Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions (February 12, 2014)

Feb 12, 2014

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at noon, EDT*

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Welcome! This week holds Valentine's Day, so I thought I would emphasize love in this day's chat. It is the one thing we all want, and yet, often the hardest to find. Astrology can help!

When you post, please ask one specific question rather than say how is it for me in career, money, love, travel, all in one question. That would take me an hour to answer! Ha, ha, I want to give many people a chance. Please ask your question in a way that would be interesting to many.

I will cover all signs. If you know your rising sign, read for that too, always, along with your Sun sign, now and forever. By reading both your rising and Sun sign you will get a better, more complete outlook for coming weeks and months. Let's get started! - Susan

Dear Susan, I am a Libra woman, born 2 October. I am trying to find a job abroad and relocate. I am wondering if there is any favorable time astrologically? Many thanks for your answer in advance!

Hello dear Libra, you are under very strong, challenging aspects, and the fact that you are moving abroad is exactly the right thing to do. It's time to shake things up and try something new. I would like you to actually move May 29, at that gorgeous new moon in your house of foreign people and places. It'll be in Gemini and that's a great sign for you. The degrees are almost "trine" your Sun (a very harmonious aspect) giving a double dip of luck. Exciting!

My birthday is the day mars goes retrograde (3-1) --- how will this affect my year? I believe mars rules energy? THANK YOU for everything Susan! I love your work.

With eight planets, one or two will almost always be retrograde, so it is nothing to worry about. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograde five months out of the year, so you see how hard it is to get all those little planets lined up. Mars will not affect you, dear Pisces. You may have a few concerns over money due to the eclipses, but the rest of your chart is spectacular, especially for love and creativity, March 6 to July 16! Happy Birthday!

I'm a Leo male born on August 22, 1958. I've had a tough time with work the last couple of years, mostly due to illness, will that change in 2014? Thank you

Hello dear Leo,

As soon as Jupiter enters your sign on July 16, life will brighten noticeably! You will feel stronger too, for Jupiter is the giver of gifts and luck, and is also the planet that can provide, under some circumstances, miracles too. By the way, if you were ill in the past 12 months, you had Jupiter in the solar twelfh house, a fine place for healing and for finding a doctor, highly repected in his field, to help you. If you need a second opinion, it's a good time to look, between now and July 16.  You are looking at a much better future--be optimistic and have faith! All the good is about to come to you dear Leo!  

Hello Susan. My birth date is May 13 1954, my friend is August 22 1953. We are in a friendship and is there anything you can tell me about it. I am looking to move and wonder if we will do that together.

Hello dear Taurus with Virgo friend,

Your friend is a cusp baby, so on August 22 could be a very late Leo (depends on the time and city of birth--your friend would have to do a chart.)  Cusp babies take the best qualities of both signs, so I can see you get along very well, although your Leo friend will have very strong opinions and you will have to get in the debate early if you want to ever change a Leo's mind (or yours, too, dear Taurus). 

You are feeling the eclipses that have been coming by, and for Taurus, the very best time to update your decor, renovate or move wait until Juptier, the giver of gifts and luck, enters Leo on July 16, 2014, to stay until August 11, 2015. It will be such a great time to find a new place to live, or to buy, sell or lease property. It's the best part of your chart! Wait until July 16 and beyond! Your Leo is going into his/her best time of life, with Jupiter in the Sun. You both have great outlooks, and it all starts in the second half.  Yay!

I know what many of the planets symbolize (Jupiter is expansion, Saturn is details & father time, Scorpio is transformation and more). This is oversimplified but can share with us what Earth symbolizes? (Love?)

Here is an interesting fact:  if you want to know where the Earth is in your chart, it is precisely opposite your Sun. Let's say you are a Pisces, born March 7. The degrees of your Sun is 16 Pisces. Earth in your chart would be the sign 180 degrees away, Virgo 16 degrees.  In astrology, we do not use the Earth in the personal chart, because we are all based on the earth. If we lived on Mars, we would use the Earth in the chart, but not Mars. I would think Earth is about reality--what we can touch and see--but that's Saturn's domain, so this is something I would have to think about! That is a great question! Bravo! You have me stopped in my tracks. I have never seen Earth used in an aspect in a chart, but I will do research. Venus (female) is about love...that is her domain--especially when she is near her lover Mars (male)--that's when the sparks start to fly in lovely chemistry. Thank you for your fascinating question! 

Dear Susan, My husband is born 16th April with gemini rising. He is going to open up a business in partnership with his long time friend who is Aquarius. How will this eclipse effect their bussiness and relationship?

Dear Kind Wife of an Aries husband with Gemini Rising and his biz partner Aquarius. 

This April 15 eclipse coming is going to be a very, very diffcult eclipse and will show up differences, not similarities between your husband and his Aquarian business partner. You did not say when your husband is starting his business--can he wait until very end of July or August? The aspects are so challenging, I would love him to wait for the July 26 new moon. That would be a great time for his Aquarius partner too, as Jupiter will be in his partner's house of partnership for a full year, giving the business a strong start!  Also Mars will be direct as of May 19 (and Mercury, retro from June 7 to Juy 1) will have been normalized by end of July too. No doubt about it--start at end of July or very early August. The eclipses will test them both--it woudl be best to be aware of their opinions and strategies and to make a plan for going forward. That April 15 eclipse is tough for every sign. Your husband might discover his partner has strong views on a topic that never came up, so they should both keep talking. Is the partnership 50-50? Aries like to have control, 70-30 if possible! At teh very least, they should have different areas to have control over--their own domains so to speak. Aquarius is an air sign that goes so well with Aries' fire element, so good luck to them. I am sure it will be OK. He just has to see how the april 15 eclipse affects him (and it will). Be sure to protect your husband's health, and if he feels anything is off, he should see a doctor or dentist rather than wave off any concerns. 

I am Capricorn with Cancer rising, he is Virgo, we had some rough time since July, specially December.Things seem to quiet down now. Am I going to get my relationship back to normal? He is the love of my life. Thanks Susan

Dear Capricorn with Cancer rising, w. Virgo Husband,

Mars has been stirring the pot so the topic of conversation for you, dear Capricorn, is your career and how to juggle things while keeping the home fires burning. Capricorn has had a lot of stress because of so many demands on their time. Still, Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, is in your marriage house until July 16. This gives you a great opportunity to get on the same page--I think you need more fun! Virgo, your husband, has been concerned about money, and the April 15 full moon lunar eclipse may bring more news that sets off jitters about finances. Still, if the problem is money, as a friend once told me, it can be fixed in time. I think you both have a great opportunity to come closer. You need a fun trip--I suggest any time after July 25 when Mars enters Scorpio and remains there September 13.

Dear Susan, Thank you for your uplifting insights. I am an Aries female, Leo ascendant, born April 9, 1971, and are there any best opportunities for love in 2014? Hopeful Aries

Dear Aries, 

As soon as Jupiter enters Leo on July 16, 2014, until August 11, 2015, you will be the celestial favorite--the one most likely to find love!  In the meantime, focus on fixing up your house or apartment. After you have dressed your nest so to speak, you will be able to invite love in. 

I am a Pisces, born February 28 and my husband is a Nov 4 Scorpio. We've been going through fertility treatments for some time now. Do you see any success for us this year? We are also moving and I'm starting a new job.

Hello Pisces with Scorpio Husband!

Did you see what I wrote in Febraury's for Febraury 28? The most spectacular day of the month, possibly of the entire season. You have to plan those dates of the fertility treatments carefully. For example, if your cycle works with February 28, I would LOVE you to try that day. March will be a great time too. Watery new moons are great for conception. Good luck!

When I was young I wanted to do something in film, but I had children at an early age and opted for something more secure. Now they are grown and I would like to pursue that path, not as a performer but behind the scenes. I know it will be hard work, but will I have success and when would be the best times to push this year? I'm a cancer and believe its Aries rising. Thank you for any help. I read your forecasts monthly. Huge fan.

Dear Cancer,

I have a feeling you have Pisces rising, but it's just a hunch, reading your letter. Pisces rules film. I, too, had children at an early age--now it's fun as they are grown. I completely applaud your wish to go back to your original dream of of working in film. Passion is the most important indicator of success--you have it. In your solar chart, you have Neptune in your 9th house of education, so I feel you would benefit from taking classes, going to film festivals, or, if money is a concern, to start shooting and posting your work on places like YouTube. I feel going back to school would give you the contacts you need, through your professors. Jupiter is now in Cancer, indicating you are starting a whole new cycle that will last a decade or more, so start in March, the new moon March 2--even if you can only take a baby step!

Im a libra female over 40 what are the chances of serious commitment or possible remarriage prospects for me in 2014. Thank you!

Dear Libra,

I will ask you to be careful in your love relationships (and business ones too) dear Libra. With Uranus opposed to your Sun, you may get involved with someone who you ascribe glowing traits, but who may not deserve such accolades. Go slowly. Libra will have an easier time once Juptier goes into Leo--you will meet many people, for Jupiter will light your eleventh house of friendship and events. For now, focus on your career until mid-July--that's where you will make the big strides. 

Hi Susan, It is always pleasure to read your posts. They give very good suggestions regarding what to expect, so that we can prepare ourselves for the bad as well as enjoy the good moments in life. I would like to know how this valentine day will be for the pair with cancer and pisces sun signs? Will they commit to each other on this day? Both are my friends, dating for almost 5 years, but the family obligations are keeping them away from the wedding knot.

Hi friend of a Cancer-Pisces couple, 

You are so sweet to write on behalf of friends. Cancer-Pisces is a divine combination. Have them read and they will see what I wrote for their compatibility. The family obligations you speak of is mainly a Cancer concern right now. This focus of the Cancers on family, home, real estate, renovation and so forth is in part due to Mars' long vist to Libra, but that will end July 25. Also the eclipses have been in Aries and Libra--the April 15 eclipse will bring more news, and it is likely to be important news. Later in the year, October 8 brings another eclipse in Libra, so again home and family will be in the news for your Cancer friend. I think until those eclipses stop appearing in the Aries-Libra family, which should happen October 8, this couple may have to be patient. Still, dating five years is a long time. I think they should get engaged, but not now, as Mercury is retrograde.  I never think people should date for what seems to be forever without advancing the relationship with a commitment (assuming getting married and having children is a goal). Tell them to get engaged--or married--in middle July! The family / housing concerns will have eased by then. I bet they will have a happy Valentine's Day!

Hi Susan, I really appreciate what you are doing. Especially you being so patient and trying to give an answer to plenty of questions is great! You are so far the best! I am a 23 y.o. Sagittarius woman with Libra rising. I am making job applications at the moment and I would love to hear about my next job. I know Mercury is retrograding till the end of this month. But what are your suggestions? I mean when would be the best time to start a new job? I was enjoying my previous job but things didn't go as well as I expected and I had to leave. Now I am curious about the next one. There are plenty of options, but of course you never know what is the best. And I wonder, is there any good signs for love?

Dear Sagittarius and Libra, 

I loved your letter! You are under spectacular vibrations for career (the Libra part of you). You won't likely have problems getting into the offices of VIPs. You will have a chance to make a name for yourself at the new moon June 27 plus two weeks. The Sagittarius in you will have your chance to shine professionally after the new moon August 25, plus two weeks. I feel you should be in communication (writing, editing, translation, research), PR, sales, marketing, negotation, and so forth--you would shine in these areas. 

Hi Susan, I'm a Pisces Sun and Cancer rising with a Leo moon. The past few year have been harsh. But the last year or so I have taken the opportunities offered to me with Jupiter in Cancer with gusto. I've made a lot of changes personally; ending toxic friendships, taking a step back and deciding what's best for me not for other people, I've gotten a new job, returned to school, moved house and taken up different activities and exercise classes. All things I never would have been able to do 2 or 3 years ago. The thing is now, I've realized over the past while that I do not feel better or happier. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I feel nothing. Please help. Thank you.

Dear Pisces with Cancer rising,

Your letter intrigued me. You are doing so many good things to launch your life in a new direction. You are so busy doing things that you may not see how many new seeds you are planting--those will be coming up in your garden soon. Also, when we feel physically tired, we often feel a little less happy--make sure you are getting enough sleep and nutrious foods. Your schedule is very full!

Your letter brings up the discussion of what makes us happy? I have found that happiness means different things to different people. Look back on your life so far--what times were you happiest? Write down all the episodes that you found gratifying, exciting, and when you were happiest. Try to find the string that connected those times, and try to recreate one.

You don't speak of romance, so do you hope to find someone special to love? Febraury 28 is a great time to be out and about for you (see what I wrote in, and the new moon March 2 plus two weeks is spectacular too for circulating. You are passionate and active--the two qualities that others find so attractive in you.

I also feel if you did a little volunteer work for a charity (doing charity work is always an endeavor that would appeal to compassionate Pisces) you would meet interesting, like-minded, empathetic people. Vary your path, and be open to all types.  I feel you are just on the cusp of being happier! It's so close!

Also, Jupiter's been retrograde but wakes up on March 6 and stays strong and in Cancer until July 16. Work on your appearance, find a dress that makes you feel like a princess, and go out there and knock 'em dead. You have so much to offer!

Hi Susan thanks for your detailed monthly forecasts I am a libran, rising sign Taurus. Will apr 15th eclipse have a good or bad impact on me nd in which aspect of my life. Thanks

Dear Libra with Taurus rising,

The April 15 eclipse will affect those Libras born within four days of October 18 the most. The way you may feel it, if this is your birthday, is through a romantic or business relationship--something seems to be coming to light--or through your health. If it is your health, you will need to see a doctor for advice so you can nip things in the bud. If it is your partner, you will either feel upset when certain information comes to light OR, you may feel concerned about the welfare of your partner, and want to mobilize to help him or her because your partner may be going through some sort of hard patch. The October 8 eclipse will be easier, and will affect those born near that date. 

Hi Susan, I was born on June 19th, 1979. I am a Gemini. I have been through a lot in my life when it comes to relationships and love. I want to know if you foresee Geminis finding love in 2014. Please choose my topic and this question to answer!

Dear Gemini,

How could I not take your letter? You are so cute and adorable--I bet others say that to you all the time. Gemini had some tough eclipses a few years back that may have rattled you in terms of relationships, from December 21, 2011 to May 25, 2013--you had 6 in all. That was then, this is now, and you won't have that any more eclipses until June 5, 2020. You won't have any more cosmic tests from eclipses, and a far less chance of having bad romantic surprises!

You have transiting Mars in Libra lighting your house of true love from now until July 25, and that's positive. You will have Jupiter in Leo, giving you a chance to meet romantic interest in leisure resorts close to home. In New York we go to the Hamptons, in LA people go to Pebble Beach, Palm Springs or Lake Taho. Find the pretty resort near you and go in the second half of July or early August. Traveling close to home is lucky for you, dear Gemini, when it comes to love!

Hello! I am Virgo with Virgo rising. Born Sept. 4, 1963. Have been writing a book. Can you please tell me when I might have success - or if I will and financial security as well, please? Thank you

Dear Virgo with Virgo rising,

Of course you are writing a book! Virgo is so very talented with communication! I am happy you are doing that! Can you have the book come out on the new moon in Gemini May 29? I suppose that is too soon! Too bad you didn't tell me when it will be published. Still, when it comes to money, Virgo and Pisces are signs being tortured by the constant pressure of Mars in Libra--that will end July 25. You are also under pressure from eclipses in Aries and Libra, and those just began. Watch April 15, 2014, the hard one, then October 8, 2014 (somewhat easier, a new moon solar eclipse)), April 4, 2015 (lunar--a bit mad at Pluto, so some tensions), September 28, 2015 (early degrees, much easier), and the last March 23, 2016 (easiest of all). The hardest eclipse will be the one April 15, 2014. You are moving to strength, dear Virgo (and Pisces readers, this applies to you too).

The universe seems to be sending the hardest ones first, thank goodness.  I feel you should have a side job to get you through the bumpy periods, and then when you are on more stable ground, you can let go of the extra work and concentrate on your writing.

Thanks for the chats, Susan! I am Aquarius female with Taurus rising born on Feb 13. Fiancee is Capricorn with Aquarius rising. What are my prospectives in the job front and personal front (marriage) this year. I have plenty of leads, but no concrete offers in the job front. Would love to know what's in store for us of this sign! Thanks again.

Dear Aquarius with Taurus rising

All Aquarians have Saturn, the teacher planet, in Scorpio, filling your solar tenth house of honors, awards, achievement and fame house. Saturn in this sign can make you a force to be reckoned with, with a very high and responsible position of leadership. Saturn will be with you in this house all through 2014 (Saturn will leave December 23, 2014 and move into Sagittarius, retrograding back into Scorpio and your career house on June 14, 2015 and will stay the entire summer in Scorpio and your fame house, until September 17, 2015. You will have one of two experiences with Saturn--1) you get a huge job where you will have much to learn, and work very long hours. Or, 2) you find a series of frustrating situations where you feel like Tantalus and the Grapes--the job is within inches of your fingertips, but you can't quite get it. Or, you take a job with a boss who is not helpful, but rather distant. Let's go with the first option--you need to find a new type of work (the job can be in the same industry) where you will have room to grow. (Saturn is always about growth and learning.) Even if you take a job that does not quite fit the description, you may be able to transfer into different departments to give you a wide experience and a chance to hone your skills. Keep asking friends and relatives for news about job openings--the personal touch will be the most effective. In love--Aquarius will have Juptier in the house of marriage from July 16, 2014 to Augsut 11, 2015--and be the most favored sign of all for commitment (in love and business.) Those married already will see their relationship grow and deepen. Wonderful!


If you live in New York City, or are visiting, please come say hello to me at my Valentine's Day Party, February 14, 6 to 9 PM at the Empire Hotel, lobby bar area. There is no ticket price to get in, just pay for your own drinks. If you are single bring your girl friends. Guys are invited of course! Please do RSVP to get on the list. it will be fun! 

Hello Susan, Can you please tell us more about April? I keep reading of how difficult month will be and makes me worry. Can you tell for all signs what area of our life will affect. Greetings from Athens-Greece! We would love to have you here some day!

I would love to come to Greece if I get an invitation! I have never been, and I saw on the Olympics a few years ago how very beautiful your country is!  It would take me six hours to tell you about April. It's tough. I don't like to dwell on it. We have two monster moons, and they are multiplied in strength by three by also being eclipses. All the planets are squaring off creating tensions that cannot find escape. In a nutshell, we will all have to face facts, deal with reality and move forward. It will be a time to pay the piper, not put off decisons that need to be made. Some will have it easier, and some will be in a role of helping others. That's all I can say!

Please save the date--March 5--Noon to 2 PM when I will have my next worldwide chat with the Washington Post!

We love the Washington Post and thank them for making my monthly chats possible! Please bookmark this amazing newspaper and be sure to catch the comprehensive news stories that the paper offers day after day.

Next month, try to have your rising sign ready. You can do that by finding out your time of birth to the minute from looking at your handwritten birth certificate. (Call the Hall of Records or Bureau of Vital Statistics in your state capitol or ordering it on line. It must cost MORE than $5 if it is the correct copy of the birth certificate.) Then you can go to and order a book i will write just for you--custom--and you will know all about your chart, and you will never have to do it again. Your chart stays the same for life, and you will get so much more out of all my astrological books and columns once you know about your chart. 

Thank you so much for joining me today!


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