What does 11/11/11 mean to you? Anything?

Nov 11, 2011

11/11/11. It's not a serial number. It's today's date. And Monica Hesse wants to know what it means to you, if anything at all.

What's your lucky dates or numbers? Why?

Can you make an 11 word story? Submit your best effort and let's discuss them here.

11/11/11 won't be back again, so let's have fun with it. This is your chat.

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Post your #11wordstories on Twitter with the hashtag. Some will be retweeted by @WashingtonPost!

Welcome to the 11/11/11 chat at 11:11. Please put on your superstition hats, grab your crystals, and pretend that this hour is soundtracked by Enya. Or Yanni.

Even among numerologists -- who find meaning in all numbers, 11 has some special significance, which I talk about in a piece that ran today. Latest news: The Egypotian pyramids are closed today, because of fear that groups would attempt to hold spiritual ceremonies there.

Today let's talk about lucky numbers, magic dates, meaningful markers, and anything else related to 11s. I shall take precisely 11 questions. Unless we just can't stop talking.

The one day where we can't be confused, no matter how you write your dates. (I'm looking at you Europe)

I know! All of humanity is bonded, except for the humanity that follows, say, some non-Gregorian Orthodox calendar.

(Dates made up entirely of ones and zeros.) It's the last one of this century. Digital days probably weren't celebrated nearly as much in previous centuries, so this would be a modern holiday.

It only works if we ignore the "20" part of 2011. Which I am totally willing to do, by the way. Happy nerd day!

She found him, He found her, and they lived happily everafter. Corn, but 11 words.

I see how you combined everafter into one word. Sneaky. I'll allow it.

I am a bit number crazed, though probably not as fanatic as some, so I appreciate the article and the chat, but my real question is would you consider opening your facebook page for subscriptions? I always enjoy your chats, so thanks!

Oh, thanks! Why don't you just friend me on Facebook? I'm not fancy enough to have a page with subscriptions.

I was born at 11:11 am and my Grandfather's license plate, from years ago, was 1111 (he got it by pure choice, although it was a farm commercial plate). I don't know what that means, but I thought I would share it.

I don't know what it means, either. Something, though. I think we can all agree it means something.

Does anyone else have an affinity or relationship with a certain set of numbers?

11/11/11 11:11:11

Did you know that "hendekaphile" is currently a Googlenope? It gets precisely zero hits (though maybe it will get one after this chat). I even tried an alternate spelling -- hendecaphile -- but Google suggested that I meant "Handicap hole."

of how we choose to measure time. It means nothing more than 5/18/78.

I hope that 5/18/78 is your birthday. In which case it would be very meaningful for, say, your mother.

harry potter waved his wand, and the sparkly vampires disappeared forever from @MeeshSparks

I love this. It will not stop me, however, from seeing Breaking Dawn next week.

I hate 11/11/11. I am still writing 10/10/10 on my checks.

Really, why bother learning the dates? They always change the next day.

Today you wrote about religion and 11/11/11.  Can you talk about the religious meanings behind the numbers?

It depends on what religion you're talking about. There are references to 11 in the Bible, for example: The 11 sons of Jacob, the 11th Hour referenced in the book of Matthew. But there are references to several numbers in the Bible.

What I was referring to were less specic religious references, and more general spiritual ones. To people who believe in numerology, 11 is a strong number because it's a "master" number, meaning that it has the qualities of its two 1's, but intensified.

nope - entirely meaningless day. Just like today.


I feel left out and snubbed because this chat started at 10:11am.

Just thing of how the people in Australia feel about this chat.

It's my boyfriend's 30th birthday today! Also now it's 11:22. That means it's almost lunch time! (Mmmm 11/11/11 lunch).

If your boyfriend was turning 33, and it was 11:22, that would be better.

Does 11/11/11 mean anyting to me? Let's see, 11 means November. OK, the November rent is now due. I have 12 days to put it without a late fee. Ok, yes, the day means something to me afterall. Thank you for reminding me.

Excellent. I am glad we have helped you find the meaning.

I hate this. Being dyslexic, I keep writing 11/11/11 instead of 11/11/11/

As long as you're remembering to do forward slashes instead of backslashes, you are totally fine.

The most desperate women will be the ones getting married on 12/12/12. Last chance.

Desperate -women?- And just who do you think they'll be marrying, Good Sir?

I was reading your last discussion, and I realized that we have several similar interests. We both like to read trashy magazines in fancy restaurants and we both like banana ice cream. I also feel very guilty as I fear I may have been the person who gave you Palhinthinstra. In return, I'd like to someone take you take a fancy restaurant for some Chunky Monkey ice cream. I am a widower and not married, so this is not too weird. Although, I will have to admit, I am old enough to be your father, so unless you have father figure issues, you probably wouldn't want to be seen with me. Plus, I am a little leary of young women with father figure issues. It usually means buying lots of expensive gifts but no more because, well, that would be weird because, well, I am like their father. Although, some then say they've been bad and want to be spanked, but that's proably too much information. Yes, I realize you have your own life, and this would only be a cyberdate. So, please feel free to imagine we are on a cyberdate at a fancy restaurant eating Chunky Monkey ice cream and reading Us Weekly. Enjoy yourself. Just let the cyber me down easily at the end.

This is the weirdest invitation I will get all day!

I am posting it because those of you who have bumbled by this 11/11 chat accidentally may not realize that I chat every Wednesday at 2 pm, ostensibly about the Internet, but really about a whole parcel of things, including the best ice cream flavors (banana, peppermint), the best reading material for fancy restaurants, and the best names for fake illnesses (Palhinthinstra). And so all of you, all of you should come and stop by.

And of course we can go on a cyberlunch. It's a good thing, too, because the cafeteria is disastrous today.

You are over 11 questions. We appreciate your not allowing yourself to fall to convention.

I lost count. What are we at? 14? Ish?

They'll be marrying desperate men, of course.

Or lucky men. When two desperate people find each other and fall in love, there's a good chance that they stop being desperate people.

I, of course, am only joking and sending in humor. Yet, desperate women have been known to find men. We men are easily fooled. In fact, I have a friend who refuses to date any woman aged 28 or 29, because he theorizes that they are in a panic to marry before they are 30. I, of course, think he's wrong and he should judge people according to how they are. So, in sum, after all that rambling, I have no idea who the desperate women are. People are people, and each should be judged according to who they are, in my opinion. I know different people put getting married in different priorities. To me, to each their own, and don't judge others.

Your friend's anti-28/29 rule is completely arbitrary and diabolical. Why do I find myself strangely intrigued by the mind that would come up with such preposterous logic?

...is a GREAT song by Living Colour.

Thank you.

You are at 18 questions when I sent this in.

That seems like an appropriate closing point, no?

I think that's all for now. Happy 11/11/11, all. Hope that I see you on Wednesday, 11/16, which will also be a very special day.

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