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Apr 09, 2014

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at noon, EDT*


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Hello my readers! 

I want to thank the Washington Post for giving our community this opportunity to do this lovely, free platform so that you can chat with me and ask lots of questions. Today we are going to talk all about the nature of eclipses. each year we typically have four, and this month we have two: a total eclipse of the moon (a full moon) on April 15 in Libra, and a solar eclipse (a new moon) on April 29 in Taurus. Of all the aspects I speak about in my columns, the eclipses are the most important ones to watch. Eclipses are the  most dramatic tool the universe uses to create change and to get us moving in a new direction.

Welcome to all participants who have never read my column or maybe have never heard of me. Bless your heart for coming--I hope to give you all two hours chock full of information. Please be sure to read my April column first. It is free at For our Spanish-speaking readers, go to my translated site in Spanish (new!) found at My column will give you a good foundation on the eclipses.

Also, I did a piece on - it's a guide to surviving eclipses.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to come spend with me. Let's get started!  And by the way, if you are new to my column or chats, no previous knowledge of astrology is necessary--I write for people who never read astrology or even thought about checking it out. I want to show you how you can use astrology in your life. I love astrology because there is no predestination, only influences, so you can use them to further your own plans.  

Now let me see what you are asking! - Susan 

Do eclipses and surgery mix? Knee surgery in particular? For any sign?

Generally if I had a choice I would not do an operation on or near an eclipse, but having said that, I had the biggest operation of my life as an emergency surgery on a solar eclipse. Although it was touch and go for me for days in intensive care, and I had a long recovery, it was an astounding success and am so grateful to my doctor.  I am so glad I did it! (Not that I had much choice! Ha, ha). The moral of the story is, if you need surgery get it. If you have somehting you have a bit of leeway on, say a few weeks here or there, then give a little distance from the eclipse. A LOT will be going on in your life (and those around you) at eclipse time.

Hi Susan, love your chats! I'm Gemini (Virgo rising) interested in how the April 15th eclipse will play out for my love life. I've been seeing someone off and on for about a year, and it has been rocky lately. But your April horoscope says this eclipse will touch on new love... do you think this "counts"? What clues should I look for? I am hoping the universe will help me see whether this will work out, or if it's time to move on... thank you!

Gemini, this eclipse April 15 is favorable in some respects-it lights your house of true love. I think you will find out if your sweetheart is interested. There will be an element of surprise and illumation, like an aha moment! You may say later, you finally understand this relationship and it's future course. Eclipses give a flood of information--sometimes more than we want--but still very useful intel that we would have never guessed. I think you will be OK. By the way, dear GEmini, money seems to have worried you lately, but it's all very temporary.  Your aspects for finances are terrific!

Dear Susan, I am an Aquarius woman with Moon in Pisces and Rising Libra. The year of 2013 was a disastrous year for me - several deaths in the family, failure in school and work, sickness and then, a broken heart due to a stormy romance. This year has been a year of recovering from these setbacks but I would like to ask you if you could tell me if this year will be kinder and better prospects are waiting for me around the next star? And if so, which months will be the best ones? Thank you for your detailed horoscopes on Astrology Zone - much appreciated! 

Hello dear Aquarius with Libra Rising,

Your Aquarius Sun is not the problem here--Aquarius is doing so well! (Look at Aquarius Kerry Washington, star of Scandal and newly married, pregnant and up for awards). Libra is an other story, and it sounds like the degrees of your rising sign is near 12 degrees. I knew 2014 was never to be the easiest year of the decade, because we all had to clear out elements that were no longer relevant to our future. Deaths are very hard to take--losing my mother 18 months ago and my favorite aunt in February was a big shock to me, and I so sympathize if you are still feeling like you have a hole in your heart. It takes time. You need to take good care of yourself, and be your own best friend. I love late May and June for love for you, even though Mercury is retro. Gemini Sun will fill sunshine in your house of love, and for Libra, travel. If you can treat yourself to a trip, this year I would love you to do it. You desperately need a touch of luxury and fun.  You didn't fail at school--you had distractions. when you can't concentrate, it's hard to get A's. Each day brings you closer to recovery. By the way, Aquarius and Libra are some of the most intellectual signs of the zodiac, along with Gemini and Sagittarius. I think you've walked the gauntlet and now any improvement would be a huge one. It truly is onward and upward from now on.

Will last years eclipse April 2013 have any connection to this years April 2014 eclipse? I think in your eclipse article you've mentioned eclipse can have effects six months later, does this apply one year later too? Thank you!

Yes, all eclipses in the same family of signs (Aries-Libra or Taurus - Scorpio for example) are joined together. The one last year April 25 2013 was in Scorpio, so it is linked in theme to the Taurus eclipse of this year April 29, 2014. The upcoming April 15 eclipse in Libra will hook into developments that came as a result of the October 18 eclipse in Aries. The eclipses all are joined in theme like pearls on a necklace. The October 18 eclipse last year is joined to this one, April 18. To be joined in theme they have to be of the same family of signs. In October we had an eclipse in Aries, now we have one in the opposite sign of Libra

Hi Susan. First thank you for all educating us with astrology and giving us a heads up on challenging times such as the eclipse. On your column, you said that April will not be a spectacular month for Aquarius in terms of relationships. Any approximate month when you think it will be come special again? Also, is there in influence with Ascendants as far as relationships are concerned? What about moon signs? Is it true that moon signs represent a person's emotional state? Thanks so much in advance for answering my question.

I see my Aquarians are truly digging into the material! Thank you! I love how you are understanding the different parts of astrology. You have Pisces rising, so in many ways, you undersetand without knowing why--Pisces' subconscious is so strong it continually grabs information and stores it. Yes, the  moon sign is how you process memories, emotions, and how your mother influenced you. You can have five children, but if they all have different moons, they would all view you in different ways. (In the case of my two daughters, they both have the moon in Aquarius, same very early degree, so they see me in the precisely same way, but that's rare!) Th emoon also points to the domestic condition in your early years--childhood. Always check compatibility with not only Sun sign, but rising sign too too.  I feel any one can get along with anyone else. it may take a little more work, but you can! By the way, it's not a bad month for relationships, it's just that your ruler, Uranus is acting up and being mad at the Sun, and the Sun rules your closest relationships. Still, it may be a work collaboration or partnership, not your love relationship--marriage and business alliances that are covered by contract are both in the same 7th house. Your relationship will glow once Jupiter gets to Leo in mid-July for a full year!!!!! You will love August!

Hi! I am a single woman Libra (born Oct 2 w/ Libra rising) in NYC looking to meet someone, get married and start a family. I'm in my early thirties and I hear my biological clock ticking. Is there any true love in 2014 for me? What signs would make the best life partners for me?

If you were sitting next to me, and you were my best friend, I would say, "Be careful about who you get involved iwth now and in the years up to 2019." Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments is in your marriage house. This can be over-the-top wonderful, or terrible, so to be sure, go very slowly. Watching questions on TV talk shows, I see that many girls jump into a relationship too quickly. Get to know your new amour's friends and soem fo their family (like a sis or borther). Get a rounded view of the person.  You re under such strain now, you need all the sympathy I can give. Those Libras born the first week of October have had one challenge after another. Nect year will be easier. I just want you to go slowly and know who the person is, so that there are no surprises later. Going slowly is the fun--don't skip it!

Hi there, I think that it is amazing that you are doing this! Where do you find the time? I am a big fan and am also passionate about astrology. I am a double Capricorn (moon in Aquarius). My thinking of doing renovations on my house but would have to borrow the money which would put me in a tight financial situation. Am I better to wait? Janice

Hi dear Capricorn! What a great question! With Uranus in your house of home, some sort of change always takes place. You are taking the reigns. I think you almost have to do it now as other things will start to come in the way. I bet you started to think about doing this at the end of March. In terms of  money, Leo rules your 8th house so although this month is a nightmare, wow, you are about to go from black to white. You are entering the best year in 12 for getting a home improvement loan, or any type of venture capital, student loan etc. When it comes to money you are about to be Miss Money Bags dear Capricorn, starting mid-July. Sounds like soon you'll be working on this project. Wow, let me know how it goes as you move it along on my Twitter @Astrologyzone. Sounds so good. 

Hi Susan, I'm a libra male, born september 23, Aries rising! Looking for a job desperately, since i graduate in june, applied to many positions and it seems that i have no chances till now, although most of my friends are doing much better.. what are my chances? please advise... Thanks

Dear Libra,

Your birthday is September 23 and so your hard year was 2011-2012 and some of 2013. Life should get better and better. I realize that graduating students are having such a tough time, some of the toughest. Ask your parents, friends of your parents, and anyone who will see you to give you advance and references. Writing cold to companies generally does not work too well--too many applicants. If you can get an intership you may be able to rise through the ranks. I realize this can be so disheartening! The AReies in  you is very entrepreneurial, so if you can think of services like helping others to set up their computers, or doing graphic work for their websites or social media pages, make business cards and start getting clients. 

Hi Susan! I have Uranus transiting over my 8th house...I am out of work and in some debt right now, so I am kind of worried about that placement. Can you shed some light? I'm a Scorpio with Virgo Rising. :)

Having the planet of surprise and sweeping change in your house of joint finances--a seven year trend--can be so hard. I had that and I remember. However, you quickly learn how to stabilize money so that you don't have continual news that keeps popping up when you least expect it. If you are self-employed, you can ask for half deposit before the work is done as one example. Don't worry about this--we all learn about life by living life. If something happens financially that you don't like, figure out a way to shore things up. I remember talking to my bank manager--I needed the advance money checks for the ad agency photo shoots to clear faster than they used to clear to pay crew, as the checks were big. She set up a line of credit for me that made my life a lot calmer. Whew. You don't have to have all the answers in life (that's impossible for any of us to know) but you do need to have the questions. The answers come once you do. Uranus will be very active, so watch what happens on April 15, plus or minus five days, dear Virgo rising. That will show you the nature of Uranus--watch him as if he were a lab animal. Write down all the data you notice happening. It is the desire to get better at life that makes us wise--you have all the right traits. Don't worry though--you could win the Scratch Off Lotto, receive an incredibly large tax refune, or be bestowed a huge inheritance unexpectedly. it works both ways-not always stressful at all. We can't plan for the good stuff (but we love it) so we can only make contingency plans for the reversals. 

Hi Susan, you were dead on about my finances in December to the day!! Sudden expenses drained me. I set aside as much as I could to prepare for this month, but so far I have had an unexpected raise and gift ($)! Maybe positive input brouth a positive response. Will this month be the last of the money issues for us Virgos (Sag rising)?

Dear Virgo--you are so in need of a little good news about money. The eclipses are giving you the up and down type of experience--April 15, plus or minus four days is one example, but remember the news might be great like your raise and gift (Wow)! News can be UP or news can DOWN with Uranus. Your job is to try to bring things toward the middle. The next eclipse is October 8 in Libra, but it's not a full moon but a new moon--opening a new path. The other planets are going to be friendly near October 8 and join hands in a "grand trine" in fire signs. Nothing would be as hard as April 15 IF it were to be hard. You have help from Jupiter right now too, don't forget that dear Virgo--Jupiter can move mountains as the giver of gifts and luck! I just sit back and see what flies in the window. Ha, ha, we don't have much choice, but that makes us more resourceful. Always rely on your awesome intelligence--Virgo works things out with the master brain of theirs. There is not a puzzle on earth that you can't unlock as a Virgo. Remember, eclipses look for weak links, stagnant situations and outworn, irrelevant situations that are holding you back in some way (or putting you in a vulnerable situtation). 

Thank you for your insigtful analysis of monthly horoscopes and eclipses. They are very useful for planning the month. You have always had encouraging words for piceans and have indicated that better times are coming for them. I am a Pices sun sign and virgo moon sign with Sagittarus ascendent. The nightmares that begin in 2006 for me are still not over. Although I have seen some improvement on the career front, the challenges in personal life remain. When can I expect a turnaround in relationship and love matters?

Dear Pisces,

I am so surprised that you are having difficulty in love! Pisces has some of the BEST experiences of the whole zodiac for love! I am not sure if you are single and not dating or dating and broke up? Married and not happy? Pisces has such a strong outlook that I need you to mingle more. Your best month will be just as Jupiter is leaving, in the late part of June and first two weeks of July. That may be a good time to rent a cottage by the sea where other singles go (like here in NY, the Hamptons). By the way, your list of signs makes you a natural to work in the media, in any capacity--magazines, websites, television--you name it. 

I am a widow and not looking to replace my husband of 33 years. When you mention my love life could this be my investments since they are covered by venus?

yes, that is very possible. Yes, Venus rules money as well as love, and also matters of special interest to women. In the latter case, Venus might bring you a woman whoi seems to help you quite a bit in some way. Watch for good Venus aspects, such as what we will have June 18 (just wrote that week for my app last night! Got done at 4:30 AM. How do I remember these dates? I have no idea, but I do!)

I'm a Leo with Capricorn rising, moon in Gemini. I'm having some financial matters come up with my ex as I am going through a divorce. I also met an amazing man entering into a wonderful relationship could you give me an idea what to expect this month with the eclipses and how they would affect me in these areas.

The April 15 eclipse may bring up a discussion about child support or custody--it's a full moon, total eclipse, so emotional. Or, you may not agree on a special program or camp you want for your child(ren), so you will have to talk that out too. Go slowly with that new relationship--very slow. Saturn is heading to your fifth house of true love on December 23 to stay until June 14, 2015. After that, a break but then Saturn comes back. Saturn in your house of love means life lessons learned through love. This is where all your lessons will derive from 2015 to 2017. That's why you have to be super slow when it comes to getting involved, and if children are involved, be even more circumspect.  This does not mean it won't work out, just that i want you to know each other well before you get very involved. By the way, you will get a very generous settlement it seems if you sign it after July 16. 

Hi Susan! My boyfriend of two and a half years has broken things off on 2/17/14 due to doubts about our future. I am still feeling sad about this and wanting to get back together however he obviously does not. I am libra/pisces rising, he is cancer. Should I give up hope and move on? Will I finally feel better soon?

Dear Libra, Pisces rising, you can't seem to catch a break. I see the letters from Libra, and I realize that yours is the most beleagured sign of the zodiac lately. Your Pisces heart (your rising sign) loves so deeply that it is hard for you to forget this love. Your Cancer is good to your Pisces, but sometimes Cancer lives in the past and has trouble forgetting a slight--sounds like your former boyfriend.  You broke off within three days of the full moon in Leo--Mercury was retrograde too (thinking not clear or communication snarled). I never say give up, but gee, he does not want to even try? The minute you stop thinking about him and move on, I have a feeling he may come back. Live a strong, confident, sexy life and see what happens. 

I'm a Virgo sun with Pisces rising and the eclipses are hitting me hard this month, as you wrote. I've had financial losses and bad arguments with family. Is there a rainbow at the end of the storm? Are we supposed to learn anything from an eclipse, or should we just persevere through them?

We are always supposed to learn from our experiences. For example, I know when the great teacher planet goes into a sign and finally leaves that sign, but it is never a propositionof laying back, setting your alarm to wake up on the date of the distant future. We can't skip any steps in the course the universe lays out for us. We learn so much from each experience! Ever notice how strong and calm your Grandma was always? She became wise and knew she could handle anything life threew her way. 

Hi Susan - Big fan! 2013 was a rough year for a variety of reasons, but primarily my husband and I were unable to conceive. This year we finally became pregnant, and I'm wondering if the positive luck I've been having so far in 2014 will continue, despite the coming eclipse.

Oh, having problems with conception. I am so sorry. That is one of my number one questions that I see.  I suppose you have seen a doctor?  I would love you to start with a fertility expert, just in case, if you've tried for a year. Usually a new moon in Taurus is very fertile--the new moon solar eclipse might bring news on or just after April 29. I like the new moon at the end of June in Cancer too---water new moons are best for fertility. I would have to see your chart, but I will be looking for your posts on Twitter (I am @Astrologyzone). Let me know how this goes. 

Hi Susan! I have a question about natal charts. In mine I have venus square mars - I have read that translates into a very difficult/frustrating love life. Do you find this to be true? I'm a Pisces sun/Cancer rising with Virgo moon. Thank you for all of your expertise!

Venus square Mars is fun and sexy! Who are you listening to, dear Pisces with Cancer rising? Oh my gosh, so much misinformation out there!  I have Saturn in very hard angle to Venus (the dreaded aspect) and I have a wonderful life, with two children. You can get over any tough aspect. 

I'm a Libra woman, born Oct 21 with Taurus rising and is unemployed. Should I take the first job offer I get or are there better aspects later this year to get a job offer?

Dear Libra with Taurus rising, I LOVE your career aspects right now! You have until mid-July to find a nice job that has a touch of prestige about it. I think your best luck will come just as Jupiter is packing his bags to leave Cancer, at the very end of June (when someone from your past may come to you) or in the first two weeks of July. For the Taurus part of you, your best career opportunity will come in February 2015. You have lots of options!

Thanks for this forum Susan, it is so informative! How do we read and apply the information in you monthly horoscopes for a business as compared to the owner's forecast? Thanks so much!

yes! Companies have charts, just like people do. Even countries have charts--America is born July 7, 1776 in Philadelphia (I say at 2:16 AM, with Uranus rising--there is a controversy, but I say US has Gemini rising).  yes, it is so smart to pick a great day for your company's birthday, or if working for others, to see how their chart affects yours!

Hi Susan, I've been reading you for years and I am really thankful for your positive attitude that helped me throughout difficult times. I am a Leo with Virgo rising,( born August 9, 1992) I am wondering what's awaiting me in terms of academics in near future?

Saturn and the eclipses are floodlighting your intellectual houses of study and research (9th house) and I think the April 29 eclipse will bring you the right college. Paying for the tuition may be tricky this month (and paying for housing) through September 2015.   Scour the earth for any scholarships, grants, financial aid that you might qualify for. I wish I could tell you to go to Mom or Dad for money, but it appears that with Saturn in the fourth house that won't be an option--you need to find the money elsewhere. Talk to the school's financial officer--she may have some good ideas for you. Once Jupiter enters Leo July 16, every door that has been bolted shut will open for you! Right now, friends can lead you in the right direction with tips and ideas. Don't give up your dream. Education is the one element that is able to change a person's life for the better, forever. 

Hi Susan, Thanks for the monthly chats. I learn a lot from it. I am Aries/Cancer female and my husband is Cancer/Leo. We are planning to sell our house and move to a different state this summer. Will it happen? And will it be positive? Thanks.

The main concern for Cancer has been home, house, housing--or care for a parent. You are smart to give yourself time to find the right one for you! Having said that, get on your skateboard because you will have a breakthrough within five days of April 15 eclipse! It falls in your house of home, dear Cancer. Also Aries has such great luck with finding a wonderful, spacious, sunny house--it may have a view and big closets. (This comes thanks to Jupiter!) The fact that your husband is cancer too only doubles your luck. I love your aspects, Yes, keep going--you are about to hit something wonderful. See if the bank can pre-approve you to speed the process of getting your new house. The price you get for your present house should please you. 

Susan, Love your seemingly endless knowledge of everyone's aspects. I am curious about my 24 year old Sagittarius son born December 13. He is currently working at an assistant job to a Producer but his ultimate goal is to be a screenwriter. He is trying to decide what path would be most fruitful for him. He is considering leaving job and going to Grad school in Creative writing or sticking it out in his current post while writing on the side. What do you think? When would be best time to make a move? Thanks a million! Aries mom

I love your question! Did you know that Sagittarius is the finest storyteller in the zodiac? They write the books we can't stop reading (and stay up all night reading) and the TV shows that have segments and we have to keep watching! Doing internship on a set is very good, for it will help your son make contacts, so important in Hollywood. I like the idea of going to graducate school--I am betix and betweeen here, because I have friends with the degrees and no contacts, and they flounder. I wish he coudl do a work-study program. He needs those contacts! yet, learning to write well is a talent that will always help him. By the way, is born December 14 so your son should find my website helpful--there is a link between the birthdays. If you ever work for a company or engage with a company / website, etc. that has your birthday, there is an element of luck there.

My birthday is on April 29 and I also have Taurus rising. Any advice on how to navigate all the changes happening?

I wrote a lot about that in my April column of Astrology Zone. Once you have an eclipse on your birthday, the tide picks you up and carries you to a new place in one part of your life. It's time to move to a new mountain. That April 29 eclipse is a solar eclipse, a new moon, denoting beginnings, so it's not as hard as the April 15 eclipse, a full moon, indicating endings. Just don't over pack your schedule, and be ready to move in any direction. Taurus doesn't like change can be good! I wrote more about the eclipses on this free website two weeks ago (so read both my April forecast and this). 

I'm a sag female, Dec. 15, in the throes of quitting my biz and getting a real job but nothing is happening either way. Feeling stuck,stressed and financially at lowest ever, when will I have a chance to see the light at the end of a long dark tunnel.

Wow, you are born ON astrologyzone's birthday. I am so surprised. Excellent. This may mean I can help. Saturn is coming to Sagittarius on December 23 of this year. He will be in early degrees, so you won't feel him until say, 2016. Still, I want you situated BEFORE this happens, as Saturn has a number of lessons and tests to give you to make you more talented at handling life's twists and turns.  

Hi Susan - I'm an Aries with Leo rising, Libra moon. I'm in a state of career transition since approx June 2013. I want to secure a fulltime position prior to my current job contract expiring in August 2014. Can you give me an idea of what to expect this month with the eclipses and what to watch out for?

Every friend with Aries and Libra in their charts are asking similar questions. You do have challenges. However, your saving grace will be Leo rising--you will have enormous luck from Jupiter starting July 16 and lasting almost 13 months!  Your rising is the celestial favorite (just like the Leos!). Keep pounding the pavement!  The Apri 15 eclipse may end one contract, but may bring in another fairly soon. You have not been helped by Mars opposite your Sun for nearly 8 staggering months! Gee, you've been all alone in this universe, working as best you could. Your best bet was to be a great team player, not try to outshine others (as depressing as that might be to hear) and to share information freely. This all will end July 25, ending a long and very difficult Mars trend. Uranus, Pluto and Mars have not done you any favors, but even the hardest aspects have value. You are getting very street smart, very fast--all this will put you front and center in the near future. You'll love having Leo (a fire sign) in perfect angle to your Sun, natal moon and on your ascendant. Once you get to late July, you are home free, for so many reasons! Hang in there!

Would you tell us more about Pluto and/or Saturn return and how they affect us? Gemini Female and though things have been good they also have been tough and I heard this was due to a Pluto and/or Saturn return? It has been for the past couple of years and want to know when it is over. Is this correct? Thank you Susan for your heart felt words and advice in your monthly forecasts.

Unless you live to over 248 years old, you will never have a Pluto return. I wrote about the Saturn return in my year Ahead 2012 book and will put it in my new book. It's a time when you are 29.5 years old and are ready to commit to something big in your life, like getting married, having a baby, going to grad school, buying a house--something very grown up that you would not have felt you could have handled previously, and that will help to stabilize your life in a big way. You ware building a foundation for the tall structure you will build that will ultimately make your life your own. 

Hi Susan, With the eclipses coming up, when is the best time to apply for a job for a Taurus with Capricorn Rising? Thank you.

Do apply for your job now, as you don't want to run into June, when Mercury is retrograde. Mars is in your solar tenth house of fame and honors, but retrograde until May 19. After that, there's no stopping you. Start now, but talks will heat up end of May and in July. I think you will work hard (no problem for a Taurus-Capricorn) and make very good money!

What's the best way to determine two people's romantic compatibility? Sun sign matches? Rising sign matches? Venus sign matches? Or is it more about the correlation between all of these? Say two out of three are a match? Or something of that nature? Thanks! Just want to figure it out! :)

Compatibility is hard, as many planets have to get along.  Check your rising sign and your Sun sign here. Also look at Saturn's placement, Jupiter's and so forth. My article that I just gave you will give you a very insightful view of how you will get along. 

New readers may wonder how they can have their charts done and the answer is I can do it for you and explain it all to you in a book of 65 pages, all illustrated.  (You only need do your chart one time as it never changes). Once you have your time of birth to the minute you can write to me an order your chart. I try to keep things affordable as I know you really need to know more about your individual chart so that you can get more from my column each month. They are $49.95 plus tax. Go to this site, and you can see my books that I write one at a time with print on demand technology. I can write one for a little newborn or small child too where I discuss the baby's talents. Takes 2/12 weeks to get it back.

You also can get my free app in the Apple App Store for iPhone:

"Susan Miller's AstrologyZone daily Horoscope FREE!"  You will have the option to upgrade to the juicy longer content. You can try it for $4.99 once you have the app for one month's time and see if you like it, or take $12.99 for three months, or $49.99 for the entire year. 

For Android and Samsung, we are writing code but you can still get (I think) Astrology Zone premier for $3.99 which is so popular and being redone. 

The Washington Post producers were so kind! We had 2 1/2 hours to chat, for so many of you came to visit! I tried to address every sign--hope I did yours! 

By the way, my IT team did a meeting last night on the serious Heartbleed virus--my site is safe and are watching all activity constantly today and in days to come. Experts tell us in the Washington Post articles to change our passwords, so it seems we must! If you don't know about the this dangerous virus that can get your credit card numbers on line, search on the Washington Post "Heartbleed"

In May I will be back on the Washington Post website on May 6 at Noon EDT to answer your questions!  In May I will travel to Westchester (Rye NY), Austin Texas, Toronto Canada, and in early June, Los Angeles, CA. If you live in one of those cities please come say hello. Check my internet website of Astrology Zone (not the cell phone app) for more details on those cities--find the info  under your month;y forecast in the monthly Post Script ("P.S."). It is found under the Summary and dates to note.  I would love to meet you in person!

Thank you so much for coming today!  And a bit of a shout out to the hard working, enthusiastic producer who stayed with me on line to make sure all went smoothly. 

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