your rising Scorpio can make you blend nicely with water Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio for sure. To get the most from compatibility see my special matchmaker article,  65,000 words, all free:


Thanks for your generosity and warmth of heart. I'm a female Aries born Apr 1 with Capricorn rising, struggling with an intimate relationship and also family financial issues. How do things look for Aries this year. Thank you again.

Aries first battled Saturn opposed to their Sun, a very hard, once-in-29-year aspect, and that went on for three years, ending October 5, 2012. However,  you also have Uranus on your Sun,making you need freedom and rebelling against anything or anybody who tries to tie you down. The Capricorn in your rising is giving instablity with home matters, and that's at the crux of it. Be sure to read my October report on as you will see a lot of action at home due to the October 18 eclipse. Eclispes tend to move things along rather than let them languish, and although they are not always easy to deal with, they are effective, and they do teach us a lot. uranus is making a close realtionship very volatile, a surprise a minute. You do have a lot going on. I feel the family / housing situation can be solved first, and all Aries have Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck in the fourth house of home and family, so that's like having a bodyguard helping you every step of the way. One thing at a time. Focus on that (not that you will have much choice) and go slowly with a relationship which seems to be up and down right now, just give patience, and love...

How does having your rising sign opposite your sun sign impact you? For example, Scorpio with Taurus rising sign.

When you are born with the opposite sign in your rising sign, or the opposite sign in your moon sign, you are particularly complete, with both halves of an apple coming together to form a whole apple. It's all good. 

Hi Susan, hope you have recovered well and hope that you are in the best of your health. I am an Arian, born on 4th of April'74. Been into bad luck with my career and lot of things in my life. Slightly ill-fated in matter of love and luck, I am seeking some solution or guidance.

All Aries are feeling the rollercoaster ride with professional matters, due to Pluto in that area of your solar chart (tenth house) and angry at transiting Uranus in Aries. You feel stymied at times, but don't dispair. You may have movement at the lunar eclipse in Aries October 18-19. bigger news comes for your career in January, although like I told the other Aries reader, you will have a LOT of competition--you need to be buttoned up to win it. But your fierce competitive spriit makes you come alive in any sort of contest, so this situation seems tailor made for you!

My Virgo son (a twin) born Sept 3 and his fiance born Sept 20, also a Virgo, are marrying on Sept 14. Are the aspects favorable for a successful union of two people with the same sign?

As I wrote in my September report ( Septmber 14 is one of my favorite days of the month, with Mars and Uranus in perfect angle to each other. I love September 14, and yes, two Virgos would really understand one another. Keep in mind we have 8 planets plus the sun and  moon so we are all unique. (Astrologers always look at Pluto by the way---Pluto may be called a dwarf planet, but little Pluto is still a planet). 

At what approximate ages does Saturn return? I am Sag/Cap rising. nearing 50 years old. I would like to get a new job but don't want to have Saturn the taskmaster in my house along with learning a new job.

I don't think you need to worry. Concentrate on the job, not where Saturn happens to be. He is bigger and smarter than both of us! Saturn has the biggest affect on those 28.5 years old, for a full year, and that is called "the saturn return." Eveyrone that age feels it (some not until 29) and we all make big decisions that year. What we commit to at that time is usually something new to us, something we've not done before, but that makes us feel very grown up. Think back. You may have gotten married, have a baby, buy a house, write a book--you get the idea.It is a special time because Saturn wil have already visited all 12 houses by time we are 28.5. This means we are grown up then--SAturn has taught us things in all areas of our chart. (Society say we are of age at 18 or 21, but astrologers say no, it's 28.5 or 29). 

Then when we are double 29, at 58, we get Saturn again. But sinc eyou already had sasturn the first time, you already learned a lot. You have very little to learn the second time. SAturn rules older people, so as we age, we like Saturn more--Saturn gives stability. uranus rules young babies and younger people, and anyone who has watched a toddler roam free in your house knows how unpredictable uranus makes young little tykes, Teenages, and youth in general are also ruled by Uranus, a rebellious but highly creative planet. As we age, we like Uranus less!  So you see, you have nothing to worry about. September is a dazzling month for Sagittarius' career--go out immediately and find that new job!

Hi Susan, I have been unemployed for over a year and a half and just moved to a new city. I have an old profession that I wanted to change but now I also want the funds to settle here. What's the best next move for me? (pisces feb 21st, born new york, 11:35 pm). Thank you for your guidance!

You don't say your year so I can't do a chart, but you are one of those awesome February-born Pisces, highly creative, like Steve Jobs was (he was Feb 24) and fine art painter Gloria Vanderbilt (February 20, now in her late 80s and still going strong). I like that you moved (hopefully from June 2012 to June 2013 when Jupiter was helping you move). You might have Scorpio rising, but it's just a guess if you were born near NYC. I feel you won't be happy until you have a chance to contribute new ideas to whatever firm you join. You cannot close down a Pisces' mind--they are very conceptual, and they love to chew on new ideas! You wil have to take a bread and butter type job that will help you pay the bills while you build your strategy for a new career. Pisces often like to work at home or in their own business, because they often get their best ideas when not at a desk from 9 to 5. You are so intuitive, the answer to the question you ask in already inside you--be practical, and bring it to the surface. With a tough 2014 coming up, and with progress slow (but sure) in the economy I want to get you to high ground. Remember, this is the last tough year--2015 brings us to a completely new and better place. It will feel like a different country! We are all in this together,and we must all help each other. 

Hi Susan, You were spot on in June! On the 17th I found the perfect apartment but I wasn't able to convince me partner to move in there with me. Now I'm unhappy with our living circumstances and still want to make a change. Do I have to wait 14years for the next opportunity to be happy with my living circumstances (I'm Feb 21st, he's Aug 25th) Thank you!

Wait, a beautiful space is hard to find! And no, it's a cycle that happens every 12 not 14 years. ha, ha, but there are other aspects that are helpful, so don't fret. I think you are unhappy because he or she is not with you. Moving won't change that--the answer lies within your Virgo love. He or she must say when those things will change, not you. I feel you are dealign with the cosmetic outside situation, but not the core--your Virgo partner needs to talk with you honestly and tell you the score. Only then can you make plans. If this relationship is not to be, don't waste time with it. You have spectacular aspects to find someone new--don't waste them on the wrong partner, as this particular cycle will end mid-July 2014, and not come again until June 2025 to June 2026. 

Am Aries male, April 9, in the IT industry. Have had many obstacles in reaching targets and achieving the desired position in my company. How does it look for me in the coming year and when can I expect this hard financial phase to end?

The situation Aries has faced as been so hard, I truly understand. The competition for you is so fierce, that you need something to make you stand apart. You may have to take classes--Jupiter says your family supports your aims, so ask Mom or Dad if they could loan you the money to get the education you need to be the star that you are. Or, teach yourslef. IT men and women always blow me away with their problem solving ability. 

The Washington Post has been so kind to let us go two hours, a full hour longer than they had scheduled for me. I am touched by your questions, and I feel the frustration you feel. I want to help more, so I will keep your questions in mind as we all go together into October and I write my next report on Astrology My next chat on the Washington Post will be October 9 at Noon, EDT (New York Time, where I am). If you'd like to translate that time to your local time, go to and you will know. All my chats are in cyberspace, and the whole world is welcome to come. 

Remember too to get to know your rising sign, and read for that sign too--it will give you other opportunities you need to know about. You can get your chart done by me in a custom natal chart book I will write just for you  (yellow-blue cover) at

Keep reading the news--I feel it's so important to be informed, and the Washington Post is one of the most respected newspapers in America, working round the clock to keep us up to date. It's hard to say goodbye! I will see you again on October 9 at Noon, right here! You can read the whole chat, as it will be archived--tell your friends!

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