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Feb 09, 2011

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Our guest for this Wednesday is Laurie Larson. She is a political consultant, who was born in Korea in 1953; her father was in the U.S. military, but she does not know his identity. When she was 5 1/2, she was adopted by a couple from North Dakota. Laurie herself is an adoptive parent of a child from Japan, who is now grown.

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Laurie's story

Coming to America

Living in America

Remembering Korea

Moving to America

Laurie's family life

Laurie's Life in ND


Coming to D.C.

Laurie's adoptive family

Returning to Korea

Citizen of the world

How strong is your desire to learn the identity of your father, and what would you wish to learn about him? Would you like to know about possible genetics passed to you, and would you like to know what he is like personally, and why he never sought to find you? How much does it matter, and what aspects of knowing about him matter more than others?

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Laurie Larson
Laurie Bryan Larson, born Maria Cha, was adopted from her native Korea at the age of 51/2 by an American Methodist minister and his wife in 1958.

Laurie moved from Seoul to Fairmount, N.D., a town of 500 people in southeastern North Dakota. She grew up in North Dakota and Minnesota and as an adult has lived in several states as well as overseas in Japan and Germany. Laurie also adopted one of her sons when she and her ex-husband were stationed in Japan. Ms. Larson currently lives in Arlington, Va., and is employed at Angle Strategies, a political consulting firm.
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