Jul 08, 2010

Post TV Columnist Lisa de Moraes discusses the snubs, shoo-ins and closest calls from the 2010 Emmy Award nominations.

Do you think Fallon will mention Conan's nomination over both Jay and Dave?

Hi. Well, it's the presenters who will list the nominees, not the show host.  (Conan's "Tonight Show" got nominated for best variety series but Leno's did not, nor did Letterman's CBS show. Jimmy Fallon is hosting this year's Emmycast which is on NBC which will only be sort of embarrassed when he wins and gets up on stage to give his acceptance speech.....

Hi Lisa, Two part-er. Will all the fab actors and actresses from Modern Family in the comedic acting categories cancel each other out?

In my opinion, Modern Family is certainly the best comedy on right now, but I think Glee will win the Emmy. Am I right (on either or both counts)?

I think Ty Burrell or Eric Stonestreet have a good chance of winning -- oh, and since I got about 3 hours sleep because I had to be out at TV academy headquarters before the roosters got up (or whatever it is farmers say when they have to get up really early) I think it's only fair I not be held responsible for any hideously wrong name spellings on this chat, kay? Meanwhile, did you know the roads in LA at 4:30 a.m. are as clear as they are in Washington when the traffic experts show those pictures of empty roads in the dark in our market's crop of 4:30 a.m. news shows?

If NPH gets robbed of an Emmy this year I think you need to start your own awards ceremony Lisa. We could give out little stick figure statues with removable sunglasses so all the winners can have a little David Caruso in their homes.

He should have been nominated for best trophy show host and/or opening act, but sadly, the TV academy, in its trophy show, eliminated the category in which trophy show hosts used to compete. Interestingly, they did not eliminate the category that trophy show directors and producers can compete in and, really, who cares about them?

Why wasn't "My Boys" nominated for an Emmy, and who else was left off? "South Park" provided some of the richest social commentary of any program on the air. Did it receive a nomination?

One of my favorite nominations is the one that's been given to "South Park" for the two censored episodes. Given that Comedy Central, um, CENSORED the episodes, and Matt and Trey complained loud and long about how Comedy Central ruined them by censoring them, I'd like to know who submitted these episodes for Emmy consideration? And will the TV academy shower Comedy Central with Emmys for having censored two episodes? In case anyone's forgotten, the 200th and 201st episode were the ones CC censored because network suits were too afraid to show an animated character in a bear costume that viewers had been led to believe was Muhammad, but which actually turned out to be Santa Clause hiding in a bear costume

It's about time Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton got recognized for their stellar work in the show! That's all.

It's okay -- I'll let it go...

What's your take on Conan's nom and Jay's non-nom? Did Conan get nominated for a specific episode? If so, that totally makes sense because he was great when he was mocking himself and NBC...

Once he knew he was toast he was great -- too bad he wasn't that good for the other 6.5 months. I'm a big Conan fan but he never seemed comfortable in the bigger show and it was sooo jammed full of shilling for NBC Universal which was totally off-brand for him. Jay's non-nom is non-surprising -- especially since Letterman did not get a nom either. And, let's face it, odds are "the Daily Show" will win this derby again, like it has the past 7 years...

Are they finally going to give him the Emmy already? Or is he Primetime's Susan Lucci?

Oh golly, I was afraid someone was going to say that. We cannot usse Neil Patrick Harris's name in the same sentence as Susan Lucci -- it's bad luck....

FINALLY some nominations for this fantastic series- I'm thrilled for Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. I believe Zach Gilford also deserved a nomination. What gets me, though, is that the whole gosh-darned amazing SHOW has not been nominated for Best Drama ONCE. I'm not a huge tv fan in general, but this show is fantastic. The fact that the series has, as of yet, not been recognized really makes me not give too much credence to the Emmy Awards at all.

Shouldn't you be dancing the happy dance? If you do not give too much credence to the Emmy Awards, does that mean you do not think much of Chandler and Britton's noms? This comment is giving me whiplash. Are you angry or happy? I need to know these things....

Only in the entertainment world would a trophy show giving out awards for best trophy show not be considered a conflict of interest, apparently.

Which is why we love the entertainment industry. It's so unabashedly shameless. Kind of liberating, don't you think?

I can't believe she wasn't nominated again. Seacrest? Really?

they none of them can hold a candle to Tom Bergeron and that includes perennial winner Jeff Probst. Do you have any idea what Ryan Seacrest would have done had a competitor passed out on stage at his feet. He would have gotten the vapors and started giggling hysterically....and try to imagine Cat Deeley deadling with Mama Gosselin. The mind reels...

What are the odds for Lost victories, especially Matthew Fox and Best Drama?

the track record for shows winning best-series trophies in their final seasons is not great. Generally that's because shows are pretty bad by their final seasons -- cough -- "24" -- cough. But in this case I think academy members have been sufficiently frightened by Lost's rabid fans and so the show stands a pretty good chance.

Why did they get rid of this category? It pretty consistently nominated big stars. Isn't that good for ratings?

Ah, you've discovered the too-dumb-to-live paradox of the Emmy category committee. They leave in categories that put us to sleep but take out ones that might get us to watch...

Didn't Monk end like two years ago? Are the Emmys just that accustomed to always nominating him?

I think it died in December though, yes, it seems like a lifetime ago...Now, let's talk about that finale episode. You have to admit, if star Shalhoub got all those wins for all those other years, you have to concede the final episode in which he solved his wife's murder was pretty strong stuff...

Are there any on-the-edge-of-cancellation shows that will be salvaged as a result on the nominations? Or does no one really care about these awards, other than the recipients?

 Head of programming at ABC. Do executives count too? ABC had a good time today -- most particularly "Modern Family" but it's not their only success story and ABC logged overall the second most noms of any network -- 63 -- behind HBO's 101. Which, yes, I know is a big gap, but 24 of them are for the Ooh-Steven-Spielberg-and-Tom-Hanks -Produced-Another-WWII miniseries, "The Pacific" and the broadcast network's don't even play the longform game any more. 

Are you going to take a nap after this chat is over since you had to be up so early this morning?

I am so caffeinated I may go run a half marathon when this is over, or re-organize my closet, which would be harder....

is an Amazon goddess. Can't we give an award to her for that?

She was a very pleasant chatter for us once also.

That I'll give you....but she's no Tom Bergeron. I've said it before and I'll say it again...

I hope Bryan Cranston. wins He is a genius at subtlety, and anyone who can play both a meth dealer and Hal from "Malcolm in the Middle" is pretty versatile. Not quite as extreme as Hugh Laurie's range of numbskull nincompoop royal in "Black Adder" to sardonically brilliant American doctor in "House."

But he won last year and the year before that and I think that's enough. If they don't  hand out a whole lot trophies to new shows and new people  this year, this show is goign to tank in the ratings. It's already got two strikes against it: it's airing on NBC and it's been moved to August 29 to make room for NFL. And, making matters worse, this is the last year on the academy's contract with the broadcast networks to take turns airing it. If it does not do a good number, the broadcast networks could dump it and then it will be a show that mostly honors cable programs AND that airs on a cable network. In other words, the CableAce Awards!

Why not a single nomination for BROTHERS & SISTERS. It's hokey, but still some great dramatic performances from Sally, Rachel Griffiths and Ron Rifkin.

"Brothers and Sisters," "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy" all got snubbed in a big way -- and they're all ABC shows. I take back what I said about this being a good year for ABC....On the bright side, it means Katherine Heigl did not get that hoped for nomination for best supporting actress in a drama series. For which we are thankful.

Who votes for the final Emmy award and is there shameless promotion for the show like there are for the Oscars? I am thinking of old Oscar voters who get DVDs of movies so that don't have to leave their mansions to see what has been nominated.

The cable networks spend the equivalent of the GNP of a third world country marketing their noms to Emmy voters. Pay cablers are particularly agressive, though I think networks like FX are closing in on that honor.

I've had a chance to look through all the nominations, and one word is completely missing: "Community."

How does the best new comedy of the year get completely skunked across all categories?

I think Joel McHale said it best this morning when he had read off the names of nominees and was informed on national TV, by the academy's CEO that  he had not bee nominated -- which he already knew since he and Sophia Vergara had already read the names of the nominees for best lead actor in a comedy series -- and McHale told the CEO "I phoned it in" in re his performance. That was the first genuinely, inadvertently hilarious moment I've think I've ever seen in an Emmy noms unveiling ceremony...

You mean like Best Performance as a Materialistic Skank or Macho Lunkhead in a Reality Series?

I mean like:

Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Special :

 Bill Maher "But I'm Not Wrong"

"Hope For Haiti Now"

"The Kennedy Center Honors"

 "Robin Williams: Weapons Of Self Destruction"

"The 25th Anniversary Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Concert"

"Wanda Sykes: I'ma Be Me"

Don't they (the Emmy powers-that-be) usually choose announcers who are (individually or at least with their shows) likely to be nominated for something? Sophia V. got it by way of "Modern Family," but Joel got nothing. Was the snubbing of "Community" a surprise? (I love Joel and both his shows, but didn't really expect him/them to be nominated -- so I thought it was odd they would put him up there in that case.)

They usually try to have someone from the network that is going to broadcast the Emmy show and this year it's NBC. They could have gone with Alec Baldwin, Steve Carell, Tina Fey or Amy Poehler who were shoo-ins for nomination, but I'm guessing they all thought they were too important for the gig. McHale gets high marks for being a good sport. And, of course I'm thinking NBC picked/asked him, in order to plug his show. Which is a good thing, right?

There...it's now an official LdM chat. 

July 25 is a-comin'.

Oh golly, I'm glad you remembered!

How is it that "Cougar Town" got NO Emmy love? I know people hate the name but that is a SOLID show. It's laugh out loud funnier than "Modern Family" many times. Sigh... The Emmys are just like the Nielsen ratings, tired and out of date!

Neither "Cougar Town" nor "The Middle" got nominated and both ABC shows deserved to have been feted in some way. I like both shows. There -- I've said it!

Ed Harris, snubbed. Unbelievable. That is all.

Do you mean Ed O'Neill? He's like the only adult cast member from "Modern Family" who did not get nominated and, if that's who you are talking about, you are right. It's unbelievable. But then, the academy snubbed him every year he was on "Married...with Children."

Hi Lisa -- What the biggest surprise in this morning nominations? Biggest omission? Most deserving? And please...Tony Shaloub? He hasn't he won like five? I know he's nice guy and a great actor, but how about giving the slot to someone else?

Biggest surprise to me is that someone connected to "South Park" -- either the network or the creators -- submitted those two censored episodes of  "South Park" and then the academy gave them noms. Since when is the TV Academy in the business of showering networks with Emmys for censoring programs? And why would Comedy Central submit an episode it thought was so problematic it censored it? Likewise why would Matt and Trey submit the two-part episode after blasting the network for wrecking it by censoring it. I was surprised more people did not pick up on this today... it's very very strange...

His peers are never going to like him; they turned their backs on him for the noms, and I didn't hear much support for him during the Second Late Night War. Is he still paying for jobbing Dave out of the Tonight Show spot, or is this just self-perpetuating hate, lobbed at a pretty big target?

America likes Jay -- it's just Hollywood that does not...

She got an Emmy nomination, Y'aaaallllll! Woo hoo! Can I console the actor who plays Riggins for his snub?

Now that's more like it! "Friday Night Lights" fans should be elated today....

I yield to no one in my admiration for the fantastic Elizabeth Mitchell, but I wish she had been nominated for her fantastic body of work through seasons 3-5 of Lost rather than sneaking her in the back door with a best guest actress nomination. That wasn't her best work of the series by far. That being said, I hope she wins. And where was John Noble for Fringe?

I totally agree, in re Mitchell... and Noble, who plays crazy like nobody's business...

Lisa, as a Conan fan I'm thrilled over his four Emmy nominations. You indicate that you were at the Emmy announcement--what was the general reaction towards these nominations?

Before they started announcing the noms, some disembodied voice got on the intercom system and told us in the audience to feel free to applaud and hoot and holler if we were excited about hearing any names nominated. But it was mostly polite applause. Until, that is, they announced Conan's nom and got to the end of the late night competition list and Jay's name had not been read. Everyone gasped. It was great.

Do you think that Conan will show up for the Emmy awards show on NBC? Was the nomination really about how will Conan did on "The Tonight Show"? Thanks.

You betcha he will show up -- especially since the show is being broadast on NBC this year. I hope he wins because he will have one humdinger of an acceptance speech...

Did she have a shot at a nomination for Grey's Anatomy? So is her not getting a nod revenge by the nominators for her comments a year or so ago, or is it just par for the course?

I like to think it's about the fact that she only appeared in seven episodes of the show before bailing and, if you saw those episodes, she appeared to be phoning it in. Like Joel McHale said he did on "Community."

How could The Big Bang Theory not get a nomination for Best Comedy? 30 Rock and The Office? Come on, what year is this. I hope moving the geeks to Thursdays destroys what is left of NBC's "Must See" un-funny comedies!

Yes, it's just wrong. But Big Bang is on CBS and the academy loves ignoring CBS scripted shows almost as much as it loved ignoring WB entirely during its lifetime...

Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Emmys. Now I definitely won't watch. Can't imagine watching an evening of self satisfied Jimmy sniggering at his own lame jokes. I like deadpan - which this guy is incapable of.

I wish they would have done co-hosts -- like they did at this year's Oscars --  and had Brian Williams do it with Fallon. I love watching the two of them slow jam the news...

They are so protective of their little watched, critically (though not Emmy)-acclaimed shows. Their sense of superiority is downright oft putting. I think I would actually like both shows, but the fans kill it for me. (Kind of like the TV-version of the Red Sox.)

That is the best description of "Arrested Development" and "FNL"  I have ever read! You made my day...

Am I correct in thinking that HBO didn't fare very well -- what True Blood and CYE only? I'm kind of glad. I've never been comfortable with shows that have no time limits and commercials, not to mention FCC restrictions on language and nudity, to be running against shows broadcast over the air. Does the Academy somehow weight it nominations accordingly, or do you think the voters are smart enough to factor in the disparity?

Good grief no! But why should they be any smarter than TV critics, who constantly blast broadcasters for not being as "creative" as cable networks...

Lisa, so it looks like Hollywood is applauding sexual diversity which is good. But I was amazed that not one African American was nominated in a major category. Vanessa Williams of Ugly Betty, Chandra Wilson of Grey's, Tracy Morgan of 30 Rock. Yes, there is a Hispanic and an East Indian, both of whom are OUTSTANDING in their performances in Modern Family and Good Wife respectively, but it was such a glaring slap in the face.

The actors you have mentioned have been nominated in the past but not this year.  Vanessa Williams was nominated the past three years, Chandra Wilson was nominated the past four years, and Tracy Morgan was nominated last year.  I like to think that people get judged based on their performances.

Is his nomination hurt by the fact that he's the bright light in an otherwise lousy show that's outlived what charm it may once have had?

well, when you put it that way -- yes..

Do you think potential nominee's that live in CA actually get up so early to see if they were nominated or do they wait until their agent calls and wakes them up with the news?

They all always claim they slept through it because they totally forgot it was nominations day and they were soooooo surprised to get the call from their agent, manager/personal trainer/whatever letting them know they were nominted. I think last year Jessica Lange said when she got the call she was in her cabin in Minnesota or some such far-flung place, and thought the call was some guy she was waiting to hear from about the problem she was having with bats in her cabin. I never heard if anybody actually swallowed that hooey...

"But he won last year and the year before that and I think that's enough." But shouldn't the best always win no matter what? I believe in meritocracy. If Cranston is the best every year, he should win every year. We shouldn't blame our boredom of seeing him win on his talent - it's the fault of others for not being as good. Why punish him?

You are so sweet -- don't ever change! Sadly, this trophy show, like all others, is a business. The TV Academy makes a large chunk of its annual budget off the license fee the networks pay it for the trophy show. Unlike the Academy Awards, which is deadling with a new crop of movies every year which makes it more interesting, the Emmys deal with the same shows over and over again. And if enough of the winners are the same, year after year -- last year's show, for instance was a virtually rerun of the year before that -- viewers will not watch. Because Hollywood actors believe we are riveted when they regale us with stories of their undying  gratitude toward their agents. And while I'm as fascinated as the next gal, once I've heard the agent thanked one year, I don't need to hear them thanked a second, third and fourth year. I can do laundry instead...You see the problem, I'm sure.

Trotting Joel McHale out at 5:30am pacific for the chance to announce that there would be no Emmy nominations for himself, Community, or The Soup, then that little bit at the end about "oh, I'm sure you'll get an Emmy one day"? He looked less than happy, and I don't blame him. Good on him for trying to maintain a bit of humor.

I agree and can we start a petition to get that Academy CEO banned from the show forever. He ought to be ashamed of himself for having mentioned that he once "designed a pilot" or something like that, for McHale, then flirting with Vergara -- ick, ick, ick -- then rubbing it in that McHale did not get a nomination, which we already knew and saying patronizingly that if McHale works hard,  he's sure McHale will get his Emmy nom some day. Personally, if I had been McHale I would have tied his shoelaces together...

... is whether Jordana Spiro will be nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy and/or "My Boys" will be nominated for Most Awesome Show in the Time-Space Continuum. What are the odds?

I think "My Boys" has already won the Time-Space Continuum trophy, hasn't it? I know it has in my universe...

Very happy that "Mad Men" got so many nominations. I am surprised that January Jones was nominated. I thought she was the weakest link in Season One but she's gradually grown on me and I think she's improved as the seasons have progressed.

If Jon Hamm doesn't win this year, he never will. His performances in the last three episodes alone make him worthy. Plus, he's prettier than Bryan Cranston. Doesn't that count for something?

It certainly will when I am made Queen of the TV Academy. I promise...

Do you get a vote for the Emmy? What award show do critics votes count?

No, The Reporters Who Cover Television do not get to vote at Emmy time and thank god for that, I say because if they did "Chuck"  and "The Wire" would win every category. Gak! TV critics have their own trophy ceremony, the TV Critics Association awards, and they are handed out at the summer press tour which this year starts in late July. I cover it every year. It's a hoot. Usually not on purpose, but a hoot nonetheless. I'm out of time and my closet is crying out to be re-organized. Thank for joining me. Bye.

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