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Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions

Jun 25, 2013

Astrologer Susan Miller and founder of the popular website Astrology Zone will host a one-hour chat on Tuesday, June 25, at 11:00 AM at to celebrate the arrival of Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in Cancer for the first time in twelve years. Jupiter is due to arrive in Cancer on the same day as Susan's chat, June 25, and will remain in this sign for over a year, until July 16, 2014. Even if you are not a Cancer, you will benefit, for Jupiter will now visit a new part of your chart. Susan will have lots of suggestions about how you might take best advantage of this important new trend.

Susan will also take questions on everything from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby to what's coming up for each of the signs.

You will increase your odds of having Susan answer your particular question if you ask in a way that would appeal to the widest possible audience. Here are two good examples of how to word your question: "I'm a Sagittarius male, born December 14, and I'm house hunting. Which month in 2013 will bring me my best opportunities to locate my dream house in 2013?" Or, "I am a Libra woman, born October 7, and have been out of work for several months. Until now, I've not had luck. When will Libra have their best shot at a new position this year?"

If you know your rising sign, the rising sign is treated exactly the same as a Sun sign, so do pay attention to all questions that Susan answers that involve your rising sign as it applies to you, too. At the start, Susan will briefly explain how astrology works, define the rising sign, and explain why it is important to know yours.

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Hi! I am so honored and excited to be invited by the Washington Post to do this worldwide chat! Please keep your question short and sweet so I can cover lots of ground! I will try to cover every sign. I love these questions! I am so happy you could join me today!

We hear the expression, "Many happy returns" when people say happy birthday. Is this of astrological origin because of the "Solar Return" on our birthday?

You are so clever! Yes, many happy returns refers to the return of the Sun to the place it occupied at birth--your Sun sign. In your return year, everyone wishes you well!

I am capri female, jan 6, Gemini rising. Husband cancer, cancer rising. Have been trying for a long time for a baby. When will we have one?

Your timing for a baby is ideal! Your husband has gorgeous aspects--Jupiter on the ascendant and on the Sun (he is a Cancer, with Cancer rising, and good fortune Jupiter is in a once-in-12-year visit to Cancer starting today (!) to stay a year). This is one of the best aspects you can have for conception. 

Hi Susan First of all I want to say hi and thank you to you - I'm a very big fan! Question 1 I'm wondering if you can tell me a little more about the 12th house.

Every house of the horoscope covers different parts of life. The twelfth house is the last house-after that you get to the first house again. It is symbolic of the premordial waters and the time before your birth. It is a place of solitude and high creativity, impressive intuition--very Pisces in feel. It is also the place of confinement, such as a hospital, nursing home, rehab center, even jail. However, this area of the chart brings life-changing insights when the person is alone. I love the twelfth house--very poetic and very "right brain."

An out of work for one year- PISCES born on February 22, trying to fight depression everyday seeks your frank answer as to when there will light on the horizon. An avid fan of your monthly forecast.

Dear Pisces, first of all I feel the February-born Pisces are awesome. So creative! Steve Jobs, Gloria Vanderbilt--so many who have just a fountain of creativity within. You can get assignments and projects as of the new moon August 6, more pretigious promotion in December. 


Thanks for taking my question. Can you explain what Saturn cycles are and what one can expect while going through one?

The Scorpio are going through a Saturn cycle right now, as Saturn is in Scorpio until Sept 2015. Also, people who are 29 years old are experiencing a Saturn return. It is considered a time of garnering great wisdom. Astrologers don't feel that people are mature at 18 or 21, as our society says, but rather, at 28.5 to 30, a time when Saturn has finished going through all 12 houses of the horoscope, and thus, has taught you a great deal in all parts of life. In a sense we are all going through Saturn cycles all the time. For example, Aries has Saturn in the eighth house and is learning about money and credit now. 

Hi, I am a Taurus female, born on May 16th 1989. I work in films and media. I want to work in New York , is there a chance I would/could make it in 2013? Thanks!

Hi dear Taurus. Your work sounds so interesting--film and media! That's a perfect job for Taurus, as you have Aquarius, the sign of all innovations, on your mid-heaven, at the very top of your chart. First, get the job at the new moon end of January-or early February, then move the same month. Hope this helps!

Hi, I'm a Gemini Sun 6 June, and Taurus Rising female. I am building my consultancy practice and would like to know if my business will grow during the rest of 2013? Thank you.

You just had a wonderful year, Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, was in your sign. Now, all the seeds you planted in the last 12 months will grow into big oak trees in the second cycle, which just started TODAY with Juptier's move to Cancer! Now, finally, the money comes in, dear Gemini.

I am an Aquarian female born Feb 5th with Sagittarius rising. I am out of work and am seeking a career change from IT to my long time love; art. Does the possibility of a job or self employment that allows me to use my creativity to support myself appear in the near future?

As an Aquarian, you are certainly talented with high technology. Neptune, now in your second house of earned income for another 12+ years, will bring on a yearning and an ability to make money from art. Here's what I think: keep your regular job as you establish your talents in art. Do both. When I started I worked as an agent for commercial photographers and artists, and was very successful (didn't need another job). However, Time Warner gave me the opportunity to have my new site on theirs and pay me a small fee for exclusivity. I did both my website and my "day job" for six years. Both grew and grew--at some point I had to choose, and I devoted full time to my site. You will know when you are ready.

I'm a female Virgo born 8/29 who is ready for a big life change but home ownership is keeping me in place. Is there hope this year to sell my house?

Dear Virgo, you will actually have a good time to sell in December, but I wish I knew your rising sign. That would give you another month of opportunity. Selling during the year-end holidays is hard, but you may get lucky! Try! Also did anyone bid at the end of May? That person may be a good prospect, even if the bid was wrong (try again--give him another chance.)

What made this past full moon so special for those born 1/16/65 @ 13:59 pm EST- Bethesda, MD? good health & god speed, getrich83

Dear Capricorn, this full moon was IN Capricorn, so it highlighted all the desires of those of your sign. The Goats born near December 22 +/- 4 days were feeling that full moon the most. I was a nice one as it was so perfectly angled to Saturn, your ruler, and to Neptune, the planet of romance, creativity and the arts. You may have had planets that were at 2 degrees of Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus (or second tier, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) that were also touched with pixie dust on that full moon.

I'm an Aries (sun)/Cancer (rising)/Libra (moon) professional who was laid off 2yrs ago. No prospects in sight & wanted to know when the tide will turn. Heard that June was the 'game changer' but no luck yet.

Aries has been in a very hard situation with Uranus and Pluto thumping at your door, creating havoc in your life. The only way to deal with this is to re-invent yourself in some way. These planets are demanding a new approach (listen up Libra, you too) and will keep twisting your arm until you take baby steps in a new direction. I have seen this so many times. This is not easy, but once you do make your first moves, others will notice and will come to help you. You are all cardinal Aries-Cancer-Libra (the only sign missing is Capricorn) and those are under the greatest challenges. These signs are also the ones making the biggest strides, the greatest accomplishments once they get on a new track. 

I'm a Capricorn, Scorpio rising born 1/7/48. Usually the Scorpio horoscope reading describes me/my current situation better than Capricorn does. Is this typical of sun/rising signs? or is it that Scorpio is more dominating than Capi??

I love your question. The answer is the rising sign and sun sign are both equal in importance. You must continue to read for both each month. If you are reading this answer to this reader, and don't know your rising sign, just so you know, you need your precise time of birth. Then you can go get your chart "done" by an astrologer. Since astrological readings can be expensive, I write a book just for you, custom, one book at a time. You can get it at for an affordable price and I send it in two weeks. Once you know your rising sign, you must read for it now and forever. 

"I am a Cancer woman, born July 7, and have been trying to grow my business, however financially I've been struggling. Jupiter is in my sign, does this mean a breakthrough is coming? I believe in miracles, and I need one badly! Hopeful."

Uranus and Pluto had been taunting the Cancers born at the end of June, but have just recently started to focus on those born in the first week of July. The US, by the way, is born July 4, so you have plenty of company. This ony means that you have to start in a new direction (you are, good!) but must be armed with all the information you need, such as from lawyers, accountants, etc as you can't overlook any rules and regulations. Actually, Cancer has a great opportunity with finding new sources of income after the new moon August 6. 

Hello Susan! I am a Norwegian reader and I just bought a new appartment inspired by your June horoscope and today I sold the one I currently live In. The question is- when should I sign the papers for this flat that I am selling? This weekend or wat till July? Thank you so much for your interesting website! Best, K.T

Greetings from New York to Norway! Wow, thank you for joining me. Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow, but we feel the haywire affects of this planet of communication and agreements far ahead--two weeks. I would rather you sign the papers for the flat you are selling after July 20. Can you wait, I am crossing my fingers for you!

As an Aquarius, with a Leo Rising Sign and Moon in Libra, I often feel pulled in so many directions. What career path is best for me and how do I manage these complimentary but opposing forces? -Gabriella

Sometimes we feel our charts are all wrong, but in fact, they are all ideal- the cosmos makes babies perfect and complete. You'd do well in the media, fashion, or technology. You'd love working for a TV talk show as host or producer, for example, or in the back, as part of the IT team. Leo is entertainment, Libra is "what's hot, what's not" and Aquarius is all about what is new and innovative, esp. in the area of electronics, television, radio, internet, social media...See my book, available on all formats, Planets and Possibilities. Read the front chapters, not only the ones with little known facts about you!

I'm a Libra, Scorpio rising, finances in terrible shape, unempl, when does prospects look good for finances & marriage in 2014? I don't want to do bankruptcy-waiting to start gov job. I'm a fan thanks for your accuracy & insight. Depressed in miami

I know another Libra who had to end her business because she was horrified to discover her partners were stealing from her. She thought her only recourse was bankruptcy, which made me sad. I told her to negotiate with her creditors and bank. She hired a credit consultant, and never had to go bankrupt--whew, even I felt better she was able to find a path out. It is true that Saturn, the taskmaster teacher-planet is in your house of earned income (this is true for all Libra) and that holds down money. But you are learning so much now! When we are a little lost (and we ALL feel that way sometimes) we need to gather information. Scorpio rising does great in government type jobs. This is all temporary. Seek advice--don't try to do this all alone (as the Scorpio in you is prone to do. It's the "I can do it!" sign, but sometimes the dear Scorpios get all tangled in yarn like little kittens. It's fine to seek advice!

I'm a Sagittarius woman, born December 5, and have been looking for another job for a couple of months. Until now, I've had no luck. When will Sagittarius have their best shot at a new position this year?

You are a fortunate dear Sagittarius, for you are born just after the new moon this year, December 2, indicating your year will be filled with new paths, new opportunities. Your very best time to nab that big title is in after the new moon September 5 plus two weeks. You shoudl see things open up for you at that time. After that, you will have Mars helping you from October 15 through December 7--wow! What an active professional autumn you are about to have! Don't worry--that big job is coming. Sag often do well in publishing, broadcasting, anything having to do with travel or international trade, and in academia (working for a college as professor or support staff) but these are just a few ideas for you!

Will there be any more lucky days for contracts, loans, job interviews or starting something big, like we had on June 17-19. For Capricorn with Scorpio Rising?

I am glad you asked. I have been keeping this little secret about wonder-days that are coming in July. Astrologers are so excited about this they have been writing white papers and calling each other for months. By July 17, but already effective now, Juptier, Neptune and Saturn--three heavy-hitters of the planetary line-up will join hands and create an exceedinly rare golden triangle (each 120 degrees apart from each other) in the sky. You are starting to feel this now, even though we are far from July 17, as these planets move slowly. By mid-July (ironically when the little royal baby is due for Princess Kate and Prince William) the planets will be in ideal harmony. Of course Mercury will still be acting up as he will be retrograde, but only until July 20. After that, blue skies!  This golden triangle goes through appro August 10. So you have some great days! While Mercury is out of phase, talk, negotiate, have meetings, plan, but sign after July 20. I like July 22 a ful moon in Aquarius. 

I'm female, born June 22, 1962. Promises to make me full time have proved empty in my current position so far. I even had my meeting with the Exec. Dir. rescheduled for June 19th so I was hopeful! I was told "not any time soon." Should I stick with this job, or look for a new position -- maybe even in a new state?

You are born June 22, Cancer, and near the zero degree of a cardinal sign. Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorns born near that 0 to 1 degree are awesome movers and shakers of the world. You are done with your trials with Uranus and Pluto so it's safe to leave. It sounds like they are keeping you on a string, hoping you will stay, but why would you? Your inner thermostat is telling you, "I have to get out of here!" Your sign and degree of the sun tells me you are bored to death, so by all means go, but after you have secured a job. Something may come up in October. Cancers also have a home situation that they are trying to fix (or concern over a parent that prevents a feeling of freedom of choice), and that situation will take time to sort out. 

Hi Susan, your website has been such a great tool as a beginning astrologer; thank you for sharing your wisdom. I'm a Leo born 23 July with a Sag rising, saturn is in my 12th house but conjuncting my ascedant. Can you explain how saturn here might affect my rising sign?

when you have Saturn so close to the Ascendant, you are a hard worker, and very focused. You probably hold a leadership position at work or in your own business, and if you don't yet, it is coming. Tell your friends, you need to be dragged out of the house once in a while, otherwise you will work all the time. I see this as an enviable trait. Responsible hard working people are often hard to find--you are a jewel, and sooner or later management will put you on the short list one to groom for bigger things.  Your Leo side helps you keep a good sense of humor and  a love of culture, so your friends or sweetheart/spouse will be successful at pulling you away from the computer!

Dear Susan, I am a Cancer born on 07/09/1984 at 11.17 pm in Mumbai, India. My husband and I have applied for our resident visas and would like to know when can we expect to get it by?

Hello to Mumbai, India from New York! Wow, I am so excited the Washington Post put us together today. In order to get a visa you need some activity in the ninth house, the house of citizenship and work in foreign lands. Cancer will have a spot light on that part of your chart in September, at one of my favorite full moons Sept 19 (plus or minus 4 days). If you applied, that's the time youa re most likely to get good news! I hope I am right!

Hi Susan, I am Sagittarius, born on 12.12.1981 in Adana / Turkey. A company called me on 10th of June for a position and after some research it turned out to be very good position. I sent my full application on 18th of June. Could you comment on this possible vocation, will it turned out good for me ?

Greetings to Turkey! I love your country and had the fantastic chance to visit Istanbul. I hope to come back! Your timing could not be better! You sent in your information on one of the LUCKIEST days of the year, when the Sun made its annual alignment with good fortune Jupiter. You will hear from them--and I also feel the pay will be great. Sag has to wait for the pieces of the puzzle fall into place in September. I think you have a great chance of nabbing that job!

Hello Susan! When making predictions - do you rely more on transits, secondary progressions, or solar returns? Love and blessings, Deborah

I rely on transits. Every astrologer is different. I also look at progressions but the mathematical degree must be very tight, within a degree to be felt. I also look at a solar return if there is a problem that I need to fix, and I look back at that solar return. I also look back at the transiting new moon if there is a problem with someone's life that I can't figure out--that new moon, if angry, can affect someone for a year!

So glad this chat is happening! Is there something special about today that made it a good day for the chat?

I am so glad you asked me that! I have such good news for everyone! TODAY AT 9:40 PM EDT (New York) Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck will enter Cancer for a year, until July 16, 2014! Everyone of every sign will have a new area of life that will bring exceptional luck! 

Aries: home life, real estate, support from family

Taurus: You will learn to communicate in a new way, get new opportunities to show off your more sophisticated skills and learn more new ones.


Gemini: You will be the zodiac's magic money maker--this is reward time.


Cancer:  You are the cosmic favorite, and Juptier will act iek a body guard to protect your interests, have you travel, possibly quite far, and to find love. Health improves too.


Leo: You are preparing for your best year in over a decade to start in one yar, on July 16, 2014. Don't groan, you need to get waited 11 years so far, one more to go! This year people say good things about you behind closed doors, and you get help under the radar from VIPs

Virgo: Jupiter will help you make many new friends, both in real life and in social media. 


Libra: At long last, big help for career from Jupiter--spectacular, and it lasts 12 months! You'll see action in July already!


Scorpio: Your help comes from publishing, foreign people and places, travel overseas, luck from legal matters and also from academia, citizenship matters. 


Sagittarius: you will be Miss or Mr Money Bags, like Gemini, only you will get it in lumps, like commission or a settlement, insurance payout, etc. 


Capricorn: Your luck is in marriage and all partnerships! This is your year to make a love or business union official!

Aquarius - You can lose weight and look fantastic with Juptier teaching you how to eat right and excercise. 


Pisces: it's love sweet love for you, and very possibly a baby too. If you have your children, then you will hear good news about at least one if not all of them. Your creativity will zoom!

My October 5 born Libra/Sag rising husband and I 25th July Leo/Virgo rising are separating. I do not want separation. When do you think we will reconcile?

Libra have been under unbelievable pressure, and it may be that horrible force he feels that is fueling the desire for separation. You are Leo and have better aspects. I know this sounds crazy, but you both need more fun and less serious matters on the agenda. He needs a break badly. Mercury retrograde is a great time to gently open the door on matters that were never quite resolved. 

Susan, greetings from Russia! I'm a Leo, born 30/07/92, have Libra rising. You were saying that meeting and contacts made on lucky days in June will influence a lot. Could you spare some more details? i'm really curious:) Also, I will deal with housing abroad and visas late July - mid August and fly away in early September. Any ideas on how it will go?

Hello dear Leo in Russia! I write for Mini Russia, a fashion magazine there. I always hoped to go, maybe I will see Moscow someday!  yes, your timing for having made those talks on the luckiest day of the year was perfect. People you were talkingw ith were thinking big.  Ok, housing comes up as settled in November--we have a big eclipse November 3 that will settle that. (Can you stay with friends before then?) The visas get sorted out in October, but being that October is such a tough monthm esp, due to the lunar eclipse Octoer 18, you may have to do more paperwork at the end of October to get it all smoothed out. The end of July helps you seal your pact with your business partners. It's birthday time for you, always a time that puts your interests first.  August 6 is a greast new moon--use it as it will be lucky for Leo in the days that follow. 

I am nearing four years in divorce with a May 219 Gemini, rising unknown. I am Leo July 24, Libra Rising 24 degrees. When would be best month for finalization and in my favor? Thank you!

You ask a big question dear Leo. In order to get a good settlement in any legal action you need a favorable eighth house or ninth house. Four years is a long time--is your soon to be ex making it longer by any chance?  I love the September 19 full moon for a settlement for you, can you make that work for you? After that, Mercury goes retro October 21 to November 10. Keep in mind not to sign papers for your home situation until after November 10 if possible. 

I'm Taurus female, rising Taurus, born 25 April, age 32. I'm job hunting. Already had good interviews with two big firms and expecting offer. May I still sign papers during mercury retrogade. Thank you. Sally.

So sorry, I don't want you to sign papers with Mercury retrograde as this is a time life is in flux and you may find that  all the priorities you used to make a decision no longer matter later. Yet in this economy, you do need to work, and work is so hard to find. Take the job if necessary but realize you may be looking again later!

I'm a Sagittarius female, born December 6th. Is there anything significant to be aware of for those of us born under the Jupiter/Cancer influences?

It is always important to know your ruling planet, for when I mention that planet, it will be an instant signal I am talking to all, but especially to you. Aries is ruled by Mars; Taurus by Venus; Gemini by Mercury; Cancer by the moon; Leo by the Sun; Virgo is also ruled by Mercury; Libra is ruled by Venus like Taurus is (we all have to share); Scorpio by Mars AND Pluto; Sagittarius by Jupiter; Capricorn by Saturn, Aquarius by Uranus and Pisces by Neptune (with a look at Juptier too as it's ancient ruler). The fact that Jupiter enters Cancer NOW is great for you, as it its your ruler, dear Sagittarius. This means your eye will be on money (as Jupiter is now in a financial house) and you will do really well!

What does the year ahead look like for me (Virgo, Sag Rising) and my boyfriend (Capricorn) for moving in together and establishing a life together. We are having such a hard time finding a place to live right now that meets our needs and the needs of our little Aries Dog Mango :)

Your note to me is so cute, how could I not respond?  You will find good options for an apartment in September near the full moon Sept 19 (the Sag part of you) but you need to ask about possible problems with plumbing, water, floods, etc. All Sag need renters or homeowner's insurance for water damage (I am sorry and hope I don't sound like a Debbie Downer). Your husband may find something in October due to his Capricorn sun, but I like your September aspects better. October in the fist week and near October 18 is a hard time  and I have no idea how I am going to find the right words to write about it when the time comes. 

We are now at the end of our chat session, and I want to send you a big THANK YOU to the Washington Post for providing me this wonderful opportunity, and to YOU for coming to see me from all over the world. I loved your questions and you make me a better astrologer for having had a chance to see how the aspects are playing out in your life. I hope I get another chance to work with the Washington Post, a most esteemed newspaper in the US. Thank you so much! Kisses, Susan

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