Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions (March 5, 2014)

Mar 05, 2014

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at noon, EDT*

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Hello readers! If you saw my March report on, you know March is a good solid month. It is true that April is due to be a month that will demand much, as we have two major eclipses due, one a full moon lunar eclipse in Libra Apri l 15 and a new moon solar eclipse in Taurus April 29. If your birthday falls near the middle of April, October, July or January, you will feel the April 15 eclipse most directly. If you were born near April 29, or at the end of October, end of July or end of December, you will feel the April 29 eclipse most. Eclipses simply test the strength of things, so there is nothing to fear. If the eclipse sees that a certain area of your life is not working, the eclipses will force changes. Always remember that the universe is on your side, and wants you to be happy and productive. The planets are always on the move, and we need to change and evolve too.

Thank you to the Washington Post for providing us with this worldwide chat session each month, and special thanks to you dear reader, for stopping by today.  

Susan Miller, astrologer and founder,

Dear Susan, I'm a Virgo/Virgo and my Cancer/Leo ex-boyfriend broke up with me on that nasty eclipse this past November 3rd. I still hope for reconciliation even though he seems unwilling. The past few years, I have found myself with one commitment-phobe after another. Any advice or foresight as to when and how I might find "the one"? Thank you for your hard work and dedication; you're so generous and your work is a pleasure to read!

Dear Virgo, 

You are not alone--I hear this quesion frequently. Yesterday when watching TV while I was writing, a panel of men were explaining  that when they used these words: "I never want to marry" they really meant, "I don't want to get married to you. ."  This underscores the reality that girls should not invest too much time with a person who seems less than interested in the same things you are--marriage and children.  Cancer has been through a great deal of challenge in recent years, so perhaps other life events have interfered with his plans to wed. Nevertheless, I don't think you should hope against hope that this relationship will work out. Date others--if your boyfriend  comes back, wonderful, but if not, you have moved on. I know this is easier for me to say this than you to do si.  Virgo has Pluto in the house of new love relationships, which is great--it is the planet of regeneration and renewal. Saturn, the ruler of your house of love, is based in  your short distance travel house, so you might want to rent a cottage by the sea this summer (mid-to-end of July) in a location where single people like to go. Being a little big away from home (not far) may help you meet the one for you. Your aspects are great--your boyfriend's are is less so, so he may miss you. Be strong, dear Virgo, never forget: you are the prize.

Hi Susan, Can you please shed some light on coming eclipses in April 2014? What kind of issue will Gemini/ with Scorpio rising - have to deal with? Big fan of yours and always will be... Thanks, Rpt

The people who will feel the eclipses in April 15 are Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, and those to feel the April 29 eclipse will be the Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. For Gemini, the April 15 eclipse will cut across social sectors, highlighting a relationship with a friend, and /or lover. The other eclipse April 29 will accent your health (both psychological  and physical) and your daily work environment. I will write a detailed report in April for each sign. 

Hi Susan, I hope you're doing well. I'm an Aquarian woman, Moon in Pisces, either Cancer or Gemini rising, (two different records of birth time) have been developing a culturally ambitious publishing/media project for 2 years. Best time to launch and/or connect with allies...soonish in 2014?

I would bet you have Gemini rising since you work in publishing. (The rising sign always dictates the profession). I am not enthusiastic about March through May 19, when Mars is retro--you need Mars to be strong. Also, Mercury will be retrograde June 7 to July 1. Can you wait until July? That would be my pick -- on or a day or two after after the new moon, July 26.

I don't see much discussion on the moon void of course. It has been tremendously helpful for me to be aware of these periods. I really appreciate your daily horoscopes - I subscribe to the expanded one -- and moon VOC notes would be the cherry on top! Thanks, NYC Moon Child

Bless your heart. The moon void of course is when the  moon is not making any aspects to other planets--in a sense, she has shut down and resting. It is not for natal chart analysis, but more for choosing a time to take action. I agree it is helpful! I write for people all over the world, in every city, so the moon moves so fast, that the void times would be different in every time zone. 

Hi Susan! Know that we, your loyal followers, are so appreciative of you sharing your knowledge and guiding us thru the maze of life! Sending love and warm thoughts with the passing of your Aunt. Stay strong. I'm a Virgo/Taurus Asc preparing to hunker down for the angry eclipses heading our way next month. I'm doubly concerned because my natal Mars is 18' Libra (6th house and trines Saturn 19' in 10th). But here is the kicker ..... I also have my natal Jupiter 19' Aries (in 12th) where the angry eclipses are occurring! Are people like me more vulnerable to the up coming eclipses given the placement of our natal planets? And if so, any advice on how to prepare? Thanks Susan! Love all that you do for us. You are a friend in my head!

Congratulations for reading up on astrology. It is true if you have a natal planet being touched by an eclipse you will feel it more than most, that is why it's good to have a copy of your natal chart. It never changes. With Jupiter being hit, you may have a change of income or financial situation. Remember however, Jupiter never afflicts--he is Santa Claus, and loves you. So Jupiter may coax you to spend too much, but he won't likely hurt you like other planets. Mars being touched could bring up a tooth that needs to be attended to by your dentist, but that Saturn is so friendly, you have a great outcome. We can't really plan too much for eclipses, as they bring up things that we have failed to see or never were told about. I always say, open the window and see what flies in!

Dear Susan, I noticed that Piers Morgan, an Aries had his show cancelled. He is now being investigated in the phone hacking scandal. Will he end up going to jail - once the April eclipse comes?

I am sorry to hear of Piers Morgan's troubles. Aries surely are going through the mill these days. I can never tell guilt or innocence in a chart, for our actions are a choice, not dictated by fate. I can say that Aries is being challenged on all sides. He is born March 30, so the very hardest of the aspects have passed the mathematical degree.  The April 15 eclipse is 25 degrees, too far from his sun to affect him directly, but of course, I don't have Mr. Morgan's time of birth. I wish him well. 

Hi Susan Miller, I'm a Leo with Scorpio Rising, Libra moon. Ive been planning to change my room a bit (eg painting a different colour - Im thinking of blue or green, buying new furniture) Should I do it this month?

The beset time for Leo to attend to their decor is April! Let's see what the April 29 eclipse will bring--it seems to bring you a lot of home-realted news! You have more coming in mid-August at the full moon Aug 17. I love your plans--you will enjoy the refreshed environment!

Dear Susan, I would like to file a lawsuit that settles quickly. Is it better to file during a waxing moon or waning moon? Thank you for all your help. You are the best!

If you want something to settle fast, do it on the full moon, a day or two before....things finish fast at all full moons!

Hello Susan! It seems that whenever war occurs or some other disaster, that Pluto is involved. Are there any positive aspects to the planet Pluto? And what are they? Thanks for answering my question-

You are right to write things down--even news events--and see what is going on in the chart. Pluto is lately in a dispute with Uranus, and we have been feeling the fallout since uranus first entered Aries in March 2011. This will go on until March 2015, but these two "Hatfields and the McCoy" planets will stay close enough to cause problems until November 2015. We are used to this already. When it comes to war, you need to get the chart of the country involved. For the US, we are born July 4, 1776.

Aries is usually prominent in the chart too, as it is ruled by Mars. You need to do a thorough analysis of each country involved and each natal planet at the time their charter was formed. It is complex, but interesting--I can see you find this fascinating, and  you should follow your interests along. Get a book for the World Charts, by Nick Campion in the UK. Best to you.

Dear Susan Thank you so very much for reading my question, your life guidance really helped me through the storms for Libra when Saturn visited our 1st house between 2009-2012. Saturn was what I needed but oh so hard! I was born Oct 18th and have Sagittarius rising, will I have a repeat of those challenging years when Saturn enters Sagittarius' 1st house in 2015? Reading astrology zone this morning I've realised that I'm getting married on July 20th 2014 when Saturn turns direct! Should I change the date?

Dear Libra with Sagittarius rising,

You have chosen the BEST day for your wedding, the day when Jupiter will meet with the Sun (a few days later, July 24) a day close enough for Jupiter to give your marriage many blessings. I would have chosen that weekend for you! Saturn gets a bad name--I like him! Without Saturn we would all be little marshmallows. We take on responsibilty with his urging--just what you are doing by getting married. You are ready now to wed, and to have children if that is what you want--it's all good.

By the way, being born October 18, the April 15 eclipse will affect you directly so see what comes up.

Male Aquarian, born February 1, Pisces rising, cancer moon. I am an unhappy lawyer looking for a new career. What field would suit me best, given I am pretty creative and a good writer?

Hello Aquarius! Yes, indeed you need something creative. Have you thought of practicing intellectual property law, or representing mostly creative clients, like actors? Or defending the rights of authors in the new digital landscape (where so much new law needs to be written). How about workign in the law department of a major motion picture studio or for the many agencies that represent the creatives, agencies like CAA for example.  Aquarius is tied to all things new--you are a pathfinder, for sure. Your cancer moon wants to take care of people and make sure their rights are being protected. I think you would do so well in fields like that. 

Hi Susan- I'm a Libra with an Aquarius rising born October 11th. It has been a tumultuous ride in both Business and Love the past 2 years and I am forever hopeful that the tides will begin to turn for myself and all fellow Libras. I've been out of work for 15 months as well as have been in a relationship with a Virgo that's been on & then off for 2 years as well. When is life going to move forward ? Although we just came out of Mercury in Retrograde, I feel like I've been in retrograde and a constant state of treading water just trying to stay afloat forever. I'm concerned about the upcoming eclipses in April, yet forever the optimist am hoping that they will offer a dramatic end to this way of living !

You are in the middle of some tough cosmic storms, particularly the debate Uranus has had with Pluto--you are feeling it. I am so sorry about the work situation--I feel with Jupiter going direct March 6, you have reason for hope, for Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck will be in your house of fame and honors. Try to nail your job in March, May or your best, after the new moon June 27. The relationship may need to go--you will know after the April 15 eclipse. If after two years, nothing is happening, let it go. Most relationships crystallize to the next step after 2 or two-and-a-half years, a Saturn cycle. 

Hi Susan I am a Sagittarius female born November 23, 1975. I have always struggled with my career. I have been interviewed more than once late last year but to no avail. I recently applied for a job. What are my chances of getting this job and when? Should I stop applying if I get rejected for this one?

Most successful people you speak to who are doing well will always tell you that they had the door slammed in their face many times, and they never gave up. I believe one of the pictures that won the Oscar this year was turned down by many studios. Never give up, dear Sagittarius! I know it can get discouraging....still, succss is always around the corner. I lvoe the full moon of March 16 plus or minus four days--it lights your house of honors, awards, achievement and fame! Write that thank you note to the person who interviewed you and go after it! Your timing is great! Next window is August 25, but that's a long time away, so make this full moon work for you!

I'm a graphic designer -- Pisces (2/28/44) with Scorpio Riing a and Moon in Taurus. I feel I'm at a creative threshold, but am not sure how to proceed with confidence.

Dear Pisces with Scorpio rising,

You have an unbelievably strong chance to show the world your ideas! Rarely will you ever have a chart like this one! Don't wonder what people hope to see--show them what you know is the new work they will want to see. You are questioning yourself needlessly. Take a few judicious creative risks, talk to clients or your boss about your must have many ideas to show, always. (I always say, "One idea is a dangerous thing.") Listen closely to the client and be flexible. Your cup is runnith over from now through mid-July, dear Pisces, and the new moon is helping you so much! Neptune in your house of creativity (for Scorpio rising) will bring you all the graceful, exciting ideas you need. You have NOTHING to fear. Everyone wishes they had your chart!

Dear Susan, Thank you again for taking the time to chat with us! And please accept my condolences on the lost of your aunt. I just lost an uncle, who is like a father to me, in February. While no loss is comparable, I do think they are similar in its own way. I have gotten some shocking and sad news about my romantic relationship on the first day of this year. I've read that, for Libra, whatever happened in January, April will be a continuation of the same drama/stress that was played out in January. Is that really the case? If so, do you have any suggestions for Libra to survive the cosmic changes? Thanks so much, and take care! Libra (Sun)/Capricorn (rising)

Oh little lamb, you are so dear. I am sorry about your uncle. My aunt was so close to us, as she lived in the same building we did my entire life when I was little, right upstairs from my mother and father. Later, after I married, she helped me with my children when I had to work, just as my mom did,and  now my aunt and my Little Mom are both gone. It's so sad, I agree. 

Relationships have been very difficult for Libra. You have Uranus opposed to the Sun, so that alone is hard, but this aspect only comes once a lifetime (every 84 years). If you weren't having difficulty in love, your partner may have had difficulty, and you would have had to help. Many Libras are facing health problems, as this is a strenuous aspect. You will find love, dear Libra. Once Jupiter goes into Leo in mid-July, Jupiter will open up an entirely new situation for you! Friends will want to be little matchmakers for you, so let them! End of July and August should be great months to meet a new person! 

I'm a male Leo artist, born August 18 (Cancer rising), and will have an exhibit of my paintings in 2015 in NYC; are October or November 2015 good months provided Mercury is not retrograde? Thanks!

Hello Leo artist! 

Stay away from October--Mercury is retrograde October 5 to 26, and we have two eclipses (although not quite as severe as the April ones), on October 8 (a lunar full moon in Aries) and October 23 (a solar eclipse in Scorpio). November is good!

I'm a Scorp Sun Sag rising wondering what affect Mars retrograde will have on my finances these next couple of months. I am in Brazil now without any income coming in and will be here until June. My Mars is in the 10th house on my chart and may push into my 9th house a bit before the retrograde is over.

Mars retrograde will slow up projects, and perhaps, if interviewing for a job, may bring a lot of delays. You may have to see a number of people in the process, and it all may take longer than you want. No worries. Also, checks may be late so keep sending gentle reminder statements to those who owe you. I am not worried about you--you will have the BEST career aspects in the decade once you get to the new moon July 25. Your new job will have a magnificent title, a better position than the one you had. Begin searching March 6 when Jupiter goes direct. Foreign people and places are so lucky for you too. You will hit that baseball right out of the park and have a home run. You will see!

Hi Susan I am a Capricorn Female, born January 18, 1965 and I am looking to move out of my home and into a smaller home closer to work. Is this a good idea for my sign; and if so when would be the best time to do this.

Hello Capricorn,

I feel you were due to move anyway!  Uranus, the planet of sudden change, is in your house of home until March 2019, so you may move again (or not--it will always be sudden). I feel you may have to change your timetable after the eclipse of April 15, for some still unknown reason. You may find the right place and need to put a deposit on it immediately! Be ready. April will be Capricorn's most importnat month of the year for moving or doing things to their home. A family member may become important to you too in April.

Hi Susan, I am a Pisces ( 03/20/1987) with Sagittarius rising. I am filing for my visa status which is due on April1 2014. As suggested by you, I started the process in Jan 14, much ahead of the Merc retro. My concern however is whether to file for an expedited process where we get to know the result between April 15-April 30 2014 or go for the regular process which can take 2-5 months for results to come. In general, I am trying to know should we plan anything based on when we start it, or when we might see the result? Will the April eclipses have effect on the result?

You already planeted the seed, dear Pisces, so go for the expedited route. I want you to get it before Saturn gets to Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 for a 6-month preview of what is to come when Saturn settles into Sagittarius in September 2015. Go for the fast route now. You have Juptier in Cancer until mid-July--he will help you too!

How will this affect my Rising Sign?

We all have two charts, your sun sign chart (for you it is Leo) and the custom chart, done by the time of birth (for you  it is Aries because you say you have Aries rising). Always read for Aries and Leo, faithfully, forever. Jupiter in Leo will be the best news  you've had in over a decade! What a wonderful year you have in store! The best ever! Dream big dear Leo--influential people will come to you to help you.  No goal will be too big to get started on, for you will have so much help. Leos will have great aspects for finding true love as well. And for Aries, Jupiter in Leo will bring exciting opportunities to fall in love for this generous planet will be in your fifth house of romance, or if you are attached, to grow closer to the person you have already met. If you are married and hope for a baby, Jupiter in Leo could easily bring a baby between July 2014 and August 2015, your best time for conception. Creativity will blossom for you in a big way as well--it will be like seeing a flower open on fast, time lapse photography!

I know April is looking crazy...but what of July? What awaits us?

The first week of July has big cosmic storms rolling in....July 1 to 7 will be tough, but then we have a glorious month, so hang in there. This a year with such high contrast. 

Dear Susan, Thank you for all your hard work and my thoughts are with you re. Your aunt. I need to have a elective but hard and important surgery, still looking for the right doctor. Which days are good in May? From what I read April is a no-no. Also, I read that it is better when the moon is getting 'empty' rather than getting full and definitely bot near a full moon, also to avoid signs that rule the respective part of the body, is that correct? An Aquarius

If you ever are worried about bleeding too much (as I have to be with my condition that has been with me since birth) never operate on a full moon. I just like a neutral new moon period, as long as the new moon is a sweet one.  I like Jupiter the great healer to be prominent--May 5 is a good example, where Jupiter and the Sun will collaborate. Stay away from a day like May 9 when Saturn opposes the Sun--a terribly draining day. I especially love May 22-23 when Jupiter and Saturn are getting ready to align in a divine way on May 24. Always work with an aspect as it builds toward a peak, not having already "met" and on the decline. Good luck, I feel this will go well. You are right--April is a mess, so stay away from it. 

Hi Susan, today is my birthday. Is there a special energy astrological energy that we should take advantage of on our actual birthdays? For example, should we write down a list of our goals/desires that day?

Happy birthday Pisces! Did you see the piece I wrote for Piscds on my new Neiman Marcus blog? See it here!

 Yes, it is always good to write down goals for the new year. On the anniversary of your birth, you have what we call "a solar return" which is, literally, the return of the sun to the place it occupied at your birth. If you ahve my calendar, look at the aspects I wrote for today, your birthday!  I also have a whole book I write (print on demand) for birthdays--see this link, you will like it! (Go to the book with the orange cover).

I'm a female who is on the cusp between Leo and Virgo. I've been working on a novel about past-life regression for the last two years. When would be the best time to publish?

Jupiter will be on the cusp between Leo and Virgo next summer, 2015--have it published then!

Hi Susan! I love your monthly chats! I was wondering when could be considered a 'lucky' time in coming months for a self-employed Aries with Leo Rising? Many thanks!

The luckiest day in the year is July 24, when the Sun and Juptier, both in Leo will meet! I like the days leading to this day, starting July 19. I also like July 26, which is the imporant new moon in Leo- it will package the energy of July 24 and make it very accessible. Leo is a fire sign like yours, dear Aries, so you will especially like this year's luckiest days!

Hi Susan! So great that you are taking the time to answer questions from readers each month. I am cancer with virgo rising. Currently I quit my job. I no longer want to work in the profession that I used to work in. I dont enjoy what I was doing and it was not inspiring. Also, I want to relocate to another country. Its been over a year now and couldnt find any opportunity. What are the aspects or likelihood to make duch change? What should I keep in mind? Thanks so much !

Hello Cancer!

Relocate to a foreign country while you have Jupiter in Cancer, until July 16. Jupiter has been in weak retrograde motion, but now, on March 6, will come alive and start working hard for all of us. Go to the foreign country to find out what job opportunities exist, or intestigate the international dept of companies you are interested in working in. Find out your rising sign--it dictates the profession, so it's so important to know! Cancer usually loves to help others, as your emotional intelligence is sky high. Think about working in customer support, or for a hotel or restaurant/ food company. Anything having to do with the home should be something you like, including home decorating, or products and services for the home. Find out your rising and then download my Planets and Possiblities book (digital and book form) that talks of professions signs do best in. 

Hi Susan, I'm a Scorpio woman, born 31 October. I don't like my current job and I would like to look for a senior job in same profession. Which month of 2014 will give me the best opportunities to find my dream job? Thank you very much! Wendy

Once Juptier enters Leo, it will fill your solar tenth house of fame and honors for the first time in 12 years.  The new moon in Leo on July 26 will set things in motion.  I am not worried one bit about you! You are about to make headlines in your career!

My husband, Sag with Sag rising and I, Sag with Taurus rising are thinking about buying a house soon. Is this a good time for us? Thank you!

Dear Sagittarius, 

March--right now--is the best time to start looking. I feel you should be ready to move in at the Harvest full moon September 8. Be sure to get flood insurance! Sag is in danger of water damage form now to 2026 as Father Neptune wants to visit you at home and bring the sea with him! Get covered!

Dear Susan, I absolutely love your work! You are amazing! I am Capricorn with Virgo partner of 28 years going through midlife crisis. Is this going to last long? I wish I can have my love back to where it was. He is so different and I am not sure if I like that. I am concerned for our relationship. All the best!

When it comes to compatibility, you can see what I wrote--you two are so right for each other it's insane. See this article, 65,000 words on how each sign gets along with each other. Do for example, Capricorn with Virgo and then Virgo with Capricorn--you will get two different reports for free.

I feel you both have been under undue pressure, and that's the problem, but especially you. Most couples simply lack the time for fun, so see if you can take a vaction together to a plac eyou both are excited about. You need to both be drawn in by the setting, so that you can put aside the everyday concerns you both have. Virgo is a hard worker, and as long as there are tasks in front of your partner, you won't be able to make progress. Virgo keeps working! In a nutshell, fun is what you need together. I like August 25 new moon for a long distance trip for you! Be young and carefree. I have a feeling new pretty lingerie plays a role here.

Thank you for your wonderful monthly summary's - so helpful and I write down important dates. My question: How accurate is a horoscope when I have the same moon and rising - which is aquarius but different sun sign - which is Gemini for me?

Many people have the same moon sign as their ascendant. That does not interfere with the accuracy of the outlook for the horoscope--if anything it would intensify it and make all that I write more noticeable. Always read for Gemini (your Sun sign) and always read for Aquarius (rising sign), each month. 

Hi Susan, I'm an Aries with Cancer rising, born on April 7. What are my prospects for landing a new job in 2014? I've been in my current job for more than 9 years and I'm ready for a change.

Fellow Aries Marc Jacobs just announced he is leaving his role as creative director of Louis Vuitton, a spot he held since 1997, a bold move.  Marc is born April 9. When Aries is ready for another adventure they move! I love that about your sign. You are a cardinal sign, however, so all change comes with a lot of unanticipated adjustment. Be ready to find your new job near the full moon July 12, plus or minus four days. Have a new job before you leave your old one. You need freedom and more control over your future--I feel the April eclipses will show you why you can't wait much longer to follow your instincts that it's time to open a new chapter. 

Hi Susan! I just want to know more about the dreaded cardinal cross. Do we really have fear April? If we all think that April will be a bad month then it might just end up being self-fulfilling prophecy because of our collective consciousness which is negative? I am an aries born march 27, 1968 and would like to know what to expect from the two eclipses on April. Thanks!

You bring up an important question, that of the self-fulfilling prophesy. On one hand, I would love not to have to tell readers about impendiing cosmic storms about to roll through, but then I think, oh gee, what if the reader plans to have an angry confrontation with his boss on the eclipse? Not good! Or what if someone wants to plan a big benefit for a charity on an eclipse--so many challenges will come up on the day of the event. I need to warn you to stay away from that day for big initionas. On the other hand, an eclipse will only show up weaknesses in a situation. If the eclipse finds none, you will not have any adjustments at all. The job of an eclipse is to bring things to light that you need to know to protect yourself. You were born March 27, so you are too far from the April 15 eclipse to be affected. (Give a plus or minus five days from April 15). You do have Mars at 29 degrees Aries, which is near the eclipse of 25 degreeees, so you will feel the eclipse through Mars. Fortunately, you were born with a glorious Mars that is in perfect angle to Juptier, so you have a bodyguard in Jupiter protecting you! No worries! Just watch where you are going  and be sensible: no high heels on cobblestones, no bungee jumping! I would also see a dentist to make sure your teeth are fine and do not need attention.

Hi, I am a Virgo born 10:58 p.m. on August 31st. All of your comments about Virgos are so negative lately. Anything good?

Oh my goodness, that is not true! What did I say! virgo is out of the woods! Your hard years were 2007 to the very early part of 2011. You are done! You have a stellar new moon August 25 this year and you will have such glorious help from that new moon. The only thing to watch is money--especially near the April 15 lunar eclipse. I once had a friend who said if the problem is money it is not a problem. I debated her on that (after all, she was rich) but she said, "Susan, a child has not died. You can correct a financial situation." I had to agree--she changed my thinking about financial challenges. You can always find ways to deal with them.

Susan, I am a Sag/Leo rising female. I have problems with my noisy neighbor. Do you think if the suitation is going to improve soon? I have hard time sleeping at night. Please help. Thanks, Cynthia. I have read your forecast since 1996.

Neighbors are in the third house, and for Leo rising,  that makes Libra on the cusp of that house. You have Mars in that house, and Mars always brings noise! Oh my gosh, you have pointed out a problem I never anticipated (but should have in all my wriitngs). Mars in the third house brings noisy neighbors--even hostle ones, who won't listen to you! Mars went into this house of yours on December 7, 2013 and will stay an usually long time, until July 25, 2014. (Mars usually stays only 6 weeks, not 8 months!) After July 25,  you are done! Yay! Your Sag sun is not giving you the problem with neighbors (only with water damage, floods, mold, tainted drinking water, etc--guard against that!) I have no idea why your rebellious neighbors will suddenly behave, but your chart says they will, so let's go with that!

I'm a Libra woman, born Oct. 15th, Taurus rising. I have over 20 years of experience in my career but am now unemployed. I think age is a factor. Your March forecast predicted I would have a job by March 6th. If this does not occur, will there be other opportunities beyond that date? Also, can you give more insight into the April eclipse? I have concerns about a family member.

Bless your heart, you mis - read me. March 6 is important becuase it is the date that Juptier turns from sleepy retrograde to direct speed, and for Libra, that's in your house of career honors, awards, achievement and fame. You have a golden period to look for a job from March 6 to July 16! I feel you will land one. Also think about starting your own business if that is applicable. I find more mature, experienced workers are more dependable and understand situations with greater insight. I feel you have so much going for you! 

Hello Susan, I am looking for a wedding date this spring/summer. Do you have any recommendations?

I love July 19 or 20 (Saturday or Sunday) when the moon is in Taurus, and Jupiter is blessing your home and family life. You need to get away from Mars retro (March 1 to May 19) and Mercury retro (June 7 to July 1). Have a wonderful wedding!

Hi Susan! I am a Scorpio/sag rising and I wanted to know of this is a good time to start datinht and start a new relationship. Me & my cancer boyfriend ended things in January right after the new year and I know I'm over that. But I wanted to know if this is a good time to start something new or should I wait and keep looking for when there is a better time?

The last week of December into the first week of January 2014 this year was so rough! I felt badly having to write how tension-prone the Christmas holidays were to be. That's over. Scorpio has the BEST love aspects on the planet this month! See what I wrote on! You have eto get busy!

Dear readers,

The Washington Post was so generous to let me stay a full two hours (much over the 90 minute chat we had planned). The next Worldwide Chat will be April 9, a Wednesday at Noon EDT --by then daylight time! If you live in a foreign country just go to the site www.timeanddate to translate Noon to 2 PM into your local time. 

I so appreciate your coming by and sharing your questions with me. I always think about the questions you ask, long after the chat is over, and I try to incorporate all into my writing. 

By the way, if some of your friends speak Spanish, Astrology Zone is now entirely in Spanish here: - let them know! It's new!

If your friends could not make the live chat today, the fine people at the Washington Post will archive this session so that your friends can still see it. Please let them know. I will post the link on Twitter under my name, @Astrologyzone.

This service is provided free to you from the Washington Post, so let's support the people who support us--take a good look at the newspaper's site and if you like it, sign up for a subscription. Or, simply come back every day to the site for your news. I am so appreciative to the Washington Post for their support of our community!

Make good use of March, dear readers! It can be a highly productive month! Kisses to you!

Susan Miller, founder, Astrology

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