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August 11, 2011

Strasburg recovery, Harper behavior: Dan Steinberg video Q&A

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Total Responses: 15

About the topic

Strasburg recovery, Harper behavior: Dan Steinberg video Q&A

Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog answereded reader questions and discussed the hottest topics on the D.C. sports scene.
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About the hosts

About the host

Host: Dan Steinberg

Dan Steinberg

Washington Post staff writer and D.C. Sports Bogger.


About the topic

Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog answereded reader questions and discussed the hottest topics on the D.C. sports scene.


Welcome to the chat. 

Today's topics: Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, the Redskins ... and whatever else you ask about.


Note: We'll do this every week, but the day and time will vary based on the news.  Watch the Bog and my Twitter


And please feel free to post follow-up questions while the chat is live. The producer will be watching for good questions. 


Bryce Harper's temper

Topic 1: Bryce Harper has made news by getting ejected in a mminor-league game Wednesday. What have we learned about Harper, and should Nationals fans be concerned about his apparent temper? 


Stephen Strasburg's recovery

Topic 2: Stephen Strasburg makes his next rehab start Friday night at Class-A Potomac. Ex-pitchers Curt Schilling and Rob Dibble have said they think the Nationals are rushing him back from Tommy John surgery. Is this fair? Again, should Nats fans be concerned?


Redskins preseason game vs. Steelers

Topic 3: The Washington Redskins open the preseason Friday at home vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. What should Redskins fans be watching? Can you -- unlike Rex Grossman -- help set reasonable expectations for the game and the upcoming season?


Strasburg and Harper nicknames

Harper and Strasburg couldn't be more different personalities could they? They are both FotF-type players. Is it too early to start thinking of good "yin-yang" nicknames for them? In talking with a co-worker today I came up with "Fire and Ice".


Strasburg at Nats Park?

I recall the mini-controversy last year in which fans complained that the Nats teased the exact date of Strasburg's debut so as to amp up ticket sales. So, what's the speculation on a date that we will again celebrate Stasmas at Nats Park this year?


Liking the Nationals

You seem to have seen the light with the Nats. Lots more positive reporting. Is it because they're failing less or you just like them more?


Nats Park Fail

Why do the Nats set up vendor stands that block the view of the field? Isn't it supposed to be an open stadium where you can walk around and still follow the action? It's bad enough that the lines are long and that the vendors aren't in any hurry to serve you.

Ovechkin vs Strasburg

In regards to the Jason Reid Strasburg-vs.-Ovechkin column this week and many other sports radio/Twitter discussions over the last couple years, why do you think so many people here seem to want to denigrate the Caps' popularity, Ovehckin's starpower, etc.?  They often say that if other teams in town were more successful, they'd dwarf the Caps in popularity. Is there really any evidence that's true? The Wizards had an exciting star and got to the playoffs three years in a row, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they had the kind of interest surrounding them that there is around the Caps now.


Steve Kolbe and Caps radio

Is there any behind-the-scenes info on why Steve Kolbe is no longer the play-by-play guy for the Caps? By all accounts, he was well-liked and it seems like Leonsis isn't getting questioned for going in another direction.


Rex Grossman and John Beck

What do you think the chances are that the Redskins' starting QB is not on the current roster? Sure, the Shanahan clan would love it if Rex and Becks take control, but given their history, everyone else thinks they have no shot. Why not spend the second-rounder on Kyle Orton or throw some dollars at the retired Mark Bulger? At least they give the team a chance.


Redskins will go 3-13

Producer's note: There is no question here, and perhaps no facts. But here you go:

The Redskins have same coaching staff . They have the worst OC ever and Jim Haslett should be coaching a CYO 75-lb girls' team. Did you see the video of Bryce Harper in a Ritz Carlton Hotel room (local) with midget strippers and Dan Snyder tied to bed with cheese from Whole Foods spread all over his body?



Another producer's note: I am betting you have not seen this movie. But here you go:

I have decided that the Redskins' organization is the equivalent of "Spaceballs." Dan Snyder is Dark Helmet, Tony Wylie is Colonel Sanders, Bruce Allen is President Scrube. Thoughts?


Redskins and Andrew Luck

True or false: The best thing that could happen to the Redskins' long-run fortunes this year is to finish 1-15 and then draft Andrew Luck.



That's all for this week's show. See you next week. Thanks for watching and submittign questions.