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July 19, 2011

Rupert Murdoch scandal, Episcopal church on gay marriage and the debt ceiling: Brad Hirschfield's ethical take on the news (Video)

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Total Responses: 10

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Rupert Murdoch scandal, Episcopal church on gay marriage and the debt ceiling: Brad Hirschfield's ethical take on the news (Video)

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Host: Brad Hirschfield

Brad Hirschfield

Brad Hirschfield is the president of Clal - The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. He writes the For God's Sake blog for The Washington Post. A regular on Lou Dobbs Tonight on the Fox Business Network. he appears frequently on NPR, PBS, and CNN, and is routinely listed as one of America?s "most influential rabbis." His most recent book is You Don't Have To Be Wrong For Me To Be Right: Finding Faith Without Fanaticism.

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And TwitterHeads Shall Lead the World (heaven help us all)

I tweeted this morning that Queen Elizabeth has relented. Orders Police Commander George Gently to investigate Murdoch Mess and root out the rotters. Any chance of this actually happening? We know one thing about ol' George: he absolutely hates police corruption and interference by toffs and swells. You know: like the Camerons, the Cleggs, and the Milibands. Thanks much. HLB (Mt. Lebanon, PA)


My take from this hearing so far from austin, tx -- Murdock: not my fault, the lawyers did it and I have no direct knowledge. Sr. seems old and out of it, almost pathetic in his presentation as a an aging Lear. whether this is a pose or not I could not say. But this spectacle is just another nail in the coffin of the public trust in those institutions that traditional we rely on, gov't, police, media. Disheartening and disturbing.

Brown Nosers Forever?

Does the disrobing of Murdoch pere (emperor sans clothes) today mean that British prime ministers will stop stooping to kiss Rupert's Royal Rump? As a CNN commentator said this morning: wouldn't this have made a very fine Harold Pinter play. Thanks much. HLB

Possible widespread corruption?

Without going on a witch hunt, is it fair to ask: Is there reason to believe the News Corp. corruption now under investigation in the UK is systemic and therefore there may be undiscovered similar practices at work in America between FOX News and America's politicians?


Why shouldn't they be made responsible? And yet, like always, people down the line will be made to bear the burden. isn't it time that the people on top were held accountable?

Difference between UK & US?

Murdoch pere et fils are denying knowledge and shirking the blame for the scandal. However, in the US, wouldn't an executive be more likely to SAY they took full responsibility for everything, then still stay on the job and do little about the problem? Is this a cultural difference between our countries?

Episcopal church Stance on Same Sex Marriage

Shouldn't the Church set one definitive standard? Church teaching should be uniform, not left up to the discretion of local communities. Doesn't this lead to a lot of confusion?

Debt Crisis

How can anybody feel confidence in government after this fiasco? It's like kids in the sandbox. Where is the leadership? It's been going on too long, and with dismal results. What are we supposed to think about our leaders in charge?

Debt talk

Why has compromise for the public interest become in some quarters a bad thing?


LAST QUESTION: Is presidential long-shot Herman Cain's statement that communities may prohibit the building of mosques, anything but complete First Amendment ignorance or malevolence?