Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions (August 13, 2014)

Aug 13, 2014

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at noon, EDT* Related:

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Thank you to the kind people at the Washington Post for inviting me back to do my monthly chats, worldwide, for you. The chats are free, and you can ask me any question you have always wanted to know the answer to--that burning question!  If you read my website, Astrology Zone, for August, you know we have a dynamite month, brimming with opportunity. Use this month and September well, as those will be productive months. October will be a wait-and-see month, when Mercury will retrograde October 4-26, and we will have two eclipses, a lunar full moon eclipse in Aries October 8, and a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio October 23. 

As you know I have been ill with a condition that can be managed, but the doctors have had a little trouble finding a medicine my body likes and that we can substitute for the steroids I have been on. Steroids are dangerous, so next week I have a new drug (as soon as my insurance company approves the expense). Wish me luck! I want to be strong and healthy again--to keep up with all of YOU!


Hi Susan, You always give dates that are opportune to "start" something. So what if we are stretched thin and say for instance, open an affiliate account, at the time you say, but can't really do anything with it until later? Does that still count? Is it best to get back to such endeavors during Mercury retrograde?? Many Blessings to you.

I love your question. When you take your first step is the birth of the endeavor. It's better to do something little than nothing at all if you don't have all your ducks in a row yet. You are doing things right. Mercury retrograde is great for getting back to projects you started and put aside, yes. 

Hi Susan- I was born October 22nd with an Aries moon. The purchase of a new apartment is draining me financially and I am also in talks for a new job. Worried on both fronts and wondering if both of these steps will see improvements?

You are born on the cusp, almost Scorpio. Do you know your rising sign?  Scorpios have a lock on the BEST aspects of the whole zodiac for career advancement. The talks you are in NOW, this month, will lead you to the right place. I love that you are buying an apartment--everyone feels a bit poverty stricken when they buy real estate (you are not alone--expenses keep popping up). The new job will come and lead you to more money. I know you are technically Libra, but so close (one degree) to Scorpio, I am going to bet you are getting that big job. This one will have prestige and power and take care of the cash flow. It sounds like you might have Taurus rising. Your moon in Aries showed that a domestic change was absolutely necessary. You are putting in the foundation for a whole new life, and it's SO exciting! Keep moving forward--your worries will later be unfounded. 

I'm a Leo woman born on August 18. I'm trying to be a fashion blogger who would like to get my followers up. I just started and I was wondering -- will I be getting a good amount of followers by the end of this year and when is the best month?

Hello Leo fashion blogger! I love your question. Always do your self-promotion / advertising/ publicity/  campaign when you have a new moon in the third house. For you that will be September 24, plus ten days 

September 25 is a hugely important day for us all, as Jupiter will be in perfect angle to Uranus, a very rare aspect, and chock full of goodies. I want you to launch your campaign on Sept 24 or 25 for sure. Days like Sept 25 don't come along that often--it took years of this to happen--use it to your full advantage!

Today, August 13th, is my birthday. Leo with a Libra rising. I have been waiting to see the fruits of Jupiter in my sign but so far it's been a lot of disappointing news and misfortune. Does it take a while for Jupiter's fortune to be realized?

Happy Birthday dear Leo! You are a "late" Leo, so Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck as been moving through early degrees of Leo, so that's why you have not felt the warmth of Jupiter quite yet. Jupiter is moving really fast, zooming through space on a skateboard, so you will see results of Jupiter in the very first week of November. Be patient--he is coming. I cannot see your entire chart, so there may be some things that have caused you such disappointing news, but it sounds like you are clearing the cobwebs out of your life to make a new start, and preparing for a brighter future. Jupiter will go back to your degree near January 9, 2015 and one more time when Jupiter returns to your degree June 27. You have three visits that hit your sun exactly, and it does not have to be exact to feel the glow....when you feel like you are gaining a little weight, you know Jupiter is close. (I know this sounds ridiculous, but Jupiter expands all he touches, opportunity, wealth, and also--you. Keep exercising and watching portions and you will have no trouble with weight gain. You will be invited to a lot of parties, so sometimes we let our guard down when we see great food! Keep vigilant!)

Hi Susan, love your forecasts, excited about this chat! I'm Ally, Capricorn sun sign and Virgo rising, born on January 8. I've been going through a very painful and drawn out separation for several years now, unable to settle any matters in my divorce court case. When would be my best chance to achieve successful resolution of my divorce/legal case?

Hi dear Capricorn, with Jupiter now in your house of other people's money, it behooves you to settle now or soon. Jupiter will go retrograde December 8 until April 9. I want you to settle prior to that set of retrograde bracket dates. You just had a new moon in Leo, so I think the offer on the table is the best you are going to get. You are in the best phase in 12 years now for a good, generous settlement. The Virgo rising is giving you the trouble--Uranus in your 8th house is giving you a surprise a minute. Saturn is in your Virgo rising second house of income. With Neptune in your seventh house I am not sure you have the entire financial picture--did it come out in discovery phase? Still, I feel you have to wrap this up, even if you feel the deal is not great. This is the best you are going to get, unless you want to wait until April when another eclipse comes by. Jupiter will stay until August 11, 2015. I think you have to offload the monkey from your back, cut your losses and move forward.

Hi Susan, could you further explain why Mars in Scorpio for only one month but it's represent a new two years cycle for all Scorpio?

Mars went into Scorpio last month, July 25 and will leave September 13, so it is always in for about six or seven weeks. Mars is all about energy and action--when Mars comes by in your sign, that's a big deal! People will tend to agree with you and approve your ideas. If you want something dearly, such as "I want a baby" this would be a great time to try. I hope I answered your question, dear Scorpio!

I am a female Leo born July 31 with Sagittarius rising. I have loaned someone a large sum of money over the last four years for their legal issues. I am wondering when this money will be repaid to me, if it will be repaid to me at all or the person is just taking me for my good nature?

You gave your friend the money (bless your heart) when Jupiter was in your eighth house of other people's money, so you were feeling flush and generous. Now Jupiter has left the building and moved on to your ninth house of legal matters. I think your friend wants to pay you back and feels terrible she cannot. Set up a payment plan, and make it a legal document. You have Jupiter in your ninth house of legal matters, and if you make the monthly payments affordable, your friend will be relieved to pay you. Keep it in one savings account. I know it's hard to see money come in by drips and drabs, but it seems like the best solution. 

Im a female Sagittarius and my birthday is December 3, 1960, Im very nervous about this Saturn return and how it will impact my life and those of my fellow Sags; especially since its a long transit. Im hoping you could shed some light on this transit and what if any thing we can do to not feel its effects so strongly. Thanks Susan & I pray you're feeling better!!

Never worry about Saturn coming back to your sign. Saturn can make you a force to be reckoned with if you work with him, and what you win with Saturn stays with you a lifetime. First, you have to go into the transit in good shape physically. Sag is an athletic sign, so keep up those gym visits. Have a physical with your doctor, and be especially careful to check bones and teeth. Ask your doctor if you need vitamins or a change in your diet. Here's what I have found: Saturn ON your Sun is so much nicer than having Saturn opposed to the Sun as the TAURUS have now (and the Gemini will get next). With Saturn on the Sun (what is coming for you) you will get to choose the challenge you want to meet, such as to get a graduate degree, write a book, buy a house, get married, have a baby--you get to choose one. If you were Taurus (now) or Gemini, the universe decides the challenge and tosses you a medicine ball (heavy ball they have at gyms) to see if you can catch it. Of douse, you can, and the universe will step back to see the kind of character you show through his tests. Saturn will isolate you whether it's on your sun or opposed to the sun--that is to show you that you are stronger than you ever thought possible. We all get Saturn on the Sun every 29 years, and it makes us better, more giving and compassionate people. Nothing to fear! It's all good!

Hi Susan, I understand that you write your horoscopes for the reader's rising sign - how is that different than writing for sun sign, and why have you chosen this method?

No, no. Here, let's start at the beginning. I write for my reader's sun sign AND rising sign. We ALL have two charts, a custom chart by time of birth, and one where the Sun is on the ascendant (a sun-sign chart). In truth you can put any planet on the ascendant to see how it is behaving at any given time. The Sun is important as it is the center of our solar system--no planet has that distinction that the Sun, our brilliant star, has for us. This is why you MUST read my forecasts for your sun sign and your rising sign, both, or you will only have half the information you need for any given month. when I write for my wide audience, I use zero degrees all the way around, and you know what? William Lily, a genius astrologer of  1602-1681 always felt for the purpose I ave whole house system works best for my column and I agree. I have custom charts, too, Placidus-Tropical is my favorite algorithm when I do a one-on-one chart, like I do in my custom books, My Personal Horoscope (one book for each reacher who orders it.)  I guess you need to trust me on this as it is too hard to describe more here! Read both our rising and Sun sign!

My name is Danielle and Susan, I hope you're feeling better! I'm wondering what is in store for a Cancer (June 22nd, cancer rising) with respect to a relationship? I've been told I'm destined to be with someone I already know, but wondering when and where? Thanks!

Destined? There is no destiny! Keep your options open! last year you may have met someone that will figure prominently in your life. did you meet someone? that could be the person. This year is  your big money year you may meet someone on a short trip. You might want want to do a summer share next year in a luxury resort (such as the Hamptons that we have here in NYC)--a place where singles go. Short trips will be good places to meet someone new. This year, the eclipse October 23 is friendly and may bring a new person to you now. 

I'm an Aries woman, born March 27 and have been out of work for several months. Until now, I've not had luck . When will Aries have their best shot at a new position this year?

Once Pluto goes direct September 22, hold on to your hat--yu will find all the right, high status jobs for you. I love end of December 2014 and the first half of January 2015 for you--you will have a lot of planets in your tenth house of fame. The career news starts December 21, just at holiday time! Don't travel then! Be home! Before that, watch what happens at the October 8 eclipse IF you lost your job on April 15--that monster eclipse may have caused you to lose your job. The new moon March 30 near your birthday was a horror too. No wonder you lost your job. OK, not all is lost. Watch first to see a lot of activity Sept 22 when Pluto moves forward in your house of fame and honors, then the eclipse October 8, and then the new moon December 21 for one of the  most powerful and beneficial career full moons of the year. You won't be unemployed long. Good luck--I have many Aries friends with your predicament but you have cosmic help on the way. The marines are on the way to help you, bugle's blaring! 

Hi Susan! We all hope you are finally getting the recovery you need. I follow you, have your app and read it everyday. I'm a Gemini Sun, gem moon and gem venus with virgo Ascendent. I'm currently dating long distance someone that has his Sun in gemini and Virgo ascendent (cap moon, cancer venus). My question is about dating someone with the same Sun and Ascendent/Rising sign as you. Does that work for long term? We seem to have similar life changes happen, such as we are going back to school this September. I sometimes see us together, but other times I'm just not sure. Us Gemini's want to know everything!

the two of you are in ideal sync, so don't worry about that! Also, come off the idea of perfection in choosing a mate--it does not exist (that is your Virgo speaking to you). Here's what I learned: the qualities you find exciting in a mate when you are dating are not the ones you need when you have little babies in the nest--often completely different character traits come into play. A responsible, hard working person you date now may seem boring, but gee, when married, you will thank your angels every day you found this person as he can be a loving father, and a responsible provider. You see what I mean? Think ahead and try to project the type of qualities you would value in a mate, not only now but in the future. 

A friend and I (both Taurus) are going into business together. What tips do you have for not clashing and balancing strengths/weaknesses?

When two little bulls go into business together, it can work. You both are practical and I bet have good financial smarts. You can rely on one another, for when Taurus makes a promise, Taurus would rather die than not fulfill that promise. Here is what you need to do--if you can delineate different spheres of responsibility, that would be great. I never believe in partnerships, and never for two fixed signs. One person has to hold the last voting chit in each area of responsibility. So, say, one of you handles the books and taxes, the other is in charge of creative decisions and merchandise selection/display. You get the idea--have your little fiefdoms that are separate and that you both agree each will rule over will reduce conflict. Also, if you want to change a Taurus' mind, get in early in the thinking/ reflection process. After Taurus has made up her or his mind, it's hard to get that person to move off the decision and in a new direction. Good luck--this feels good. 

How do I know when Mercury is in retrograde? Is there a calendar for these things?

there is a table called an Ephemeris that gives you a list of when Mercury retrogrades, but I have on my site all the dates of Mercury retrograde until 1917. Go to my home page on the internet of my site, Astrology Zone and find the link in blue "Mercury retrograde dates/ eclipses dates" years into the future. You will see them all there. 

Hi Susan, my name is Adelina. I'm a Virgo and I was wondering if this period of the year will unlock the relationship sector. In the last years I found myself in cycle of bad choices. Thanks!

That was then, this is now. Virgo had nightmares (as did Pisces) in 2009 and 2010 with relationships. You currently have Neptune in your seventh house, so you tend to idealize your partner. Try not to get involved too fast--the slower a relationship starts and proceeds the longer it will last. Build a firm foundation. Birthday time is always a good time for each of us. Your weakest time--your "winter" is when the Sun has moved as f-a-r from your birthday sun as is possible, and that is March, 180 degrees away.  You have good aspects in August, starting at the new moon August 25, so be optimistic! Go out and circulate! Just go SLOWLY in any new relationship as Neptune is not going anywhere anytime soon. Neptune will move out of your relationship sector in 2025.

I am a Gemini born June 7th, and am going through a divorce after 30 years of marriage. Any advice?

Luckily you are a Gemini, highly flexible and always eternally young. It's time to reassess your entire life, and decide what kind of work you'd love to do. Publishing / broadcasting/ PR, marketing/ sales usually interests Gemini. Go have a makeover first--look stylish (Gemini stays eternally young, so again you a re lucky). Make sure your eyeglasses are up to the minute--nothing says old quicker than outdated glasses. It might feel scary but see it as an adventure. Start with a dynamite new look and get your old mate sorry you've flown the coop. 

I am taking over as the president of my union next Monday. Any pointers you can give me? Dob 5/8/52 Female. 1050 employees.

Congratulations! This sounds like a huge job, being president of your union! Who better than a Taurus to guard the funds of the union? You were born on a full moon in Scorpio, so you were meant to lead and come before the public. Full moon babies become known--that's you! You have natal Mars in Scorpio, so Mars is coming back to where it was at your birth ("a Mars return") so this is a powerful time for you. You have planets in both Taurus and Scorpio, so you learned early in life how to negotiate and find the right balance/ compromise, something that will come in handy now. Your ruler (Taurus is ruled by Venus), and in your natal chart--Venus is conjunct Jupiter...what a wonderful leader you will be. People will love to follow you and deal with you.  Monday when you are starting, Venus, the planet most of your planets answer to in your natal chart, is found conjunct Jupiter--WOW! This has all the makings of success! 

I am a Sagittarius female who, up until now, has not been able to pass an important exam. This is exam is the final exam which will unable me to have freedom in my profession. Up until now I have had to work under someone else's license, I have committed myself to review all the necessary material ( the hardest part had been staying on the boring basics, but I am done with that struggle now) I have a choice of four dates in September: 9, 11, 16,17. I look forward to your wisdom.

Dear Sagittarius, hire a tutor to save time. After all, time is money. If you can't pass this test, I bet everyone else is struggling as Sag is usually great taking tests and getting advanced degrees and licenses. You need to get this license prior to December 23 when Saturn enters Sagittarius. I like September 9 when Mercury (ruler of your career house) and Jupiter (your ruler) will be in partnership. You don't say where you live--in New York, EDT the moon goes void of course at 3:09 pM EDT so start your test early in the day. You will do well. My second choice would be September 11. Forget September 16, 17.  The full moon of September 8 falls in your fourth house of "the end of all matters" so this time could be the charm. 

Hello Susan! I am a Aquarius female -- my rising sign is Pisces. Will the rest of this year be a peaceful and enjoyable for me. Have had many struggles with my children. Would I be able to start my business any time soon. Also, been in a unhealthy and unhappy relationship for years with another Aquarius is our relationship going to get in better or should I move on with my future by my self? Thanks for hosting this chat forum and I'm glad to hear that you are doing better health wise my prayers are with you. Forever Aquarius

Dear Aquarius,

Forget the man. Your kind Pisces rising is making you compassionate, but he has already taking much too much advantage of your good nature. This goes back to 2009 or 2010 and it's not getting any better. Being alone will make you happy--you get to hold the TV remote, you get to decide when to get up, when to sleep and when to go to the movies. You see what I mean. Give yourself the gift of peace. Saturn in your tenth house will allow ou to start your business AFTER you learn all the rules and regulations. See your lawyer and accountant for advice, set up your books on computer, get your certificate of authority--all in November. The eclipse of October 23 will get you moving. The relationship in your life has weighed you down like a stone around your neck--once he is gone, you will feel lighter and freer to move forward. It looks like one of your children needed money. That will free up after the October 8 eclipse although they may need money again in April--see how it goes. You are a great mother and a wise executive. Don't let the relationship drain you for one more minute.  

I'm a Pisces female, born on the 16th March, 1991. I have been without a job since last May. Have been for many interviews, but so far no job. Please let me know when will I get a permanent job as I desire. Thank you, Arosha.

Dear Pisces, So many millennials your age are having problems finding work. For Pisces your age, it's not a matter of looking at listings but getting names you can call, given to you from your family, friends, professors and old bosses you may know from summer jobs.  Cranking out resumes no longer works--HR departments are overwhelmed with resumes, and their eyes are glazing over. (I say this generally--if you are in HR and this is not true, I am so glad to hear this from you.) Once Mars enters Sagittarius September 14 until October 25, you will find all the right jobs, ones with potential. Find a way to stand out from the crowd (your creativity and original ideas are one way), and if you did charity work and took a leadership position (for free) put that on your resume. You were born with a grand golden triangle--you have nothing to worry about!

What a lively worldwide free chat session we had today on the Washington Post website! I tried to get to each sign, and I look forward to seeing you next month! Next week I am launching my free app for Android and Samsung users, "Susan Miller's Astrology Zone Daily Horoscope FREE!" so be sure to check it out. iPhone users have had it for a year, and opted to subscribe, putting my app on the top five in the lifestyle Apple App Store for months. You can try out a subscription for $4.99 for a month or $12.99 for three months. The launch is next week, so stay tuned! Apple iPhone users--you will get a great new design, and it will simply update automatically. If you subscribe you will love the new features I cooked up! Android, Samsung and iPhone users will all have the same design--gorgeous! 

Thank you for begin so patient during this l-o-n-g recovery of mine. When they change the meds next week I am bracing for horrors like what happened earlier this month. It was so bad I had to hire health care helpers to help take care of me. Gee, I hope that won't happen again! I will keep you posted on my Twitter, @Astrologyzone and on FB Susan Miller (I wear a white blouse). Thank you dear readers! 

Finally, mark your calendar! Monday, September 15 is my next chat here, so tell your friends, and I hope you can come! As always, we do it at Noon, EDT, New York City time. Check with the site for the translation of Noon EDT in your location. 

Bye-bye for now! We will archive this and all my chats, so if you could not attend the whole session, you can read what was asked and how I answered. Thank you again, Washington Post! All of us--take a look at the great articles today and get caught up with all the news!


Welcome to my chat! I am Susan Miller, founder of Astrology Zone website. Today let's discuss September's lovely aspect on September 25--a rare one--that offers hope, optimism, and happiness. October will be less productive--two eclipses, one a lunar full moon eclipse October 8 and a solar eclipse October 23, plus Mercury retrograde October 4 - 26 will make October a month to watch and wait.

Please post your questions! When you do, say your first name (only), your Sun sign, and if you know your rising sign, include that too. Ask your question in such a way that it would be interesting to many readers stopping by. Thankyou again for coming, and to the Washington Post for making this session possible. We will go until 1:30 PM EDT. Let's begin! -Susan 

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