2011 Emmy Awards with Lisa de Moraes

Sep 18, 2011

Don't watch the Emmys alone! Join Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes while watching the 2011 Emmy Awards. How will Glee star Jane Lynch do as host? Who's acceptance speech needs to end sooner? And what shows got snubbed? Ask Lisa. The red carpet discussion starts at 7 p.m. ET.

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Welcome to WaPo TeamTV’s Live Emmy Ceremony Chat! Joining me are my colleagues Emily Yahr and Paul Williams. We're watching red-carpet arrivals now.....

Emily Yahr: Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul are reunited! Oh look, there's Nigel Lythgoe, Paula's former "American Idol" boss. Paula plugs the "X Factor" while Lythgoe pretends to have some sort of stroke.


"Who are you going to be supporting, 'So You Think You Can Dance' or 'American Idol'?" Lythgoe asks Paula, who either didn't hear him or pretended not to. Seacrest cuts them both off and throws to commercial.

Here are Emily's notes from minutes ago on red carpet...Emily is our WaPo TeamTV Ryan Seacrest bureau chief tonight....

Emily Yahr: And now the only person who can make Ryan Seacrest stop talking-- Kathy Griffin shows up and grills him about how he landed former "DWTS" dancer Julianne Hough. Apparently when Kathy Griffin makes fun of Ryan Seacrest, her comedy tour ticket sales go up, so she assures him she'll never run out of material.

Emily Yahr: Darren Criss tells Giuliana that the most crazed "Glee" fans have good intentions. We're sure that goes double for the Washington fan who pulled him offstage during the "Glee" tour stop at the Verizon Center.

Please, Please, PLEASE, Pookie -- what was the Murdoch/News Corp joke that got cut, prompting Alec Baldwin to walk? I totally agree with Alec's assessment that "it would have made (Fox) look better. A little."

Don't know what is the exact gag though, if the pre-Emmy gin-up-viewer-interest rumors are to be believed, it was a gag about Fox -- this year's Emmy network -- parent NewsCorp's phone hacking scandal. Apparently Fox is an edgy, anything goes network -- except when someone tries to mock their parent company or leader, Rupert Murdoch. Jokes about Warner Bros. TV's nightmare that is Charlie Sheen -- fair game. He supposed to make a "surprise appearance" as presenter tonight. Again, hard to weed out fact from pre-show-gin-up-viewer-interest blather....

Is it wrong that I'm not rooting for Steve Carell tonight? I get the idea of giving him an Emmy for his body of work on "The Office," but frankly, he hasn't been very funny since season 3!

So shouldn't Hugh Laurie have won for his body of work. He was good on "House" through his fourth season...

Joel McHale just made an "Of Mice and Men" reference. Five people got it....

The Best Comedy category was full of bad choices. "Community" deserved to be nominated. I don't understand how shows like "Big Bang Theory," "Glee," and "The Office" got the nod after the craptacular seasons they had.

Preaching to the choir. For my money "The Walking Dead" is the funniest thing on TV...

Lena Headey (SP?) already has my vote for most gorgeous gown....

Emily Yahr: A few minutes ago, Giuliana Rancic reminds Seth Meyers that he and Donald Trump had some fun together at the White House Correspondents Dinner. "I don't know if we had fun together...he was there," Meyers responds. When she asked, Meyers told Giuliana that he would do --  maybe --  an episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" if The Donald asked, but not a whole season. The ball is in your court, Mr. Trump....

And the Emmy goes to... the Redskins! Ooops, sorry, wrong chat. Back to the red carpet now. Go Mad Men! Beat Boardwalk Empire!

So can I assume you're not one of those people who complains about Emmy redundancy?

So the internet is apparently going crazy about "Modern Family's" Sarah Hyland "mocking" Lea Michele's pose. Good times.

Sarah Hyland just won my vote -- oh, she's not nominated....

Speaking of Charlie Sheen making surprise appearance on show tonight: Ryan Seacrest chatting wth "Two and Half Men" star Jon Cryer. Ryan wants to know if Jon wins for best supporting actor in a comedy (BTW not gonna happen) will he thank Sheen. Cryer says he will, Sheen helped him build his character, blah, blah, blah. Then he says Sheen could come back on "Men" only, like those Jedi knights who got killed but re-appeared in Star Wars flicks, he would glow blue and dispense advice like "Wear a condom."

Hmm, NFL on NBC or the Emmys? Should they have scheduled this before the NFL season got underway?

Good grief no. That is what NBC did -- last season? -- and the Emmy show wound up in August. Emmys and August is like celebrating Xmas in October....

So is he normal now? Or as normal as he can be after the amount of drugs he's taken? I saw a promo for his Comedy Central Roast and his dad appeared in it, so are things actually better now?

Watched him on Leno's show and "Today" show with America's Sweetheart Matt Lauer and Sheen is definitely playing "normal" now....That's probably because Lionsgate is trying to convince someone to buy their new Sheen-starring sitcom -- and of course it will help a network or syndicator decide to sign on the dotted line and commit to several years of a sitcom if the star seems sane...I'm expecting him to be boringly well behaved tonight....

Oh, Pookie, I am so glad to see you. I was afraid we'd have to start the season without you. Which would be impossible. All good thoughts flow your way.

How sweet. thank you.....very glad to be back.

Emily Yahr reports: Julie Bowen is talking with Ryan Seacrest about projectile vomit, so that's fun. Hard to listen to the rest of her story after that...

Can the producers of these new shows give their actors talking points? I just listened to Zooey Deschanel ramble on about her new show and she was an incoherent mess. If they can remember who designed their outfit, can't they remember three sentences about why we should watch their new show?

Pookie, rambling is part of her charm. In fact, rambling is all of her charm....meanwhile, did you just see that Sofia Vergara ad for her new "clothing" line? I'm ready to go out and buy the lot...

I think Julie Bowen is wearing one of Sharon Stone's extra dresses from "Casino."

That's where I saw it before! It looks better on Bowen I think....

Does he have any shot tonight? His show is so good!

Hello -- Steve Carell just did his -- boo hoo -- last season on "The Office" and never won...  All the industry navel lint pickers say it's Carell's this year...

How badly do you think he needs money at this point?

Well, he does have five kids or so, and two ex wives, so I'm guessing his expenses are fairly high...

Who was the worse actor on "Friends" -- Matt LeBlanc or Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer -- no competition. Good lord -- it's Betty White! And Ryan Seacrest just asked her "who" she was wearing. Is he looking at her outfit? Apparently not. Anyway, like the old comedy pro she is, she said she  put together outfit from the little shop favors called My Closet...

Emily Yahr: Ryan Seacrest hands Will Arnett the microphone. Arnett asks Amy Poehler (his wife) all sorts of lame questions. Gwyneth Paltrow is in the background looking not amused.

For all his goofiness, Seacrest is very smart/good at this kind of thing. Handing off to Will Arnett while helping Betty White down was clever.

Okay, I'll give him that...

Gwyneth Paltrow won Emmy last week during Creative Arts Emmy ceremony -- best guest actress in a comedy series. Ryan notes she's won an Emmy and an Oscar. She notes she still needs a Tony and a Grammy. Heaven help Bway and the music industry. ...she confides she loved her time on "Glee" and that she's just realizing her gown a "a little see through." Ryan notes she tweeted "who do I have to [have sex with] to get  an advance copy of a  Coldplay album.".... sweet....

Is that Rob Lowe down there behind Seacrest?


"They're huge!" Yes, Sofia, they are.

I'm in awe of this red carpet show......

Will John Hodgman be doing his "Phantom of the Emmys" routine tonight?

I guess so. And can someone tell Seal to button up his shirt. Could he look any more 1980?

How can a man be that good looking?

Really? I don't get it. Pretty yes. Good looking -- not so much... I'm guessing there's a portrait of him in his attic that is getting older looking and homelier by the minute. Now we have a John Steinbeck  "Of Mice and Men," and an Oscar Wilde "Picture of Dorian Gray" reference in the chat and the show hasn't even started yet! Is this the most educational Emmy live chat ever or what?

Emily Yahr:  Speaking of Rob Low:  "I was just thinking about you, because Kim Kardashian got married..." That was Ryan Seacrest's opening comment to Rob Lowe, which is one of the strangest openings we've ever heard. Then he follows it up with the fact that she got married right near Lowe's house, which still doesn't make it right.

I've been watching the old seasons on DVD and you're absolutely right - this season was the worst by far - any chance they'll get rid of Raj's sister this season? She just doesn't mesh and the whole "Penny vs. Raj's sister (I can't even bring myself to remember her name)" schtik is really old.

As long as they keep Mayim Bialik's Amy Farrah Fowler.

told ya....

Any guesses on how "Up All Night" will perform next week after its awful pilot episode?

This week's numbers were fantastic for an NBC sitcom though, in fairness, it aired right after "America's Got Talent"

How is she going to top the opening from last year? I normally don't like Jimmy Fallon, but his Bruce Springsteen parody was amazing.

apparently without Alec Baldwin delivering a Rupert Murdoch/Phone Hacking Scandal gag....

John Krasinski without his wife, Emily Blunt -- is it true their marriage is on the rocks?

No word on whether that rumor's true, but we just learned during his interview with Ryan Seacrest that he's a big fan of bowties. Hope that helps!

Dianna Agron, to Ryan,  on what to expect in new season of "Glee" -- skanky clothes... hooray...

Love that you're chatting tonight, thank you all! I'm strangely enjoying the Fox red carpet show - interviewing styles of the two Brits from X Factor and the Voice of American Idol are pretty fresh. Loved Alan Cumming in a tux top and red pants, Jean Paul Gaultier. Hugh Laurie, still a great actor even with lesser scripts. Plus he's a brilliant speech-maker, would that we get to hear him!

I'm switching now.. OMG, Kate Winslet in Red -- My eyes!

Rob Lowe - Kim Kardashian reference -- I am thinking they both had a sex tape. Of course Rob's got him in trouble with the real police while Kim's got her in trouble with the good taste police.

Excellent trivia....

I'm so torn between him and Kyle Chandler for best actor. Same with Friday Night Lights vs Mad Men. How do you think it will roll?

Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire... I'm thinking if I say it often enough, it will come true..

Emily Yahr: Jon Hamm gets awkward when Giuliana Rancic asks him how it feels to look in the mirror every day and see Jon Hamm staring back (that may or may have not been the actual question...we were distracted because Jon Hamm's face really is like looking into the sun).

Jon Hamm was talking about directing an episode of "Mad Men." Have any A-list actors gone on to become like very good directors?

Nobody has accused them of being good directors, but they get to direct because they're the stars, they want to, and no one can stop them...I think only actresses should be allowed to direct episodes of their shows, because they genuinely are going to need a second career to segue to before they hit 38 and all the jobs stop -- not the guys. The guys can work in front of the camera until they're in their 60s...

Is he mad at Fox and not appearing at the awards show at all? He is much more handsome and sexy than Rob Lowe.

Anway, he's far more interesting... Rumor has it his gag got cut and he asked they take him out altogether...we'll see in a few minutes...

Nancy O' Dell talking to Greg Kinnear, nominated for playing JFK on "The Kennedys"... she asks him if it was really daunting because JFK "was known to be so good looking." Ouch. ...

Was the show worthy of the nominations? Also, as a "Big C" survivor, its not a comedy.

You betcha....loving the controversy..glad TV academy got a pulse and decided to rattle History's cage...

Emily Yahr: Kate Winslet tells Ryan Seacrest she suffers from red carpet panic about an hour before every awards show. See, stars are just like us!

Maybe he was good looking when he was 50 lbs lighter...

I remember him skinny -- he's better looking now...

Do you have a schedule that tells roughly what time a given award , skit, tribute etc is and can we learn it?

Best suporting actress in comedy series

Best supporting actor comedy series

Best director comedy series

Best writing comedy series

Best lead actor comedy

Best lead actress comedy

Best reality competition series

Best writing variety/comedy series

Best directing variety/comedy series

Best variety/comedy series

Best writing for drama series

Best supporting actress drama series

Best directing drama series

Best supporting actor drama series

Best lead actress drama series

Best lead actor drama series

Best writing miniseries/movie

Best supporting actress mini or movie

Best lead actor mini or movie

Best directing mini or movie

Best supporting actor mini or movie

Best lead actress min or movie

Best miniserie or movie

Best drama

Best comedy


So Leonard Nimoy is replacing Alec Baldwin as President of Television in opening bit...Baldwin would have been much better ....

Wow that was a lame start with Nimoy...

After slow start, this opening sequence, finally got hilarious with Mad Men bit...I'm now okay with Mad Men's inevitable best drama win.. and then they go and wreck it with Verizon product placement...

Okay, that was a good joke.

it was great, wasn't it... particularly the bit about zipping through the ads in the future..

Tonight is actually Part Deux of the two-night orgy of trophy spewing known as the Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony. Part Uno happened last weekend and was telecast last night on ReelzChannel, which is pleased as punch since its “The Kennedys” miniseries – you know, the one History channel paid for, but then dumped after “deciding” it wasn’t in keeping with the History “brand” – a brand that includes “Pawn Stars,” “American Pickers,” and “Ice Road Truckers” as well as “Gettysburg.”

Anyway, in case you missed Part Uno, here are some highlights:


*The annual Jeff Probst Award (as perennial competitor in the best-reality-series-host derby, Tom Bergeron has re-named it) has been handed out.


*Gwyneth Paltrow has been crowned Guest Star Princess, for playing Holly Holliday on “Glee”.


*Her date tonight – they’re supposed to be among tonight’s presenters because they won last weekend – will be Justin Timberlake who was deemed the season’s best guest star for having hosting “Saturday Night Live.”


*Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” has been heralded as the year’s best reality program. (The Best Reality-Competition Series Emmy will be awarded tonight.)


*Of local interest, the Kennedy Center Honors broadcast has been named the year’s best variety music or comedy special.


*AMC’s zombiedy, “The Walking Dead” has been determined to have had the year’s best prosthetic makeup.


*HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” has already clocked 7 Emmys on the first night of competition, followed by – “Deadliest Catch” – no, not kidding – in a tie with “Gettysburg” at 4 wins each.


(History channel would, at this point, be the most Emmy-awarded basic cable network, behind only HBO, PBS, and Fox, tied with CBS and ahead of NBC and ABC -- had it not dumped “The Kennedys” project. “The Kennedys” has  already clocked 3 Emmys, which, like we said, are instead credited to ReelzChannel.)


Not even Alec Baldwin could have saved this. Mad Men bit slightly amusing, however.

i agree...

was just semi-saved by Mad Men

Emily Yahr: I agree -- definitely funniest part. I may have laughed out loud at John Slattery putting the phone on his face.

So, does anyone else with FiOS not have sound on this channel? Argh.

So you can't hear this Emmy Tones gag. Lucky you...

Dear Pookie, great to have you back. I've just had several cringes induced by that opening

Love Jane Lynch but not the opening intro.



Julie Bowen (Modern Family)

Kane Krakowski (30 Rock)

Jane Lynch (Glee)

Sofia Vargara (Modern Family)

Betty White (Hot in Cleveland

Kristein Wiig (Saturday Night Live)


It’s this year’s Betty White Award. Last year’s winner, Jane Lynch, is this year’s Emmy host. If the hard-to-beat Betty White wins, that will bring her total tally to 5  -- 2 for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," 1 for "The Golden Girls," 1986,  1 for "The John Larroquette Show," and 1 for last year’s  "SNL" guest hosting gig.  That still leaves her 2 short of Cloris Leachman who, with 8 Emmys over her career, remains is the winningest female performer on record.

The second category they're going to announce will be:



Ty Burrell (Modern Family)

Chris Colfer (Glee)

Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men)

Ed O’Neill (Modern Family)

Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family)

Jesse Tyler (Modern Family)


This is Ed O’Neill’s first-ever Emmy nom. He never got any Emmy love for “Married..with Children” and, last year the academy notoriously nominated every adult actor and actress on “Modern Family” -- except O’Neill which caused many knickers to become knotted in Hollywood. O’Neill’s colleague --  and last year’s winner -- Eric Stonestreet is nominated again this year.


Love Kimmel and Fallon together -- and the show will now end 5 minutes late....

Best comedy actress: Julie Bowen "Modern Family"...

Bowen:" OMG! OMG! Are you kidding me? I don't know what I'm going to talk about in therapy now! " And she said some other stuff but I couldn't stop staring at the cleavage..

I give her acceptance speech a 2 out of 10. Your thoughts?

Julie Bowen. I can't believe Betty White didn't win.

I'm stunned.... Betty White's streak is over....

Best supporting actor, comedy series: Ty Burrell.  Drat I was hoping Ed O'Neill would win...

It is so hard to make a neurotic perfectionist endearing and funny.

true... Meanwhile, Burrell's acceptance speech is so much better. I give it a 10....

I didn't get the joke.

Because she's a dramatic actress?

Have the actors who play a married couple ever both won the same best actor/actress awards before, like Burrell and Bowen just did? 

I have no idea. Anyone?

If you think about it, Ty Burrell is basically doing a Michael Scott impression, so we don't need to give Steve Carell an Emmy later.

I'm fine with that... .

Next two categories will be:




Pamela Fryman (How I Met Your Mother)

Steve Levitan (Modern Family)

Gail Mancuso (Modern Family)

Beth McCarthy-Miller (30 Rock)

Michael Alan Spiller (Modern Family)



Odds are “Modern Family” will win this derby, for obvious reasons.  On the other hand, BMcC-M directed the live episode of “30 Rock” and academy members love live episodes.






David Crane, Jeffrey Klarik (Episodes)

Louis C.K. (Louie)

Greg Daniels (The Office)

Matt Hubbard (30 Rock)

Steve Levitan, Jeffrey Richman (Modern Family)

Ed will get it next year. Everyone on Modern Family is taking turns.

I like that...

Following your chat so I can watch the game. Can you give me up heads up for the In Memoriam so I can switch over for that? Thanks, Pookie.

I bet you never miss an In Memoriam, right?

Pookie, are you going to any of the afterparties tonight?

hope to....

She is so attractive, but should cover her bony chest...so scary!

I still think it's a gorgeous dress and she looked great in it...

Ricky Gervais is hilarious -- taped bit  about how not allowed on U.S. soil during awards shows.. Now running 10 minutes late...

Modern Family just won for best comedy series directing. So far this is a Modern Family blowout...

Can anyone top that acceptance speech? Funny, touching, self-deprecating. Just wonderful.

Emily Yahr: Loved it. Although I hope the "Modern Family" men just rotate from year to year (Eric Stonestreet won last year), because I would love to hear what Ed O'Neill has to say.

glad you agree it was terrific... meanwhile the director looks like a Jon Hamm impersonator... Acceptance Speech Rating: 3

That video was better than his last hosting gig of the Golden Globes.

It was, because it made us laugh not cringe...

Never miss an In Memoriam if I can help it. Still ticked about the Oscars that year they focused on the singer not the dead folks. These people entertain me year and year out, the least I can do is honor their passing (while not giving up football to watch them praise each other).

good for you..... Will Arnett and Zooey -- worst presenter pairing idea so far... maybe ever.

Best writing comedy series winner: "Modern Family"... is it me or does Steve Levitan looks more and more like Ray Romano every day? I thought it was Romano they kept showing in the audience... Acceptance speech rating: 8

Turn off your cellphones Hollywood people!

What did I miss?

Next categories:


Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)

Steve Carell (The Office)

Louis C.K. (Louie)

Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory)

Matt LeBlanc (Episodes)

Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory)


Aka The Steve Carell Farewell Award. Carell’s been nominated every year since ‘06 but never won, so virtually all TV-industry navel-gazers expect Carell will be given the Emmy this year, since it’s the Academy’s last chance – he’s off the show.





Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie)

Tina Fey (30 Rock)

Laura Linney (The Big C)

Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly)

Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope)

Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)


Falco, last year’s winner, is nominated again, despite having explained to the academy, as she picked up her statuette, that she’s not funny. But category newcomer Linney has one of the best Emmy averages on record, having turned four nominations over her career into three wins.




Alert: Charlie Sheen just seen backstage....

Any idea what he will do?

Word has it he's going to be a presenter...in a comedy category...Chuck Lorre must be so happy...

She's got two great CDs - and was great in 500 days of Summer - but the previews for "New Girl" are a good heads up to not watch it - so not surprised she bombed as a host

I liked the pilot. I confess: liked it best while re-watching on morphine.

I think Will Arnett and Zooey Deschanel just can't carry a series as lead actors. As supporting cast,fine. What do you think?

Emily Yahr: I love Will Arnett, but he's about a million times funnier when he's not the center of attention (See: "Arrested Development" as opposed to "Running Wilde.")

"Welcome back to the Modern Family Awards," says Lynch.

Charlie Sheen on stage

Jim Parsons, "Big Bang Theory." Sorry Steve Carell!

Sheen: Good evening. Thank you. Before I present otustnading lead actor in a comedy series. My old category. I want to take a moment to et something off my chest and say a few words to everybody here on Two and a Half Men... From the bottom of my heart I wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season. We spent eight wonderful years together and I know you will continue to make great television. Now on to the Emmy...

Told you he'd be boringly well behaved!

Tonight's big shocker: Jim Parsons winning best comedy actor instead of Steve Carell. Jim Parsons thanks Johnny Galecki and says "thank you a lot." Acceptance speech rating: 2

Best lead actress comedy series nominees are all being hauled up on stage.  And show will now wrap 15 minutes late... Standing ovation and shouts of "Bravo"...really? Presenter Rob Lowe patronizingly calls them "girls." .... Emmy goes to Melissa McCarthy, who gets red roses and tiara...Wow. CBS stars won both actor and actress in comedy competition. When was last time that happened? Her acceptance speech: 8

This is the best thing I've ever seen on my tv. Love them all.

it did work in the end, didn't it. Thought it was odd at first...

As down hill as The Office has gone - they did the Steve Carell leaving as perfectly as possible. He deserved the Emmy.

All the TV critics would agree with you. On all things trophy show Goldderby.com, they were 100 percent predicting a Carell win..

Who's the voice-over announcer doing the unfunny lines about each winner?

Emily Yahr: Someone has to think he's funny, right? Is that why he keeps going?

Did a moment of spontaneity break out?

Emily Yahr: I thought it was completely spontaneous until Melissa McCarthy got a tiara and bouquet. Either way, that was a great moment.

They were fabulous. Just fabulous. I'm glad Melissa won, but she should have mentioned them!!! They were great and her speech was not... Do you think Amy Poehler planned that by herself??? Laura Linney did not look like she knew what was going on.

Emily Yahr: Planned or not, that seemed like something Amy Poehler would come up with...

Next couple categories will be:



 The Amazing Race

American Idol

Dancing with the Stars

Project Runway

So You Think You Can Dance

Top Chef


Formerly known as The Amazing Race Award – “TAR” won every year since ’03 -- until Bravo’s “Top Chef” knocked it off the throne last year. Only one newcomer here: Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.”





 Which virtual boys’ club of writers will get to take the stage when they announce the winner in this category? Will it be:

 a)The more than a dozen Nearly All Guys who write Comedy Central’s  “The Colbert Report”

 b)The nearly 20 NAGs who crank out TBS’s  “Conan”

 c)The more than a dozen NAGs who concoct the comedy for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

 d)The nearly 20 NAGs who write “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”


 e)The nearly 30 NAGs who pen the gags for “Saturday Night Live”?



Did the actors themselves decide that they should all get up on stage? That was great! An appropriate acknowledgment for them all.

Emily Yahr: Definitely...now, do we think "Bridesmaids" contributed to the Melissa McCarthy win? Discuss.

Are Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert scheduled to present tonight? They can top Jimmy and Jimmy and, wow, does this broadcast need help.

Not that we know of...

I am SO delighted you're back! Is anyone else hearing a weird beeping in the background? Kind of a cellphone going off by way of medical device.

thank you... and thanks for explaining what someone else's cellphone gag was about...

... Cat Deeley got robbed. And still managed to look like the hottest thing in the world on the carpet.

..but, pookie, it's called the Jeff Probst Award...you can't give it to Cat Deeley... .

Love the best actresses/comedy taking the stage!

Emily Yahr: Lots of comments loving the best actress bit...seems like it may have been the most agreed-upon moment so far. Possibly ever.

what IS up with that cell phone?

i'm getting loads of comment on this...

Poor Steve, no Emmy love

None... Which puts him in good company -- Hugh Laurie, Jon Hamm, etc...

Do you have a tazer?

Not needed. He was on his best behavior... remember, he's got a new sitcom to sell...

Has a new PR person?

No -- a new job. He has to sell his new sitcom.. he's behaving.. Wait until it's sold and we'll see how he behaves by season 3...loving Ashton Kutcher joining cast of "The Office" gag....

Well, did everyone give out a sigh of relief when he got done with his speech about Two and 1/2 men?

sigh of boredom. Oh god, the Emmy Tones are back... nooooo...

Creed Bratton is the best part of "The Office."

Emily Yahr: As long as he only  has a line or too, I agree. His bit was the funniest part of that clip.

Whoever was noting the turn off the cellphone thing upchat is right -- there's a weird beeping in the background.

someone is suggesting it's part of the background music and we're very old school...

She won more for appearing in "Bridesmaids" than for her work on "Mike & Molly," no?

I don't think that's how the TV academy members vote -- based on an actress's prior movie work....

Okay, I think it's part of the background music. But it sounds too much like a cell phone #distracting

Another background music theory advocate...

Nice reaction of wild delight from his also-nominated co-star Galecki, who did not win. But I don't believe that any more than I believed Charlie Sheen wishing his former castmates well.


have you seen the pilot? ...what did you think? or, if not, any thoughts - for me, it's the only new show that I'm drawn to...thanx!

Best reality competition series -- and creepiest presenter pairing of the night (David Spade and Kaley Cuoco, but when any chick and David Spade would be creepy -- Winner: Amazing Race.. Shocking, I know...

Amazing Race acceptance speech rating: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...oh sorry....

Writing variety/comedy series winner: ....Daily Show -- again. Category still produces the funniest nominee name reading and acceptance speech. I give it a 10 for originality.. I'm being too generous tonight, aren't I. 

... makes the Oscars look good. That's bad.

This one will not be well reviewed....Mark Burnett is this year's exec producer, BTW...

He gets to present with the most attractive woman there. How does Spade do it?

I cannot explain Spade. Anything about Spade...

So have NBC and FOX been shut out so far?

Yes, but the night is still young...

Melissa McCarthy was a hoot in the movie. I watched "Mike & Molly" for the first time after seeing the movie.

I still don't think her movie role got her this Emmy...

Yay! Honestly, it's still good even without Bush as a crutch!

Preaching to the choir. I love the show...

Because they don't let Phil just stand there and pop his eyebrow while accepting the award. Seriously, he has more talent in his eyebrow than Probst has in his whole body. Why can't he win an Emmy?

I also cannot explain anything about the annual Jeff Probst Award. It's a great mystery to me...

Clearly knows he's no longer winning. But why don't I believe him when he says he wishes his former show "nothing but the best"? Looks like it was physically painful for him to say that in public.

Did look like he was straining to be well behaved...

This is awful. The red carpet was the best part.

I'm actually missing Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes. I take back everything I said about his performance hosting that show. At least it was never boring. In fact, the time flew by that night...

Cobie Smulders is adorable. Just thought that needed to be said.

She definitely has the most spirit out of all the Emmytones!

How is it they were the only ones who couldn't get their writers' names in? Are that that ego-riddled?

Interesting theory.. I like it...

Next category:




Jerry Foley (Late Show w/ David Letterman)

Gregg Gelfand (American Idol)

James Hoskinson (The Colbert Report)

Don Roy King (Saturday Night Live)

Chuck O’Neil (Daily Show w/Jon Stewart)

...followed by:


 The Colbert Report


The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Real Time with Bill Mahr

Saturday Night Live


Aka The Daily Show Award – the Comedy Central faux-news show has won this competition ever year since 2003. This year’s two newcomers: “Conan” and “Late Night w/Fallon.”

They should make a category of the writers awards introductions. They are always the funniest part of the show!

agreed.. Meanwhile, not sure why they're doing an SNL homage but it's a much needed addition to this show -- which will now end 20 minutes late..

Pookie, it's not easy to remember past Emmy shows, but I'm thinking that though this one is uneven, it stands out for surprising moments of wit - 7 or 8 for taking chances. What do you think?

I too feel like I'm riding a roller coaster..

Directing variety/comedy series winner: "SNL"

You gotta hand it to those guys. They made Michael Bolton relevant for the first time since "Office Space."

Emily Yahr: While true, I think we've just learned that the Lonely Island songs don't really work when they're performed a) live and b) heavily edited.

It is ok, we are so glad you are back we will allow this unusual generosity to something other than dogs.

Thanks. Now Don Roy King's SNL acceptance speech I'm going to savage and give only a 2. I think that makes up for my earlier generosity, right?

Best comedy/variety show winner:  Daily Show -- again. ninth straight year it's won.  Fallon acting annoyed in audience.. good for him. Stewart's speech: 7. In fairness, he's running out of options, he's given it so many times.

Why would SNL let them use the Michael Bolton/Jack Sparrow piece from the SL short -just beat that into the lad of the unfunny. (and lost the kudos for having geh Best Actresses on stage as soon as they turned it into a Miss America spoof) )

I think the Lowe-White dance was an Oscars telecast, but your point is taken.

Next couple categories:


 David Benioff, D.B. Weiss (Game of Thrones)

Andre and Maria Jacquemetton (Mad Men)

Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights)

Veena Sud (The Killing)

Matthew Weiner (Mad Men)




 Christina Baranski (The Good Wife)

Michelle Forbes (The Killing)

Christine Hendricks (Mad Men)

Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire)

Margo Martindale (Justified)

Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife)

 Panjabi was last year’s winner. Many TV critics expect first-time nominee Martindale to win this year.


Is she just very tall or is Scott Caan very short?

He's seems about Kevin Connolly/E's height on "Entourage," so I'm going to guess the second option.

If you get a chance to answer time-unimportant questions: Why were the Modern Family people thanking Fox in additon to ABC? Charlie Sheen's new show -- is it a reality?

.. That's because the show is produced by 20th Century Fox TV, which is part of the Fox family owned by NewsCorp., and often referred to by industry folks as "Fox"....

Um, what the hell is this thing? Who are these people? Am I missing a joke?

Why, why, why? Is the show going to run short?

holy cow no. this one's going to run long...

in case you can't take this awfulness anymore. 2-0 cards


Why is Hugh Jackman in a movie about Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots?

Usually it's because an actor we otherwise respect needs to star in something that's going to do a huge boxoffice with young men -- the hot blonde chicks of Hollywood -- in order to insure that they have a career for the next, say, four years...

Was he embarrassed to win yet again? (You know how sometimes phenomenally talented people secretly think they're frauds?) I thought it was kind of sweet how he plugged Colbert so strongly.

And Colbert looked so joyful when the camera cut to him...I love that they're BFF.

That's it! There are some truly funny and brilliant moments and then hideously dull moments, but I still think that means it's better than most Emmy shows. I can't remember ever laughing more than once or twice in the past and just getting through it all. This year there are some really funny moments. And I like Jane Lynch. I think those singers have to go... Are they a joke?

They are supposed to be a joke but because so many of you are asking we can conclude they are not working... and I'm officially exhausted watching this show with all the highs and lows...

Jon Stewart's speech almost saves the show. 9 out of 10?


Ouch. Watching gag die on stage always painful. Presenter Ashton Kutcher on stage to presenter Jon Cryer:  'I want to tell you something. I do not think you are a troll"



"Friday Night Lights" just won best drama series writing...

...for her guest role in "Justified"? If not, she 'shore as the devil in hades shoulda been' !!! Is she on any upcoming shows btw? (in case this is wrong place, I'll submit it to your Monday follow up chat)

She's in A Gifted Man.

Best supporting actress in a drama series winner: Margo Martindale from "Justified"... what's up with the stage steps that that she had to literally climb with her hands and feet until Ashton came down to help her? Acceptance speech: 5...

Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE FNL fan, but "The Suitcase" was one of the best hours of TV I've ever seen.

I know, I know. And yet,  I'm so thrilled Weiner did not win this year.

Lisa would you say the show so far is-to use one of your words-Craptastic?


Anyone see Ed O'Neil jump out of his seat to help her up the stairs before Demi Moore's husband came down? Ed seems like such a gentleman, i really do hope he wins one day.

me too.... he's terrific..

I've already extended my DVR to an hour past broadcast time.

smart you!

It's just too tedious. I feel like I'm watching an entire week of prime time TV and the funny bits are the NBC comedies.

...and yet,  it has only snagged one, SNL win so far... unless you count Friday Night Lights which it aired originally, but dumped a while ago and DirecTV rescued...

Jimmy joked with Seacrest on the red carpet he was going to do that as a joke when Daily Show inevitably won, I don't think he was actually angry.

After eight years of "Daily Show" wins, pretty sure all the other late-night hosts have accepted their fate!

Next couple categories:


Patty Jenkins (The Killing)

Neil Jordan (The Borgias)

Jeremy Podeswa (Boardwalk Empire)

Martin Scorsese (Boardwalk Empire)

Tom Van Patten (Game of Thrones)


TV industry navel lint pickers have their money on Scorsese. (During last week’s Part Uno, Scorsese was up for another Emmy, for co-directing the American Masters docu, “A Letter to Elia/Reflecting on Kazan,” but lost out to HBO’s “Gasland” director Josh Fox.)



Andre Braugher (Men of Certain Age)

Josh Charles (The Good Wife)

Alan Cumming (The Good Wife)

Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones)

Walter Goggins (Justified)

John Slattery (Mad Men)


Somebody’s probably going to win his first Emmy here – Slattery, Cumming, Goggins, Dinklage, and Charles have never won an Emmy (Goggins, Dinklage and Charles are all first-time nominees.) Only Braugher has two golden winged chicks holding atoms, but his odds of winning this year are considered to be slightly better than the odds of it snowing in Los Angeles during the Emmy ceremony.


So far this Emmys broadcast is less satisfying than having sex with Steve Levitan.

Thank you for your input, Mrs. Levitan!

Pookie, any chance that the Emmy voters didn't want to see Matt Weiner win the drama writing category?

Pretty much, I'm guessing...

winner best director drama series: Martin Scorsese. No shock there. His acceptance speech: 1...he mistakenly thinks he's at the Oscars where you read off a laundry list of names and expect your audience to just put up with it.

Nice to see him getting some love!

Yes, and yet, he gave the worst speech tonight. I'm changing my score to a negative 2...

Supporting actor in a drama series winner: Peter Dinklage of "Game of Thrones" won his first Emmy...Speech: I give it a 7. was only going to give it a 5, but then he thanked his dog sitter.


Scorsese noting that he's being forced to speak faster? A joke or meta-joke or simply true?

simply true...

Next couple categories:


 Kathy Bates (Harry’s Law)

Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights)

Mireille Enos (The Killing)

Mariska Hargitay (L&O: SVU)

Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife)

Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men)


With perennial winner Kyra Sedwick (The Closer) snubbed this year, this one’s up for grabs. Bates has been nominated for an Emmy often but never won, which is a sin and a crime. But TV industry tea-leaf readers expect this to be Margulies’ year – she last won in ’95 for supporting role on “ER.”




Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire)

Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights)

Michael C. Hall (Dexter)

Jon Hamm (Mad Men)

Hugh Laurie (House)

Timothy Olyphant (Justified)


Perennial winner Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) wasn’t eligible this year, so TV industry crystal-ball gazers think the academy will finally award this trophy to Hamm. That’s because, they argue,  boo hoo, he’s been nominated three times but never won.

He may win, but their reasoning is pure horseradish, since both Laurie and Hall have been nominated several times but never won.



Does this mean I should be watching "Game of Thrones"?

If you've got a spare 100 hours or so....

Gah. More gangster crap AND a pointless and endless speech? Where's the hook?

the best part of his speech was that it ended before they had to start playing the music...

Props to the dog sitter!

love to dog sitters

So when does the backlash begin? Great show, just kinda get sick of all the attention on it.

It avoided the sophomore slump, so the Emmy love may be everlasting...is a Best Comedy trophy just inevitable at this point?

I'm not hating on this as much as ya'll are. I wish we could see more Ricky Gervais and Mad Men spoofs, but whatevs. Just wanted to write in. Lisa, I love ya.

Just when I think I'm hating it, they do something wonderful, like Jane Lynch with the Jersey Shore gang going on right now...

Was certain it was 1, 2 am....

me too.. is it Tuesday yet?

Lead actress in drama series: Julianna Margulies, as expected. Speech: because it totally came across like a presidential campaign speech -- 4

Still not at the 2 hour mark!!! This is worse than water boarding!

minutes away...and just when you thought it couldn't get worse, the actresses from dreadful  "Charlie's Angels" remake are presenting Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Winner: Kyle Chandler -- NOT Jon Hamm, as widely expected. This is now the night's biggest surprise, right? Chandler says he knew he would not win so he wrote nothing, then started with laundry list of names and wrecked the mood. Fortunately he thanked the town where they shot many scenes so it ended on a good note. 5. Too nice?


Jane Jetson!!!! Look at that dress!

My first response was "she's a Dalek!"

Love her but what's up with the Star Trek gown?

Some love it. Some not so much... I've seen her in better...

What's with the crooked smile?

That's her thing. If she was on novocaine, her mouth would be straight. 

Re Paul's earlier query: yes, this has been accomplished before by Tom Skerritt and Kathy Baker for "Picket Fences"; Richard Mulligan and Cathryn Damon for "Soap"; and Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton for "All in the Family."

Thank you! Another poster pointed out that the leads of "The Sopranos" also won in the same years.

Next couple categories:


Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey)

Todd Haynes, Jon Raymond (Mildred Pierce)

Steven Moffat (Sherlock: A Study in Pink)

Peter Gould (Too Big to Fail)

Heidi Thomas (Upstairs Downstairs)





Evan Rachel Wood (Mildred Pierce)

Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey)

Melissa Leo (Mildred Pierce)

Eileen Atkin (Upstairs Downstairs)

Mare Winningham (Mildred Pierce)


Honestly, The Suitcase is one of best episodes of anything ever. How did Jon Hamm get shut out?

Major "Mad Men" backlash happening tonight. Does this have anything to do with Matt Weiner bruhaha over his new contract?

Looked like he was standing there shouting out to Connie Britton after his mike got cut off. I guess making a list is always a good idea, just in case.

Emily Yahr: He looked so stunned I actually believed him about not making a list (I usually never do).

Oh god the EmmyTones are back... LL Cool J saved them this time... I never thought I'd say this but "thank you, LL Cool J!"

Sorry just had to say that for Kyle Chandler & FNL. Just wonderful!

I'll let this go because the show is going away and I will never have to hear "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" again...

Grades-- enthusiasm : A. Execution: B minus. Agree?


a 9 for sure, yes?

Emily Yahr:That was impressive. She listed CBS, her co-stars, her "people," her family...all while looking appropriately shocked and grateful and emotional. There's more this award speech-making talent than I realized.

Best movie and miniseries writing. Entourage cast notes it's a battle between HBO -- aka the Mark Wahlberg Network --  and PBS, announces winner is:  PBS's Downton Abbey. Fellowes acceptance speech: 8 and yes, that includes extra points for proper British accent and for using " grandiloquent" in an Emmy acceptance speech.

Supporting actress movie or mini winner: Maggie Smith ("Downton Abbey") who is a no show.

Kyle Chandler forgot to mention his on-screen wife, Connie Britton!

Emily Yahr: He looked like he suddenly remembered, and then tried to...but he was cut off.

I'm sensing a BIG "Mad Men" backlash---thanks to Matt Weiner's shenanigans? The man has an ego bigger than James Cameron's. And his is titanic.

you and loads of others....hope he's noticing...

Yay Jason Katims and Kyle Chandler!! And - it's about time!! I am not able to watch this live because it's directly up against Sunday Night Football (Eagles v. Falcons - really, Emmys, really??). You said that the Charlie's Angels chicks presented the award. Was there any mention of the fact that Minka Kelly was on FNL or any inkling of that fact in presenting the award to Chands? Am very sad I missed that part of the awards!

Emily Yahr:Well, not directly, but Minka Kelly was the one to got to give him the trophy...or, more accurately, knelt down and presented it to him dramatically. And then gave him a big hug. (PS: What's the Eagles-Falcons score?)

The whole Housewives/Sopranos/Jersey Shore sendup was the most creative thing tonight.

Emily Yahr: Those "Jersey Shore" kids are game for anything...

Next couple derbies:


Edgar Ramirez (Carlos)
Idris Elba (Luther)
William Hurt (Too Big to Fail)
Laurence Fishburne (Thurgood)
Greg Kinnear (The Kennedys)
Babby Pepper (The Kennedys)




 Olivier Assayas (Carlos)

Robert Pulcini (Cinema Verite)

Brian Percival (Downton Abbey)

Todd Haynes (Mildred Pierce)

Curtis Hanson (Too Big to Fail)

Edgar Ramirez (Carlos)

Idris Elba (Luther)

William Hurt (Too Big to Fail)

Laurence Fishburne (Thurgood)

Greg Kinnear (The Kennedys)

Barry Pepper (The Kennedys)


Yay! Do you know when the second season is coming to the US? (I don't have BBC America, if it makes a difference.)

PBS has only said early '12 at this point

I LOVE her in "The Good Wife," but Elisabeth Moss wuz robbed.

but is she a lead actress? That was my issue with her nom

Emmy gets it right!

Nice, isn't it...the writing was terrific...have i used my quota of "terrific" yet tonight?

Just sayin'....

Emily Yahr: Noted!

At the start of the third quarter it's the Falcons 14, Michael Vick & Co. 10, Modern Family 6 and counting.

Thanks for that message from the real world! I feel better now...

Best lead actor mini or movie winner:Barry Pepper, who played RFK on "The Kennedys". He's a no show. Too bad -- that was a huge moment for this controversial project which nearly did not air after History channel dumped it. ReelzChannel suits must be dancing the happy dance...

And then the winner for best directing mini or movie: "Downton Abbey". Director Brian Percival speech: 8 points for proper British accent and merciful brevity.

I was correcting the Entourage uncouths...

Emily Yahr: Oh I knew what you meant! Just filing it away for future reference...I have trouble keeping track of the Sirs, Dames, etc.

I never watched the show and despite their wins tonight, STILL have 0% desire to watch it. John Hamm was robbed!

There's always next year. Chandler's show, on the other hand, is calling it quits.

What was the Oscar win for? And kudos for working that into his acceptance speech.

Oscar was for writing "Gosford Park."

Nice to see some Downton Abbey love. Too bad Dame Maggie wasn't there. She would have provided some much needed class.

Emily Yahr: So much "Downton Abbey" love...guessing it's not over.

Another In Memoriam that seems to be more concerned about the singers than the people in the industry who have died. And a smoike machine? Really?

Really, Hallelujah? Just find a CD with Jeff Buckley's version.

Emily Yahr: What...is...happening??

Dear Pookie: hope continue to hang in ok despite some roller coaster sickness A totally non-time-sensitive question: one reason I watch award shows is that its fun to hear actors' real voices. I never read/suspected that Jason O'Mara was putting on his American accent in the American Life on Mars. He sounded Irish just now. Is he an under-rated actor?

Yes, and thanks....

Correction Eagles 10 Falcons 21

Emily Yahr: Thanks! Meanwhile, you're missing a really scary version of "Hallelujah" over the In Memoriam segment.

So pleased for its wins! A great series, despite Jean Marsh's rather rude sniping.

Yes, Jean Marsh would have been better served with some gracious restraint...

So how mortified you think those poor schlubs are feeling about now?

A lot, if they have an ounce of sense...

I blame Jason Castro for doing such a nice job of it on American Idol. But now it's Just. Too. Much. And this should be about the departed, not the singers.

"Hallelujah" should be banned and no singers should agree to hog stage during memoriam...

1. Hallelujah is the most irritatingly over-used song in TV, movies, and any other kind of soundtrack. 2. Since it's, you know, a MEMORIAL, you'd think douchebag #3 could at least take off his ha. Honestly.

oh yeah -- and no hats worn by any singers on stage during a memorial

Man, does she look great! And not death mask smooth, either.

Saw her at press tour -- scary thin....

next couple races: 


Guy Pearce (Mildred Pierce)

Paul Giamatti (Too Big to Fail)

Tom Wilkinson (THE Kennedys)

James Woods (Too Big to Fail)

Brian F. O’Brien (Mildred Pierce)




 Taraji P. Henson (Taken from Me: Tiffany Rubin Story)

Diane Lane (Cinema Verite)

Jean Marsh (Upstairs, Downstairs)

Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey)

Kate Winsley (Mildred Pierce)


Television industry phone psychics visualize no one but Winslet giving this acceptance speech.

Who are these guys singing?

Anybody know. I don't... the guy with the hat should be spanked. OMG, I have become my mother...

If she's not a lead, MAD MEN doesn't have a female lead. Close call.

I agree, but last year she entered herself as supporting actress...


Oh, and "Downton Abbey" did set a return date  -- Jan 8, 2012...my bad...

Some names Emily won't ever have to worry about: Sir Kevin Dillon, Sir Adrian Grenier...

Lady Paula Abdul

Best supporting actor movie or mini: Guy Pearce from "Mildred Pierce". His first Emmy. His speech: 10. And yes, entirely for having said, "I got to have sex with Kate Winslet many many times. So Kate,  I share this with you for allowing me to insert  myself into the world of Mildred.."

Lead actress mini or movie:  to no one's surprise, because she's Hollywood royalty,  Kate Winslet of "Mildred Pierce." And gosh her dress is ugly.

What is the name of the quartet that just sang Hallelujah?

Anna Torv said they were the Canadian Tenors. Do not argue with Agent Dunham.

Since we're in a bit of a lull with categories most viewers don't care about, can we talk about something else? I just want to mention that I think "iCarly" got robbed for best Children's Program. Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor are a great ensemble cast and deserved to win. The writing is better than other kids' programs, too!

Sure -- the floor is yours...

Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore won together twice for "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and Robert Young & Jane Wyatt won for "Father Knows Best." (Yes, looking these up is more interesting than the show....)

It seems so long ago that I asked the question. We all just starting out on this journey together, innocent and wide-eyed...

It's a crime that James Spader won all those Emmys during the good years of House.

preaching to the choir

inquiring minds want to know (and missed the introduction)

The Canadian Tenors, though most people on Twitter were guessing Il Divo (that group that Simon Cowell never stops talking about.)

Should thank Guy Pearce for all the sex.

sadly she had prepared her speech about her mom and nothing was going to get her off script...

...and, in conclusion, the final three categories will be:


 Cinema Verite

Downton Abbey

The Kennedys

Mildred Pierce

The Pillars of the Earth

Too Big to Fail

This year the TV Academy lumped together into one category the TV movies and the miniseries – and, some argue, a series, what with PBS announcing “Downton Abbey” is coming back for a second season. TV industry Mayan calendar experts forecast a “Mildred Pierce” win.



Boardwalk Empire


Friday Night Lights

Game of Thrones

The Good Wife

Mad Men


“Mad Men” has won the past three years – every year in which it has been nominated. If it wins again tonight, it will join the Best Drama Series Club whose members are “Hill Street Blues,” “L.A. Law” and “The West Wing” – all with 4 wins in this derby. 





The Big Bang Theory


Modern Family

The Office

Parks and Recreation

30 Rock


“Modern Family” won last year; “Modern Family” will win this year, say TV industry Ouija Board readers.

Winner of best miniseries or movie: "Downton Abbey"...love that surprise.. FYI Fellowes is thanking NBC because NBC Universal produced.

Best drama series winner: "Mad Men" -- again..So Weiner is gonna get to make his speech after all. Fasten your seatbelts....

In fairness Weiner's speech is very gracious to his writing staff and cast, etc. Packs some punch because it's unexpected.. I give it an 8.


Well, if Weiner wanted to get back to work, why make outrageous salary demands? They needed to cut costs to accommodate his gigantic salary, and he fought them on it, pretending it wasn't because of him. Oy.

Hey, he was heartfelt, you can't expect him to also be accurate....

Am I projecting, or was the collective reaction of the Emmy crowd basically one big shrug to Mad Men's win for best drama? (I like the show, but I loathe Matt Weiner.)

..especially after the stunning "Downton Abbey" win...

I think the Emmy votes love British programming more than HBO tonight,

"Downton Abbey" deserved to win.

Gweneth Paltrow presenting award for best comedy series only teleprompter goes down so, because she's no good off-script,  she has nothing to say except: here are nominees for best comedy series. Modern Family wins again. Levitan, nicely, thanks the kids on the show, saying "Modern Family was "This close to being animated, that 's how much we did not want to work with kids" but the kids on the show are great...

Thanks for joining me. If you've the strength, please join Emily and me for the post Emmy chat tomorrow, when we will have had time to figure out what this all means... it's at 11:30 a.m. ET.



Thanks to you and Paul and Emily. Once again, this was a lot of fun. Basically, if the show sucks, we all complain about that. If the show is good, we complain about how boring it is. Tonight kinda sorta got the right blend. It was a roller coaster, but it was a semi-decent ride.

"Semi-decent" is a good way to describe the show, for sure...thanks for joining!

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