Angry Birds Flying To Facebook; Rumors Addressed

Mar 08, 2011

Ville Heijari addressed questions about Angry Birds: Angry Birds for Facebook, expanding to new mediums, and rumors about the future of the popular game.

The Bird Whisperer is here, and ready to take your questions! Is there anything you always wanted to know about Angry Birds but never dared to ask before?

How did you land on "Angry Birds" as a theme for the game? Did you come up with it before or after the gameplay was conceived/developed?

The Birds were there from the first concept, you can find the sketch on our Facebook page - the rest of the game was built around the characters!

Can you give an exact date for the release of Angry Birds onto Facebook?

No exact date yet available, sorry! We're working hard to get it out before summer. We really want to bring all our fans something unique and special in regards to the sharing and other social aspects of the game. Rest assured, the game will definitely give you a chance to flex your creative muscles! ;)

The sweatshirt that you're wearing in the chat photo is so cool. Where can I get one? (red with bird face and bow)

That was a one-off special for the Valentine's Day that our team was wearing at an event in February - I think we might bring that into retail later on. Personally, I keep pushing the studio to bring the girly-bird into the game first!

What date will the St. Paddies update drop?

Thursday, March 10th! iOS and Android first, Nokia and Palm will follow shortly.

Do you have any future projects other than Angry Birds and Seasons?

Well, Angry Birds Rio is a huge thing for us. I think the team has really outdone themselves in bringing an incredible amount of new details and twists to the existing core gameplay. 

We are also working on a number of completely new concepts in different gameplay styles - expect to see a whole world of different Angry Birds games.

What is your own favourite Angry Bird?

I like the Yellow Bird, the woodpecker! Everything about him, basically: the speed, the noise, the almost tactical precision you need when using him. But most importantly, the noise!

Everybody hates the Green Boomerang Bird - I may be the only person at the Studio who loves him. He's my precious Emerald Toucan. 

Ever thought of doing something along the lines of Angry Birds: Pigs revenge? Where you shoot the pigs at the birds?

We will definitely have a look at the Angry Birds world through the pigs' eyes at some point. Probably no shooting, and more piglike activities going on. You know, they like to build weird stuff, and sneak around sniffing for eggs.

What are your thoughts on tiny wings? When rio drops I think that'll storm the app charts!

Tiny Wings is a fantastic little game. Perfect execution of a one-touch gameplay, and terrific design work with the visual and audio. * * * * *

Any tips/hints for someone passionately struggling with level 20 of the Mighty Hoax level pack?

Try checking the RovioMobile YouTube channel for walkthroughs, you should find some help there!

Hey! How well do you think Angry Birds would've done on Android if you'd released it as a paid app, as you did on iOS?

I think we wouldn't have had the same level of broad success on Android if it was distributed solely as a paid app in Android Market. We've seen other titles that have sold millions in App Store sell around 250K in Android Market. 

Things are improving, and having the Android Market available for browsing online helps in discovering new apps, for example. It's the biggest smartphone platform, and it definitely is the fastest growing marketplace.

Will Angry Birds carry on getting a lot of updates like last year?

There will be more updates for Seasons, more updates for the original game, and episodic updates through the year for the upcoming Angry Birds Rio. 

In short, loads of content coming this year!

Are you the one who answers fan's questions so politely on Twitter?

We have a whole team working on taking care of our fans - sometimes it's me. :)

How long, realistically, do you think this can go on? I mean, somewhere inside of you, you have to realize that it's a fad and will go away, right?

That's a very interesting question, and naturally something we're very wary of. 

We never set out to build a fad, we pulled all of our resources to create the best possible casual game we could. When we started seeing success, we went on to broaden our scope. Right now, we're dedicated to building on this success, and expanding the Angry Birds world.

We want to create both bigger games and a variety of other entertainment experiences around Angry Birds. We like to think we're here to stay, and ouer mission is to entertain our fans around the world. 

Keep making new, exciting and fun stuff and angry birds will never die.

Blogs and Chat Boards are filled with complaints about Angry Birds not working at some point and players losing all their data when the game has to be reloaded. Is there anything in the works to allow players to save or bakup their data in case of software glitches? I had this problem and sent a message requesting help via your website and never reeived an answer. Columbia, MD

This is definitely a problem, and there have been many reasons for this. Unfortunately, no platform has provided for a completely foolproof method of safeguarding all data. 

We're working on a solution for our players to store their scores and progress on dedicated servers, so that we will get rid of these problems once and for all. I can't provide the launch date for this service yet, but we will provide more info through and our newsletter.

You probably get this a lot, but are you guys planning to release the green toucan plush toy? If yes, do you have an approx date?

 We have a prototype ready, and it should go into production pretty soon - follow our Facebook page to keep posted!

Did you ever think Angry Birds would be so big?

We though it would be big in App Store. Meaning anything from 500k to 1m downloads. What has happened in the last 15 months or so is an explosive growth of touchscreen smartphone adoption. And explosive Angry Birds adoption as well. 

We really think we polished the game to be the best that we could make, and we're glad that people love it as much as they do!

Are you excited for the new game? Anything you can tell us about it? Anything new/different?

I can't unfortunately tell more about it at this point, but we're all super excited!

Personally, I think it takes things to a whole new level. It's the same gameplay. But the details, new elements, the graphics... trust me, if you liked our games so far, you will love it twice as much. :)

Hi Ville! The only thing that frustrates me about Angry Birds is that, having 3 stars on all levels, I'm always left waiting a long time for new levels... However, I'm sure with more income, updates could be brought out quicker - so I propose it would not be a bad idea to bring out angry birds 2, make a fortune and re-invest this money in more regular updates and new levels. After all, i don't think that any angry birds fans could complain that they have not had their 99c worth from version1!

I think we can do better than that... come summer, I can promise you there will be no shortage of levels!

How many people worldwide have got 3 stars on every level?

I don't have this figure, but I'll try and dig it up. I'll post this on our Facebook page when I have the numbers.

When will the new Hang em high levels be released?

We submitted the update today, should only be a matter of a couple of days! :)

Just by curiosity, have you guys released plush toys with sound? I ordered some from eBay UK with the officials tags (from Commonwealth Toy) but they are not listed on your store. So i hope they are authentic as the seller said. Also, is it true that the plushes are available in 4'', 5''-6'', 8'' and 16'' sizes (never seen a 4'' plush)?

Commonwealth is indeed producing plushies with sound, so they should be genuine. We just don't have them listed in our store yet.

I'm not 100% sure about the 4" ones, will try to provide more info about the whole catalogue of merchandise later.

What about Angry Birds for Linux? :)

We're looking into this! 

So many platforms, such a small studio!

Do you think it's weird that so many people play Angry Birds on the john? So much better than reading Esquire or something.

All things in moderation, I say. Actually, the February issue of Esquire featured a logo design from the Angry Birds game designer, Jaakko Iisalo - so you're not safe from Angry Birds even when reading Esquire.

True story - Jaska's title in his business card reads "Mr. Angry Birds". 

Will you be doing any competitions anytime soon? I would love to win some Angry Birds merch!


There will be a number of competitions coming up in the next weeks. Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to follow up on them.

I'm a newbie playing Angry Birds and have it on my new Droid.  However is there a place to go to find out more about Angry Birds itself? Such as what each bird does, more details? I feel clueless sometimes.

I recommend you check out our YouTube channel (RovioMobile), and the fan site :)

Where can I get a Woodpecker hand puppet?

No such thing in production, but if you're going to make one, I want one too!

Let's see what we can come up with.

My whole family plays angry birds . Me, my wife, my 6yr old daughter and my 3 yr old son

I want to buy the Eagle, but it really should come in a 10 pack or something. Is it true I have to pay every time I want to use him? And do I always get 3 stars?

It's a one-time purchase! 

Buy once, unlimited use. So $0.99 gets you eternal Eagle bang for the buck. 

Firstly, congratulations to Angry Birds composer Ari Pulkkinen for creating an extremely catchy, memorable and flexible theme song for the series. Will there ever be a compilation of the various themes released as a soundtrack, and how valuable do you feel the role of sound design and music has been to the Angry Birds experience?

It's definitely a great part of the whole experience, and especially the different variations of the theme in the Season versions, for example, really tie the whole package together. 

Ari did a spectacular job with the music and sound design! We're working to bring all of the music into iTunes eventually.

Hey! First of all, I have to thank you and Rovio for hours and hours of joy playing Angry Birds.  But b2t: Are there any plans to add new birds and new abilities?

Short answer: Angry Birds Rio ;)

And a longer one: we've said it before and I'll reiterate - you've only seen a tiny glimpse into the Angry Birds world so far!

Let me get this right so I can clear my diary! 10th Mar - Seasons Updates - 45 new levels 11th / 12th Mar - Hang em high update - 15 new levels 22nd mar - Rio - 45 new levels So, 105 new levels coming in the next 14 days!!!!

Oh boy, that's a lot of levels! 

And I assure you, that's just within the next 14 days - plenty more in the pipeline!

In the very, very, very, very unlikely event there is no NFL football on TV, what would you think of bringing Angry Birds to television?

We are planning to create an animated series around Angry Birds. No production schedules or timeline yet, sorry!

Check the miniseries we're doing with Bing on YouTube - expect similar hijinks, in a much larger scale.

Angry birds is a social app. How would Angry Birds benefit Facebook?

You know, some time ago, the head of gaming on Facebook stated some reasons why Angry Birds would never work on Facebook. We're doing a lot of work just now to prove him wrong. 

There will be everything you'd expect, and some more. Creating, sharing, playing... and something you'd never expect. Summer can't come soon enough! :)



the Bird Whisperer has to fly - thanks everybody for the questions, and apologies to those I didn't have the chance to answer to.

You can post your questions to us in twitter @RovioMobile, and we'll try to get back to you. Keep your eyes peeled and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter - lots of stuff happening this spring and more to follow throughout the year!

Thanks again to all our fans for your continuing support! 



Ville Heijari
Bird Whisperer
Rovio Mobile

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