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June 8, 2012


CANCELED: Brad Hirschfield: Ethics in the news

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About the hosts

About the host

Host: Brad Hirschfield

Brad Hirschfield

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield is an author, radio and TV talk show host, and President of CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. His On Faith blog, For God's Sake, explores the uses and abuses of religion in politics and pop culture. He wrote "You Don't Have To Be Wrong For Me To Be Right: Finding Faith Without Fanaticism." Named as one of the nation's 50 most influential rabbis in Newsweek, and one of the top 30 "Preachers and Teachers" by, he is the creator of the popular series, Building Bridges, airing on Bridges TV, and co-host of the weekly radio show, Hirschfield and Kula: Intelligent Talk Radio. For more information see

About the topic

***Note to readers: Unfortunately, Brad is having technical difficulties and this chat is canceled. He will be back next week to chat about ethics in the news.

Thursday at 1 p.m. ET as he discusses ethics in the news. On topic for today:

Should the United States intervene in Syria or not? As violence there increases, should the U.S. step in? How do you decide? And even if the U.S. does have a responsibility to get involved, can we really do so?

Submit questions and opinions for Brad to respond to now. Read more about the violence in Syria:

U.N. Monitors said to reach site of Syrian massacre

Brutal killing of at least 108 in Houla marked new low in Syrian uprising

Opinion by Elie Wiesel: How to stop the Syria massacre

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