Washington Redskins draft chat with Jason Reid

Apr 29, 2011

Washington Post sports columnist Jason Reid discussed the Redskins' NFL draft results and what you can expect them to with the rest of their picks.

Mr. R: A good start for the Skins (although selections are always a crap-shoot). Your views on the chances the Skins try to "trade down" again, and the possibility of a jump into the free agent market, if the judge and the NFL say it's ok.

I think it was a great start. I've been more critical of Shanahan that most, but you have to tip your cap and give credit when credit is due. I think Shanahan hit multiple home runs, first in trading down and picking up another top-50 pick and then in selecting Kerrigan. If everything holds to form with the lockout appearing to end, I think the Redskins will be highly active in free agency. Trent Williams is the only player with guaranteed money for next season. I envision the Redskins spending a lot to address needs. I'm not sure trading down again. I think they should stay where they are in the second round and get a quarterback and a defensive lineman.

Do you think they were targeting Kerrigan when they dropped to 16, or might they have hoped Quinn would still be available? In any case, nice to see a smart move from what has been the NFL's dumbest organization for years. (Another question: Is there a behavior clause in Haynesworth's contract?)

They really liked Kerrigan, from what I'm told. And they really wanted to put another big-time pass rusher opposite Orakpo. That doesn't mean they didn't like Quinn. I just think they were really focused on trying to add an edge rusher in that position. I see where you're going on the Haynesworth thing, but I don't know about specific "behavior" language in the contract. But a speedy divorce is needed. That's obvious.

Is there a QB on the board in the 2nd round that the Skins could pick that professional scouts could legitimately become a an above average QB?

Yeah. But evaluations, obviously, can be wrong. Just a hunch, but keep your eye on Andy Dalton from TCU and Ricky Stansi from Iowa.

Who are the players that scouts think would fit the Skins needs with the picks at 41 and 49?

From scouts I've spoken with, there are a ton of guys the Redskins could target. Really too many names to mention, but look for the Redskins to go quarterback and defensive line. Those are the two biggest remaining areas of need.

What odds do you give Mike Shanahan on having another seventh round pick pan out like Peyton Hillis did? In the event that were to happen, any chance that he makes that pick and the player becomes successful for the Redskins?

That's really impossible to predict. You just have to get luck with guys that late in the draft.

With Gabbert sitting there at 10, I'm wondering if the Skins gave much consideration to taking him before trading down? Not arguing with the Kerrigan pick-he seems like a high-energy, quality guy who fills a need but the QB of the future, or even present, may not be on the roster.

For what it's worth, I never heard that Shanahan was to high on him. I really feel they needed to go defense. I think Shanahan did the right thing. In a big way.

Is there any chance that EA Sports would've allowed Michael Vick to be on the cover of Madden NFL 2012? Even if he got 95% of the vote, I can't imagine them choosing to line their brand up next to him - especially when Electronic Arts has many products targetted to demographics other than football fans, who are likely to forever view Vick unfavorably.

I really don't know. But I guess what you're saying makes sense.

I think our biggest needs from here is a nose tackle and continued work on the offensive line. Are there still players that can be drafted whom can be plugged into lineup from this years draft and have an immediate impact on those positions? Are the skins even looking to fill those roles from here out?

I think they need to get a young quarterback and a defensive lineman with their next two picks. And don't forget that free agency could be starting as early as Monday and the Redskins have a lot of money to spend.

A couple updated mocks seem to have the Skins going WR and QB with their secound round picks, any buzz from Redskins park about who they may be considering?

I've heard they may go big wide receiver and quarterback. I've also heard they may go quarterback and defensive line. A lot depends on who's still on the board.

Everyone is linking Dalton to the Skins. You just suggested Stansi could also be a possibility. What about Ryan Mallett? Who supposedly has a better arm than both of them? Or even the kid out of Nevada (Kaepernick?) I am worried that Cinci will get to Dalton before the Skins do, but would still like the Skins to draft a QB.

I've had people mention both Dalton and Stansi. Maybe it could be Mallett, but no one has really mentioned him to me in connection with the Skins. That's not to say Shanahan won't go in that direction, but I don't see Mallett being a good fit because he doesn't move well in the pocket. And then there are all his off-field issues.

So as of now, who is the starting QB this season?

No idea. I don't think they know.

Is it possible that the SKins could trade a player and pick up additional picks for this draft - or future ones?

Teams can't trade players in this draft because of the labor situation. But Washington could trade picks to try to move down. To me, they should just stay where the are and add two more top-50 players.

Who do you think Shanahan and Allen are considering in Free Agency?

It depends on what form of free agency occurs. If the league implements the same rules as last year, a lot of players will not be eligible for free agency. We just have to wait and see who's out there, but Shanahan knows the Redskins still need help at multiple positions.

Are they actually prohibited from trading, or is it just a common sense issue that you don't trade players while a labor dispute is going on, but still could if they choose to?

They're actually prohibited from trading.

Would you be in favor of drafting defensive end with 41 and offensive line (like rodney hudson) with 49?

I really think they need to grab the quarterback at No. 41 and then go defensive line at No. 49. I don't think they can wait until the second second-rounder for the QB. Know what I mean?

I kind of wish we took Ingram. I know the Skins did the right thing and the responsible thing, but sometimes I believe you should take the best player available. The Skins definitely need a RB, and Ingram could have possibly solved that for the next several years.

Nah. They needed to go defense. You can't draft offense first when you're defense was ranked 31st out of 32 teams and was in the basement for most of the season. You just can't do it.

Do you think the Skins will trade one of there 2nd round picks to acquire a 3rd and 4th?

Stuff like that is always a possibility if you think the guys you want will be there in the later rounds. But I think they need to stay where there are and go grab two more top-50 players.

Love the pick. Blue chip with some elite skills. Should free up Orakpo. Ebony and Ivory sacking in harmony. My wish list for the Skins tonight is a 3-4 NT and a center. Two part question: What's on your wishlist, and two: who do you think we will actually take?

It's hard enough trying to predict the first round. I don't have a real good feel for what they'll do at this point, but people I trust believe they need to get a quarterback and a defensive lineman.

Why didn't the skins take Blaine Gabbert? He was right there and they traded down. Who decision was this? I feel like Blaine would have been that franchise saving type of quarterback and they just let him get away. McNabb is not the answer and really shouldn't be on the roster this year. They could have packaged him with Haynesworth and got a player worth having. Really think the skins need a person in office who knows what it takes to build a winning team. Its getting old watching them make stupid decision.

I disagree. I think they needed to go defense and they needed to go outside linebacker. Shanahan obviously didn't think Gabbert was the guy.

Ryan Kerrigan was a surprisingly competent pick by the Redskins. And we acquired another 2nd round pick. I'm saying we should go with QB Andy Dalton with the 41st pick if he is on the board. I would'nt mind going DT with the 49th. What do you think we should do with our two 2nd round picks? I gotta say I am excited about the possibilities and the way the Redskins acquired another pick. not something I am used to as a Skins fan.

I agree that it was a very encouraging start to the draft for Shanahan. I'd like them to go get a quarterback and a defensive lineman. That's what they need now.

As a journalist, how do you figure out which of your sources are just planting misinformation for the team's benefit, i.e. if the team was interested in player A, they would probably say that they didn't like his intangibles. It seems that half of what the teams are saying is just disinformation to keep other teams away from the players they want.

It's very difficult. I trust people who have earned my trust over a period of time. Last year, people I trust told me Trent Williams was the guy. My colleague, Rick Maese, also heard similar stuff and we wrote that the odds were high they would select Williams.

Of course until the league releases it's 2011 free agency rules we don't know the exact players who will be available but what positions do you expect the Redskins to target in FA? Have to think WR, CB and C/G have to be the top of the list.


Shouldn't the skins just go with Grossman next year and draft a project in the late rounds(6th or 7th). A second round pick at QB will probably not start, but the other positions(WR, NT, CB, G) would probably make an immediate impact. Grossman looked capable when the oline started playing better at the end of the year.

I think they should draft a QB in the second and bring back Grossman or another veteran free agent. They really need to get a young quarterback on this roster. Perhaps they could hit it big with a sixth rounder, but I'd prefer taking someone with at No. 41.

I understand that they need a QB for the future, but what's he going to do without an OL? There's still been no real work done on improving the OL, which has clearly been one of the major problems since before the Shanahans' arrival.

Yeah, but you can only do so much in the draft. Don't forgtet about free agency. They could move to improve the line there.

I think the skins should trade one of their 5th picks with the pick from jacksonville to move up with new england and get the qb they want (that is assuming that the skins are planning on drafting a qb in second rd).. then pick with #41.. aaron williams the cb.. i think those moves would be amazing..your thoughts?>

You're assuming they can simply do that. It's not easy to make moves either way on the board.

I can't help but to think the Redskins always had Ponder in the back of their minds somewhere. Had he still been available, they might have taken him or traded back again to pick him up a little later in the first round. I really think MN selecting him somewhat changed their strategy. But, regardless, I LOVE what they did. It shows actual signs of sensibility and prudence, maybe they are on the right track......

You could be right about what the Vikings did. But someone I respect told me all along the Redskins would use their top pick on defense because they performed so poorly on that side of the ball last season.

any chance the redskins think they have a potential starting qb in the waiting with john beck? i was pretty amazed they passed on gabbert given the sorry state of the position.

From what I hear, they look at Beck as a backup. They need to draft a guy capable of starting and performing at a high level for a long time.

Keep McNabb... and trade Daniel S?

Snyder is the only one who wants to keep McNabb.

It's not Skins, but can you explain Christian Ponder to me? As a VT fan, I'm intimately familiar with the guy, and I was shocked that he was being considered an early round pick at all, I was flabbergasted that he was taken at #12. Was this anything more than a complete panic pick by the Vikings after a head-scratching early run on QBs this year?

Very smart and very accurate. A lot of people like that.

Redskins could have gotten the first ten picks in the first round but the problem is Snyder still owns the team and Shanahan and son are the coaches. Unless the Skins get a new owner and coaching staff they will always be losers.

Don't be so negative. Yesterday was a good day for this organization on a lot of levels. Is anything guaranteed? No. But Shanahan did some nice things yesterday.

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