The royal baby's sign is Cancer: Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions

Jul 24, 2013

Astrologer Susan Miller and founder of the popular website Astrology Zone will host a one-hour chat on Wednesday, July 24, at 2:30 PM.

Susan will talk about the royal baby's sign -- Cancer -- and why the baby's time of birth is particularly significant. As Susan told The Post's Style Blog, the child was born on the cusp of the Leo and Cancer signs and will have characteristics of both. Susan will also take questions about how she reads a person's birth chart and what you'll need to know to read yours.


The royal baby's sign is cancer

The royal baby: A bouncing bundle of international obsession

As with Susan's previous chat, you can ask her questions about your own life and sign. Note that you will increase your odds of having Susan answer your particular question if you ask in a way that would appeal to the widest possible audience. Here are two good examples of how to word your question: "I'm a Sagittarius male, born December 14, and I'm house hunting. Which month in 2013 will bring me my best opportunities to locate my dream house in 2013?" Or, "I am a Libra woman, born October 7, and have been out of work for several months. Until now, I've not had luck. When will Libra have their best shot at a new position this year?"

If you know your rising sign, the rising sign is treated exactly the same as a Sun sign, so do pay attention to all questions that Susan answers that involve your rising sign as it applies to you, too. At the start, Susan will briefly explain how astrology works, define the rising sign, and explain why it is important to know yours.

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Hi! This has been an exciting week with the birth of the little royal baby. He fits in so perfectly to the royal family--all the members--that I am in awe. (You can read more about what I think is in the stars for the little prince here.) I know you have many good questions, and I will write as fast as the wind to answer them. Try to word your question in a way that will appeal to many people to increase your chances of being chosen. I am new at the software--I did use it once before--and it is fun, but bear with me as I learn more of the finer points to it. There is no practice--you just do it!


I am so grateful that you came to join me today. Even if I can't answer every question, I can READ each one, and I can make notes to be sure to cover the topic in my August forecast on AstrologyZone.

You've mentioned that Cardinal signs are having a rough time lately. What is that due to specifically? And when will it let up? This from an Aries with Libra rising :)

It is true that the Cardinals--Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are being tested, and this will last a long time. HOWEVER, don't be blue because you only feel the difficulty--in this case coming from heavy-weight planets Uranus and Pluto--while the planet moves over your head.

By that I mean, when Uranus or Pluto is within five degrees of your Sun, rising sign or other planet you feel it. Uranus is at 13 degrees Aries, Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn, and all Cardinals feel these two planets. Generally and very roughly, it is those readers who were born at the first week of October, first week of April, first week of January and first week of July who are feeling the most pressure now. 

I am loving your questions! This software is great, and I am a quick study.

I am trying to get to as many questions as I can, and we will also archive this live chat later.  Also, my dear producer is watching that I mention EVERY sign, so stay with me!

I already live with my husband, but we are about to sign marriage papers officially as soon as possible! I'm Pisces with rising Taurus, he is Aquarius with rising Libra. When should we do it?

I like the September 19 full moon so much. If you need a weekend, you can slide into the weekend, as a full moon still has strength, for + or - four days. 

Hi Susan. I am a June 19 Gemini with Leo Rising. Husband is Dec. 21 Sag with Pisces rising. It feel like financially we are still playing catch up. Any chance finances improve over the next year for us? We want to have a baby but not comfortable even trying until we are in a better spot. Thank you! :)

You will do so well this year! Most Gemini are about to see so much money come in! I bet you can lower or even erase all your debt! I like your husband's Pisces rising for a baby--he is in the best year of 12 for a child, and you were last year. Humm, I know this is crazy but I would go for the baby. (Ask your Mom--she knows your paset financial situation better than I.) I am thinking it takes a year to have a baby, and you have the aspects now for conception, so it's a tough question to answer! I had my children before we were all set, but am glad I was so young when I did. 

Hi Susan, I am a June 19 (luckiest day) Gemini with Leo rising. I am an actress and I have not worked since March/April. Any chance career starts to pick up soon? My solar return shows I have sun, mercury, venus, jupiter and gemini in 10th house this birthday year. Thank you. :) By the way, your solar return report was stunning!! It will forever be my gift to myself for my birthday every year. :)

Hello, dear Gemini born on the luckiest day of the year, June 19. If you can not find work in your birthday year ahead, all of the rest of us are in trouble! You are the most golden child! Have you tried doing a little advertising work? That field pays well, and your face would be everywhere! Keep trying the big roles. When you have an happy, well aspected day on your birthday (as you do), it means the whole year is rinsed in radiant luck.

I am pisces cancer rising and moon sign Capri my wife's sun/moon sign is Gemini rising Leo,when will god bless us with baby.

Pisces has the very best aspects to welcome the stork with a bundle of joy in the second half of 2013 or in the first six months of 2014. Be optimistic! This month was a good time to try--January too, March, May and next July.

Susan - I have a Virgo sun, Cancer ascendant, and Sagittarius moon. The past few years have been a considerable struggle. I have made progress but still feel as if there is a very long way to go on my path. When will I be most likely presented with an opportunity for a postive, long-term transformation of sorts? Thank you!

Your Virgo sun had fantastic aspects for career progress in the past 12 months, and your Sagittarius moon will have a boost in September--publicity perhaps? Your Cancer ascendant will garner all kinds of help from VIPs. I just don't like the aspects in October, but December could bring a turning point for Virgo, esp if you network with friends, past employers, at trades shows, seminars and professional clubs. 

If I have a chart that's not keen on motherhood, could that be compensated by my husband's chart somehow?

If you do not want a baby, you should not have a baby. Little tykes require a lot of work, sacrifice and love. Not everyone needs to be a mother. Is your husband pressuring you? Is there a reason you don't want a baby? So many questions come into play. Yes, when you marry the two charts are very close and might compensate for each other, but your question worries me. Don't have a child if you don't want one, or aren't ready yet. 

Hi Susan - I am a July 16th cancer - think I was born at 8:00 am ET but unsure of my rising sign. Been feeling super restless about my career any advice for me? Current job is super intense and I like it but wondering if I should be looking for something better. Also having major conflict about working further away/longer days with my preteens. Thanks Susan - HUGE fan! -deb

It seems many Cancers are feeling the way you do with your career. First, be happy you have a job. Many people, with advanced degrees, have no job. Your next opportunity is October, but I am not thrilled about interviewing under a monster new moon, October 4 and an eclipse due October 18, and Mercury retro October 21-November 10. For now, sit tight. 

Hi Susan: I have to ask as a Gemini with Libra rising why, oh why has the last 13 years been extremely hard in my personal life...character attacks, much material loss, being thrust into having to stand up for myself in places I never though I could and being rejected much of the time, just things being flung at me from all different directions (Just to let you know, I am still fighting the good fight and have no plans to stop.) When will this gal get a good break because I have so much more to fix?

Wow, little Gemini with Libra rising (I say "little" affectionately)--we all have hard times, but yours seem extreme. Have you considered moving? Perhaps the city you are in is simply not a bit lucky for you. You would meet new people and have a new job, and generally start fresh. Libra is under pressure, still, but it does not mean you are doomed to suffer. We are pressured by the universe to show our resourcefulness and ability to adapt. The universe does not do this for no reason--we are to become stronger. 

I am a cancerian man, born July 18, and have been out of work for over a year. I am still single and haven't found the right one yet for marriage. I feel lost and without a purpose. What career field(s) is best for me to do? When will I finally get a start in a career? When, where, and how can I find the right one for marriage? Do you have any special tips for me in finding a job and a wife? I am getting older everyday and yet not having a start in life.

Let's take one thing at a time. Most women like a man with a job, so let's work on that and not worry about meeting anyone new now. Once you get the job, you will meet new ladies to date.  Cancer usually likes to work in anything having to do with home or shelter--selling homes, decorating homes, repairing or renovating homes--you get the idea. Also, hotels are considered shelter. Cancer is linked to food, so you may work in a restaurant, or overseeing food production, say, in a plant, or if in an adveriting agency, on a food account. Cancer also make loving counselors and social workers. Also, many Cancers like to work in the family business--ha, ha, like Prince William, a famous Cancer. Get your foot in the door, and show your talents and eagerness to get ahead. You will be noticed. This year you Jupiter to protect you!

I have also Cancer on 29 degree plus Libra rising on 29 degree. Do i have therefore also Leo and Scorpio in me and what will bring coming year for me regarding to love?

You absolutely are on the cusp, like the little royal baby! You have personality traits that are colored by Leo and Scorpio, yes. Read my forecasts each month--the summaries if reading the whole article is too long--and do so after the  month is over and see which is more accurate for you, Cancer or Leo, and then in regard to rising signs, libra or Scorpio. Nevertheless, your most important ruling planets are the moon and Venus, so keep an eye on those natal planets too!

I am a single LEO male, born July 25 in India, with a PISCES (R). I have been applying to jobs for the past several months but with little / no luck. I have run out of my savings and I am living with my parents at the moment. I am very hung up on being a singer and have been giving it a lot of thought. Do you foresee any LUCKY MONTHS in 2013 where I could move to another city (with a little parents' financial assistance) and have a go at my career and a new love-life?

When digging for diamonds, you must dig in a rich field. It sounds like you must go to a city known for entertainment, like in the US, Los Angeles--you may have a city like that in India. You need to be practical. Your parents will eventually run out of funds. Your sisters and brothers (if you have them) will get jealous of your reliance on your parents. So! Take a job--any job--to get bread and butter money into your life, so you can get an apartment. The new moon in Leo August 6 is perfect to help you. 

I'm a taurus with gemini rising, job hunting in the humanitarian field. Despite networking and applying for positions all month, it was a very tough one, despite the positve forecast for this month. Can I look forward to better days to come?

You are a dear little Taurus, and the full moon in Aquarius this month, July 22 plus four days and the SECOND full moon in Aquarius (humanitarian efforts) will also help you, August 20. You are fortunate to have two full moons in your house of fame! Also, watch the new moon January 30--all will help you get that wonderful job, and it will be a better one than the one you had. God bless you for trying to help others in your work.

I am a sagittarius with rising leo. What are the prospects for 29th What would be the best time for new career talks

July 29 is a day some astrologers are raving about. I wish I could say I felt that day would be as glorius, but it is sandwiched in with two tough days which has overlap over it. The Saturday prior on July 27 the Sun is hard on Saturn and Mars opposed to Pluto. The July 31 has Mars in hard angle to surprise a minute Uranus. As you see this is a hard week, but you choose the best, best day. I like the days on August 6 plus one week best. Maybe they will call you back

The little Prince has been named! His name is George!

I am a January 6, 1975 baby born at 8:10 in the morning in Denver, CO. I am in desparate need of help. Is it a mistake to leave my husband? I've been searching for an answer and am so lost. Can you please look to see if there is guidance for me?

No astrologer should ever tell you to marry or not marry, to take a job or not, to divorce or not, and so forth. An astrologer can only give you the questions for you to consider, but you are the only one to know best. You are a double Capricorn, born with Saturn opposed to the Sun, so the men in your life suffer or your health suffers. 

Hello, female Virgo/Taurus rising here. I'm very concerned about the new moon and eclise in October. I don't know what to expect. What steps can I take to prepare for these events?

Virgo and Pisces may have difficulty with money in October. It might be taxes, a student loan or a credit card bill. Or, it may concern a mortgage.  Things seem to go very haywire for everyone in October, but those two signs will have the angry new moon and eclipse cutting through two financial houses. I know--you are tired of all this, and everyone is with you on that. 

Hi Susan I was born around 6.30 (mother doesn't know precise hour, but says it is around that time), on 11 May 1982 - what are my chances of success on the bar exam next week (30th 31st July)? Love you Susan xx

My dear nephew, a Sept Libra, just passed the bar, after not passing it the first time (missed on two points). He took the bar exam under tough aspects, but passed the second time.  So you see, you can outsmart any bad aspects! His girlfriend had passed the first time--no pressure, right? You have Gemini rising, but you should get your birth certificate! You need to know for not get the Dept Motor Vehicals version but the original copy of the birth certifiate from the bureau of Vital Statistics with the time on it. 

Could you please offer an overview of each of the family in line for the crown? Prince Charles, Prince William, and baby George?

Little Prince George fits right in. Princess Diana was a Cancer, Prince William is Cancer with moon in Cancer. Mother Kate is Capricorn with moon in Cancer. Grandpa Charles is Scorpio. Great grandmother Queen Elizabeth is Taurus (goes great with Cancer like Scorpio). Prince George's other grandfather, Kate's father, is a Cancer. Camilla, Prince Charles wife, is Cancer. I am so glad this little tyke is a Cancer, as with all the water and earth, I am glad he is not a fire sign!

Hi Susan! I'm a Taurus born April 25 with Virgo rising, working towards publishing a book that I've been working on for almost two years. Can you tell me what you see for the months ahead?

You have had Saturn opposed to your Sun, so I can SEE how hard you have been working. April-born Taurus have had a lot to deal with lately. Do you have a publisher yet? Virgo is so very talented at writing. My best editors are often Virgo. I know what you are saying. It took me four years to write Planets and Possiblities, and I love how it came out. You go for the gold!

I'm a March 6th Pisces, rising Taurus, and my life has been completely changing directions lately! I'm 35 but it feels like Im on my 20s again, recreating everything! It doesnt feel bad at all, but sometimes I wonder: will I get lost? Are we Pisces really on a life-changing phase? Will i turn out well?

Hello dear Pisces. The economy has turned many lives upside down, inside out, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. You are in a gloriously creative, happy and romantic phase, so get out more, meet new people and pot your path. Pisces is always happier when doing something creative or artistic. Pisces has their folders of all those different projects--I feel you will like that best. You will decide how things turn out, for you will apply the determination. Energy attracts more energy! And no, you will not get lost.  You have Taurus rising--that alone will keep you level-headed. The eclipses are causing you to see yourself in a new light. Go with this trend!

I was born August 28 1969 in France. Live in New York now... Ascendant cancer Moon in Pisces. Any career break through coming up...Or a nice partner before the end of this year...Thanks so much....

Hello Miss Virgo, with Cancer rising, moon in Pisces. You don't say your career, but the Virgo in you, you'd do great in publishing. Do you write? I think you should take classes in creative writing this year! Also, Jupiter in Cancer will help you make all new friends. Join professional organizations to network more and to listen to new presentations there too. 

What does it mean when you are born on a cusp? Do you have to be close to midnight to be more "leo" than "cancer"?

When you are born on the cusp, the way baby Prince George was this week, you are born just prior to the Sun rolling into the next sign. For example, he is Cancer, born 29 degrees 59 minutes. (You can't go 30 degrees of a sign, as the signs run from 0 degrees 00 minutes to 29 degrees 59 minutes.) As you see, this baby was teetering on the line between two signs. he was born at 4:24 PM London, but had he been born at precisely 5:00 PM London he would have been a Leo. As you see, the Sun does not change at midnight but at various times of the day. If you are a cusp baby,  you must get your chart done (only need to do it one time) as you must know which sign you are. It affects the ruling planet--Cancer puts Prince George's moon in center stage, but had he been Leo, it would have put his Sun at the forefront. As explaine earlier, I am relieved he is Cancer--his whole family is heavily Cancer, and water-based, as well as earth. If he were fire, his family may have, at times, put out his little spark. By the way, he has Scorpio rising 27 degrees, and the  moon in Capricorn, the sign of his mother, Kate. 

Hi Susan! I read your monthly predictions faithfully. No question here, just an observation: the new prince and his mother's charts are mirror images of each other! He has Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio rising. She has Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, and Taurus rising.

That is true--isn't it amazing how this little baby fits in so perfectly to the whole royal family? (We are not absolutely sure of Kate's rising sign; wish I knew the accurate time of birth.) I am so happy for litte George. The little Prince also has six out of ten heavenly bodies in financial signs. I think Prince George will be talented with money mangement, and multiply the assets of the Royal Family--so he can give more money to charity.

I am an Aquarius born Feb. 2 with a Cancer rising and Aquarius moon. I recently started a new job (two months ago) and was given a special assignment yesterday, very excited! How does the financial picture look for 2013?

Aquarius certainly is sitting pretty these days. Wow, congratulations! Your financial woes, like Leo's, should soon be a thing of the past--so distant that you hardly remember those dark days when Uranus and Saturn were ganging up to drive you crazy. Look for a raise if they promised you one down the line in September at the Harvest Moon. Or, in March 2014. 

Hi Susan, i'm an Aries born April 9, i would like to know what will be in store for me in my career as a nurse though i have less than a year experience. An HR seems very interested to hire me and told me to wait for a sure call for interview. Thanks and God bless.

Hello dear Aries. I bet you have a group of Pisces planets in your natal chart to ge in nursing. Having been in hospitals with my birth defect as a teen, I can say with authority that nurses make you well. Keep calling that HR person, updating her on news, asking for an appointment--you need to stay on this. The Virgo new moon September 5 will help you! Be ready!

Dear Susan , I am a Gemini female born on 30 th May and my rising sign is also Gemini. What are my career prospects over the next 12 months. I recently had a baby and we are exploring options of moving abroad for better career prospects. My husband is a libra born on 15 October . Please advise. Deepa ( India )

Dear double Gemini, you had an eclipse very close to your birthday, May 25 this year. That almost guarantees that you would change your life dramatically in the year t come. Your best career aspects will arise in February or March 2014. Mercury, your ruler will go retrograde February 6 for the month, until February 28. You may have to go back to people you've not seen in a long time to get opporutnity in February. March is better yet, esp near the new moon March 1. You may also hear news sooner, near the sweet full moon September 19, 2013.  Go with the flow of things. 

Hi Susan, When your houses overlaps two signs in your natal chart how should you interpret your forecast? The degree plays big role here? Jupiter is in 6 degree of Cancer now then you should see which house that was in your natal chart? Trying to understand better... Thanks! Cris

You know astrology but ha, ha, just enough to be dangerous. Just adding a little levity. All readers, remember this. You have TWO charts. One is your sun-sign chart, which you must consult, or you will only have half the forecast) and the other, your custom chart, which you must also consult, or you will only have half the forecast. for your Sun sign, I go with William Lilly who wrote decades ago that go with zero degrees all around for the Sun. In your custom chart, by time of day, date, year and city, go by the wheel and place the transiting planets in there as they move. You can get your natal chart from me--i will write a whole 60+ book for you if you order my custom, print on demand  -get the purple / yellow cover book or the pastel pink one for newborns and small babies. (We have a blue cover for little boys but it is not shown). 

I'm a female Libra born Sept 26, Capricorn rising, recently meeting some interesting guys on the dating scene, many of incompatible signs (Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio). Is a compatible and permanent fellow in my near future?

You sound like my girlfriends who want to know if they should date a man before they meet them. I say, meet the person! Each chart is so interestingly textured with an array of planets, unique to that person, that we must never do "racial profiling"--"I won't date a Scorpio" etc. No, no, go out and circuate. Be careful to get involved slowly. With Uranus (unpredictable events) in your marriage house, you must not get inolved until you know the person well. I have a sweet piece I wrote for readers interested in a free compatibility report on my home page of my site:


Do your sign, say, Libra with Scorpio and then Scorpio with Libra (two different reports). YOu can use my article to judge any relationship, just take out the references to love!



Just want to say I've followed you for about two years now and if you say don't argue with your boss, I schedule a vacation day! You are always right on target. Thanks so much. You are truly inspirational how you've managed over the past several months. xoxoxo

You are so darling to say that, thank you so much!

Our time is up, and so I am sorry to say i must go. The nice people e at the Washington Post gave me an extra 30 minutes, 90 minutes in all, to cover more of your questions.

Until I see you in August here, please read what i wrote in my July forecast on as we will have a very active last week of the month.

I also asked you in my July report to please watcht the date July 29 to see if it turns out to be very special for you or not, and report back to me on Twitter (and later, here on the Washington Post chat) about your experience. Astrologers are divided on the question of July 29, and it is stirring many lively debates--some astrologers have very high hopes for that day, but I am not so sure. Let me know your feedback after August 1 (giving it some time) Your comments  are so valuable to me, for by reading them, you make me better. 

Best wishes to you, and thank you so much for joining me today!

Susan Miller

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