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Mar 31, 2010

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Trade up for Sam Bradford? Pick Jimmy Clausen in the first round? Pick Tim Tebow in the first round? Pick any quarterback in the first round? With the draft three weeks away, there is plenty of grist for the Redskins' rumor mill.
Eschew the quarterback in the first round, I say! Eschew it! Sam Bradford has injury issues. Jimmy Clausen is recommended by Vinny Cerrato. Tim Tebow is not a first-round pick. And this team has more needs than a kid at Christmas. Go on, tell me I'm wrong.

With all the talk of upcoming QB workouts and Shanahan visiting some of the top QB's in the draft, should I be worried that we may not go LT (Okung) with our first pick since I have yet to hear Reid, Shanahan, or any credible sources link him to the Redskins?

Good morning, everyone! Let's jump right in.

This is a good question: Is all the QB talk just a smokescreen? There is so much gamesmanship surrounding the draft, and the new leadership at Redskins Park is not very communicative. If you are going to look at every QB in the draft, then I think that indicates an interest in a QB. But then again, they might look and say "Bradford's the only one we want, we aren't going to pay the price to move up, so forget it."

I personally hope they do not use the first round pick on a QB.

Can the Redskins fix their offensive line and draft a franchise QB in the same year?

I think the answer to that is yes if you've got a good draft board. Some good offensive linemen have been picked in the later rounds. However, that's more of a crapshoot than grabbing a couple of good linemen early. I'd rather see them draft an OL higher than expected than draft a "franchise quarterback" who spends next season flat on his back because he can't get protection. Seems like the classic "cart before the horse" scenario.

What's wrong with the old "best player available on the board" drafting strategy? If, for instance, Bradford is gone and the Lions have snatched Okung by the time the Redskins pick, why not take the best player available (Suh, McCoy, Berry) rather than a guy like Clausen who isn't in anybody's top-ten list of best players?

That would be my inclination. I'd grab Suh at No. 4 is he's available, period, then use the second-rounder on a lineman. Drafting Claussen No. 4 would, I think, be one of those draft picks that people will still be talking about 10 years from now ... for all the wrong reasons.

So if you could go back in time, would you rather have Orakpo and the #4 pick this year or Chad Ochocinco? Sure, he's no better than a #2 receiver now, but he's expensive and bad for team chemistry...

Oh, Orakpo, no question. Love Orakpo. There are enough head cases still remaining on the roster.

If Bradford gets picked before the Redskins at #4 do you think they would trade down to pick up extra picks? They could still pickup a solid offensive lineman like Trent Williams later in the first round and add some quality young depth as well with more picks.

It depends on how much someone wants that No. 4 pick. It takes two to tango and you need a trade partner who wants one guy specifically and wants to move up, but it can't be one of the top 3 guys. So that's a pretty specialized area to deal in. If you get lucky and someone wants that pick, you can really make hay with a group of lower picks. Draft a bunch of linemen, put 'em in the weight room and see what happens.

How will the Rams' financial situation affect their decision at the top of the draft? By all accounts, they aren't rolling in money and they've had to shell out a lot of money the past two years for #2 picks. Will this make it more likely they want to trade out of #1?

I think their need for Bradford is too great to trade the pick. (I still have my doubts about him as a No. 1 pick, too; am I the only one? I'm sure he looks good throwing but his problem is taking a hit.)

If Bradford falls to No 4., 'Skins should trade down with Cleveland, who needs a QB and has lots of draft picks.

That's a perfect example of using the No. 4 pick the right way. I would be surprised if Bradford fell. Right now he's being touted as the Next Manning Brother.

Hi T,

Should the Skins draft Myron Rolle? He's not going to have a problem learning the playbook and LaRon "what's that behind me?" Landry could use some help.

The Skins should draft someone to help LaRon Landry, that's for darn sure. It'll be interesting to see if the new regime is as high on Landry as the old one was.

I was wondering if, from your impressions, Shanahan is the kind of guy that believes he MUST have a certain QB, or the kind of guy that believes there are 3-4 QBs in the draft he can mold into Pro-Bowlers? If he's the latter, I'd think he'd be looking to trade down rather than up, is that a fair guess?

I'm afraid I don't know Shanahan well enough to read the tea leaves on that. I do think most coaches have a specific checklist of what they're looking for and there may not be 3-4 guys on the board who hit all the marks. Is Shanahan a guy who believes he can turn anyone into an NFL quarterback? That I doubt. Then again, the Skins thought Patrick Ramsey and Heath Shuler could be NFL quarterbacks. Delusions are a wonderful thing.

Noticed on Redskins Insider today a brief overview of the Skins picks when in the top 10 of the draft.

Why is the Wash Post and most of the DC sports media sidestepping the greatest irony and bust of past Redskins first round picks -- the fiasco of Gibbs and Snyder giving up 3 picks in 2005 for Jason Campbell (2 of 3 eventually in the probowl, Cutler and Brandon Marshall).

And the irony? The downside of course is that Campbell hasn't come close to the Pro Bowl game unless he bought tickets. And these valuable picks were dealt to the same person that is selecting for the Skins this year, Shanahan.

Why is the Post afraid of this great story of a 1st round deal gone really bad and its underlying irony?

Thanks, love your columns.

Well, you make a good point. That was a lot to give up for Jason Campbell, who is a middle-of-the-pack quarterback, no question. But compared to the guys I mentioned about, Patrick Ramsey and Heath Shuler, he's Peyton Manning. It was a bad move, probably, but they've done worse things with their draft picks.

Heath Shuler. I'll never get over that one.

Why is there no discussion of using both the 1st and 2nd round to draft two tackles? I am very hopbileful Okung is the selection at #4, which would stabalize the LT position for a decade. The #37 selection should allow for a very high quality RT to be selected. (sorry - Heyer is questionable to be on an NFL oster, much less a starter). aloha, Todd

I think I answered a similar question earlier, but I do agree; this is a great opportunity to pick up a couple of linemen who could play right away. God knows they need them. I like Heyer, but he's more suited to a backup role. I think he would play at a higher level if he wasn't playing every snap.

I like Billy.

I like Sonny.

(This made me laugh)

Any chance the Redskins bring Colt McCoy to DC? Please?!

I believe there is a "one Colt per franchise" rule. Seriously, can you imagine the Skins cornering the market on guys named Colt?

I don't think you want to put Colt McCoy behind the current line. Not sure he would make it through the preseason.

As much as I like the idea of trading down to stockpile picks, that usually happens when there's somebody (usually a QB like last year with the Jets and Sanchez) that a team "has to" get.

Teams know that the draft is a numbers game of hits and misses (well, teams other than the Redskins, anyway) and don't want to blow up their draft just to get one guy.

The Rams can't pass on a QB, so Bradford will go #1, no team is going to leap to #4 to get Jimmy Clausen, so the Redskins will be stuck at 4. I'm hoping they grab a left tackle who plays in the league for a decade, but fear that Jimmy Clausen is on his way to DC. Just my 2 cents...

Agree about trading down; good points. Your Clausen despair is noted for the record. You're not alone.

Shanahan's Sneak QB Pick? Jevan Snead?? He is moving up fast on the Boards.

If Shanahan has a "sneak pick" in his pocket -- if he's identified a less-coveted QB that he thinks he can mold -- I will fall a little in love. Snead could be that guy for someone. Risky though.

What is the chance of the Redskins getting Tim Tebow?

I don't think you can pick Tim Tebow at No. 4. I also think he might get picked late in the first round by some team that's just bowled over by his Tebow-ness. I would be surprised to see him picked by the Skins. But I wouldn't say it can't happen.

How likely do you think it is that Washington trades up to get Bradford?

I'm sorry, I know there are the health concerns, but let's hope that this is the highest the team picks under Shanahan. Since he experienced his two Super Bowl wins with John Elway, don't you think if a guy who MIGHT have the tools to make his offense reach it's full potential (accuracy, smarts, high football IQ) is reachable that you go get him?

If the deal the Giants gave for Eli Manning is what is necessary to get Bradford, I would pull that deal in a heartbeat. What do you think?

I don't think this team can afford to trade picks. If they could package some players for the pick, fine, but trading away draft picks seems to go against The Plan, so I'd be surprised if they did.

But again, they are playing things so close to the vest that I am preparing myself to be surprised.

How can we get Ted Leonisis to buy the Skins?

Ha! Let's see if he can fix the Wizards first. (I think he can.)

That's a good place to stop. Thanks, everyone, for all the good questions. Let's do it again tomorrow!

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