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Aug 14, 2013

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on Wednesday, August 14, at noon, EDT. (Check to find out your time zone). You can read your August forecast from Susan here.

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Welcome!  I am so happy you could come today! This is a free worldwide chat that I will be holding regularly each month for the Washington Post. If you would like to submit a question, please  remember to give me your sign and if you know it, your rising sign. Your chances of having me answer your question will be increased if your question is interesting to a wide number of people. (Often all it takes is rewording your question in such a a way to apply to many readers!)  I will keep track of all my answers to be sure I am addressing readers of every sign in my chat. As always, we will archive the dialog and have it posted for reading later.

Finally, I want to thank you for all your good wishes for a successful result for my medical procedure yesterday--so far so good! I feel like a million dollars! I have to wait a while to see if the procedure will correct me over the long run. (I was perfect when I left the hospital). You provided so much comfort to me, I want to send you my heartfelt thanks. I am so lucky to have you as a reader, and as a friend.  Susan

What made you want to do astrology ? Were your born with abilities or did you study? Not that it makes a difference because I love your site and monthly horiscopes!

You are so sweet to ask about what led me to astrology. I was born with a birth defect that caused massive internal bleeding. I have had 40 transfusions in life. No one knew what was wrong, but by time I was 14 years old, they had to do exploratory surgery. I was deathly ill and in hospital for 11 months. I was paralyzed in the left leg--no feeling, no movement--during that surgery so that I would not bleed out.  I had to give up high school and be home schooled so I could have three years of intense physical therapy. I prayed to all my saints (I am Catholic) but also am human--wanted to know if I would ever walk again. I studied astrology to find out--I was motivated!

Dear Susan, What are things to look for in a man's chart that he is interested in marrying you? His sun on your moon? His venus on your ascendant? Is there a marriage aspect between two charts? Blessings, Sandra

People are complex, so there are millions of ways to find compatibility. Kate and William (the Royals) both have the moon in Cancer, which is nice--they understand each other. He is Cancer, she is Capricorn, found 6 months away, so they complete each other. To your question, how about your man's moon on your Sun or vice versa, that is lovely! There are many, many ways to find compatiblity. I have a free 65,000 word article I wrote that you may find fun on how couples can get along or you can order a special book I will write just for you, custom, on demand, called, "The Relationship Book, The Two of Us."


My boyfriend is a Libra, birth date October 20, 1982. While he is happily employed and enjoys his job (in a research laboratory), there have been non-stop set-backs that limit his ability to advance, present his research, and really aren't helping his morale. Can he expect anything to turn around for the second half of this year?

Aries and Libras, part of the Cardinal signs, have certainly had challenges in their career and in personal life. Cancers and Capricorns have had a time of it too. A lot depends on your friend's rising sign. Libra are not out of the woods, although the ones that were born in September (not your friend) are through the hardest part--they are looking at a much brigher picture.  The universe does not apply pressure to make us unhappy (although that is often the first result) but rather to get us to change. Your friend has five planets in Libra, so his life runs in extreme--when it's good it's GREAT (better than anything the rest of us can imagine) but when it is challenging, it's very tough, and he has some of that now. He has to check all his options and make some plans for switching--that's the message here. 

Thank you Susan for this opportunity: My question is: what meaning does Pluto in Capricorn have, and when it conjuncts Mars, Venus and your sun what does that mean? Like you Susan I am a Capricorn, and Pluto will conjunct all 3 planets.In my natal chart Pluto is in my 5 house, life has not been easy for me, money wise. I became disabled 3 years ago, at the age of 48. Just don't think I can take much more of this Plutonium energy. Please advise, Gabby

Ha, ha, there are literaly dozens of (wrong) birthdays out there for me, but I won't say what I am! I want to keep the spotlight on you, my reader!  Pluto trasforms us. Think of him as a contractor who goes into your basement with a hard hat to check the very foundations of your life. Anything that needs repair will get it instantly, whether we are ready or not. Pluto works slowly, and will gradually move you to a new and better place if you let him. The landscape will change--you can achieve so much with Pluto! Many students of astrology somehow have a misconception of Pluto-he can be your friend. People will take you seriously! Being a Capricorn, you have Pluto transiting in the same sign, on your Sun, a big advantage--he is not opposed to your Sun, so ON your Sun  you have the advantage. Harness that power! Make changes!

Hello Susan! I'm not happy in my marriage, but I love my husband and I'm not sure about divorce. How do you see love life for Leos, Virgo rising? Also, my transits are kind of tough (Pluto in the nadir; Uranus in the descendant). Thank you and I love you.

No astrologer can ever tell you whether to divorce, but I can say, you are already through and done with the most difficult trials. If you are still together, dear Leo with Virgo rising (readers reading this--treat the rising sign just like your sun sign) it looks good for staying together! I think you've already worked out some of the toughest questions in 2009-2011. Right now the tension seems to stem from money--solve that, and life will become easier. (I know, much easier said than done.) Virgo and Pisces both have a tough financial October coming up ( brace for it) and April 2014 won't be your favorite month either for money. We study astrology so we can find out when these challenges are coming, and hunker down when they do.

I always hope couples can stay together, so it is always worth trying. You seem to have accomplished SO much already! God bless you!

I am Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, Cap rising. Having a hard time losing weight.

Dear Cancer friend, when you have Jupiter on your Sun, as you do now, weight loss can be frustrating--however, you can outwit Jupiter! First let me tell you that Juptier, the giver of gifts and luck, is now in Cancer for the first time in 12 years. This means you are the celestial favorite--the "it" girl or guy that has the most favor from Jupiter. Jupiter will expand your options, your friendships, your ability to find and enjoy love (actually this is the best year in 12 for finding love) but the problem is, Juptier goes overboard and expands you, too! (All Cancers, and those with Cancer rising, listen up.) So, you have to be careful to go to the gym for at least a half hour every day, if your doctor says it's OK for you to do so. Don't ever let it be that you miss two days. Eat sensibly and try to stick to fresh fruits for dessert. You CAN outwit this! Your moon in Capricorn is so well disciplined! 

I am a Pisces woman, born March 1st,,and have been looking for work for the last several months without any luck at all,when will Pisces have their shot at having a stable job this year?

This month you had a new moon in your sixth house of work assignments, which could have resulted in new projects. Keep looking this week! The December 2 new moon will be your BEST new moon for looking for a prestigious new position! Any job that comes up in December would be a step up from the one you had. You are a Pisces, and many love to be self-employed. Have you considered that possibility? 

I had a hearing on june 27th and I still don't if it was decided in my favor. With a favorable ruling comes a large sum of money -- do you think it's likely? Dec 28 Capricorn, with aquarius rising.

On June 27, you were only a week past the luckiest day of the year, and Jupiter was very close to the Sun in your opposite sign of Cancer. That suggests the lawyer representing you did an excellent job for you. Neptune was conjunct the moon that day, so that's why there's some questions and confusion...even the judge may be trying to sort out the facts. As a Cardinal sign (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and for you--you are Capricorn) you've had a hard time from Saturn (done) and Uranus (done, too, finally). Your chances are good for a nice sum, simply by the date of the hearing.  Let's think good thoughts--for the first time in a long time, you are coming out of a long tunnel. Best wishes to you.

Dear Susan! You always talk about how it's not ok to accept job offers and sign contracts while Mercury retro. But what about hiring? I am a recruiter and my job consists of job offers (made by other people to other people). So I've been wondering what should I worry about while Mercury retro? What should I double check? What are the dangers? And the same goes for employers - should they hire while Mercury retro or should they wait? And what happens if, for example, the offer is accepted when Mercury is retro but the first day on the job is 2 weeks later when Mercury is direct?

I love your question. Yes, it's true, you should not hire anyone with Mercury retrograde. My best friend has taken it upon herself to watch each friend who either hired a employeewith Mercury retrograde or  who took an important position duing those phases--none of those jobs worked out. No, no accepting the job when Mercury retrograde and starting later--no no. The only exception is if that person already worked at the company and is coming back, continuing an already-started relationship. I have seen luck with those instances, but even so, be careful. The danger is that conditions are changing. You may hire a manager for one set of priorities, and then later see that the priorities were wrong. Or, it may be that the person misrepresented himself. There are so many possiblities that cause problems. You have a hard job--Mercury retrogrades three times a year for 3 1/2 weeks! Try to time things to avoid hiring key people then. Next retro: October 18 to November 10 this year. 

Dear Susan, First of all I am fan of you, many thanks for your great work! I want to ask specifically about love and career for scorpios in the following days. Many thanks.

Hi dear Scorpio!  As I wrote on this month, Scorpio has some of the BEST emerging career opportunities coming up! You need to call friends, look at listings, go to industry events--whatever it takes to unearth possibilities for a new position now! The new moon of August 6 was the best of 2013 to help you, and is still exerting a flow this week. As photographers say, "we are losing light!" so before the new moon fades, be on the lookout. Remember, all you have to do is START the interview process this week--you don't have to actually win the job now (which might take weeks or months in the process--big jobs take time to win).

Love will be divine at the full moon September 19 and in March 2014.  Circulate!

Susan What did you decide about July 29 - was it generally good or bad? For me it was terrible but I wondered if others had a good day.

For those reading this question. I was not sure if July 29 was as good as some astrologers were saying, because my point was you need a new or full moon to push the goodness foreward--that day was well after a full moon. I found that July 29 was not great for most readers but that earlier in the month was great for many (due to the golden triangle). So thank you for that question! My suspicions were right--July 29, dispite gorgous aspects--was not accessible to most people. You can post a disagreement if you like, I am always open to listen!

I'm a Taurus, Leo rising born on April 26th. I'm in a terrible financial drought, self-employed with no prospect of money coming in at the moment. Will it get better soon?

Taurus like things to remain fixed, but alas, the earth and the planets keep spinning so we need to adapt. You have a big solar eclipse coming near your birthday, April 29 in Taurus that will affect you. That one is mixed, with some stern warnings from Saturn, but help from Jupiter. That eclipse may open a door.

If you are in a business partnership, you and your partner may not be seeing eye to eye. You may have other natal planets in Taurus (I cannot tell from here and from the info you gave me) and Saturn is opposed to your Sun and possibly other planets. I will say that Saturn is moving away from its direct gaze across the skies, which should help allieviate the situation.  I would say you have to get to high ground by finding completely new ways to bring in money. We have all been there: at first, we get sad, then mad, then feel depressed--until we finally realize nothing will get better until we make it so. Your Taurus  ability to be practical will help you so much now. By next summer you will be in a great place with Jupiter in Leo, but you need to make it to July 2014. Find ways to build bread and butter income now, and also ease into new more lucrative areas. 

Hi Susan! Can I just say that I'm consistently amazed at your accuracy? I'm a Gemini writer who planted seeds during Jupiter's reign and in June, I scored an amazing agent for my new novel. Is there any particular month that looks promising to see the fruits of my labor?

Hi dear Gemini!

Wow, that was greast news! I love hearing good news! yes, depending on when the publisher can put the book into distribution, I would LOVE you to promote it in March 2014. Such a good time for your career!! 

Hello Susan. Glad you are doing so much better. I am a Virgo, August 28, had a rough last 5 years, illness in family, death in family, lay-off. Wondering when will the sun come back out and shine on Virgo. Can you tell me when I may once again be employed? Hoping that this Phoenix will begin to rise from the ashes sooner rather than later. Thank you so much.

Dear Virgo,

Virgo is coming out of their problems, so it's not the Virgo in your chart causing this terribly hard time. You would have to know the rising sign for me to help you--I feel so sad that I don't have enough information. I like the full moon of December 6, 2013 for your career--a huge job may be awarded a that time for Virgo, but you'd of course have to start interviewing for it earlier. 

Thank you Susan for this opportunity! We are all grateful for your words of wisdom over the years! I am Taurus sun, Cancer moon, Leo Rising. In the last year and a half I have lost my mom (my soulmate), moved away from my old social group, and have been single for years. I am taking good care of myself (exercising, eating clean), and working. Having much difficulty finding a new social support group. Any thoughts?

Taurus has Juptier in the third house of communication, and are learning to communicate in a new way. You may want to take classes in creative writing, improv, or other fun skills, simply to meet other like-minded people. Your eleventh house rules friendships, and that house will be lit up brilliantly at the full moon, September 19 and in late February and March. Your love life will perk up beautifully, dear Taurus, in late August and September. You may want to join a social or professional club too, a good time to do so in those months--but be sure to attend events, little Taurus! Leo will be the most favored sign from July 2014 to August 2015, so your time in the sun is coming!

hola from Uruguay! I am a Taurus, Scorpio ascendant having a Jupiter return this year, two years ago, I moved back to Latin America after living nearly 30 years in Australia. My job has been extremely slow this year, my cash savings got stolen by a burglar last month, I feel a bit discouraged...will things start to brighten up? Lots of love:)

How horrible to have your savings stolen! I am so will promise me you will put things in the bank next time, yes? My friend, the eclipses are in Taurus and Scorpio these days, the reason you are going through so many massive changes. Eclipses change the script and move things around.  The next eclipse, in Scorpio, is November 3. It will be a new moon--a new beginning-- and can help you get on a better path. You need to get the finances in good shape before Saturn moves into Sagittarius in September 2015, when things may get tight. Try to find new sources of income--Juptier back to the place it was at your birth will help you. Also, Jupiter is in Cancer, a great place for you!  Keep looking!

Dear Susan, So happy that your medical procedure went well! I'm sure the results will be great! Wish you all the best! I wanted to ask you about Aries. I was born 4/19/76 and i sure had a very rough year. So far August has been good to me although i am still struggling with money and work and making decisions and of course in Love its been tough for a long time! Any idea if it will get better for us Aries? Love you! Tasha

Dear Aries, 

This is your month for love! All the planets are acting like sweet little matchmakers to help you find the love you deserve! You must get out more this month, even thorugh you may not feel "up" to putting on a sunny smile. Money might improve in November at the full moon November 17. 

Susan - I'm an Aries/Leo rising and truly have a life I appreciate, but feel stagnancy in both love (singleness) and career (success with limited personal reward) and had some setbacks in both over the past year. Wondering what you may see for me in the next six months? Best wishes to you as you recover and cheers for staying strong through your own tough year!

Ha, ha, I am always grateful that someone, somewhere studied medicine and figured out how to help me! All their years of study, and I am the beneficiary! 

Aries has been through the corn flake machine. It depends so much on your exact birthday--early Aries? Those born in March are just getting thier little heads above water. (I say little affectionately.) Right now, Aries has amazing family support--through love, and often from money from parents--and also with real estate deals, whether you hope to rent, buy or sell property. In terms of career, the boost you need to see will come in early January, although talks may go on all through the fall, or else come up in January (your biggest career month). The Leo in you has luck right now, due to the new moon and several planets IN Leo now--grab the microphone, as others are ready to listen to all you have to say. 

Gemini born June 10, Rising Sign is in 08 Degrees Virgo. I am currently looking to advance in my current position or find something else that is more lucrative. We are also trying to sell the house and I don't know if we will relocate out of state. What are my chances of increasing my income in a new position?

Those are big questions, so I can't really answer them without a chart. I can say that Gemini is in a period of enormous financial reward, and that you should think big--don't be afraid to name what you feel to be your correct salary or fees. 

Home matters are settled for Gemini at the full moon September 19, plus or minus four days. It's one of the sweetest full moons of the year, so be ready--there won't be many opportunities after that. The Virgo in you may see a development in home near December 17, but that's a hard time to move, with the holidays, and perhaps (depending on where you live) snow and ice outside! Relocation astrology takes much time, and you should sit with a personal astrologer who can tell you your best cities in whch to live, depending on your specific goals (which for you would likely be for better career opportunities).

Hi Susan, I am a Scorpio born, Aries rising. My sister is a Pisces and we don't get along really well. The relationship with men that I had were all Pisces and all of them are not on speaking terms with me. I know Scorpio and Pisces are compatible with each other but I am not quite sure if I get along with them. Please help me with this. Thanks!

When it comes to compatibility, I feel anyone can get along with anyone else, with some effort. That said, some people do seem to get us upset, often for mysterious reasons we can't quite put our finger on. I would need to look at the whole chart to answer you properly. We are all more than just a sun sign. for example, my daughter Chrissie is a February Pisces with many planets in Aquarius--Venus, the moon, Mercury--but only the Sun in Pisces. She is engaged to her long time love, a Leo, which might surprise the Pisces--fire and water are not natural elements that go wel together. It's is her many Aquarian planets that make her Leo paring perfect for her. As you see, there are details in the chart that really do matter. To find out about your relationship with sister, look to your third house--ask an astrologer to see what is going on here to explain your relationship with your sister. It may not be your fault that you don't get along--you need to look and see. 

Today is my birthday (8/14/79 with Libra rising). Can you tell me if there will be any significant career growth for me in then next year?

Today is your birthday! Happy Birthday!  This day has Mercury in perfect angle to Uranus, a wonderful, creative aspect for writing, speaking, designing and other scientific and artistic creation. Your mind will sizzle with ideas all year, because this aspect landed on YOUR birthday--astrologers call this a "solar return" because the Sun returns to the place it was at your birth. Whenever you see a good day happen on your birthday, know that that great aspect will color your whole year ahead. 

By the way, did you get my free daily horoscope app yet for your iPhone in the Apple App store? "Susan Miller's AstrologyZone Daily Horosope FREE!" When you have it you can enjoy the free "little bits of chocolate" as I call my daily reports, or upgrade for my l-o-n-g daily horoscopes on your iPhone. Subscribers do not see ads. Of course my website is on all my apps,, without having to go on to the web. A pple listed my app as #4 on the top lifestyle app that people were subscribing to! (My dear daughter Diana found this, and texted me. I would have never seen the top ten list.) Android users can get Astrology Zone Premier. Also if you are overseas or in the US, but not on iPhone or Android, you can get the same horoscopes into your cell phone or computer's email box by subscribing to my  I create it with love for you with all the questions you send me in mind. 

Susan I have noticed that my boyfriend's chart has all the planets on the left half of the circle. Does that mean anything in and of itself?

charts come in all shapes, and your boyfriend has many on the left or (as astrologers would say, the eastern side). It means your boyfriend is a self-starter and doesn't need anyone to help him get ahead. He finds opportunity and follows it. I am being general, but that is all I can say, not seeing the chart itself. Sounds like your boyfriend may be a mover and a shaker!

How do we know for sure which sign we are if you are born in the gray area between two signs?

On, I list the demarcation lines between the signs. Cusp babies should always do a custom natal chart to be sure. The Sun does not enter a new sign on the dot of midmight--it might be at 11:57PM one year for, say, Aries, or 12;04 AM the next year. Or, the Sun may move at 4:10 PM int the afternoon. This is why sometimes you see some columns have different dates that encompass your sign. If you go to I can write a custom book just for you on  your natal must first have your exact time of birth. I have a book for babies too (see the pink cover book to the right hand side). I can explain all to you, affordably. Once you have your chart, you need never have it done again--it is yours for life. 



I am an Aquarius woman set to marry my beau of almost 10 years (a Gemini man) on November 9th. I just learned that Mercury will be in retrograde on that date. What can I expect? We can't change the wedding date but should we avoid signing any official papers until Mercury goes direct?

My close friend Evie was getting married in Tuscany with Mercury retrograde. She was frantic, and her husband would not change the date. Being so close to me, she was under stress about this, but we figured out a great solution. When her husband to be picked up the wedding license I chose the date. They married at City Hall with her sister and her husband, but never told anyone about that ceremony.  They never celebrated that City Hall date, but the chart for the marriage was that date. I thought that up for Evie, and her husband said that was OK with him. I know, it's an extreme answer--but marriage is so important! It is something I would do. 

Hi Susan, I'm a September Libra and my partner is Capricorn. We recently bought a condo and while the process was very stressful, we love it. There are, however, some unexpected and very frustrating issues with the building and we want them resolved! Any chance this will happen soon, or are we in for a long struggle?

Do you or your husband have Sagittarius rising by any chance? That would give problems with floods or other reasons for problems with water, the reason I am telling all Sagittarians to get home owner or renter's insurance. Libra has Pluto in the fourth house of home, so you may have structural concerns that would have to be addressed. Capricorn has Uranus in the fourth house, so have an engineer look at the electrical wiring too, while you are doing all this. These are slow moving planets, so whenever they clash with another planet something may show up. I would just say have someone look over the apartment condo, and get a second opinion. Some parts of the world have sink-holes, so check that out too. Leave no stone unturned, and simply do whatever needs to be done to feel safe and have all this behind you. 

Hi Susan, Thanks for all of your time-- you're always so accurate! I'm Libra (9/24) with Sagittarius rising and confused about when Saturn will be in my house of finance. I think you said it currently is in Libra's house, but then you've also said it's going to be in Sag.'s house of finance in Sept. 2015-- which should I plan for, my moon sign or sun sign? Thanks!

Saturn will be in your twelfth house (an easy place to host Saturn) for Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising.  (Sag has Jupiter, their ruler, in their house of other people's money, eighth house, bringing the possiblity for great bounty!) Saturn is now touring Libra's house of income until Sept 2015, which is why so many Libras are dealing with situations where they cannot seem to raise their income. Your company may have a wage freeze for example. When you have these big planets creating problems, you have to find a unique and different solution than the one you've used--Saturn's position almost always points to changes in the marketplace or overall environment and requires a new, bold and often untried approach. If you go to another job, you may be able to raise your income a little, but the same situation will follow you--Saturn will still be in the same house, so that is frustrating. You can outwit these planets, but you really have to be creative about it. You can also find places to cut waste, as that is an option too. 

Im a Sagittaurius female born december 18 and sag rising. I've been at home with children for a few years and am planning on returning to work as a lawyer this year, but not sure whether it is the right option. Should I stay in current career and if so when is my best chance to re-enter the work force successfully? I'm In melbourne australia.

Hello Melbourne from New York City!  Your question is a good one, and I am sure one many women who had children think about. I would like you to get situated soon. You are a double Sagittarius, and Saturn is heading to Sag in September 2015 (actually in December 23, 2014, Saturn will move briefly into Sagittarius for a peek, until June 14, 2015, but then retrograde back into his last days with Scorpio, until September 17, 2015, when Saturn will be there to stay. I want you to search before Saturn adds a bit more to your schedule and makes it harder to ease in. I have had two children and completely understand the responsiblities and demands on your time while they are still little. I can't tell you whether you should do a complete career switch, only you would know that--but the right answer will appear to you. You might want to go back to your regular work and see how that feels, and then decide.  You have a little time, so that's good! This year, with Juptier in Cancer, you will get great perks and benefits, so ask about those. Some companies allow an employee to work from home one day a week as long as they truly are working (which in your case is a no-brainer, of course you are), which may be a great option for you. 

The Washington Post has been so generous to us! I have been on two hours! I am grateful for the time you gave me, and for being so open about what is concerning you. As you see on this board, many, many people are either not employed, or in jobs they would like to leave (but are worried about doing so). Love is on everyone's mind too. I will think about your questions before I write my September column on

Next month I will be back here on Wednesday, September 11 at Noon. Stay tuned for details! I tweet almost every day and my handle is @AstrologyZone

Thank you so much for coming today! Do have a look at the Washington Post website for being so good to us by providing these chats to us at no cost. It's a GREAT paper and we all love to be informed. 

I will be in Philadelphia this weekend at the NCGR Astrology conference (Saturday August 17, 2-3;30 PM), speaking about the Year Ahead 2014. If you live nearby I hope you can come  and say hello. You would need a ticket to the event, and your ticket would allow you to listen to other astrologers speak that day too. Go to for details. 

Thank you again! See you here next month, on Wednesday, September 11 at Noon.

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