Astrologer Susan Miller answers your questions (January 9, 2014)

Jan 09, 2014

Astrologer Susan Miller, founder of the popular website Astrology Zone hosted a chat on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at noon, EDT*

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Hello readers! 

Thank you for coming today! I will cover all 12 signs (we try to keep count, and my assistant is helping me!). Please ask your question in such a way that many people will be interested in the answer. It will increase your chance of my choosing yours. I learn a great deal from your questions and often think about them later, for weeks.  

After this chat is over, the kind people at The Washington Post will archive the dialog we are having now, so if you have to leave the chat, you can see the answers later, any time you like. Watch my twitter feed for the link, my name on Twitter is @Astrologyzone. (You don't have to tweet if you don't want to--just open an account with an email address and password, and you are all set up.)

Let's begin! - Susan

Hello Susan, You mentioned Jan 29th for Capricorn as a gold star day. You also amusingly threw in, "Did you qualify for a game show"? Would the qualification be on the 29th OR the actual game show be on the 29th?

Yes, little Capricorn, you have a dazzling January 29 for winning money, for in Aquarius, it could be on TV or the radio. Try!

Dear Susan, I'm a Leo woman with Scorpio rising, which month in 2014 is most "fertile" for starting a family? We've been trying for too long now, and even doctors can't seem to help. Thank you so much for everything you do! I've been reading your web-site regularly each month for the past 8 years and love your energy and enthusiasm. Lots of love, A cubless Leoness

Dear little Leo with Scorpio Rising: You have such a sweet way, I am so touched by your question. You have Jupiter coming to Leo for the first time in 12 years on July 16, to stay a year, until August 11, 2015. I think that period will be very good for you, as Jupiter is the planet of miracles.  Also, Jupiter RULES Sagittarius on the cusp of that house of true love! 

The last time you had Jupiter in Leo it was 2002-2003, so you've waited a long time. I always like trying on a new moon. You have Sag on the cusp of your fifth house of conception, making the new moon of November 22 an obvious choice. Also, Mars will be in Sagittarius giving a lot of energy and focus to this house earlier, Sept 14 to October 25.  It's beeen said, however, that a "wet" new moon is better for conception. That would be the new moon March 1, in Pisces, or the new moon in Cancer June 27. All new moons, add a plus two weeks, but the sooner your cycle works with the new moon the better as the new moon loses strength with each passing day. I have also heard a new moon in Taurus is excellent for concept too, but the monster eclipse of May 29 is not a date I ever advise. I hope this helps!

Hey Susan, I purchased a solar return from you and I LOVE IT. I have one question. My solar return rising is Virgo. I am a Gemini with rising Leo. Does that mean that this year I read for Virgo as my rising sign instead of Leo?

No, but it does mean your home and earned income will be a big focus. It also means that a member of your family may be on your mind and you may need to give them more time. I would read Leo and Gemini, but that's all. No, never stop reading your rising sign. 

For those who don't know what that means, "rising sign" is the sign on the eastern horizon as you were bring born. The only way to know your rising sign precisely is to know the exact time of birth.

After you have your precise time of birth, I can write an entire book for you and you alone, on ($49.99 plus shipping and any necessary local taxes.) Takes 2 1/2 weeks to get it. 

I am a Pisces woman, born March 15, and have been trying desperately to sell a property since September 2013. I had 2 possibilities, but they both fell through. Which month in 2014 will bring me my best opportunity to sell this property?

You have a lot of opportunity. I would say the new moon in your house of home and property may work, May 29--it's a sweet new moon in a year that does not have a lot of them. Selling is a financial deal, but the two eclipses in April are difficult April 15 and 29, so stay away from those. What does your broker tell you? You may have to adjust the price--I am worried you will have to pay high taxes on your property in April--Pisces has difficult aspects for that sort of thing Apri 15. (I can't believe the universe is sending an eclipse April 15, a full moon in Libra.) Statistics say that most people buy/sell property May through September, due to the school year. Even if you don't have children, others do, and they feel more like moving in those months (no school). Also the weather is kinder on moving day then! You could make a fortune or lose one dear Pisces (or Virgo), so with money being volatile it would be best to take a careful, conservative approach. I hope this helps!

I see the first half of 2014 is full of retrogrades (Mercury in Feb, Mars in Mar-June) and I believe there are more. What does this mean? And can I buy a computer anytime soon?

Get your new computer now, for Venus retro won't hurt you, but don't do it Feb 7 to 28 when Mercury, which rules computers, is retrograde. You just can't get it in February. I know--I need several here in the office and I will wait until March, for Mars retro should not harm electronic purchases. Forget June 7 to July 1, when Mercuy is retro again! (There is one more Mercury retrograde in October, October 5 to 26.) Buying a new computer is fun, so I hope you can do it soon and bring your baby (computer) home and name it!

Susan, First, I can't believe how much of your free time you give your readers for free!!! We all thank you so much. I am a Gemini with Rising Leo and my husband is a Sag with Pisces rising. We are hoping for a baby this year. Do you think we will have a good shot? xo

Thank you, you are so gracious. I love being with the readers!Try soon for your baby as once Saturn enters Sagittarius, it may take time (for your husband). I love the Gemini new moon May 29 plus two weeks for you. Also your rising sign, Leo, bodes so, so well for a baby. Yes, absolutely,you seem to have a big 2014 ahead!

Hi Susan, I am a Virgo women born Sept 10th. I'm a dental hygiene student that would like to know when would my best chances -- this month or next month -- be to take my national board exam. I have worked very hard and failed one exam, However I'm able to retake the exam. Please let me know what days this month would be my best chance of passing. Thank you Susan!

Of course you are a Virgo! Dental hygiene is ruled by Virgo.  You were born for this work, and I am so impressed with your dedication. I love January--as soon as possible. Planets in Capricorn relate so well for you. Soon, soon! That all changes January 19 when the Sun enters Aquarius. Next month Mercury is retrograde, but you already took the test and are going back to do again, which is very Mercury retrograde. Still I love this month, can you do it this fast? You are ready to ace it!

I am a Cancer woman, June 25, married to a Cancer male, also June 25, and we are trying to get pregnant. When would be the best and most successful time to try? Any luck for Cancers in the baby department?

Dear Cancer, You are the celestial favorite, so if there were ever a year to have a baby this is it! I would like you to get pregnant before July 16, the date Jupiter leaves Cancer. I love the March 1 new moon--try in the days that follow, for that one is superb for you. I also like the new moon in Cancer, June 27 plus two weeks. How exciting!!!! If you have trouble (or have had trouble) getting pregnant, do let it go more than a year--see a fertility specialist. 

Hi Susan. I'm a Aries (April 19) with Scorpio moon and Cancer rising. I'm very strong and very sensitive, I'm full of contradictions. I'm want to become a painter fulltime (Venus in Tauro). Can this year be a good year for Aries to make radical changes in life? Kind Regards. Diana

Dear Aries, with Cancer rising. Your name is Diana just like my sweet Diana who is also an Aries born on your birthday! You ahve the moon in Scorpio--she has Scorpio rising. So many coincidences. Aries is going through a radical change due to the long trek of Urnaus through Aries, which started March 11, 2011, and will continue until March 2019. This aspect will give you enormous creativity and a drive to leave your fingerprints on the world. Aries has been pushed and pulled greatly--you had Saturn opposing your Sun from October 2009 to October 2012, a hard period for you. Now you have Uranus on your sun and are ready to break out. Get the proper training for your new career--your teacher may be able to help you. Keep income coming in while you make the switch. No one can end one career and start a new one--there has to be overlap. When I started I worked as a highly successful agent for commercial photographers (I didn't need a new career) but opportunity came to me to start my website in 1995 and I jumped at it. I kept both careers, working day and night, very, very long hours, for six years, until Astrology Zone got so big (and so did my agent business) that I could no longer do both. (At the time, my children were little, too, and I was the sole source of their income). You will know when you can drop the first career and make all your living in art. Good luck to you--the life of an artist can be very satisfying, and a labor of love. 

Susan: Your predictions for both Gemini and Sag for 2014 and beyond have been so positive, especially in the financial realm. However, this Gemini sun Sag rising (6/1/71) has had a lot of trouble getting paid and finding longterm, gainful, secure employment for some time. Any advice to impart for the new year?

Dear Gemini/ Sagittarius, You have such wonderful financial aspects! I am baffled! The March 1 new moon (plus two weeks) will be an excellent time to find a wonderful new position--one thta has a lot of responsibility. Or, for the Sag in you, the new moon September 25 plus two weeks. I like February too, esp for getting in touch with executives who used to work with you and who love and trust you--there could be a new job there. 

This is for any sign. If you've written a book/screenplay and have been offered a deal for publishing or a movie, what are the BEST planetary aspects one can hope for to accept such an offer? Obviously, Mercury & Venus retro are not ideal times to accept unless it's an offer that is being revisited. But are there "favorable" placement of planets for accepting these offers?? Thanks

Wow, that is a tall question. You need Mercury not to be retrograde, but you need a well placed Jupiter to make you money. The day you first sent in your manuscript will play into this endeavor too. I would not worry too much about Venus unles syou are a Libra or Taurus. Keep your eye on Jupiter. If Pluto supports, that will bring you money too. The outer planets bring life-changing affects. Good luck! You sound like you have my life! I write all the time!

I have been stuck in a rut for the last two to three years. What can I do and when should I act in 2014 to move my life forward in a positive direction?

Dear Taurus, 

You have had Saturn opposed to your Sun since October 5, 2012, and Saturn limits your movements. You may be a little more hesitant to make a move because of Saturn but you will have him opposing your Sun all through 2014, until December 23, 2014, when Saturn will briefly go into Sagittarius until June 15; then he will move back to Scorpio and oppose your sun until September 19, 2015. Then you will be done, but that's a long time. Think of something you'd love to learn, or an industry you'd love to be in. You have Venus, your ruler retrograde now until January 31, and Mercury retrograde February 7-28. You didn't tell me your exact birthday, so I cannot help you any futher, I am sorry to say. I will say this: wait until after the monster eclipses April 15 and 29 to see the lay of the land. After that, you can decide. I would say end, end of August and most of September may be your best time to act. Let me know what you do @Astrologyzone on Twitter!

Thank you for sharing your gift with us Susan. I am an Aquarius w/ Gemini Rising and Aquarius Moon. As you mentioned this month I am focused on repairing my credit and purchasing a vehicle. I am hesitant to use this credit repair specialist referred to me since I would have to provide my ssn, d.o.b. etc. Should I work on my credit on my own or is it safe to seek assistance?

Dear Aquarius/ Gemini rising, You are so smart not to give out your SS#. I would go to a financial advisor or even your banker. If you find you have a special affinity with one officer in your bank, go to that person for advice. Bankers can help you more than you can imagine. You do need advice, but I hear that your instinct is saying "not so fast" so listen to it. Can you ask your family for a loan to get you started? If you have a close knit family, a parent might be willing to give you a hand. The Gemini in you is well aspected from March 6 to July 16 to make a lot of money. They always say, "The outcome of the war is found in the eyes of the General before a single shot is ever fired." I can see the determination in your words, so I know you will suceed beautifully. It all goes back to the depth of the intention. I will be thinking of you and rooting for you!

Cancer has chances of better finances later in the year but what about Saturn in Scorpio? Is it creating a road block? July 18/ Scorpio Rising. No luck since 2012. Thank you Susan!

Dear Cancer, You are the lucky one--you have Saturn "trine" (120 degrees) the Sun, the finest Saturn aspect you could ever wish to have! Thre is no road block! If you could sell your aspects, you'd be a millionaire! Jupiter in Cancer is will see Jupiter help you the day he turns around, March 6, all the way to July 16. Have your wish list ready and work hard to get your goals. There are NO roadblocks, only a golden path ahead. 

Hi Susan, I am a Gemini and used to use tobacco for about 20 years. After going to the dentist he has asked me to get a biopsy done. I am worried. Can you please tell me what the world has in store for me. Thank you. Happy New Year.

Dear Gemini,

Gemini does not have difficult aspects, but remember, a chart is much, much more than the Sun sign. I think you should focus on quitting immediately. There are coaches and professional therapists who can help you--go to one now and get on the road to good health. If you do, this will be the best year ever. 

Hi Susan, Happy New Year! I'm an early Aries (March 22nd) male with 27 degrees leo Rising, and was wondering what dates or even months will be strong for my career this year? I'm an actor, so I know that things can pop up at a moment's notice, but all has been quiet in recent months, so I'd love to have an idea of what to expect in 2014. Many thanks for your time! Jack

Of course you are a little Leo! (I use the word little affectionately--I bet you are 6' tall!) Leo makes the best actors on the planet. I always say to friends, if you don't have a prominent Leo in your chart, you cannot go into acting. You do have it! You are going into the very best year of your life, July 16, 2014 to August 11, 2015! You have many months to get ready! When Jupiter goes into Leo in those months you will finally get your opportunity to dazzle those producers and directors. Get your reel ready, make contacts, spiff up your resume. Get ready for the big push forward! All success is based on solid planning. You have time! Yay!

Hi! I'm a Taurus woman with Leo rising born 4/23/83. This Saturn phase has been particularly challenging. I've read that April Tauruses are supposed to get a break now, but nothing is seeming "easy" yet. Plus, I'm pregnant with my first child and due April 24 of this year ( right between two eclipses). I'm nervous. How can I make sure to attract more serenity and personal power despite this Saturn placement, to help me through my birth and beyond?

Being pregnant makes us all feel a little vulnerable. I remember with my two children, I felt like my body was in charge and I was just following along! I did eat right, with nutritious fruits and vegetables, and because my doctor told me I was very anemic, I had a rare roast beef sandwich (cold) with pepper on rye bread every day for months, with grapefruit juice (to increase iron). It helped! I was in top shape by time I gave birth. All births are happy ones, as life is such a gift. The first thing you need to do is to get strong and healthy, and then try to figure out what you'd most like to achieve in 2014. Take a small step toward that goal. I find being pregnant made me much more entrepreneurial. You will have time to figure out if being self-employed is right for you, and to investigate the laws etc. to get it set. For me that was the right answer--everyone must find their own formula that works. I was very sick to my stomach the entire 9 months (so sick I only gained 14 pounds in my entire pregnancy) but had a 8 lb 1 oz baby girl, Diana. Saturn will make you wise and practical--that's what you need now. You have some wonderful home and family aspects coming after July 13--perhaps a new home or redecorated one, a great family support!

Hi Susan,I am a 57 year old Sagittarius woman! i had problems in the past with my husband and infidelity and but lately it's getting better! Will I have any issues in 2014 and how does my finances look for this year? Thank you

Sagittarius' money is great right now, but it comes in the form of a bonus, commission, insurance payout (directly to you or to, say, a hospital for physical therapy, etc.). It may come as a prize winning (will we see you on Jeopardy?) or an inheritance. You have until July 16 to be lucky in this area. I love that you and your husband appear to be improving. I believe in forgiveness--give him a chance. Saturn will come to Sag for a short time, December 23, 2014 to June 15, 2015, then return after mid-September 2015, until December 19, 2017. He may go through a time when he is building a new future, and it may feel at times strenuous--that's when he will be glad to have you at his side. 

hello Susan :) ! I am a scorpio woman with ascendant taurus and moon also in taurus. So, i am more taurus or scorpio?

You are equal parts Scorpio and equal parts Taurus. The moon is the fine tuning to your character, your memories, how you viewed your mother, your instinct...You must read for Taurus and Scorpio every month for a great forecast, to get the most out of my website,

I am a libra with Pisces rising. I was born on October 13th. I read in your writing that my career should be on a role but I feel I am stuck and even on a downward spiral. What am I missing?

Libras born the first week or so of October are going through the cornflake machine. I so sympathize. My sister is born October 7. I feel you have to try something new. You might get some extra training, take seminars, go to trade shows--all great places to network. Also soon, this summer, when Jupiter enters Leo, July 11, you will enter into a great time for making new friends, personally and in your field. I want you to join a new clubs (real life ones) either social or professional, and go to many of the meetings. I also suspect that the difficult aspects you are recieving from Pluto and Uranus have lowered your self-esteem. You need to build it up again, so only surround yourself with supportive people, and let the other naysayers have some distance for now.  Take a new track, dear Libra. God gave you some very unique skills, and you can apply them in a variety of ways. Experiment a bit to find a new way for you to do so. Best wishes to you. 

Hi Susan! I so very much love reading your writing! It's so beautiful and heartfelt so thank you so much for what you do! My brother and I are both Cancers (my rising is Libra, his Cancer) and we were talking about Jupiter and our hopes for better times ahead. We've both struggled with health issues and extremely reclusive tendencies, but we're both very creative people and we're feeling that it's our time to shine. Last time Jupiter came around, it preceded incredibly difficult times for both of us. Any advice on how to make the most of our time with Jupiter? Thank you!!!

Dear Cancer, Just remember no cycle is exactly like any that has come before, for all the other planets have since changed positions. In fact, your chart, and your brother's chart are unique, as no one on earth has the same chart as anyone else, not back in history, nor will your chart be replicated in the future. How magical is that to think about? 

Your health concerns may now improve, as Jupiter is the great healer, and as also been called the planet of miracles. Creative people ARE loners--it is when they do their best work, alone, away from the cacophony of voices to distract you. I used to be an agent for commercial photographers and artists (to the big ad agencies) for 16 years, so I do understand what you are saying. You can always hire an agent or representative to get your work out there, so that you can concentrate on your work. As I wrote for the other Cancers (there are 80% Cancers on the board today, or it feels so!) you have a fabulous outlook for money and success in the second part of 2014 as long as you make some deliberate changes in the first part of the year. Good luck to you!

Hi Susan- I am a Scorpio with my moon in Taurus and Aquarius rising. A part of me feels it is time to return home to loved ones but I have just moved to a new country recently abroad. What are the prospects of Scorpios moving back to home, family and their roots to regain their emotional strength this year?

You moved to your new country for a reason/... adjustments can be hard for Scorpio (fixed), Aquarius rising (fixed) and Taurus moon (fixed). Some adjust fast, others more slowly (you) but there is no right way! You have an opportunity to learn so much in your new culture. I see the biggest opportunity for you to be in your career, after July 13 and continuing for a year, to August 11, 2015, Give it some time.  You may get an opportunity to move if you really want to on the new moon January 30 and it would come suddenly. Are you ready to move back that quickly?  Do you really want to move? How about you wait a little. You will get another chance when Mars goes into Aquarius, December 5, 2014 to January 12, 2015

Hi Susan, How do relationship prospects look for Gemini single people in 2014? Any good months in particular? I am a Gemini (June 15) with Libra rising. Thank you!

Hello dear Gemini,

You have the same birthday as my Little Mom who I loved so much. (Lost her last year, still aching.) I would say this year is mostly about career, money and power, but you can make progress while on little weekend drives not far from home from July 16 onward. I love end of July through August for meeting new romantic interests for you. October might be surprising, with a lot of changes, but the change might be due to a change in your mind. Watch the eclipse of October 8--it could be jarring. With the eclipses falling April 15 and October 8, you need not to jump into a relationship quickly--go slow and get to know the person well before you get too involved. Still, slow does not mean boring. It can heat up the relationship beautifully!

I enjoy looking at what my horoscope prediction is for each day. My sign is Scorpio born on Oct 27. It always surprised me how the the predictions are so different based on the astrologer featured on the wbsite/newspaper. Why does this happen?

Ha, ha, well, it all depends on the skill of the astrologer to know which planetary aspect (of many possible ones in the sky at the time) will affect you. The sad truth is many horoscope columns are not signed, and not written by real astrologers. An astrologer has to look at the whole sky, not just one aspect, to make an assessement. I was horrified to hear from one advertiser that one competitor of mine bragged he reused horoscopes...whenever, say, Saturn conjuncted the sun, he would pull it out (like a shoe store! Saturn conjunct the Sun coming up!) He said horoscopes are expensive to write, but his bragging said he found a more clever way to run the business. Gee, I would NEVER do that. You have to look at the whole sky and see all the aspects of the day. I have studied astrology since age 14--it takes time!

Have you looked at my daily horoscopes? You an get them three different ways: on my iPhone app ("Susan Miller AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE!") on the Apple App Store, and once inside the app you can upgrade to longer content. Or for Android or Galaxy users, "Astrology Zone Premier" ($3.99) that uses the same horoscopes as iPhone. We will be removing the Android/ Galaxy app soon and replacing it with a free option like iPhone.)  Or, if you have a feature phone or other phone (not the ones listed), say, overseas,  you can get the great option of getting my dailies on where it goes into your computer or any device that you've set up for email. I hope you compare mine to those. By the way, on Sundays, I give you an outlook for the entire week, to help you plan.

I like your positive appreciation for Saturn... but I can't lie that the idea of Saturn entering Leo's 5th house of true love and children, etc, next Dec makes me a little nervous...That's around the time I expect I should be getting married and starting a family, actually, so i hope that's all there is to it.... and that the lessons don't necessarily have to be so painful....Would love to hear your understanding of such a transit (and maybe some words of comfort :-)

Don't worry dear Leo! Saturn will be trine your sun when in Sagittarius, the most supportive aspect possible. All that you do will support, and give foundation to, a bigger future. Saturn's position is where we learn the most--you will see how to be a great mother to a little baby. Most of us are surprised how much attention those little tykes need, but they are so cute that we do it so cheerfully. Nothing at all to worry about! Saturn trine the Sun is a gift! Finally all that you do will add up to something BIG! I never worry about Saturn--he teaches us to work, but most of us are working all the time! Instead of giving your work to a boss, you will be building your life.  

The fifth house is all about love and baby, but also creative projects, so you might have a big project that you can do at home, freelance, and have occassional meetings at the office to see the team. Or you might open your own business, so you can work at home while your baby is tiny. So many opportunities are coming to Leo soon! 

Hi Susan, late thirties Sagittarian female with Pisces rising here. I am a big fan of your work, eagerly awaiting your Year Ahead book. I am in scientific research and publishing. The past several years have not gone smoothly, it has often been a struggle. I distinctly feel the transformation that Saturn has wrought inside and I am no longer satisfied with the status quo. When does the tide turn for the better? Some professional validation of all this hard work would be nice!

Saturn is not ony the planet of hard work, but also the planet of reward for past hard work. I think you are heading for a wonderful period! Jupiter will enter fellow fire sign Leo in July 2014, or a year, and that will support all your efforts too! When Juptier comes knocking he brings money! I like your outlook very much! Piseces will host Saturn in Sagittarius in the 10th house of career, honors and awards. No matter how I slice and dice it, I love your chart. 

I will say Pisces and Virgo have to watch what happens at the two monster eclipses April 15 and April 29, a shock to us all, and for Pisces (and Pisces rising) it'll all be about money, esp. the hard aspects of the April 15 one. Don't doubt me though--you have the good aspects in the second half of 2014.

Hi Susan! I love your monthly forecasts, they have been so helpful in helping me plan and prepare in my crazy busy life! I am a Capricorn with a Libra rising (born Jan. 3, 1979) and my husband is a Taurus with a Cap. rising (born May 5, 1973). We'd like to have a second child but I am concerned that there are so many retrogrades this year. What effect do retrogrades have on conception? If I got pregnant during a retrograde, would my pregnancy be fraught with problems? Thanks for your help!

Dear Capricorn, with Libra Rising (Libras, listen too) and a sweet husband Taurus, with Capricorn rising,

First of all, you are divinely compatible! Wonderful match. Never worry about retrogrades for conception or birth. I was born with Mercury retrograde and am fine! I have a happy life! Remember, it takes 9 months to have the little baby, and by then, we won't have so many retrogrades! Have your sweet baby! And by the way, God will know ahead of time that you are great parents, and He won't give you the "wrong" baby. I was worried my little one was the wrong sign (she was a suprise pregnancy that i wanted so badly) but when she was born she had the prefect rising sign. It always works out. 

I see many with a Rising Sign the exact opposite of the Sun Sign. Does this make them extremely well balanced individuals or conflicted? Thank you for your generosity, btw

That is such an interesting question. President Obama has that--Leo Sun and Aquarius rising. It only means that a person  has their Sun in the seventh house of collaboration, and that is where they shine. (The Sun almost literally shines its warmth in the partnership house.) It all depends on transiting planets to see how this plays out. The seventh house, is by definition, cooperation AND open enemies. It's marriage and those who oppose us--it all depends on how the planets are situated in a chart, and how the transiting planets work. I have to look at the 8 natal planets plus the natal Sun and moon, and relate them all to the transiting 8 natal planets plus the sun and new/full/eclipsed moons and sun. A lot of math!

I am an Aries born Female with Cancer Rising, born April 5, 1986. When is the best time for me to try and advance in my career? I am a little intimidated to ask for a raise and promotion but I feel I am ready. Do I have a good outlook?

Dear sweet Cancer, you are about to get your raise, big time, starting at end of July through August. However, ALL of your gains will be made by the seeds you've planted since June 25, 2012 and will plant now, through July 2013. The bounty is coming. 

Hi Susan! Thanks for your accurate forecasts and for this oh-so-fun chat. I'm a Gemini with Cancer rising and I work in the creative writing industry. I've spent the last two years using Jupiter's fortune to make great strides with my career. I've come very close, but I'm still waiting for my "big break." Any dates in particular look good for Crabby Twins like me?

Dear little Gemini, I can see how talented you are in communication, simply by how you asked your question! I am glad you are in creative writing! Be ready March 1 to push push, push your work forward. Show VIPs your work! March can be magical for you. 

Dear Susan, Thank you so much for what you do. I am at my wit's end and hoping you can help shed some light on my situation. First off, I'm a Sagittarius with Scorpio rising and Taurus Moon. After much struggle I finally landed my dream job at the end of November. I quit my previous job and went into training early Jan only to be told that the position was no longer available. I can't think of any logical explanation. Several job offers have fallen through in the last two years but never to this extent. I'm out of a job and out of options despite being well qualified. Are there any particular days I can expect a turnaround? I just need to know that this slew of bad luck is temporary. Thanks again, and hope you had a happy new year.

I was heartbroken to read your letter. So many qualified people out of work! The good news is that your Scorpio rising (those readers who ARE Scorpio or have Scorpio rising listen up) will save the day. You will have the great giver of gifts and luck in Scorpio, filling your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement and fame sector for the first time in 12 years, beginning in mid-july 2014. Jupiter will remain for a whole year. Get ready now by listing all those you know and who trust you--start with those people. Ask friends for names too. Don't rely too much on the Internet for a job, like those big sites that send your resume all over the place. Better to work personally, through tips, introductions, and one-on-one, which is getting increasingly harder to do these days, I know. Keep at it. Check the references you are giving out--have a friend call them pretending to be an employer interested in hiring you (get the right, wise person to do the calling). You have to make sure no one is undercutting you by what they say. 

I am Scorpio with Scorpio rising, but right now, Jupiter (for example) is still in my 8th House in my natal chart. Should I stick with reading Scorpio, or should I take some Sag into account?

I wish I could see your chart. Take a picture of it and send it to me on Twitter @astrologyzone and I will tell you what to do. 

Hi Susan! I've heard some astrologers mention that having a new or full moon on your birthday affects you for a year. What is your take on this idea? Is there a difference between having a new or full moon on your birthday? Or do they have the same effect? Thank you so much for all you do!

Having a new or full moon fall on your birthday (or very close to it will have a huge affect on your life.

If you look at my calendar ) to get one, go to   you will see if you have a full or new moon on your birthday.

If you have a new moon on your birthday, it means your whole coming birthday year will be filled with new, fresh starts. If you have a full moon (or close to it) you will see so many of your dreams reach fruition that year. The following year you will have to start on new goals. Yes, it matters! It's rare to have either a new moon or full moon on your birthday! That makes it a very special year!

Hi Susan, Long time reader here. I am an Aries/Cancer rising. My husband Cancer/Leo rising. We are planning to sell our current home and move to another state this summer. Is the timing right? Thanks

Dear Cancer-Leo, Cancer-Aries--your husband has ideal aspects to do this. Mercury is retrograde from June 7 to July 1, so try to get the deal done in May if possible, but not to worry if you cannot. He has nice income coming in, and the Cancer part of you does too. Sounds exciting!

Hello Susan. My name is Kevin and I am a double Aries born April 9th. I have been in search of a decent job for about 6 months now and have had no luck being hired. I understand that currently is an opportune time to get hired, due to the recent new moon. If I still come up empty handed, when would be the next best time to have luck in the job hunt? I know it's rough out there but it's really hard not to get discouraged. I'm aware of my hunger to be a leader but I am feeling I need to climb my way up the ranks and prove myself. I've heard you mention that April is to be a hard month for all, much like December. I hope that won't negatively affect my new year as a whole. Thank you and I'll keep my head up!

Dear Kevin, I am so impressed that you read all on that I wrote and have memorized what I said. You are born April 9, a bit far from the monster April 15 eclipse. The difficult April 29 eclipse will affect your money, dear double Aries. Have you considered opening your own business, even if only temporarily? Or, working on a project by project basis. Right now your famiy is the  most helpful place--your family must be helping you I think. What industry are you in? Hotels, home arts (Martha Stewart kinds of things--pots and pans, dishes, etc.), furniture industry, shipping on the water, and financial areas are all good for you now, until July 15. If you are creative, Jupiter in Leo will be a gift from the heavens. If you are a teacher, Jupiter in Leo will help you. I wish I knew more about your chart as I would love to help more. 

Hello Susan you ray of sunshine! we love you here in London! I am a sagittarius female born 25 november 1978 in London, UK. I am applying for an MBA but would mean leaving my job for a year. Is this a good year to study further and are the stars aligned for the scholarship money I need? Happy January!

Sagittarius is always happiest when in college, getting advanced degrees (or while travelling overseas to a foreign country, another form of education). Yes, do it, for having education appears to me to be the best way to insure a higher income than you'd have otherwise. It may not materialize immediately but over time it will. Students just coming out of college seem to be having the hardest time of all. Keep studying! 

Is it a good idea to try and get pregnant during Venus or Mercury retrograde? Will it cause problems with the pregnancy?

Go for conception and don't worry about the's always fine. 

hi Susan! I read you religiously each month, and I'm excited for the opportunity to ask a question! I currently read my sun and rising every month. Should I also be reading the composite sun and rising for my marriage?

Good question! Yes, you should read for your sun sign and rising sign each month as we all have two charts. For your marriage, do a chart for the time you told guests to come, not a composite chart. Say you will marry Febraury 8, 2014 at 3:00 PM in New York City. Your marriage would be Aquarius, with Cancer rising. Read for Aquarius and for Cancer to read for your outlook to your marriage. Not a composite chart. Still, I would read your chart, and look at the seventh house of obth your rising and your Sun sign.

We are at end of my session now, and I learned so much from you. when I write my columns, I will keep your questions in mind.

I want to thank  The Washington Post for making my worldwide chats possible. Next month I will be here from Noon to 2 PM on Febraury 12. 

Please do pick up a copy of The Washington Post to see how interesting and thorough the paper's news reports (and other sections) are for their readers. Or, go on line and look at all the sections! We always want to support the people who support us!

I will be in Los Angeles to give the keynote address on the Year Ahead 2014 at the Conscious Life Expo next month, on Saturday February 8, from Noon to 1:30, at the LAX Hilton in the airport. (That is so convenient--fly in and out that day or stay to enjoy the LA sunshine!) Go to the Conscious Life Expo website for information on ticket price..I am on the home page, scroll down to the second row of speakers. 

In New York City, I have a free appearance coming up on Friday, January 31 from 2 to 6 PM this month, at Saks Fifth Avenue. Go to the 8th floor; I will be answering your pressing questions in person. It's a free event, thanks to Joie Apparel, Friday January 31, from 2-6 PM. 

This chat will be archived so you can go back and show friends what I said about what is coming up for the various signs. 

Lastly, Astrology Zone is now in Spanish. I have a mirror site, so please tell ALL your Spanish speaking friends and family to come see it, at 

(The "es" stands for Espana)

Thank you so much!

Susan Miller, founder of

One addition:  Dr. Robert Hand who is the most famous authority in astrology, will be giving a basic astrology webinar geared to those starting out. I will take it, to support Robert, for even if I learn one little thing, it could be life-changing in the way I predict. I invite you to join the webinar, February 15-16, 10 AM to 3 PM PST (On the East Coast, it is 3 to 7 PM). Go to for details. 

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