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March 17, 2011

'Top Chef All-Stars' analysis (video)

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Total Responses: 7

About the topic

'Top Chef All-Stars' analysis (video)

Food editor Joe Yonan and deputy editor Bonnie Benwick dissect this week's episode of Bravo's 'Top Chef All-Stars'.
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About the hosts

About the host

Joe Yonan

Joe Yonan is the editor of the Food section, where he also writes occasional feature stories and the monthly Cooking for One column. He is the author of "Serve Yourself: Nightly Adventures in Cooking for One," which will be published in spring 2011.

Bonnie Benwick

Bonnie Benwick is the deputy editor of the Food section

About the topic

Food editor Joe Yonan and deputy editor Bonnie Benwick dissect this week's episode of Bravo's 'Top Chef All-Stars'.

And the poor sport award goes to...

I couldn't believe how rude Isabella and Blais were when they lost the Quickfire to Antonia and Tiffany. No handshake, not even a perfunctory "good job" -- they just stood there. I know this is a competition but come on -- man up and try to show just a teensy bit of class.

Sweet potato noodles

Oh my. That sounds good, don'tcha think?


As much as I think Tiffany seems like a lovely person, I was thrilled when I heard Padma say her hame last night. I had this terrible feeling she would slide by again! Do you think, after watching this season and seeing multiple people with multiple wins (hello Carla!) get sent home, while someone who rides in the middle gets by, illustrates that the show needs to do something differently to prevent this? Do you think they should take into account how you performed the rest of the season? There were other examples this season too- such as the other tiffany- among others. PS Love this chat! Will you be doing Top Chef Masters?
Joe Yonan :


– March 17, 2011 11:39 AM

Padma in a bathing suit

Why? I mean she looked great- but why did she need to be in heels and a two piece holding onto the side of the boat- just to tell them to get on the boat. I was hoping she would go diving for conch with them. Wouldn't that be a trip? Anyways, I'm just wondering why they did that-- for male viewers? For Mike Issabella? For some ex boyfriend that she wants to show she went back to her pre baby body? I just couldn't figure it out-- but someone give me her trainers number!

Blais' cockiness

I loved Blais during his first season, but this season he seems considerably less appealing. Endearingly bad swimming skills aside, does he seem excessively cocky this season? Was there a lot of talk that Stephanie's victory in Chicago was a major upset? It certainly doesn't seem like one in comparison to what's-his-name who won last season.

The meal of your life

If it's true that the finals are two chefs cooking the meal of their life, I'm wondering that you guys would cook if you were a finalist. What's the meal of YOUR life?

Next week's judges

Wolfgang Puck and Morimoto I understand, but Michelle Bernstein? One of these things is not like the other.